pd->osc->pipe [oscdump] -> ap 17:32 (tech_notes#67)

~/xxxxx/plenum_tools/oscdump 5252 > ~/pdfifo

and butchered test2-osc-sc patch as tester (though some fine tuning needed)

such test patches can be enlarged to module patches

pd mixer example 17:00 (tech_notes#66)

is under ggee/help-mixer.pd

basic jack/pd/hdsp setup for plenum

1) 8 mics pass through all 2) 8 inputs -> pd 3) 2 outputs to 9 and 10 (line out/aux/whatever called in pd) 4) samplerate would be nice bring down to 8000 in pd i guess

input and output all abstractions with [s] and [r] or [s~] [r~]

some sort of naming scheme - [r data_act1_blah]

seperate modular patch for each act. string together for acts/changes

so 5 acts/modules as we have below.... + in, out, piping, OSC interface and mixer (10 patches) - maybe 11 with an archiver patch

wandering through pd iemlib: 16:33 (tech_notes#65)

unsig~ : signal to float (round off (with round~) and probably work more tabread~ and write~)
pink~ : pink noise

t3_bpe	      time tagged trigger break point envelope
t3_delay       time tagged trigger delay
t3_metro        time tagged trigger metronom
t3_timer	 time tagged trigger timer

------------------ t3~ - time-tagged-trigger --------------------
-- inputmessages allow a sample-accurate access to signalshape --
t3_sig~		        time tagged trigger sig~
t3_line~		 time tagged trigger line~

and generic pd reference:

trigger [t] eg: [t f f] outputs input from right to left converting to say f for float, s symbol etc.


TIME ---------------------------------- delay - send a message after a time delay metro - send a message periodically line - send a series of linearly stepped numbers timer - measure time intervals cputime - measure CPU time realtime -measure real time pipe - dynamically growable delay line for numbers

threshold~ detect signal thresholds snapshot~ - sample a signal (convert it back to a number) bang~ - send a bang message after each DSP block

readsf~ - soundfile playback from disk writesf~ - record sound to disk

tabsend~ - write one block continuously to a table tabreceive~ read one block continuously from a table

delwrite~ - write to a delay line delread~ - read from a delay line vd~ - read from a delay line at a variable delay time

and zexy::

lp		write to the (parallel) port (linux only)
matrix operations

most culled from:


emacs keyboard macros:: 15:12 (tech_notes#64)

C-x ( : start recording

C-x ) : end recording

C-x e : playback

and use::

M-f forward word. C-f forward character

M-b back. C-b back

also just for record on:

a) emacs wiki syntax:


b) PLT setup:


c) emacs and frames:

C-x52 - make new frame from current buffer
C-x5o - move between frames
C-x5b - move to new buffer and frame
C-x5f - file in frame
C-x50 - delete frame


module/library path for PLT scheme 14:36 (tech_notes#63)

   (append (current-library-collection-paths)

   (append (current-library-collection-paths)