to be coded as macros based on kodiak.lisp - revisit alice.lisp 14:43 (2006.05.26:3 tech_notes#136 alice#15)

also one could imagine a simple data addition and retrieval front-end once we have designed relations such as before/after, timelining, assymmetry of a pair, mirroring and so on as indicated below and in xxxxx paper:

link ripper and lewis carroll

holographic coding of such rabbit holes

ripper knowledge base as lisp lists after Norvig - check out:

time machine

time after time

alice in wonderland (film)

p146 - pkd mother goose

how this is mapped out - embedded frames and environments

frame languages

mapped by relation - major categories - ripper, alice, pink light, trajectory, entropy

ripper->entropy de_quincey->entropy and of embedding

prolog kind of terms - to-left-of, is-mother-of

levels of relational syntax

(ripper lefthanded) what is lefthanded

(lefthanded left assymetry)

(mirror asymmetry)

(alice mirror looking glass)

(alice author lewis carroll)

(carroll dodgson assumed ripper)

or inferred (ripper alice)

**knowledge base a la NORVIG:

1) possible poetic relations in new prolog type language

timeline in prolog relation. later before. but then would need
assymetry operator (backwards, forwards)

2) and also attachment of text chunks

3) possible worlds [ 496+

MRS system, 1985 Stuart Russell

see krep.lisp which has frames and worlds - relations etc.

knowledge representation

fm01/fm01lisp/norvig -> prolog.lisp and prolog.dat (examples):

(nature-of-relation '(pink-light alice ripper))

(pink-light [nature] scenes "exterior orbitting computation")

-- embeds mother goose embeds alice (p146 quote)  (alice looking glass)

(relation nature related)

Programming in Prolog 14:29 (2006.05.26:2 tech_notes#135 alice#14)

One then uses the system by:

quoted from:


kodiak <-> prolog compiler integration (as exercise within PAIP) 12:43 (2006.05.26:1 tech_notes#134 alice#13)