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NOTES/TODO: open radio/scrying boards (2007.06.29:2)

ATmega8 connected to antenna - data radio and EM experiments with different antenna

speccing of different modules to attempt

also protocols and agreement - how fast we sample the data (not hard-coded)

scrying boards as wireless EM toolkit

that which is out there (labelled as emissions)

3) scrying boards - code... and life coding performance

how far circuits (box used) approaches execution - ALU and switched circuits

forged display

collapse of symbolic with pure execution

-- 1 scrying boards - hardware

interpeter coded with SRAM or NVRAM access to follow (check power needs of NVRAM and revisit ap0201 design on this)

attach a process to a fence (2007.03.02:1)

awaiting future computation within a new environment

... and that city scrying resources are not limited to static data but rather include the active

body as further noise reception/transmission antenna resonating with scrying board

note also use of OHP for antenna/body resonance transparencies in performance

first scrying RF/EM communication tests using copper tape as antenna (2007.02.27:1)

and one diode as detector before amplification:

towards a scrying (Scheme) embedded interpreter (2007.01.09:1 research#130 interpreter#1 scrying#1)

with a nod to Wilfried's article: http://socialfiction.org/index.php?tag=scrying

and the mention of the mirror and timed revolution (dream machine) returning us to the film machine/Black Maria - itself a black, absorbing density (the black velvet of the magic trick (Pynchon AtD)) in relation to reflecting (of life)