updating TODO: fm01, promiscuOS 19:03 (tech_notes#95)

as main projects::

promiscuOS collating connectivity, pluggability

fm01 - fed into by alice.lisp full network, querying, text generation in/as language

crossover as pf/stream work for both projects

also towards book (crash) as experimental text)

and by smaller projects:: cur as data connection language and space for modelling micro and macro stream operations

language for film language for audio language for text generation

cur - parameter attachment

chunked levels

how could be achieved in language

data pipe -> buffer -> out (see dsp style things in sicp) data parameter -> operation on buffer or levels

eg. buffer x operates at level y with operation z

x,y,z being parameters

operations param -> param eg. step size

but what of other language expressions

also cur - latest idea is to have multiple VMs

parallel chunk model. neighbouring CPUs (september notes last year)

simultaneous parallel CPUs acting on chunks of data (say fragments of image), same instructions, different location and interaction eg. interaction with neighbours, long range communications, exchange of chunks and vectors. crossover and can morph own code (again in communication with others). chunk definers, chained processors.

15:43 (livecd#2)

see also pure:dyne for ap0202 and some plenum_tools

cur notes from june/july 2005: 18:43 (tech_notes#94)