some way connect alice.lisp logic/kodiak with pd/speech synthesis 20:24 (tech_notes#85)

with latest 0.39 Pd built and installed (usr/local/bin/pd) and flite external (to place in .pdrc) we can use altered pd-radio speech_synth.pd which can read from files... also pump OSC data in with:

sendOSC -notypetags -h 9999 "/test, help me"

some way of linking lisp listener/swank emacs input to this without saving output to then be spoken. also patch needs to be altered for generic mixed-in output as if were a microphone

plenum patches uploaded: 18:24 (tech_notes#84)

patches/osc_plus_pipes.pd patches/countersusw.pd patches/space.pd patches/i_am_a_neuron.pd patches/in-out.pd patches/freq1.pd patches/pink~.pd patches/archiver.pd patches/multiplex.pd patches/mix.pd patches/thresholds.pd

to http://1010.co.uk/plenum_patches1.tar.gz

these are the components :- modules like jekyll will make use of triggers and counters and archiver. need overarching connectivity app which shows all send and receive


dyn~ object synmaic patch generation in pd 15:40 (tech_notes#83)


a neuron (from georg holzman) 12:50 (tech_notes#82)