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[ <a href="">diem aarhus 30 march 2011</a> ]<br> [ <a href="">detection workshop report 12-13 march 2011]</a><br> [ <a href=""> Splinterfields: Electromagnetickal Arts december 2010 </a> ]<br> [ <a href=""> the construction of situations november 2010</a> ]<br> [ <a href=""> detour vienna october 2010</a> ]<br> [ <a href=""> psychogeophysics tempelhof september 2010 </a> ]<br> [ <a href=""> London psychogeophysics summit august 2010</a> ]<br> [ <a href=""> pyschogeophysics aarhus 22 april</a> ]<br> [ <a href=""> liwoli 2010 15-17 april</a> <a href="">presentation</a> ]<br> [ <a href=""> 11-4 ausland, berlin 11 april</a> <a href="">documentation</a> ]<br> [ <a href="">WV2: Beyond the zero / Poza Zerem workshop, Torun, Poland, 27/8 march 2010</a> ]<br> [ <a href="">resonator 8-12 march 2010 newcastle</a> ]<br>

[ <a href="">chmod+x art 1-7 march 2010 groningen</a> <a href="">presentation</a> ]<br> [ <a href="">exquisite code 20 february 2010 london</a> <a href=""> audio</a> ]<br> [ <a href="">topology of a future city 4-7 february 2010 Berlin</a> ]<br> [ <a href="">Spectral Ecologies workshops 2009 ]</a><br> [ <a href="">Breakthrough 27 June, Berlin ]</a><br> [ <a href="">The White Visitation working group 16/17 May, Dortmund, Germany ]</a><br> [ <a href="">xxxxx_temporary_structure Club Transmediale january 23+ 2009 ]</a><br> [ <a href="">scrying workshop, moddr_lab, 18/19 december, rotterdam, netherlands</a> <a href="">presentation ]</a><br> [ <a href="">real code, at piksel 2008, 6 december, bergen, norway</a> ]<br> [ scrying Gijon presentation, Pelayo, Gijon 5PM 30th October 2008 <a href="">documentation</a> ]<br> [<a href="">Data forensics [in the landscape] / workshop 6-8 November, Atelier Nord, Oslo</a> <a href="">presentation</a> ]<br> [<a href="">[ TEMPEST: decoding that which is / workshop 17/18 October, RIXC, Riga</a> <a href="tempest_presn.html">presentation</a> ]<br> <a href="">[ tuned city scrying workshop and performance: July 01.-05 ]</a><br> [ <a href=""> presentation at goldsmiths' college, february 2008</a> ]<br> <a href="">[ Demons in the aether workshop: HMKV at PHOENIX Halle Dortmund, May 9 – 11, 2008</a> <a href="">presentation ]</a><br> <a href="../xxxxx_ctm.html">[ xxxxx-workshops [in]tolerance</a> February 2008]<br> <a href="">[ Moving Forest[AKA the castle]</a> 1 February 2008]<br> <a href="">[ Peenemünde [xxxxx]</a> 25/26/27/28/30 January 2008: Poor Peenemuende/2: <a href="">PP/2&#32;&#40;text&#41;</a> ]<br> [ <a href="">xxxxx_at_locus_sonus symposium</a>. 17th December 2007. <a href="">presentation</a> ]<br> [<a href="">xxxxx_at_Piksel</a>. 17th November 2007. <a href="xxxxx_at_piksel2007_dossier.html">xxxxx_at_piksel2007_dossier ]<br>

[xxxxx at <a href="">Time's Up Tesla</a> Berlin 24 June to 15 July 2007]<br>

[participation in <a href="">Maxwell City workshops, Oslo. May/June 2007</a> <a href="">Call</a> <a href="">notes, research, experiments</a> <a href="">Maxwell paper</a>] <br>

[xxx__ ap/xxxxx at <a href="">makeart, Poitiers. 2 au 8 Avril 2007</a> <a href="">tech_notes</a> <a href="">notes</a>]


[xx__x <a href="">xxxxx at LAC2007</a> - 5th International Linux Audio Conference, Berlin. c-base 22nd March 2007 ]


[x____ <a href="">xxxxx_at_crystalpunk</a>_bonanza of origins in utrecht, january 13 2007 ]

<br> [xx_x_ <a href="">xxxxx_at_interface</a> [and society] in oslo, norway, november 10-11 2006 – /x_ <a href="">notes</a> / <a href="">slides</a> // <a href="">text</a> ] <br> [x___x <a href="">xxxxx_at_piksel</a> in bergen, norway, october 12-15 2006 - //x_x-_ <a href="">xxxxx_at_piksel_notes</a> <a href="">slides</a> ]

<br> [xxxxx <a href="">WAVES</a>, riga, latvia, august 24 - 26, 2006 <a href="">waves presentation</a> <a href="">waves paper</a> ] <br>

[ _ <a href="">copa_sonar</a>, berlin, germany, july 14, 2006 ]

<br> [ <a href="">xxxxx_as_event</a> london, uk, throughout march, 2006 ] <br>

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