for jekyll work (pixel sampling of Borowczyk versioning): 20:27 (tech_notes#14)

extract using dvdrip, join two vobs (rename as mpeg) with:

mpgtx -j 001.mpeg 002.mpeg -o jekyll_joined.mpeg

the submit to custom-coded ./jekyll (makes use of:



From Ripper to Stripper. A Psychogeographical walk around the City 11:32 (xxxxx#3)

and East End. Meet Aldgate tube station 6pm, 16 March.

Stewart Home remaps the 1960s London 'nude murders' attributed to the uncaught Jack The Stripper, onto an earlier series of sex killings of prostitutes, the Victorian Jack The Ripper murders. Since the locations at which the bodies were found (and these are not in all instances the actual murder sites) have change dramatically since the killings, it seems reasonable to treat the sites of one series of murders as belonging to the other. This is about historical resonance and the difficulties of physically revisiting the past, rather than historical accacuarcy.