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more arduino/cpu thoughts: (2006.12.19:1 cpu#3 tech_notes#320)


# This makefile allows you to build sketches from the command line
# without the Arduino environment (or Java).
# The Arduino environment does preliminary processing on a sketch before
# compiling it.  If you're using this makefile instead, you'll need to do
# a few things differently:

then compiles and links with Arduino library .c (and .cpp) files

and further compiles using avr-gcc, avr-objcopy and so on and uploads with avrdude.

or rather:

an interpreter or vm (virtual machine) in flash


as in:

amforth is a distribution of Forth running on the AVR ATmega microcontroller. Once put into flash, it needs only a serial connection to the host computer. New words are compiled directly into flash, thus extending the dictionary immediately. It is ans94 Forth oriented with some minor exclusions and a few words from the extension word sets. It is written in assembly language and Forth itself. The main development uses ATmega8 and ATmega32 controllers; other ATmega controllers should work with small adjustments.