--> ap/xxxxx


platform diagram for piksel/event coding: (2007.09.25:1 xxxxx_at_piksel2007_technotes#14 platform#1)

elisp - - lisp (potential process link)


//buffer as resource

on which we have - view action (processes)

and link system - KR again



time slicing - split a recorded file/jekyll/other potential shell scripts

time lapse - and (VC) - record text or code file chnages (only for some kind of spider-branch rendition)

version control (VC) // version control as branching text audio on splitting timeline - potential web-based wiki-like feature-set for text

audio and video version control



code and markup

code generation - simple examples

this organisation - outline (mode) itself - // as macros/language to be marked up automatically from this page


event summary



**view/action/resources. collation/collection of resources (files/actions/views?)

//- some kind of diagram mode for this kind of thing