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ATmega128 serial code: (scrying_tech_notes#36)

1] TODO: TX and RX don't match up from USB/serial board to main board (to swap round on main).

2] C code to test simplest setup at 9600 baud 8N1 in Minicom:


thanks to: http://www.ituniv.se/~gu94joli//teaching/atmega128/index.php

Scrying technical: (scrying_tech_notes#35)

1] Re-working Makefiles and prg_load_uc shell script for the 128(L):

The latter:

avrdude -p m128 -c avrusb500 -e -U flash:w:"$pfile"

[with programmer added to /etc/avrdude.conf and serial port specified there]

2] 5 pin programming header still messed up:

should be: GND, SCK(11) PDO(3), PDI(2), RESET(20)

but we have GND, 2, 3, 11, 20

constructed adapter but fix on final new prototype

3] Battery (to be re-etched) and USB can sit on bottom but make sure sniffer/transmission modules all feed through jumpers

4] Fusebits/fusebytes programming after:




We arrive at (for external 8MHz crystal on a low power board):

avrdude -p m128 -u -c avrusb500 -t

and then:

w lfuse 0 0xfd

FD as low fuse byte

5] TODO: test serial/USB code but board is registered as serial device

11/10/2007 ap/xxxxx/elf recording k:ita, berlin