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artist-mode in GNU Emacs for diagramming: (emacs#56)

Working towards forest/chicken/island/vacuum protocol browser in Emacs (quasi mind-mapping):

artist.el in GNU Emacs

With functions such as:

(artist-draw-line 10 10 10 50)

(artist-draw-ellipse 50 50 20 20)

... circles, rectangles, figlet text.



COGRE is pronounced similarly to cougar. It is a base library for editing and manipulating connected graphs. Additional tools will be available using COGRE for managing diagrams for UML flavors, such as a class hierarchy diagrams.

The short term goal of COGRE is just to be able to create and manipulate a few boxes linked together with lines in an Emacs buffer.

[ unrelated but also note use of doc-view for PDF viewing, and graphviz-dot-mode.el for diagramming ]

chicken protocol: (protocols#1)

From Berlin Alexanderplatz [Epilog], Rainer Werner Fassbinder

das huhn besteht aus dem äusseren. nimmt man das äussere weg, bleibt das innere. nimmt man das innere weg, bleibt die seele

[after Godard: Vivre sa Vie:

A chicken is an animal with an inside and an outside. Remove the outside, there's the inside. Remove the inside, and you see the soul. ]

See also; sheep/island protocol.