working on alice.lisp - kodiak in common lisp - cmucl using slime 19:40 (tech_notes#86)

(to be uploaded as part of plenum_tools03.tar.gz)

slime functions to get used to:

1) M-x slime-hyperspec-lookup (with cursor on symbol)

2) C-x C-e to evaluate last s-exp

3) M-x slime-documentation - slime-eval-buffer and also completion ESC-tab

first macro for alice so can sendOSC to speech patch:

(defmacro question (variables query &rest body)
 "wrap up query in osc thing"
 `(query-bind ,variables ,query
	     (progn (sleep 4)
		    (system (concatenate 'string "sendOSC -notypetags -h 9999 \"/test, "  ,@body " \"")))))