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A series of workshops at _____-micro_research [Berlin]; an independent research centre focusing on the expanded construction and experience of free software and open hardware

2007/8 workshop archive: http://www.1010.co.uk/workshop\_archive2.html

workshop archive: http://www.1010.co.uk/org/workshop\_res.html

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January 10th 2009 2PM+: Tonewheels–drawn sound and light music with Derek Holzer

February 14th 2009 2PM+: Phantom Power: The Ghost and the Leech [part2] with Martin Kuentz

February 21st 2009 2PM: Fritzing, Convivial DIY Electronics, from Prototype to Production

February 28th 2009 2PM: Amplitude modulation with Antony Hall[UK]

March 7th 2PM 2009: Audiovisuals with SuperCollider [with Fredrik Olofsson]

March 14th 2009 2PM: open working group [Kirlian photography]


Working high voltage supply (above - based on circuits using 555, 2n3055 and car ignition coil as below) achieved at end of workshop (4Kv measurement) with high pitched buzzing sound. No visible sparking but corona can be seen in darkened room with finger on plate (plain copper PCB with HV supply attached, copper face down).






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April 4th 2PM: open_kirlian2: imaging working group

Refer to (for full documentation):


April 18th 2PM: open_hochspannungs with Alexei Blinov[RU/UK]

April 25th 2PM: Py-cessing with Brendan Howell

May 2nd 2PM: Frequency Dependence: wave imaging open working group

A Method for Photographing Microwave With a Polaroid Film, Keigo Iizuka, March 1968


Sound Waves and Radio Waves Are Recorded on Film By Means of a Precooling process, C.L Strong, November 1972 (Scientific American)

May 9th 2PM: Horror Vacui - careful experimentation with monitor cathode ray tubes [with Jo FRGMNT Grys]

May 23rd 2PM: Jamming through Runtime workshop and performance with Valentina Vuksic

Videos: http://vimeo.com/4809486 and http://vimeo.com/4809567 [thanks to Shintaro Miyazaki]

July 4th 2PM: workshop: Fluxus - Scheme livecoding, animation, games and plants with Dave Griffiths [UK] at pickledfeet

July 11th 1PM: Archaeological geophysics fieldtrip [location unspecified]

Reference: geophysical

July 18th 2PM: Neanderthal Vocal Computer with Derek Holzer

July 25th 2PM: Schmelzolan Robots with Christian Faubel, Cordula Körber, and Ralf Schreiber

August 10-16th: sommercamp [world as representation//workshops]

September 5th 2PM: Working and publishing with GNU Emacs and Org-mode with Sebastian Rose

Reference: http://orgmode.org/

September 10-12th 2PM+: Positronic Pure Data - get automated! with Olsen Wolf and Roman Häfeli

Sept 19th 2PM: Make or break: keyboard and effect bending with Klaas Hübner.

October 10th 2PM: Light Unseen with Kathrin Günter

October 16/17th 2PM/12PM: /mode +v noise with GOTO10 at Linienstrasse 54

October 24th 2PM: noise_produce_7 // finale make with Martin Kuentz

November 14th 2PM: Remote Control – a workshop on TV programme programming with Linda Hilfling

November 28th 2PM: Irrational Computing [IC] with Ralf Baecker

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