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photoresist also: (2007.01.16:2 tech_notes#11 pcb#3)


Printing for PCB machen from PCBNEW/Kicad: (2007.01.16:1 tech_notes#10 pcb#2)

1] Straight print from PCBNEW menu under a range of options is unusable (tracks joined, offset and pads connected randomly).

2] Choose plot with Postscript option from file menu and write (in this case) xxxxx-Component.ps. Printing from this using gv is better but unusable also.

3] Run ps2pdf on this .ps and open resulting .pdf with xpdf. Print from this.

(further notes: print command for our CUPS shared printer is lpr -P printer, resolution was set by way of web interface to 600 dpi)

next stage exposure (UV light) and photoresist: