Conkeror 21:25 (tech_notes#139)

is a mozilla based web browser designed to be completely keyboard driven, no compromises. It also strives to behave as much like Emacs as possible. This means all the keybindings and to-die-for features of Emacs that can be imitated by a javascript/XUL web browser Just Work.


the xxxxx reader 12:21 (xxxxx_publication#1)

to be published in association with mute

includes diverse texts and code from:

Hal Abelson, Shu Lea Cheang, Florian Cramer, Leif Elggren, Simon Ford, Olga Goriunova, Paul Graham, Graham Harwood, Stewart Home, Martin Howse, Jonathan Kemp, Friedrich Kittler, Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz, Bruno Marchal, Armin Medosch, Anthony Moore, Peter Norvig, Jeff Prideaux, Thomas de Quincey, Otto Roessler, socialfiction.org, Jerry Sussman, Emanuel Swedenborg, Oswald Wiener

xxxxx two day seminars at piksel 2006 october 12-15 11:55 (xxxxx_at_piksel#1)

participants to be confirmed shortly

paper proposals welcome

to: x_at_1010.co.uk