TODO: 22:12 (tech_notes#249)

1] Notes regarding the Lisp CPU

(Steele and Sussman 1979)

2] Mix design of self-switching active circuits with FPGA/Instruction sets

with perhaps also addition of video sync signals and generation

// [ also use of 74x14 as pulse stretcher]

generic circuits: 20:45 (tech_notes#248)

500 digital switches (approx) needed 20:36 (tech_notes#247)

3 sets of 3 schmitt triggers in various configurations

2 sets of 3 logic gates

2 generic sets pots and diodes (and I/O)

1 set (for module attachment)

(but what about digital input from parallel port? - 48 points (1024 switches) = 12 circuits = 4 extra, one digital I/O, one op amps, one transistors, one capacitors to ground say)

so we need (for 1024) 128 shift registers and 256 4016/4066s

design as modular boards = 8 registers makes 16 boards with 16 4016s also on each

and some sort of modular connectivity

without question of meta-switching - switching itself of 1024 switch combinations from 48 points. unless both sets of points are exposed for manual connectivity but it would be nice to connect by way of software.

(or the possibility of a smaller say 64 switch (8 registers, 16 4066s) with all switches exposed and 128 crocodile points for switching other matrix box points)