plenum 19:40 (tech_notes#31)

elements to resolve:

1) triggered speech recording, archiving and seeking 2) notion of timeslicing 3) neural net mapping - audience mapping 4) leads to spatial/audience simulation 5) interface 6) exchange of messages/data with other Pd'ers 7) 8 mics cross mixer network

pd or smaller scheme/commandline apps? or both. pd scheme interface: http://www.westnet.com/~lt/pd/pd-scheme.html

also with pd for xxxxx_on_a_wire:

1) ap->pd pd->OSC experimental patch 2) sniffer-OSC stuff

(again maybe see OSC in scheme also - http://www.artm.org/pub/lisp/osc/ )

towards more totally integrated language. emacs (emacs with PLT, SIOD - pd and REPL tied?). alice framework !

pd for audio abstraction + interface + some dsp shell for neural net. spatial. osc elaboration - shell object in pd scheme and emacs as language interface, integration

bonk~ and fiddle~ - within ggee 15:40 (tech_notes#30)

also installed cyclone external for hammer and sickle

1st plenum notes: