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Palm Pilot coding toolkit: (tech_notes2#16)

1] Prc-tools:


2] SDK:


3] Resource editor/compiler:

apt-get install pilrc

Published to HTML from org-mode: (2007.10.04:2 emacs#42 platform#5)

with C-c C-e h : event.html

Connecting GNU Emacs, SLIME, and Stumpwm: (emacs#41)

1] Add the following to .stumpwmrc to start Swank:

(asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op 'swank) (swank:create-server :dont-close t)

2] Call slime-connect with defaults from GNU Emacs

3] Ignore protocol complaint

4] Test in slime-repl:

(mapc 'stumpwm:toggle-mode-line stumpwm:*screen-list*)

which should toggle the mode-bar in Stumpwm