_____ micro residencies berlin 2009

Within the framework of ____-microresearch Berlin, four micro-residencies were offered in April, May, July and November for artists, theorists and researchers to work on common projects, and participate in a public salon event. Residencies will last four to five days. Applications are invited (conventional postal systems or W.A.S.T.E as preferred channels) from European-based interested individuals and groups. All travel costs, and accommodation will be covered by ____-microresearch Berlin.

Past micro-residencies/working groups

April 22-24 2PM+: TEMPEST working group [with Gordo Savicic and Bengt Sjölén]

May 25-29: Epistemology of electromagnetic waves with Shintaro Miyazaki

July 29 to August 1: Sensory Response Systems with Ryan Jordan

1/2/4 September: data radio [with Shintaro Miyazaki]

October 26-30: aether9 in residency

[rupert goldsworthy gallery, Alexandrinenstrasse 4, 10969 Berlin]

Æther9, an experiment in collaborative realtime storytelling is gathering souls in a dramatically online fashion.

BERLIN will host a physical reunion, a séance, workshop, conspiracy, residency, and eventually a performance.

During their one-week residency at ____-micro research [berlin], the networked Æther9 members will meet in physical space for the first time to redefine the evolution of the project, develop technical applications, and re-experiment with new ideas which will explore the scenographic potential of the medium. The foundations being distributed authorship, cross-platform, and 'remote’ performance of streaming audio and visual material to a nomadic HTML interface. This event of live performances and video streams from vast locations will take you to ‘the unexpected’ - a hyperdrive through space and inter-zones.

At the heart of the Æther9 project is the desire to fulfill the "old" utopian dream of borderless communication. No frontiers. Developed by an online networked group of international visual artists/collectives working through Oceania, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and into the Americas, Æther9 is a matrix for video/audio performance, and collaborative hybrids of post-dramatic processes particular to these new modes of digital communication. Using both “new“ and “low-tech“ technologies within multi-disciplinary art practices, Æther9 aims to break the boundaries of spatial and cultural distances to democratize the artistic voice within communication technology. The term of “reality-jamming” catches the effect generated through this wildly dispersed yet intimate collaboration of live sounds and images whose fragmented glimpses of individual philosophical positions and immediate surroundings transition across the global network in one cross-planetary embrace.

http://www.1904.cc/aether - Æther9

November 19th 8PM: Flankierende Massnahmen im Schienenersatzverkehr with Olsen Wolf

  • Accompanying arrangements at rail replacement bus service
  • acousthesia upgrade


'Accompanying arrangements at rail replacement bus service’ is a sound installation performed by a robot named ‘Hyper Line Tracer’. During the stay at ____-micro-research we'll be exploring an acousthesia upgrade to expose the robot into a feedback actuated orbit: The robot is carrying a radio transmitter and a microphone on its back and is surrounded by various radios, receiving the signal emitted from the robot. As the microphone is transmitting the signals coming from the radio speakers back to the radio receivers, feedback noise is generated. Hence by passing the series of radios, with their different positions & characteristics a composition of feedback noise emerges. With the applied sensitivity to sound the robot is guided by the noise created upon its own movements. In the end the robot generates and moves within its own labyrinth of noises and feedback tones.






____-microresearch was supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Berlin 2009

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