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trying to add category adding 06:12 (tech_notes#311)

functionality to Emacs/Emacs-wiki:

1] Helpful here is C-x h k (in this case, otherwise C-h k) to see what function keystroke calls, or use M-x apropos and in either case browse to underlined function and hit return to jump to code.

2] If we then need to view code for another function at point then we can use C-x h f (in this case: in other C-h f).

3] Looking at how to read from minibuffer and use in interactive mode in Emacs Lisp:


4] Final code:

(defun cat-add (&optional string)
  (let ((string (read-from-minibuffer "mytag:")))
    (list string)))
 (insert "<category domain=\"http://1010.co.uk\">"

result - but we just want to pass to rss feed: