scrying walk

2008-11-15 Sat 17:33 scrying walk documentation Gijon October 2008





The scrying walk could be described as an active demonstration of the mapping of electromagnetic [EM] resonances and intensities in the centre of (old) Gijon.

The presentation, walk, and subsequent demonstration of interpretative and analytical techniques attempt to explore and map a novel twinned architecture of power lines, hidden substance, signal transmission and reception. Scrying engages mutely with the subtle interactions between physical constructions, communication technologies (wireless networks, mobile phone networks, RFID, television, radio, radar), power lines and lines of transmission, biological phenomena, and geologic properties (such as the earth's magnetic field).

Informed both by psychogeographic play (the city flaneur) and techniques of geophysical archaelogy scrying attempts to divine both a past and future (of) Gijon.

With thanks to: LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial


Author: m <m@1010.co.uk>

Date: 2009-12-31 15:52:16 GMT

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