completed circuits: 19:16 (tech_notes#236)

1) 3 base transistor circuits

2) transistor board

3) caps, diode inhibitor and 7404 board

4) logic board

5) 2016 and 4066 switch board

6) 40106 with MAX3232-based transistor avalanche and 7404

7) transistor Schmitt trigger board

(todo thus: relays, op-amps (feedback) and series of 555 triggers)

Possibilities of rewiring old noppp (no parts pic programmer) 12:34 (tech_notes#235)

for broccoli... (all pins on 18pin socket fine, but uses 5 parallel prot lines for communication whereas broccoli uses 4)

or modify noppp code:

clues from noppp_lx code:

// Uses two-wire serial data communication through printer port.
// Pin  1, STROBE, is serial clock;
// Pin 14, AUTOFD, is serial data out to PIC;
// Pin 11, BUSY,   is serial data in from PIC;
// Pin 17, SLCTIN, is low when writing, high to provide pull-up when reading;
// Pin  2, D0,     is lowered to apply Vpp.

// SLCTIN and BUSY are tied together for pull-up and for hardware detection.
// (In current versions this is done through diodes or gates.)



// The PIC16F84 has four programmable memory areas
// (plus data RAM, which is not programmable).
// Config memory is only 1 byte, but is treated like the others.

                                       // Base address of each memory
#define PBASE      0                   // Program memory
#define IBASE      0x2000              // ID memory
#define CBASE      0x2007              // Config memory
#define DBASE      0x2100              // Data Memory

#define PSIZEMAX   8192                // Max size of each memory
#define ISIZEMAX   4
#define CSIZEMAX   1
#define DSIZEMAX   256

http://www.eurogaran.com/downloads/lispmfont/ 11:38 (tech_notes#234)