data radio 21:18 (data_radio#2)

singular local data radio transmissions surpass distributed bit-waste of global internet

data_radio 21:16 (2006.05.15:6 data_radio#1 tech_notes#124)

some success in data transmission at 43200 samplerate, 8 bit, mono /dev/dsp3 access, 2400 baud using Linex USB transmitter.

first transmission of alice (volume on alsamixer low at white level appended.

can be tweaked somewhat

.wav example to follow

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 !    language is~~>>?>‡>~?>‡???‡uٲ+s›cl6kedŠ2and#manipulated a?ǿ~|‡Ÿ~?|||?>~ŸžŸ|>?>|?‡?|‡~Ÿ>>?Ÿ||?|?‡??>?||‡Ǿ?|~?Ÿ>||Ÿ|~Ÿ>‡x|?Ÿ?Ÿ_|~?|> dscription of these

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equally unreadable mirrred teFs4
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or crash, a crash/collision always yet>~~{s#^ؠ^@@ŸŸ?|>|?ǿ?>

need i think to rewrite 19:35 (tech_notes#123)

data_radio without > /dev/dsp rather for 43200 unsigned 8 bit mono rather than default 8000 khz for /dev/dsp

as at present doesn't even work as straight jack to jack audio link

alice.lisp is based on Peter Norvig's Kodiak Representation Language 16:20 (2006.05.15:4 alice#11 tech_notes#122)

to quote:

Documentation for the Kodiak Representation Language

1 The Primitives of the Language The Kodiak language admits three types of objects: categories, relations and individuals. A category corresponds to a one-place predicate, a relation to a two-place predicate, and an individual to a zero-place predicate.

Statements in the Kodiak language are in parenthesized prefix form. There are nine primitive operators: dom, rel, ind, val, equ, dif, when, not and and. They have the following form:

(dom sub super) 
(rel relation domain range) 
(ind individual category) 
(val relation individual value) 
(equ category relation relation) 
(dif category relation relation) 
(when form form) 
(not form) 
(and form ...)

The following table gives an example of each primitive, along with
English translations. 

(dom dog animal) Dog is a kind of animal. 

(rel birthday animal date) The birthday relation holds between animals and
dates. Furthermore, every animal has at least one birthday. 

(ind fido dog) The individual Fido is a member of the class of dogs. 

(val birthday fido july-1) The birthday of Fido is July-1. 

(equ suicide killer victim) In a suicide, the killer is the same as the victim. 

(dif above figure ground) In an above relation, the figure and ground are different. 

(when P Q) Whenever P is asserted, assert Q as well. 

(not P ) P is false. 

(and P Q) Both P and Q are true.

for panel make more use of query-bind 16:13 (2006.05.15:3 alice#10 tech_notes#121)

also that (from below documentation) query-bind in words of manual:

The macro query-bind can be used to iterate over all the matches to a query, without consing up a list of the matches. It is designed to resemble Common Lisp's multiple-value-bind. The first argument is a list of variables and the second is a query which will be passed to the retrieval mechanism. Any arguments after the second are treated as a body of code which is executed once for each match, with the variables bound to the values retrieved by the match. Here is an example:


planner-multi test - alice 15:21 (2006.05.15:2 tech_notes#120 alice#1)

reworking kodiak/alice stuff for possible panel module 15:12 (tech_notes#119)

see more kodiak stuff further down

again this should be/could be better broken down elsewhere

[perhaps as alice]

more culled (from Norvig) documentation showing syntax for a macro and dom and rel stuff:

  (a category [inst] (rel value)*)

  (a person (name (a person-name (first Joe) (last Smith))) (age old))
  (and (ind person-1 Joe) (val name person-1 person-name-1) 
       (val age person-1 old) (val first person-name-1 Joe)
       (val last person-name-1 Smith))

  (each category [(isa super*)] (rel constraint)*)

  (each person (isa animal) (name person-name) (age integer))
  (and (dom person animal) (rel name person person-name) 
       (rel age person integer))