see stream.pf and rawvideo.pf 21:51 (tech_notes#200)


wrong argument to open-program 21:49 (tech_notes#199)


trying to find way 21:48 (tech_notes#198)

to pass numerical parameter (offset) from pf to (altered) /usr/local/bin/pf-rawvideo.mencoder (use -ss specify offset)

using stack operations and pack:

dup: duplicates top item on the stack

!: store in variable. eg. 513 MY-VAR !

pack: packs stack

but all methods complain of e_type: invalid argument type with ->100 (as param passed)

and if we hardcode filename in pf-raw... and pass stack with number then the same thing happens / or refuses to open file


aviplay in Gem pix_film object either refuses to open 14:21 (tech_notes#197)

or segfaults when opening various AVI files

probably best to refer to PF (Packet Forth) and FFMpeg stuff anyways

(idea being to ditch AVI in Lisp in favour of Emacs/Lisp/SLIME/OSC to PD/PF linkage for SALO project)

Gem as lib for pd is with a capital G. -lib Gem 11:28 (tech_notes#196)