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Alice - book template (alice_notes#1)

data sheet template - this other text

code and code commentary - code produced (quotation again - the quine)

coding some kind of Emacs production system and screen-data division but not just as copy and paste between buffers - some other form of buffer interaction

published - the code itself for production (again language invention - the scrying board interpreter as a part here with its memory cells containing quotation)

code as/in production. opening

not an explanation

against (networked) information/transparency proliferation

NOTES/TODO: open radio/scrying boards (scrying_notes#2)

ATmega8 connected to antenna - data radio and EM experiments with different antenna

speccing of different modules to attempt

also protocols and agreement - how fast we sample the data (not hard-coded)

scrying boards as wireless EM toolkit

that which is out there (labelled as emissions)

3) scrying boards - code... and life coding performance

how far circuits (box used) approaches execution - ALU and switched circuits

forged display

collapse of symbolic with pure execution

-- 1 scrying boards - hardware

interpeter coded with SRAM or NVRAM access to follow (check power needs of NVRAM and revisit ap0201 design on this)

Rejected DS1230/DS1249 NVRAMs ... (scrying_tech_notes#20)

(1230 as used in ap0201) for scrying as size, cost and power consumption too high as compared to 62256 SRAM SMD chip.