collected annotations to Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow

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2.1 noline/concept    Auschwitz

Auschwitz Largest of the Nazi extermination camps, located 150 miles from Warsaw in Poland. Built in 1940 as a concentration camp, gas chambers were added in 1941. It is estimated that 1.5 million European Jews, Russian prisoners of war and gypsies died here; 666 Phrase: Auschwitz \Link: page:1

2.2 noline/concept :Braun:_Wernher_von(1923-77):

Braun,__Wernher_von(1923-77) German rocket engineer who came to the U.S. after the war; "Nature does not know extinction" 1; arm in a cast in the Harz, 237; "They've already rounded up von Braun and 500 others, and interned them at Garmisch" 273; Geli's owl, 291; "how close Wernher von Braun's birthday is to the Spring Equinox" 361, 588; "the Prussian aristocrat" 402; "a palace revolt against" 416; "I couldn't go with von Braun, not to the Americans" 456 Phrase: Braun,__Wernher_von(1923-77) \Link: page:1

2.3 noline/concept    Return Cycle_of

Return,_Cycle_of "Nature does not know extinction, all it knows is transformation" 1; "Death is a debt to nature due" 26; "lapsing back now to green wilderness" 28; toothpaste tube "waiting now–its true return–to be melted for solder" 130; "The real movement is not from death to any rebirth. It is from death to death-transfigured" 166; "some teeming cycle of departure and return" 198; "no cycles, no returns" 318; to the Center (Hereros), 319; "men turning to coal" 351; 412; serpent eating its tail, 413; Slothrop's transmutation dream about Greta, 447; Bicycle Rider in the Sky, 501; trees growing through cracks at Peenemünde, 502; Slothrop's Rider (celestial cyclist), 509; serpentine, 520; "restore us to our Earth and to our freedom" 525; "unclipped topiary hedges, growing back into reality" 535; "a Jesuit […] here to preach, like his colleague Teilhard de Chardin, against return" 539; "at least the physical things They have taken, from Earth and from us, can be dismantled, demolished–returned to where it all came from" 540; "To affirm Their mortality is to affirm Return" 540; 560; Destiny, 576; "that familiar division between return and one-shot visitation" 584; wheels in the sky, 620; Cosmic windmill, 624; "They took us at the gates of green return" 627; "cables lay rusting across the sodden meadows, going to flakes, to ions and earth" 627; "prehistoric wastes. . .transmuted to the very substance of History" 639; windmill, 670; Serpent/Pan, 720-21; America, 722-23; 726; garbage trucks, 757; See also Counterforce; Center; excrement; mandala; serpent Phrase: Return,_Cycle_of \Link: page:1

2.4 noline/concept    Thermidor

Thermidor "Thermidor" corresponded to July in the French republican calendar adopted in 1793 during the French Revolution, which dating system was intended to replace the Gregorian calendar with a more rational system devoid of Christian associations. The Gregorian calendar was reestablished by the Napoleonic regime on January 1, 1806; Mexico recalling "the sweaty evenings of" 713 Phrase: Thermidor \Link: page:1

2.5 noline/concept :V-1:

V-1See Rocket; [V-1 Photo] Phrase: V-1 \Link: page:1

2.6 noline/concept :Vishinsky:_Andrey_Yanuaryevich(1883-1954):

Vishinsky,__Andrey_Yanuaryevich(1883-1954) Soviet statesman, diplomat, and lawyer who was Stalin's chief prosecutor during the Great Purge trials in Moscow in the 1930s. A member of the Mensheviks, he joined the Communist Party in 1920. By 1940 he was a member of party's Central Committee and deputy commissar of foreign affairs; "Molotov isn't telling Vishinsky" 611 Phrase: Vishinsky,__Andrey_Yanuaryevich(1883-1954) \Link: page:1

2.7 noline/concept    Vistula

Vistula Vistula River is the largest river of Poland and of the Baltic Sea's drainage basin. Rising in the Beskid mountains of southern Poland, its length is 651 miles (1,047 kilometres) with a drainage basin of approximately 75,100 square miles (194,500 square kilometres). It is a waterway of great importance to the nations of eastern Europe; "was under Soviet interdiction to the [Anubis]" 489 Phrase: Vistula \Link: page:1

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3.1 noline/concept :V-2:

V-2See Rocket; [V-2 Photo] Phrase: V \Link: page:2

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4.1 line: 03 : The Evacuation:

First instance in Gravity's Rainbow of a lifetime stylistic trait of Pynchon's: unpredictable use of Capitalization. Capitalization is usually applied to nouns, but not uniformly. Often a matter of emphasis. See Mason & Dixon for the widest use, there imitating the writing of the time in which the book is set. The use throughout all his work might indicate how well-read and influenced by works written before capitalization was standardized Pynchon is. The full rules of capitalization for English are complicated. The rules have also changed over time, generally to capitalize fewer terms; to the modern reader, an 18th century document seems to use initial capitals excessively. Wikipedia Phrase: The Evacuation \Link: page:3

4.2 line: 03 : theatre:

Besides the normal meanings, including "theater of war", 'theatre' is the name that fireworks' organizers call a sky display. Phrase: theatre \Link: page:3

4.3 line: 05 : iron queen:

a queensize bed made of iron. Hardly made after 1900. Queen Victoria had a famous brass (and iron) one in the Crystal Palace! "Beds made of hollow tubes of steel, iron, and brass came to be manufactured in the mid 19th century. These were to be used both by soldiers and civilians. Their main advantage at that time was that unlike wooden beds, these could not be infested with bedbugs. Queen Victoria's brass bed at the Crystal Palace has been the most famous antique brass bed. By the late 19th century, metal beds were nearly out of fashion." Antique beds 1

Also, In The Odyssey, when Odysseus goes to the Underworld, he refers to Persephone as the Iron Queen. Of the four gods of Empedocles' elements it is the name of Persephone alone that is taboo, for the Greeks knew another face of Persephone as well. She was also the terrible Queen of the dead, whose name was not safe to speak aloud, who was named simply "The Maiden". Wikipedia 2 Phrase: iron queen \Link: page:3

4.4 line: 07 : crystal palace:

See Alpha entry, especially this re cultural meaning: The Crystal Palace made a strong impression on visitors coming from all over Europe, including a number of writers. It soon became a symbol of modernity and civilization, hailed by some and decried by others.

In What Is to Be Done?, Russian author and philosopher Nikolai Chernyshevsky pledges to transform the society into a Crystal Palace thanks to a socialist revolution. Fyodor Dostoevsky implicitly replied to Chernyshevsky in Notes from Underground. The narrator thinks that human nature will prefer destruction and chaos to the harmony symbolized by the Crystal Palace.

When the first major international exhibition of arts and industries was held in London in 1851, the London Crystal Palace epitomized the achievements of the entire world at a time when progress was racing forward at a speed never before known to mankind. The Great Exhibition marked the beginning of a tradition of world's fairs, which would be held in major cities all across the globe. Following the success of the London fair, it was inevitable that other nations would soon try their hand at organizing their own exhibitions. In fact, the next international fair was held only two years later, in 1853, in New York City. This fair would have its own Crystal Palace to symbolize not only the achievements of the world, but also the nationalistic pride of a relatively young nation and all that she stood for. Walt Whitman, the great American poet, wrote in "The Song of the Exposition":

That the Crystal Palace Exhibition "marked the beginning of a tradition of world's fairs" can remind that Against the Day starts at the Columbian Exhibition of 1893 in Chicago. More international optimism. Phrase: crystal palace \Link: page:3

4.5 line: 14 : second sheep:

Compare the narrator's discussion of William Slothrop's heretical tract "On Preterition," which argued for the holiness of the preterite, and Weisenburger's note at 2555.29-31.

A wide symbology relates to sheep in ancient art, traditions and culture. Judaism uses many sheep references including the Passover lamb. Christianity uses sheep-related images, such as: Christ as the good shepherd, or as the sacrificed Lamb of God (Agnus Dei); the bishop's Pastoral; the lion lying down with the lamb (a reference to all of creation being at peace, without suffering, predation or otherwise). Greek Easter celebrations traditionally feature a meal of Paschal lamb. Sheep also have considerable importance in Arab culture; Eid ul-Adha is a major annual festival in Islam in which a sheep is sacrificed. Herding sheep plays an important historico-symbolic part in the Jewish and Christian faiths, since Abraham, Jacob, Moses, and King David all worked as shepherds. wikipedia 33

Sheep are often associated with obedience due to the widespread perception that they lack intelligence and their undoubted herd mentality, hence the pejorative connotation of the adjective 'ovine'. In George Orwell's satirical novel Animal Farm, sheep are used to represent the ignorant and uneducated masses of revolutionary Russia. The sheep are unable to be taught the subtleties of revolutionary ideology and can only be taught repetitive slogans such as "Four legs good, two legs bad" which they bleat in unison at rallies. The rock group Pink Floyd wrote a song using sheep as a symbol for ordinary people, that is, everyone who isn't a pig or dog. People who accept overbearing governments have been pejoratively referred to as "sheeple". wikipedia 44 Phrase: second sheep \Link: page:3

4.6 line: 19 : half-silvered:

adj. (of a mirror) having an incomplete reflective coating, so that half the incident light is reflected and half transmitted: used in optical instruments and two-way mirrors. Collins Dictionary See the splitting of light all through Against the Day, Pynchon's 2006 novel. Phrase: half-silvered \Link: page:3

4.7 line: 19 : view finder:

as two words, this seems to refer to handheld devices in which slides were slid and viewed in 3-dimensions. Here is a version still being made 5view finder. "half-silvered" above seems most correct with this kind of device. Phrase: view finder \Link: page:3

4.8 line: 22 : They pass in line:

A Pynchonian leitmotif. The linearity of lining up has resonances throughout his work, articulated most straightforwardly in Against the Day, which starts with "Single up all Lines!", and perhaps dealt with most profoundly in Mason & Dixon, a novel about creating the "Mason & Dixon line". Phrase: They pass in line \Link: page:3

4.9 line: 25 : Rain comes down:

Pynchon's first published story is called The Small Rain. See his remarks on rain in fiction in Slow Learner. Phrase: Rain comes down \Link: page:3

4.10 line: 30 : naptha winters:

Naptha is the flammable liquid obtained from the distillation of coal and used to fire gaslights and heaters. … Phrase: naptha winters \Link: page:3

4.11 line: 32 : rolling-stock absence:

Rolling stock is the collective term that describes all the vehicles which move on a railway. Phrase: rolling-stock absence \Link: page:3

4.12 line: 35 : Absolute Zero:

Theoretical state when no molecules move. 6Zero. State of entropy, a key concept of Thomas Pynchon's. See early story, Entropy in Slow Learner. Phrase: Absolute Zero \Link: page:3

4.13 line: 36 : places whose names he has never heard:

'secret cities of poor', deep under these fallen girders. Places that have never been spoken of, yet exist. Lower than Low-lands. Later in Pynchon's world,in other books, Mason & Dixon and Against the Day, we will travel deeper underground, to places with no names we know, it seems. See a "progressive knotting into", 3.26 in GR. Phrase: places whose names he has never heard \Link: page:3

4.14 line: 37 : the walls break down:

See "wall of death" later in Gravity's Rainbow. A-and in Against the Day. Phrase: the walls break down \Link: page:3

4.15 noline/concept    CRYSTAL


Crystal Palace 3; "the fall of a" Phrase: CRYSTAL \Link: page:3

4.16 noline/concept :dreams/dreaming:

dreams/dreaming Pirate's, 3-4; "rosy as a bunch of Dutch peasants dreaming of their certain resurrection" 5; "Pirate had dreamed these very words" 13; "blinking through an overlay of dream" 29; Pointsman's, 36-38; "Silence comes in, sculptured by spoken dreams" 49; Jessica's, 53; of peacetime, 58; Sodium Amytal-induced toilet adventure, 60-71; "the little baby they dream now of sitting near" 111; Mrs. Quoad's, 119; "after a dream" 121; the Empire's "dreamless version of the real" 129; "the children are away dreaming, but the Empire has no place for dreams" 135; Pointsman's, 137-38; Pointsman's of the Minotaur, 142; Nora DodsonTruck's dreams of flight, 146; Treacle's dreams of flight, 146; Leni's,155-56, 156-58; Leni's dream of flight, 159; "you go from dream to dream inside me" 177; Stalin's pathological, 189; "that touch on the sleeves of his dreams" 209; Pudding's, 232; Slothrop dreaming in German, 240; Slothrop's dream of old pals while in Nice, 255; "[Slothrop] dozes in and out of a hallucination of Alps, fogs, abysses" 257; Slothrop dreaming of Jamf, 268; "a dream of Atlantis, of the Suggenthal" 269; Pointsman's nightmare, 272; "your biography now like any old bad dream" 277; Slothrop's dream (?), 281-83; Slothrop's "Jamf/I" dream, 286-87, 623; Enzian's "wet dream where he coupled with a slender white rocket" 297; Enzian's of an "endless North" 327; "dreaming of food, oblivion, alternate histories. . ." 336; Galina's, 341; "German dreams of the Tenth-Elegy angel" 341; Chu Piang's, 347; 355; Evil Hour, 375; "your dream of pampas and sky" 388; Slothrop's of Berkshire, 392; Alpdrucken ("Nightmare"), 394; Pökler's of rocket, 399-400; Kekule's dream of 1865, 410; Jung's "ancestral pool" 410; "Pökler dreaming about Kekule's dream" 412-13; "unrecoverable dreams" 415; Pökler's of bulb as Weissmann, 426-27 (see page 653); "City of Elves producing toy moon-rockets" 431; "Säure's on the move. . .prowling his dreams" 437; Slothrop's transmutation dream, 446-47; "ships we can dream across terrible rapids" 462; Slothrop dreaming of Llandudno, 468; Bianca "dreams often of the same journey" 471; oneiric (dreamlike), 475; "Where was anybody that summer before the War? Dreaming." 475; of battles survived, 490; Slothrop's of Bianca, 492; "Givin' all m'dreams away" 522; Slothrop's of Tantivy, 551-52; "Slothrop dreams" 552; "your saddest dreams" 577; "bursts of destroying beauty there for his dreams to work on" 578; "the dramatic connections that were really all there, in his dreams" 579; Slothrop's of Zwölfkinder and Bianca, 609; "Solange" dreaming of Ilse, 610; Slothrop's of Bette Davis and Margaret Dumont, 619; Pirate's of windmills, 620; "dreaming at the last instant of who can say what lifted smock" 625; Mexico's of Jessica (in the song), 627; "what ladies in black appeared in his dreams" 629; "It wasn't a dream. Don't you wish it could be." 668; Christian's of Maria, 673; "of assassinations, of plots against good and decent men" 689; Dark Dream, 697; keying waves, 699; Beaver's, 708; Gottfried's single dream, 721; "I dream of discovering the edge of the World" 722; "of rendezvous, of cosmic trapeze acts" 723; the Rocket "must answer to a number of different shapes in the dreams of those who touch it" 727; "dream-caressed" 730; "Strung Into the Apollonian Dream" 754; Gottfried, 754; "human figure, dreaming of an early evening in each great capital" 760; See also Jung, Carl Phrase: dreams/dreaming \Link: page:3

4.17 noline/concept :film/cinema_references:

film/cinema_references "velveteen darkness" 3; "[Pirate] learned [his grin] at the films" 32; "what Hollywood likes to call a 'cute meet'" 38; "the cinema kiss never completed" 49; "horror-movie devilfish" 51; Fay Wray look, 57; "Disneyfied look" 70; "a De Mille set" 71; Katje, 92, 112; paranoia in movie theatres, 114; "the lads in Hollywood telling us how grand it all is over here" 135; "medium shot" 142; "All of us watching some wry newsreel, the beam from the projector falling milky-white. . .the manly crepe of an overseas cap knifing forward into the darkened cinema" 150; Sachsa seance, 152; special effects, 159; "[Katje] evaporates before the question, re-forms in another part of the room" 194; "this wardrobe here's mostly props" 195; Katje's cinema werewolf transformation, 196; Marx-Brothers-like episode with Seltzer bottle, 197; "from a German camera angle" 229; Zootsuit Zanies, 251; soundtrack (clarinets, guitars and mandolins), 255; "Saturday-afternoon western movies" 264; "Wild West movie" 338; "Nazi movie villain" 360; extras, 374; "Leaps broad highways in a single bound!"--380; camera angle (opening of Fierro film), 386; "paracinematic lives" 388; soundtrack ("windy strings and reed sections"), 398; "couldn't even go to the movies" 402; filming gauges on rocket flights, 406-07; successive stills, 407; "the moving images of a daughter" 422; 423; Ilse "has persisted beyond her cinema mother, beyond film's end" 429; "cue calls for the titanic sets of her dreams" 446; "Goebbels' private collection" 461; "that same nacreous wrinkling the films use to suggest rain out a window" 471; "slouched alone in your own seat" 472; "watching Allied footage for what could be pulled and worked into newsreels to make the Axis look good" 473; "Looks like German movies have warped other outlooks around here too." 474; faces "very smooth, film-star polished" 477; "filthy movies are showing in the boiler room" 490; "But mistakes are part of it too–everything fits. One sees how it fits, ja? learns patterns, adjusts to rhythms, one day you are no longer an actor, but free now, over on the other side of the camera." 494;"silent-movie style looking to strangle" 495; cartoon-y, 498; "Dillinger, at the end, found a few seconds' strange mercy in the movie images that hadn't quite yet faded from his eyeballs" 516; "gobbles Pervitin like popcorn at the movies" 522; "film and calculus, both pornographies of flight" 523; "this ain't the fuckin' movies" 527; "not yet" 527-28; "There's the son of Frankenstein in it, too. I wish we could have more direct" 536; "a government newsreel, FROM CLOAK AND DAGGER TO CROAK AND STAGGER" 542; "another long night of cinema without schedule" 542; "as the camera moves in for a close-up" 543; "My dream is to bring all these kids. . .out to Hollywood" 559; Klein-Rogge, Rudolph (actor - Pökler's favorite), 578; "movie queens" 586; "frames per century" 612; "a bad cinema spring" 628; chase scenes, 198, 308-13, 334,637; "comic Nazi routine" 633; 641; "we're strangers at the films, condemned to separate rows aisles, exits, homegoings" 663; Floundering Four, 674-80; "Yes, it is a movie! Another WWII situation comedy" 692; "Their Movieola viewer" 694; "as nasal and debonair as a movie star" 697; "moves image to image" 721; "black and white film images" 723; documentary style, 738; "subdebs just out the movies" 741; sound editing, 745; Chase Music, 751; "a whole movie-cue of witnesses" 755; "old fans who've always been at the movies" 760; (See also actors/directors; King Kong; movies; theatre; Ufa-theatre) Phrase: film/cinema_references \Link: page:3

4.18 noline/concept :Hydra-Phänomen:

Hydra-Phänomen German: "Hydra-phenomenon"; Hydra was the mythical snake which Hercules had to kill as one of his twelve labors. As soon as he cut off one of its heads, two shot up in its place; how Slothrop's plucking-of-self would be classified "were it not for the complete absence of hostility" 712

Phrase: Hydra-Phänomen \Link: page:3

4.19 noline/concept :Kurzweg:_Prof.-Dr._Hermann:

Kurzweg,__Prof.-Dr._Hermann Kurzweg came to Peenemünde in 1937 as head of research and chief assistant to engineer Dr. Rudolph Hermann, working in wind-tunnel research; he was instrumental in refining the design for the A4; Achtfaden "always worked out of [his] shop" 455 Phrase: Kurzweg,__Prof.-Dr._Hermann \Link: page:3

4.20 noline/concept    labyrinth

labyrinth "a progressive knotting into" 3; "labyrinthine," 10; "The rooms are triangular, spherical, walled up into mazes." 82; "labyrinth of conditioned-reflex work," 88; "this inexhaustively knotted victim" 93; "what there is of labyrinth collapsing in rings outward," 143; "soft, confusing, womanly tunnel-systems that must stretch back for miles" 195; "We are obsessed with building labyrinths, where before there was open plain and sky." 264; "El laberinto de tu incertidumbre," 383; "brick labyrinth," 384; "your labyrinth walls," 388; "as much labyrinth as required between himself and the inconveniences of caring," 428; "labyrinthine path," 537; "maps of his revetments and labyrinths," 672; "too finely labyrinthine, for either category to have much hegemony any more," 681; See also Daedalus; Thesean brushings; Weaving the Web Phrase: labyrinth \Link: page:3

4.21 noline/concept    naphtha

naphtha 3; a colorless, volatile petroleum distillate, usually an intermediate product between gasoline and benzene, used as a solvent and as a fuel – Webster's; aka lighter fluid Phrase: naphtha \Link: page:3

4.22 noline/concept    Preterite

Preterite Calvinist/Puritan doctrine of the Elect (the chosen) and the Preterite (the passed-over, the damned); "second sheep" 3; "a new preterition abroad in England" 15; Dodoes, 108-11; "But if [the Dutch settlors] were chosen to come to Mauritius, why had they also been chosen to fail, and leave? Is that a choosing, or is it a passing over? Are they Elect, or are they Preterite, and doomed as Dodoes?" 110; "men you have seen on foot and smileless in the cities but forgot" 136; at Rathenau seance, 163; coal-tars as preterite dung, 166; "his poor sheep" 233; "the multitudes who are passed over by God and History" 299; "In preterite line they have pointed her here" 316; "Elite and Preterite, we move through a cosmic design of darkness and light" 495; "they dissolve now into the swarm. . .of this dancing Preterition" 548; "The successful loner was only the other part of it: the last piece to the jigsaw puzzle, whose shape had already been created by the Preterite" 554; Judas, 555; On Preterition, 555; "in their slick persistence and our preterition" 590; "rubbers yellow with preterite seed, Kleenex wadded to brain shapes hiding preterite snot, preterite tears" 626; 667; 668; "the glozing neuters of the world" 677; "the Humility, among the gray and preterite souls" 742; See also Hand of Providence/God; Puritans Phrase: Preterite \Link: page:3

4.23 noline/concept :Schußstelle_3:

Schußstelle_3 95; German: "firing site"; in Holland on the North Sea coast, near The Hague; moved, 104; the allies were after it, 105; "why did [Katje] leave?" 107; See also Lüneburg Heath Phrase: Schußstelle_3 \Link: page:3

4.24 noline/concept    theatre

theatre "it's all theatre" 3; "theatrically bitter" 133; "magnificent stone theatre" 148; "theatre nothing but Walter really look at head phony angle" 152; "just down the street from the theatre" 174; "you're in the wrong theatre of operations" 201; "every occupation town in the Theatre" 247; "only elaborate theatre to fool you" 267; "tears which are not all theatre" 302; "Perhaps it's theater" 326; "elaborate piece of theatre" 352; street-theatre, 399; "Mediterranean theatre" 438; "under a theatre marquee whose sentient bulbs may have looked on" 464; "this War. . .was all theatre" 521; "the elaborate theatrical foofooraw of Mob 'n' Masons" 586; "all become theatre" 722; "not without theatre" 743; "above the roof of this old theatre" 760; See also actors/directors; film/cinema references; King Kong; movies; Ufa-theatre Phrase: theatre \Link: page:3

4.25 noline/concept    Zero

Zero "try to bring events to Absolute Zero" 3; "a silent extinction beyond the zero" 85; in connection with Slothrop's deconditioning, 85; between waking & sleeping, 119; "each time has taken a little more of the Zero into herself" 150; "Absolute Comfort" 155; "as the pure light of the zero comes nearer" 159; Ideology of, 218; 223; "The German inflation. . .zeros strung end to end from here to Berlin." 258; Final Zero, 319-20; "zero at the top of the world" 340; 345; Enzian closest to, 404; "signal zero" 404; 406; 421; Ground Zero, 424; 451; "Zero up to Mach 6." 454; zeroing in, 521; Japanese Zeros (fighter planes), 672, 690, 692; "zero indifference" 714; See also nihilism; vacuum; Void Phrase: Zero \Link: page:3

5 page: 4

5.1 line: 01 : getting narrower…cornering tighter and tighter:

Cf. the rationalization of choice and similar phrasing in Against the Day, pynchon wiki p. 710 Phrase: getting narrower…cornering tighter and tighter \Link: page:4

5.2 line: 05 : caravan:

  1. a procession, in single file, of merchants or pilgrims 2) a

procession of mules, camels or certain other animals. Sources: Online dictionary and wikipedia. 3) Caravan is a song by Van Morrison included on his 1970 album, Moondance. 8Caravan Pilgrim has Pynchonian resonances, especially in Against the Day. A-And, once again, notice the singleing up of lines. Phrase: caravan \Link: page:4

5.3 line: 07 : cockade:

  1. n. An ornament, such as a rosette or knot of ribbon, usually

worn on the hat as a badge. [Alteration of obsolete cockard , from French.]

  1. Operational code name for Allied deception operations intended

to draw attention away from Normandy prior to D-Day 95

Cf. pun: cock aid, esp. as Slothrop's 'condition' within Gravity's Rainbow is revealed. Phrase: cockade \Link: page:4

5.4 line: 07 : the color of lead:

cockades are usually brightly colored. Lead is not.

Lead is a malleable toxic metallic element, bluish-white in color that tarnishes to a dull gray. 10Lead

Lead is the only currency-carrying element which does not absorb nor emit heat. Entropic, so to speak. Another resonance for "toward the zero"?

Lead is what bullets are made of. Phrase: the color of lead \Link: page:4

5.5 line: 12 : corridors straight and functional:

More forced linearity. Phrase: corridors straight and functional \Link: page:4

5.6 noline/concept    Shays

Shays Shays's Rebellion (August 1786-February 1787) was an uprising in western Massachusetts in opposition to high taxes and harsh economic conditions. Led by Daniel Shays (1747-1825), the rebellion was decisively defeated on February 4, but it did result in the passage of laws easing the economic condition of debtors; "fought the federal troops across Massachusetts" 268 Phrase: Shays \Link: page:4

5.7 noline/concept    ss

ss "cast-iron pulleys whose spokes are shaped like Ss" 4; 3-sigma, 40, 523, 635, 709; "sibilant weave" 152; "S'd against the S of himself" 198; "Old Norse rune for S" 206; ssörrender, 230; sour stuff (oxygen), 240; Esso, 240; tunnels, 299; double-integral sign, 300-01; "Summe, Summe" 300; "Double integral is also the shape of lovers curled asleep" 302; S-curve, 380; double-summing, 411; Scatotechnic Snipes, 451; Sickly Smile, 534; Special Services, 558; Shufflin' Sam, 558; "curving through the ogival opening" 573; "Yess, yess" 590; "silver straw" 613; "screen-door salesman" 665; "the invisible SS" 666; Sniveling Slothrop, 679; Scatterbrained Suicidekicks, 691; Sound Shadow, 695, 711; Sentimental Surrealist, 696; Subsequent Sin, 722; Spaceman Smile, 732; See also chess; Rossini Phrase: ss \Link: page:4

6 page: 5

6.1 line: 03 : His name is Capt. Geoffrey ("Pirate") Prentice.:

Pirate's name derives from Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta The Pirates of Penzance, in which the hero's nurse has made a fateful error in carrying out her employer's instructions: Instead of having the boy apprenticed to a (ship's) pilot, he was apprenticed to a pirate, hence a "pirate `prentice." The name, though, is not simply a fortuitous pun: In her error, the nurse has lost a message, like the hare of Herero myth, and thus guaranteed her young charge's preterition. (There are also connections here to the theme of "communications entropy," which is central to The Crying of Lot 49 and the short story "Entropy.") Phrase: His name is Capt. Geoffrey ("Pirate") Prentice. \Link: page:5

6.2 line: 03 : all got scumbled together, eventually, by the knives of the:

seasons, to an impasto, feet thick, of unbelievable black topsoil

Didn't notice 'scumbled' first time round, I was going too fast. Second read I looked it up. Scumbled? Isn't that some sort of painting [technique? Pynchon make a mistake there? Mean to say scrambled? Hmmmmmmmm. Then I thought of the 'knives' bit, wondered if artists might use a 11palette knife to do this scumbling business. A Google search for "scumble knife palette " found me this:

"Hard impasto ridges left by the edge of the knife provided the texture I needed to bring the waves crashing in."

A-and the wonderful phrase, "knives of the seasons" embodies another lifelong deep theme in Pynchon's work: that the 'wheeling' of time [see later in Gravity's Rainbow and Against the Day], the cycle of nature, is an ineluctable good thing, even as it knifes us, ravages, us. It thickens us, impasto-like, gives us topsoil in our characters, so to speak.

"To blur the outlines of: a writer who scumbled the line that divides history and fiction."

Apt example! Phrase: all got scumbled together, eventually, by the knives of the \Link: page:5

6.3 noline/concept    Bloat Teddy

Bloat,_Teddy 5; rooms with Pirate and friend of Tantivy; microfilms Slothrop's map (then gives film to Mexico who takes it to Pointsman), 17; 34; 181; gives Slothrop a crab to distract the octopus, 186-87; discussed, 192-93 Phrase: Bloat,_Teddy \Link: page:5

6.4 noline/concept    Feel Osbie

Feel,_Osbie 5; cultivates pharmaceutical plants on the roof of Pirate's maisonette; eggs to golfballs, 9; doper at White Visitation – "the house idiot- savant" 92; with Pirate, 111-12; 533; Doper's Greed - film with 2 cowboys + midget, 534; stoned with aura, 536; "'In the Parliament of Life, the time comes, simply, for a division. We are now in the corridors we have chosen, moving toward the Floor….'" 536; in Marseilles, 620; Porky Pig tattoo, 638; [Is that Pynchon inside his own novel?] Phrase: Feel,_Osbie \Link: page:5

6.5 noline/concept :G-5:

G-5 125; Weisenburger quoting A.M. Taylor: "that section of the Army set up to take over local government in lands occupied by invasion forces. Other sections are G-1 personnel, G-2 Intelligence, G-3 Training and Plans, G-4 Supply and Evacuation."; 290; 644;

Phrase: G-5 \Link: page:5

6.6 noline/concept :Immachination/inanimateness:

Immachination/inanimateness "[Pirate's] skull feels made of metal." 5; "You will come to understand that between the two points, in the five minutes, [the rocket] lives an entire life." 209; "we're all such mechanical men. Doing our jobs. That's all we are." 216; Cybernetic Tradition, 238; robobopsters, 260; doll with human hair, 282; "orangutan on wheels […] followed by a tiny black crow […] also on wheels" 282; Articles of Immachination, 297; Rocket Limericks, 305 07, 311; "Tchitcherine, who is more metal than anything else. Steel teeth wink as he talks. Under his pompadour is a silver plate. Gold wirework threads in three-dimensional tattoo among the fine wreckage of cartilage and bone inside his right knee joint" 337; "Pökler was an extension of the Rocket, long before it was ever built" 402; "'move beyond life, toward the inorganic'" 580; "Bicycle riders ratcheted by, skeleton functional as their machines" 611;"His guide is a kind of squat robot, dark gray plastic with rolling headlamp eyes." 645; "French refugee kid, funny haircut with the ears perfectly outlined in hair that starts abruptly a quarter-inch strip of bare plastic skin away" 675; "Marcel, a mechanical chessplayer [with] exquisite 19th-century brainwork" 675; "Maybe there is a Machine to take us away, take us completely, suck us out through the electrodes out of the skull 'n' into the Machine and live there forever with all the other souls it's got stored there." 699; "a think matrix of wires, forming a rather close-set coordinate system over the Imipolectic Surface, whereby erectile and other commands could be sent to an area quite specific" 699-700; "What has actually grown itself a skin of Imipolex G" 700; "army surgeons and dentists will bond and hammer patent steel for life into [Tchitcherine's] suffering flesh […] his initiation into the bodyhood of steel" 702; Stefan Utgarthaloki: "suave metal husband" 716;"this most immachinate of techniques, the Rocket" 728; "The golden hairs on his back, alloyed German gold" 750; "The two, boy and Rocket, concurrently designed. Its steel hindquarters bent so beautifully" 750-51; [Lang's Metropolis]; See also Katspiel; Marcel the Mechanical Chessplayer at Floundering Four; Plasticman; ratchet; Rocketman Phrase: Immachination/inanimateness \Link: page:5

6.7 noline/concept :Prentice:_Capt._Geoffrey_"Pirate":

Prentice,__Capt._Geoffrey_"Pirate" 5-7; 42 years old in '45; lives in maisonette in Chelsea, works for Special Operations Executive (SOE), aka the "Firm"; works with Teddy Bloat; dreaming, 3-4; message from Katje by V-2, 11; "getting inside the fantasies of others" 11-16; "homeopathic doses of peace" 16; retrieves graphite cylinder ("windburned face, big mean mother"), 20; feels Mexico is being used by Them, 35; affair with Scorpia Mossmoon, 35-36, 638; decodes message from rocket using his semen, 71-72; brought Katje to White Visitation, 106; 274; 536; at Convention/Garden of double agents, 537; "by the time you get any summary, the whole thing will have changed" 541; "This is one of his own in progress." 543; with Katje at double-agent convention, 545-48; "I can repeat patterns" 546; How I Came to Love the People, 547; going to Berlin, 619; hasn't lived other's fantasies since VE Day, 620; visited by Mexico, 637; 657; and James Jello, 698; (Although it seems most likely that his name is connected to Gilbert & Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance, where the hero Frederic is "'prenticed to a pirate," it has been pointed out, by Frank Lynch, that "Pirate Prentice" is an anagram of "Preterite Panic." - In the interests of full disclosure…) Phrase: Prentice,__Capt._Geoffrey_"Pirate" \Link: page:5

6.8 noline/concept :S.O.E.:

S.O.E. 5; Special Operations Executive; aka the "Firm" 12; 32; Pirate "browned-off with" 270; "no one has ever left the Firm alive" 543; 620; [About] Phrase: S.O.E. \Link: page:5

6.9 noline/concept    Throsp Corydon

Throsp,_Corydon 5; erected maisonette where Pirate and Bloat live; cultivated pharmaceutical plants on the roof; medieval fantasies, 10 Phrase: Throsp,_Corydon \Link: page:5

7 page: 6

7.1 line: 09 : a spiral ladder:

Suggests the double-helix structure of the DNA molecule that preserves the "living genetic chains" evoked at 1510.14. Double-helix structure like a mandala, pervasive in GR: "Mandala" is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning "sacred circle that protects the soul." It also refers to the sacred cosmograms that serve as core symbols of all cultures. Westerners have been fascinated for centuries about the mandalas of the Hindu-Buddhist cultures of Asia, most often painted geometric diagrams of great beauty and sophistication, that draw the viewer into a realm of balance, harmony, and calm. But such diagrams are actually architectural blueprints of the purified realm of bliss that we can only realize through enlightenment. They represent three-dimensional spaces of personal and communal exaltation, palaces for the regal confidence of love, compassion, and universal satisfaction of self and other. Understanding their role in anchoring the world-picture of a culture or a person provides a new insight into the "mandalas" of our own culture - the national space anchored by the Washington monument and its environs, or the personal cosmological space anchored by the models of the solar system, the DNA double-helix molecule, and the atom. 16Mandala

A recent scientific magazine also had an essay [citation needed] on the similarity of the double-helix sructure and the structure of the mandala. A-and, GR, containing mandalas, has been argued to be structured like a mandala. SPOILER of upcoming GR tropes: "Slothrop finds mandalas, sees mandalas in the sky and all around him, and becomes a mandala himself". "mandalas are part of a spiritual or mythic panoply"… From Thomas Pynchon, The Art of Illusion by David Cowart, p. 126.

Cf. p. 209, Mason & Dixon: " oblique angles with all meridians and that is a spiral coiling round the poles but never reaching them."…

Cf. V. where the isle of Malta is also likened to a sort of mandala. Phrase: a spiral ladder \Link: page:6

7.2 noline/concept :Ackeret:Prof._J.:

Ackeret,_Prof._J. Swiss rocket engineer who did the early studies of relativistic rocket mechanics, including important paper, "Theory of Rockets," Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Vol. 6, 1947; "You have memorized Ackeret […] But the terror will not go away" 452 Phrase: Ackeret,_Prof._J. \Link: page:6

7.3 noline/concept    BOQ

BOQ 6; bachelor officers' quarters Phrase: BOQ \Link: page:6

7.4 noline/concept    Brennschluss

Brennschluss 6; German: "end of burning"; end of rocket's ascent when fuel is cut-off and it gives way to gravity; "a ritual of love" 222-23; "Rocket's. . .feminine counterpart" 223; 239; "The moving vehicle is frozen, in space, to become architecture, and timeless. It was never launched. It will never fall" 301; "for every firing site" 302; "of the Sun" (Sound-Shadow), 711; 759 Phrase: Brennschluss \Link: page:6

7.5 noline/concept :M.I._6:

M.I._6 592; British Military Intelligence, overseas operations; [MORE] Phrase: M.I._6 \Link: page:6

7.6 noline/concept    rainbow

rainbow the rising sun striking the rocket's exhaust, 6; "his rainbowed Valkyrie over Peenemünde" 151; "all around them were clouds, rainbows, drops of fire" 160; "the greengrocer is wishing on a rainbow today" 175; "the rainbow edges of what is almost on him" 203; "a rainbow-striped dirndl skirt" 208; "they move forever under it. . .as if it were the Rainbow" 209; "a peacock, courting, fanning his tail … she saw it in the colors that moved in the flame as it rose off the platform, scarlet, orange, iridescent green" 223; "wild as a rainbow" 369; "the rainbow edge of the sound" 488; "It's a long rainbow, mostly […] indigo and Kelly green" 524; "To purity of light–of bonds that sing,/And whips that trail their spectra as they fall" 532-33; Osbie "a sunburst in primary colors spiking out from his head" 536; "Slothrop sees a very thick rainbow" 626; "rainbow of sentinel ladies" 637; "beautiful Serpent, its coils in rainbow lashings" 721; "the great rainbow plumes" 722; "serpent coils that lash above the surface of the Earth in rainbow light" 726 Phrase: rainbow \Link: page:6

7.7 noline/concept    Rocket

Rocket incoming mail, 6; A4, 8, 396, 406, 411, 464; farting buzzbombs, 21; "explode first. . .then you hear them coming in" 23; "slender church steeples" 29 (& 624); "a piece of time neatly snipped out" 48; "a rocket has suddenly struck" 59; V-1 and V-2, 86; "the sounds of V-1 and V-2, one the reverse of the other" 144; premonitions in Psi section, 146; "rocket-mysticism" 154; "between the two points, in the five minutes, it lives an entire life." 209; assembly at Mittelwerke, 304; "Germans […] who called the rocket Der Phau ["the peacock"], 223; "terrible passage reduced. . .to bourgeois terms" 239; Slothrop's discovery of blueprint, 242; and manhood, 324; "hidden inside the summer Zone, the Rocket is waiting" 359; 5 launching switch positions, 361; cult of A4 (A: "aggregate"), 391; Pökler's dreams of, 399; leading to freedom of outerspace, 400; money v. dreams, 400; Pökler as an extension of, 402; as fat Japanese arrow, 403; A3, 406; growing towards a predestined shape (Schicksal), 416; A5, 416; mapped on to face, 423; A4 test sites moved to Blizna, Poland in '43 - Sarnaki is Ground Zero, 424; problem rockets–"reluctant virgins" 426; 10K pounds sterling, 438; "half bullet, half arrow" 453; charisma of, 464; "the kingly voice of the Aggregate" 470; Rocket Noon, 500; fins=mandala, 563 (illus. 624); "The sand-colored churchtops […] like rocket fins guiding the streamlined spires" 624; "A4. . .concealed behind an uncrossable wall that separated real pain and terror from summoned deliverer." 666; 673; firing vectors, 706; "Rocket state-cosmology" 726; "Rocket as Torah" 727; "an evil Rocket for the World's suicide" 727; "it comes as the Revealer" 728; Goebbels' "avenger" 747; origin of countdown, 753; See also V2 Page - very good; Schwarzgerät [V-1 Photo] [V-2 Photo] Phrase: Rocket \Link: page:6

8 page: 7

8.1 line: 09 : Pick bananas:

Pirate's decision after a paragraph on the inevitablity of the rocket's flight can remind one of a famous Buddhist sutra on picking a strawberry: The Sweetest Strawberry Buddha told a parable in a sutra: A man traveling across a field encountered a tiger. He fled, the tiger after him. Coming to a precipice, he caught hold of the root of a wild vine and swung himself down over the edge. The tiger sniffed at him from above. Trembling, the man looked down to where, far below, another tiger was waiting to eat him. Only the vine sustained him. Two mice, one white and one black, little by little started to gnaw away the vine. The man saw a luscious strawberry near him. Grasping the vine with one hand, he plucked the strawberry with the other. How sweet it tasted! -Paul Reps, Zen Flesh, Zen Bones from Everyday Mind, edited by Jean Smith 6

Phrase: Pick bananas \Link: page:7

9 page: 8

9.1 noline/concept    God

God "God has plucked [the rocket] for him, out of its airless sky, like a steel banana" 8; "wasted gods urging on a tardy glacier" 9; "Putting control inside was ratifying what de facto had happened–that you had dispensed with God." 30; "every true god must be both organizer and destroyer" 99; "tried to cage his old gods, snare them in words" 99; Dodoes "so ugly as to embody argument against a Godly creation" 110; "For as much as [Dodoes] are the creatures of God, and have the gift of rational discourse" 111; "God could not be that cruel" 111; "when the land was still free […] and the presence of the Creator much more direct" 214; "the numinous certainty of" 242; "his own WASPs in buckled black, who heard God clamoring to them in every turn of a leaf" 281; "multitudes passed over by God and History" 299; "Ndjambi Karunga and the Christian God were too far away. There was no difference between the behavior of a good and the operations of pure chance" 323; "Using a non-Arabic alphabet is felt to be a sin against" 354; "Will of God Theory" 362; "God's indifferent sunlight in all its bleaching and terror" 364; "Each plot carries its signature. Some are God's, some masquerade as God's" 464; "God's poorest and most panicked creature" 465; canine theology of "the remembered image of one human" 614; "God is who knows their number. Atropos is who severs them to different lengths. So, God under the aspet of Atropos, she who cannot be turned" 643; "Procalowski-down-out-of-the sky-in-a-machine" 672; "God, death, nothingness, redemption, salvation" 693; "What are the stars but points in the body of God where we insert the healing needles of our terror and longing?" 699; "Wimpe: 'I mean theophosphate, Vaslav,' indicating the Presence of God" 702; "God's spoilers. […] It is our mission to promote death." 720; "By all the holy names of God" 734; "The Ravens of Death have now tasted of the Poison of God" 748; "'God sent out a pulse of energy into the void. […] To return to God, the soul must negotiate each of the Sephiroth, from ten back to one." 753; "the Tree of Life. It is also the body of God" 753; See also Christianity; Mythology; Theophile Phrase: God \Link: page:8

10 page: 9

10.1 line: 03 : Miss Grable:

Betty Grable actually became a pin-up favorite in 1943 (not 1944), when she had a photo series released. Although she had been featured in various films since the late 1920s, she first became a major box office attraction with the 1940 film Down Argentine Way. The poster is also an example of the motif of the turning head that recurs throughout Gravity's Rainbow. Correspondent Hazen Bob Dixon notes that Grable was actually pregnant when the picture was taken, which is why her back was turned in the first place. The story is plausible, since Grable did give birth to a daughter (by her husband, band leader Harry James) in March 1944; however, there are other versions of how the image came to be taken. Phrase: Miss Grable \Link: page:9

10.2 line: 05 : Civvie Street:

In other words, Peacetime, when military personnel will again wear civilian clothes ("civvies"). George Formby had a postwar film titled George in Civvy Street (1946). See note at

10.3 line: 14 :-19 Bartley Gobbitch, DeCoverley Pox . . . SNIPE AND SHAFT, Teddy:

Bloat "Gobbitch" comes from the archaic word "gobbet," which Webster's New World Dictionary defines as "a fragment or bit, especially of raw flesh." The names "Pox" and "Bloat" are obvious enough, but "DeCoverley" comes from Sir Roger Decoverley, the prototypical country squire created by Addison and Steele for the Spectator and named in turn for a country reel dance. Overall, the names suggest another version of the "Whole Sick Crew" of Pynchon's V. "Snipe" (backbite, take potshots) and "shaft" (undercut, screw over) are what these men are presumably assigned to do to others in their various bureaucratic jobs and what they do in conversations at the eponymous pub. Phrase: -19 Bartley Gobbitch, DeCoverley Pox . . . SNIPE AND SHAFT, Teddy \Link: page:9

10.4 line: 14 :-15 Maurice "Saxophone" Reed:

More is Reed?. A saxophone is a single reed instrument. Phrase: -15 Maurice "Saxophone" Reed \Link: page:9

10.5 line: 19 : the legend SNIPE AND SHAFT [as a pub sign]:

A snipe is naval slang for a member of the engineering crew on a ship. Historically, there was always tension between snipes and the deck crew. 2http://oldsnipe.com/SnipeBegin.html

shaft: Any sensible canal boater carries a wooden pole on the cabin top, in order to punt the boat afloat again when it runs aground, and the most suitable length just happens to be about ten feet. It will normally be about two inches in diameter, and usually made of a hard wood. However, the working boatmen of old called it a 'shaft', never a 'pole', and the term continues amongst experienced boaters today.3http://www.grannybuttons.com/granny_buttons/2004/04/define_sh aft.html Phrase: the legend SNIPE AND SHAFT [as a pub sign] \Link: page:9

10.6 line: 26 : Vat 69:

A whiskey. A sexual pun. Vat 69 whisky is a scotch blended whisky. In 1882 William Sanderson prepared one hundred casks of blended whiskey and hired a panel of experts to taste them. The batch from the vat with number 69 was proclaimed as the best tasting one and the famous blend got its name. The whisky was at first bottled in port wine bottles. Wikipedia Phrase: Vat 69 \Link: page:9

10.7 line: 29 : Jungfrau:

Correspondent Igor Zabel notes that the name of the famous mountain actually means "Virgin." Matthias Bauer adds: "The name of the mountain means virgin`` in 20th century German. Translated from Kluge Etymologisches Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache``, 23th edition, de Gruyter, Berlin, New York, 1999: originally meaning young lady, later generalized to young (unmarried) woman. Mysticism used the word for the Virgin Mary, and the meaning shifted towards young (virgin) woman."

Jungfrau is also the German for the zodiacal sign "Virgo." Another female "V." – which figures later in the story and in history. Note as well the oblique reference to Venus, the "planet of love". In astrology Venus is "fallen" in Virgo. Light. Phrase: Jungfrau \Link: page:9

10.8 line: 29    Jungfrau

The German word means virgin (or Virgin) Phrase: Jungfrau \Link: page:9

10.9 noline/concept :actors/directors:

actors/directors Betty Grable, 9; W. C. Fields, 12; Cary Grant, 13, 240, 292, 294, 661, 684; George Formby, 18; Dennis Morgan, 32; Fay Wray, 57, 179, 275; Bela Lugosi, 106, 557; G. W. Pabst, 112; Ernst Lubitsch, 112; Fritz Lang, 112, 159, 578, 753; Maria Montez and Jon Hall, 121; Greta Garbo, 127, 476; Noel Coward (British playwright), 134; Walt Disney, 70,135, 680; Meriam C. Cooper, 179; Van Johnson, 182; Rudolph Valentino, 182; Bing Crosby,184; Groucho Marx, 210, 246, 278, 386, 619; Stuart Lake, 210; James Cagney, 222, 599, 684; Tom Mix, 245, 717; Shirley Temple, 24, 246, 304, 466, 493; Bob Steele, 247, 385; 386; Johnny Mack Brown, 247; Errol Flynn, 248, 381; Sydney Greenstreet, 253; John Wayne, 256; Spencer Tracy, 266; Rita Hayworth, 274, 449; Laurel and Hardy, 375, 583; Don Ameche, 381; Oliver Hardy, 381; Mickey Rooney, 382; Carmine Miranda, 383, 664; Mickey Mouse, 392; Marlene Dietrich, 393; Brigette Helm, 393-94; Asta Nielsen, 415; Carol Lombard, 445; Henry Fonda, 448; Clark Gable, 516, 577; William (Dick) Powell, 516, 622; Basil Rathbone, 534, 536; S.Z. ("Cuddles") Sakall, 534; Cecil B. DeMille, 71, 559; Henry Wilcoxon, 559; Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers, 561; Audie Murphy, 563; Rudolph Klein-Rogge, 578; Brigitte Helm, 578; Bernhardt Goetzke, 579; James Mason, 592; Deanna Durbin, 599; Rin-Tin-Tin, 614; Betty Davis & Margaret Dumont, 619; Douglas Fairbanks, 637; William Bendix, 684; Sam Jaffe, 684; Arthur Kennedy, 684; Margaret O'Brien, 690; Bengt Ekerot, 755; Maria Casares, 755; See also film/cinema references; movies; theatre Phrase: actors/directors \Link: page:9

10.10 noline/concept    Gobbitch Bartley

Gobbitch,_Bartley 9; at Pirate's maisonette Phrase: Gobbitch,_Bartley \Link: page:9

10.11 noline/concept    Pox DeCoverley

Pox,_DeCoverley 9; at Pirate's maisonette; with Slothrop at the Junior Anthenaeum, 21 Phrase: Pox,_DeCoverley \Link: page:9

10.12 noline/concept :puns_&c.:

puns_&c. Joaquin Stick, 9; "his batman, a Corporal Wayne" 11; Constant and Variable Slothrop, 27; "'Treed at last!'" 199; "It suits you" 355; "You look more like Gaucho Marx" 386; "pip, pip, old Jap" 479; "For De Mille, young fur-henchmen can't be rowing!" 559; "Salitieri, Poore, Nash, De Brutus and Short" 591, 652; "Wilhelmets" 664; "I Ching feet" 746; Phrase: puns_&c. \Link: page:9

10.13 noline/concept :Reed:Maurice("Saxophone"):

Reed,_Maurice("Saxophone") 9; at Pirate's maisonette Phrase: Reed,_Maurice("Saxophone") \Link: page:9

10.14 noline/concept    Snipe_and_Shaft

Snipe_and_Shaft 9; Slothrop's and Tantivy's watering hole; 19; 21 Phrase: Snipe_and_Shaft \Link: page:9

10.15 noline/concept    Stick Joaquin

Stick,_Joaquin 9; at Pirate's maisonette Phrase: Stick,_Joaquin \Link: page:9

10.16 noline/concept :V.E._Day:

V.E._Day 9; Victory in Europe (May 8, 1945); "awful interface of" 80; 269; 274; 276; 288; 628 Phrase: V.E._Day \Link: page:9

11 page: 10

11.1 line: 28 : C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas la guerre:

It's magnificent, but it's not war. The "French observer" was Marshal Pierre Bosque. Phrase: C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas la guerre \Link: page:10

11.2 line: 41 : like a rude metal double-fart:

Telephones in the UK use a double-ring, sounding like bzzt-bzzt. Phrase: like a rude metal double-fart \Link: page:10

12 page: 11

12.1 line: 25 : his batman, a Corporal Wayne:

Weisenburger correctly defines "batman" (an aide assigned to a British officer) but misses Pynchon's joke: Any "batman" with the last name of "Wayne" must have the first name "Bruce"! (Alfred Appel in Nabokov's Dark Cinema also missed the joke, claiming that Pynchon was poking fun at John Wayne by demoting him to a "mere" corporal!) Phrase: his batman, a Corporal Wayne \Link: page:11

12.2 noline/concept    Bukhara

Bukhara in Uzbekistan, this city is one of the most ancient in Central Asia. According to the decree of the 4th Assembly of all-Bukhara Soviets (11-17 October, 1923), certain degrees of autonomy and administrative rights were granted to areas inhabited by Turkmens, and local dialects (eg Tajiki) were to be replaced by Turkish as the official language; "reformed Arabic scripts […] ratified at ~ in 1923" 354; [Website] Phrase: Bukhara \Link: page:11

12.3 noline/concept :comicbook/cartoon/fictional_characters:

comicbook/cartoon/fictional_characters "his batman, a Corporal Wayne" [Batman's "real-world" identity was Bruce Wayne], 11; comicbook fangs, 21; Sir Denis Nayland Smith, 83, 277-78, 592, 631, 751; Hop Harrigan, Tank Tinker, 117; "old-fashioned comical room" 122; Dumbo, 135; Donald Duck, 146; Hansel and Gretel, 174; "comic-book colors" 186; "paint FUCK YOU in a balloon coming out the mouth of one of those little pink shepherdesses" 203; Plasticman, 206, 314, 331, 752; "he passes into a bickering of canary-yellow Borsalini, corksoled comicbook shoes with enormous round toes" 254; "this cartoon here" 263; "a Sunday-funnies dawn" 295; Rocketman, 366, 376, 379, 436, 512, 596; Captain Midnight Show, 375; Green Hornet, 376; "the only beings who can violate their space are safely caught and paralyzed in comic books" 379; Mickey Mouse, 392; Sundial, 472; Wilhelm Busch (cartoonist), 501; Porky Pig, 545; "comic technocracy" 579; "comic-book cats dogs and mice" 586; Bugs Bunny, 592; "comicbook-orange chunks of island" 634; Porky Pig tattoo, 638 (on Osbie Feel's stomach), 711 (on Andre Omnopon's stomach); Robin Hood, 664; Mary Marvel, Wonder Woman, 676; comic-book Kamikazes, 680; "down comes a comic-book guillotine on one black & white politician" 687; Crime Does Not Pay, 709; Superman, 751; The Lone Ranger & Tonto, 752; Philip Marlowe, 752; Submariner, 752; Jimmy Olson, 752; See also Byron the Bulb; Floundering Four; Komical Kamikazes; Plasticman; film/cinema references Phrase: comicbook/cartoon/fictional_characters \Link: page:11

12.4 noline/concept    excrement

excrement "penguin shit" 11; "shit, money and the Word" 28; Pointsman's foot in toilet bowl, 42; "street excrement" 46; cat shit, 51; Slothrop's toilet adventure, 64-67; copromancy, 65; "jellied textures of human shit" 79; "too much shit in these streets" 135; "piss-swollen men" 136; "excremental kisses" 150; "Earth's excrement" (coal tars), 166; "preterite dung" 166; "footprints of shit the color of themselves" 173; "seagull shit" 203; "stained with genuine SS shit and piss" 211; Pudding and Domina Nocturna, 234-36; "turds on the Bokhara rug" 246; "shit-eating grin" 253; "feelings about blackness were tied to feelings about shit, and feelings about shit were tied to feelings about putrefaction and death" 276; Deutschmarks used as toilet paper, 284; "naughty bathroom moment" 296; "Colonies are the outhouses of the European soul. . .where a fellow can. . .enjoy the smell of his own shit." 317; coprophilia & urolagnia, 319; Outase (one of the many Herero words for "shit"), 325; "you vill shit now?" 360;"oozing shit that burns like acid" 360; "shit leaking out of him at gallons per hour" 364; King Kong taking a shit, 368; "pleasant anticipation" 405; baby Ilse's, 418; Pökler at ground zero, 426; Dora camp, 432; "pissing in the center grooves of cobbled alleys" 434; "eyes like two pissholes in a snowbank" 437; "diamonds in the shit of smugglers" 438; turd-shaped monoliths, 451; "Little piece of Jewish shit" 478; giant turds, 485; Bianca, 531; 535; "never-slackening shit" 586; "Europe died meanly in its own wastes" 616; "trying to take a quiet shit" 631; Mexico pissing on Mossmoon's table, 636 (aka "Urinating Incident" 710); "ladylike turds" 639; "prehistoric wastes" 639; "urolagnia jokes" 649; Byron down the toilet, 652; "deep feelings about shit" 654; "Thanatz's asshole tightens a notch." 666; "Shit 'n' Shinola" 687; Tranvestites' Toilet, 688; "shit. . .is the color white folks are afraid of" 688; "put the fuse out. . .right in the stream of piss" 689; rat turds, 692; They interdict the toilet, 694; "Bad Shit" 713; "consecrated to shit" 722; "dark figure with a stream of luminescent piss" 739; "fields of shit" 739; fart-driven siren ring, 740; "not one trickle of shit, Liebchen?" 757; See also Toiletship, holy shit Phrase: excrement \Link: page:11

12.5 noline/concept    Iasi

Iasi 11; county in NE Romania and also the capital city of that county, bordering Russia. During WWII, the city's Jewish population was massacred by the Germans. See also Codreanu Phrase: Iasi \Link: page:11

12.6 noline/concept    Magna_Carta

Magna_Carta The charter of English liberties granted by King John in 1215 under threat of civil war and reissued with alterations in 1216, 1217, and 1225; "Teach the German beast about the" 125 Phrase: Magna_Carta \Link: page:11

12.7 noline/concept    Magyars

Magyars Transylvanian, 11; 549; aka Hungarians Phrase: Magyars \Link: page:11

12.8 noline/concept :Napolean_Bonaparte(1769-1821):

Napolean_Bonaparte(1769-1821) French general who was first consul and then emperor of the French, carried out many far-reaching reforms and through military force attempted to expand France's dominion (though he left France smaller than it had been at the outbreak of the Revolution in 1789). Until the end of the Second Empire under his nephew Napoleon III he was hailed as one of history's great heroes; "hats with and without Ns on them" 664 Phrase: Napolean_Bonaparte(1769-1821) \Link: page:11

12.9 noline/concept    narodnik

narodnik From "narod" - people. Idealistic movement among Russian intellectuals in the post-emancipation period of the 19th century. They quit their urban life and attempted to "go to the people". Establishing themselves in villages, they tried to be of use to the peasantry, to get them into motion, but the peasants were generally suspicious of outsiders from other orders of society. Their politics were greatly influenced by the works of Karl Marx; "No, they are making believe to be narodnik, but I know, they are of Iasi, of Codreanu" 11 Phrase: narodnik \Link: page:11

12.10 noline/concept    vampires

vampires "Transylvanian Magyars, they know spells" 11; "Roger […] hunched Dracula-style inside his Burberry" 37; "shining the light up from under his chin to highlight the vampire face he thinks he's making" 44; "his most famous compatriot […] staff who swear they've seen [Rözsavölgyi] crawling headfirst down the north façade" 82; Bela Lugosi, 106; "wings of his cape reaching to enfold" 171; "dusty Dracularity, the West's ancient curse" 263; "Garlic bulbs? Wait–weren't they to keep away vampires?" 283; "Katje, the lovely little Queen of Transylvania" 283; "Slothrop puts the whip down and climbs on top, covering her with the wings of his cape" 397; "dawn is nearly here, I need my night's blood, my funding" 521; "For every kind of vampire, there is a kind of cross" 540; "trying for a Russian accent, which comes out like Bela Lugosi" 557; "holding up the mandala, cross to vampire" 560; "a pregnant Lugosi pause" 561; Slothrop, 629; "it's your last taste of O-negative, Jackson, those fangs won't even begin to gum oatmeal" 632; "Buddy at the last minute decided to go see Dracula" 652; "vampire mosquitos" 692; "glass is a reluctant vampire" 711 Phrase: vampires \Link: page:11

12.11 noline/concept    Wayne Corporal

Wayne,_Corporal 11; Pirate's "batman" who drives him out to a bomb hit Phrase: Wayne,_Corporal \Link: page:11

12.12 noline/concept    Weimar_Republic

Weimar_Republic The government of Germany from 1919 to 1933, so called because the assembly that adopted its constitution met at Weimar from Feb. 6 to Aug. 11, 1919. It was marked by political and social turmoil, but an intellectual flowering; 155; 285; 365; 580; Weimar street urchin" 651 Phrase: Weimar_Republic \Link: page:11

13 page: 12

13.1 line: 07 : to cup and bleed:

To bleed [into a cup]: To let blood from; to take or draw blood from, as by opening a vein. A medical way through the 16th Century to treat some illnesses. Notice here Pynchon presents 'anxiety' as a physical illness treated in this old-fashioned discredited way (jokingly, of course). Blood-letting flourished under the theory of Humours [bodily fluids], the Four Temperaments and their corresponding liquid in the body:

In On the Temperaments Galen said an ideal temperament involved a balanced mixture of the four qualities. Galen identified four temperaments in which one of the qualities dominated. These last four, sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic, eventually became better known than the others. While the term "temperament" came to refer just to psychological dispositions, Galen used it to refer to bodily dispositions, which determined a person's susceptibility to particular diseases as well as behavioral and emotional inclinations.

Methods of treatment like blood letting, emetics and purges were aimed at expelling a harmful surplus of a humour. They remained part of mainstream Western medicine into the 16th century when William Harvey investigated the circulatory system. Phrase: to cup and bleed \Link: page:12

13.2 line: 30 :walking stick:

Non-Californians could use help with the pronunciation Joaquin = (h)wa-KEEN Phrase: walking stick \Link: page:12

13.3 noline/concept :Blackett:P.M.S.(1897-1974):

Blackett,_P.M.S.(1897-1974) 12; 1932 (independent of Carl Anderson) he discovered the positron. He also pioneered research on cosmic radiation and, in 1948, won the Nobel prize for physics; "You can't run a war on gusts of emotion" Phrase: Blackett,_P.M.S.(18974) \Link: page:12

13.4 noline/concept    chess

chess "the profile of a chess knight" 12; "The raggedy pawns, the disgraced bish-op and cowardly knight" 173; "Dodson-Truck is a chess fanatic" 211; "do you good to get outta that chess rut" 212; on Waxwing's card, 248; "parkbench chessplayer's gaze" 254; Wimpe's analogy: "'Think of chess […] an extravagant game of chess.[…] The queen, "the Great Catherine of the periodic table," down to the little hydrogens numerous and single-moving as pawns'" 344; chessboard of the Zone, 376; Knight, 401; 405; Weissmann & Ilse playing, 408; "present a pawn, withdraw the queen" 417; "that board and pieces and patterns. . .did come clear for him" 421; "the flesh of pieces moved in darkness and winter across the marshes and mountain chains of the board" 422; moving rookwise, 472; the Castle, 486; "knowing that Queen, Bishop and King are only splendid cripples, and pawns, even those that reach the final row, are condemned to creep in two dimensions, and no Tower will either rise or descent" 494; "knight for a bishop" 563; "the bishopwise seat behind Pirate" 575; Slothrop & Pökler playing, 576; "Slothrop flashes his white plastic knight" 602; Mravenko: "the most maniacal, systemless chess player in Central Asia" 611; "there'd always be the bit of mystery to her. Because of what he is, because of directions he can't move in" 620; (metaphorically) "The Row is enlightenment" 621; "He's a digital companion all right, everything gets either a yes or a no, and two-tone checkerboards of odd shape and texture indeed bloom in the rainy night" 663; "chess knights. . .invisible in the air" 655; Läufer (chess bishop), 666, 683; "Your objective is not the King–there is no King–but momentary targets such as the Radiant Hour" 674; Marcel: "a mechanical chess-player dating back to the Second Empire" 675; "where inside Marcel is the midget Grandmaster, the little Johann Allgeier?" 675; Marcel's "request for omnidirectional top-speed clearance" 678; See also Allgeier, Johann; Allgeyer soldiers; Grid; [Check out: Borges' - "The Game of Chess" in Dreamtigers (1964)] Phrase: chess \Link: page:12

13.5 noline/concept    Jacobistrasse_12

Jacobistrasse_12 436; where Säure Bummer can be found, according to message he leaves Slothrop in white plastic chess knight; 443;

JAMF, Laszlo [Etymology of "Jamf"] Phrase: Jacobistrasse_12 \Link: page:12

13.6 noline/concept :Kruppingham-Jones:

Kruppingham-Jones 12; named in Pirate's song about other people's fantasies Phrase: Kruppingham-Jones \Link: page:12

13.7 noline/concept    Krupp_works

Krupp_works "No matter if Girly's on my knee–If Kruppingham-Jones is late to tea," 12; "Why do you think we wanted Krupp to sell them agricultural machinery so badly?" 166; "The theory going around at the time was that Stinnes was conspiring with Krupp, Thyssen, and others to ruin the mark and so get Germany out of paying her war debts." 285; "the "Allied" planes all would have been, ultimately, IG built, by way of Director Krupp, through his English interlocks" 520; "what if it's the Krupp works in Essen, what if it's Blohm & Voss right here in Hamburg or another make-believe 'ruin,'" 521; "Russia bought from Krupp, didn't she, from Siemens, the IG…" 566; "the old Krupp works" 591; "Too many tungsten filaments would […] disturb the arrangement between General Electric and Krupp about how much tungsten carbide would be produced" 654; "KRUPPALOOMA comes this giant explosion" 690; "Utgarthaloki, an ex-member of management at the Krupp works here in Cuxhaven." 709; "the Krupp wingding" 711; "middle-line Kruppsters creak in the bowlegged velvet chairs" 712; "Nalline Slothrop just before her first martini is right here, in spirit, at this Kruppfest." 712; See also Krupp, Gustav; [Sasuly's IG Farben] Phrase: Krupp_works \Link: page:12

13.8 noline/concept :Webern:_Anton(1883-1945):

Webern,__Anton(1883-1945) This Austrian composer valued the oriental qualities of brevity, objectivity and fine decoration, wishing to mirror the perfection of mountain flowers and crystal specimens. He studied under Arnold Schoenberg and adopted a strict 12-tone composition style in 1924, using the 12-note system in everything he wrote.

This rainy morning, in the quiet, it seems that Gustav's German Dialectic has come to its end. He has just had the word, all the way from Vienna along some musicians' grapevine, that Anton Webern is dead. "Shot in May, by the Americans. Senseless, accidental if you believe in accidents–some mess cook from North Carolina, some late draftee with a.45 he hardly knew how to use, too late for WW II, but not for Webern. The excuse for raiding the house was that Webern's brother was in the black market. Who isn't? Do you know what kind of myth that's going to make in a thousand years? The young barbarians coming in to murder the Last European, standing at the far end of what'd been going on since Bach, an expansion of music's polymorphous perversity till all notes were truly equal at last….Where was there to go after Webern? (440-41)

"nobody gonna pull an Anton Webern on him" 443; "'As to some musical ears, dissonance is really a higher form of consonance. You've heard about Anton Webern?'" 494 Phrase: Webern,__Anton(1883-1945) \Link: page:12

14 page: 13

14.1 line: 05 : he knew:

We know from V. that TRP knows some of Wittgenstein's key ideas. This italicized emphasis on knowing without analysis might be a nod to the Witttenstein of On Certainty who argued that universal epistemological doubt was, simply, wrong. "The key, then, is not to claim certain knowledge of propositions like "here is a hand" but rather to recognize that these sorts of propositions lie beyond questions of knowledge or doubt." Universal epistemolgical doubt is said to start, historically, with Descartes, a philosopher TRP seems to dislike for his 'rationality'. see Against the Day. Phrase: he knew \Link: page:13

14.2 line: 14 : Genital Brain.:

Both androgen and estrogen receptors have been identified in brains. Several sex-specific genes not dependent on sex steroids are expressed differently in male and female human brains. From wikipedia. Phrase: Genital Brain. \Link: page:13

14.3 line: 20 : During his Kipling period, beastly Fuzzy-Wuzzies:

Contrary to Weisenburger, the Fuzzy-Wuzzies were actually the Sudanese natives fighting against (not conscripted for) the British. Here, Pirate is thinking not of the novels of the arch-apologist for Empire but of such Kipling poems as "Fuzzy-Wuzzy" in which a British soldier declares his grudging admiration for the natives' fighting spirit. Phrase: During his Kipling period, beastly Fuzzy-Wuzzies \Link: page:13

14.4 line: 28    dacoits

W has this annoying habit of referring to Sax Rohmer as Arthur Sarsfield Ward (and I believe similarly to Bram Stoker under his birth name). Nobody recognizes Ward; the correct reference, the only reasonable one, is to Sax Rohmer Phrase: dacoits \Link: page:13

14.5 line: 30 :Fuzzy-Wuzzies:

At least in the time of "Gunga Din," the Brits were fighting against the Fuzzy-Wuzzies, not recruiting them Phrase: Fuzzy-Wuzzies \Link: page:13

14.6 line: 34 : No Cary Grant . . . medicine in the punchbowls:

The reference here is not to the anachronistic Howard Hawks film Monkey Business but to George Stevens' Gunga Din, the 1939 film loosely inspired by Kipling's famous poem. It refers specifically to a scene where Cary Grant (and only Cary Grant) is indeed "larking in and out" of the tables of a regimental ball "slipping elephant medicine in the punchbowls." He even has to warn one of his compatriots (Victor McLaglen and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.) to not drink the punch as he is larking in and out. See 7Weisenburger's note at V684.31-35. Phrase: No Cary Grant . . . medicine in the punchbowls \Link: page:13

14.7 noline/concept    dracunculiasis

dracunculiasis 13; more commonly known as Guinea worm disease (GWD). A preventable infection caused by the parasite Dracunculus medinensis. Infection affects poor communities in remote parts of Africa that do not have safe water to drink [From the Center for Disease Control website] Phrase: dracunculiasis \Link: page:13

14.8 noline/concept :Fuzzy-Wuzzies:

Fuzzy-Wuzzies This was the derogatory term used by the British for the Sudanese muslims (referring to their hair which was kinky) who were unified under the leadership of Mohammed Ahmed ibn Abdalla, who had declared himself the Mahdi (the "expected one"). Resisting the British forces who were aiding the Egyptians in their attempts to control southern Sudan, the "Mahdists" defeated the British at Khartoum in 1885 but were finally defeated by Lord Kitchener in 1898. Their bravery against the British, using spears against the British firearms, was memorialzed in Rudyard Kipling's poem "Fuzzy-Wuzzy". There's much about this in Pynchon's V.; "it was during [Pirate's] Kipling Period, beastly Fuzzy-Wuzzies as far as the eye could see" 13

Phrase: Fuzzy-Wuzzies \Link: page:13

14.9 noline/concept :musicians/composers:

musicians/composers Sandy MacPherson, 13; George Formby, 18; Falkman and His Apache Band, 32; Charlie ("Yardbird") Parker, 63; Primo Scala's Accordian Band, 115; Hop Harrigan and Tank Tinker, 117; Roland Peachey and His Orchestra, 121; Thomas Tallis, Henry Purcell, Heinrich Suso, 129; Ernesto Lecuona, 169; Carl Orff, 237, 441; Benny Goodman, 225; Juan d'Arienzo, 267; Der Bingle (B. Crosby), 320; Richard Wagner, 324, 450; Andrews Sisters, 382; Frank Sinatra, 390, 700; Hugo Wolf, 419, 450; Ludwig von Beethoven, 440, 685; Anton Webern, 440, 494; Irving Berlin, 442; Horst Wessel, 443; Kurt Weill, 513; Gene Krupa, 513; Guy Lombardo, 529; Gilbert & Sullivan, 538; Jacques Offenbach, 584 ("Offenbach galop": Jacques Offenbach wrote the music to the well-known "Cancan" - "galop" is a dance); Sandy McPherson, 592; Spohr, Rossini, Spontini, 622; Diamond Lil, 657; 175-Stadt Chorale, 668; Stephen Foster, 675; Spike Jones, 678; Brahms, 685; Harry James, 685; J.S. Bach, 685; Tchaikovsky, 702; Josef Haydn, 712; Lübeck Hitler Youth Glee Club, 736; See also Rossini Phrase: musicians/composers \Link: page:13

14.10 noline/concept :Sue:Eugene(1804-57):

Sue,_Eugene(1804-57) 13; "a Eugene Sue melodrama"

Parisian journalist, called the "king of the popular novel," one of the most widely read writers of melodramatic fiction in the 19th-century France. Sue was sponsored by Prince Eugene de Beauharnais and the empress Joséphine; he used the prince's name to form his famous pen name. Sue gained fame through the roman-feuilleton, the serial novel which gained its height in the French periodical press in the 1840's. Sue's republican and socialist views are reflected in his best-known novels, Les Mysteres de Paris (1842-43), set in the Paris slums, and Le Juif errant (1844-45), published in installments for Le Constitutionnel in 1842-1843.

The above is from this excellent online biography. Phrase: Sue,_Eugene(1804-57) \Link: page:13

15 page: 14

15.1 line: 07 : H.A. Loaf:

15.2 line: 04 : Redcaps:

Web correspondent Stephen Remato comments: " . . . Those serving in the British Army use the term to refer to the Military Police (in the American parlance 'snowdrops' in reference to the white helmets and gaiters); the term 'red caps' refers to the red band around the standard British Army officer's cap, what one might call the headband, which is usually khaki, with the exception of the red of the MPs. This makes much more sense in context, when the ownership of a narcotic cigarette is under scrutiny; why would one care if any Sudanese troops discovered this secret?" Phrase: Redcaps \Link: page:14

15.3 line: 12 :red-cap:

W's entry is seriously misleading, though funny. British military police are identified by their red caps. Sudanese my ass. See also 607.18 Phrase: red-cap \Link: page:14

As in "Half a loaf is better than none"? and "There is at least one Loaf in every outfit". Phrase: H.A. Loaf \Link: page:14

15.4 line: 22 : committed to the Long Run as They are:

QUOTATION: Long run is a misleading guide to current affairs. In the long run we are all dead. ATTRIBUTION: John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946), British economist. A Tract on Monetary Reform, ch. 3 (1923). Phrase: committed to the Long Run as They are \Link: page:14

15.5 line: 27 : street-wake:

quantitative model of the "vortex street" wake as a double row of point vortices. An engineering term. Pynchon studied engineering. Phrase: street-wake \Link: page:14

15.6 line: 30 :-31 It was a giant Adenoid!:

Correspondent Erik Johnson adds the following in relation to the references to the Adenoid here and at 754.38: "An adenoid is an enlarged mass of lymphoid tissue at the back of the pharynx characteristically obstructing breathing–usually used in plural. I believe it's likely that Pynchon is also making reference to 'Adenoid Hynkel,' the character of the dictator (and mockery of Hitler) played by Charlie Chaplin in the film The Great Dictator. Phrase: -31 It was a giant Adenoid! \Link: page:14

15.7 line: 34 : Lord Blatherard Osmo:

To "blather" is to talk on foolishly (the reason for his mysterious death?). Lord Blather Hard? "Osmo" suggests "osmosis," the process by which the giant Adenoid would absorb its victims. Phrase: Lord Blatherard Osmo \Link: page:14

15.8 line: 36 : sanjak:

Sanjak and Sandjak are the most common English transliterations of the Turkish word Sancak, which literally means "banner". They were the sub-divisions of the Ottoman provinces referred to as vilayet, eyalet or pashaluk. 9http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanjak - Phrase: sanjak \Link: page:14

15.9 noline/concept    Adenoid

Adenoid Giant, 14; "the Adenoid" 754; [An adenoid is an enlarged mass of lymphoid tissue at the back of the pharynx characteristically obstructing breathing – usually used in plural.] See also Zhlubb, Richard M. Phrase: Adenoid \Link: page:14

15.10 noline/concept    Eastern_Question

Eastern_Question What power would control the Middle East and Balkans after the Turks?; "an obscure penance for the previous century of British policy on the Eastern Question" 14; See Balkan Intrigues Phrase: Eastern_Question \Link: page:14

15.11 noline/concept    Holmes Sherlock

Holmes,_Sherlock 14; "a ~ London Evening" Phrase: Holmes,_Sherlock \Link: page:14

15.12 noline/concept :Loaf:H.A.(Half_A._Loaf_is_better_than_none.):

Loaf,_H.A.(Half_A._Loaf_is_better_than_none.) 14; Pirate has his fantasy Phrase: Loaf,_H.A.(Half_A._Loaf_is_better_than_none.) \Link: page:14

15.13 noline/concept    Novi_Pazar

Novi_Pazar The sanjak (district) of Novi Pazar is a primarily Moslem town in southwest Serbia; "Who'd ever think-it, could start such a flap? […] the san-jak of Novi Pazar" 14-15; See also Balkan Intrigues Phrase: Novi_Pazar \Link: page:14

15.14 noline/concept    Osmo Lord_Blatherard

Osmo,_Lord_Blatherard 14-16; occupied Novi Pazar desk at Foreign Office; pharynx once blocked by the Adenoid Phrase: Osmo,_Lord_Blatherard \Link: page:14

16 page: 15

16.1 line: 25 : the balloon rises:

16.2 line: 7    Busbies

The "bag" is the floppy crown of the headgear, not an appendage Phrase: Busbies \Link: page:15

Besides the observer balloons above, "the balloon is up" is British slang for "fighting is engaged", "war has begun".

Phrase: the balloon rises \Link: page:15

16.3 noline/concept    Cavendish_Laboratory

Cavendish_Laboratory 15; This Cambridge University physics laboratory was founded in 1874 and named for physicist Henry Cavendish (1731-1810). In 1953, Scottish scientists Francis Crick and James Watson, while researchers here, identified the double-helix structure of DNA. Phrase: Cavendish_Laboratory \Link: page:15

17 page: 16

17.1 noline/concept    Battle_of_the_Bulge

Battle_of_the_Bulge Led by Gerd von Rundstedt this German offensive began with a surprise attack in Luxembourg on December 16,

  1. Hitler hoped to revitalize the Western Front troops. The Germans

were eventually beaten back in early January 1945 after suffering over 100,000 casualties and the loss of 1000 aircraft. It was called "Battle of the Bulge" because of the bulge it created in American lines along the Western Front. It disrupted the Western Allies' military timetable for several months; "the chaplains out in the Bulge are manly, haggard, hard drinkers" 135; 246; Red Cross "charging fifteen cents for coffee and donuts at" 600 Phrase: Battle_of_the_Bulge \Link: page:16

17.2 noline/concept :Freud:Sigmund(d._1939):

Freud,_Sigmund(d._1939) 16; Austrian neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis; "Freudian revenge against his mother" 89; 272; 276 Phrase: Freud,_Sigmund(d._1939) \Link: page:16

17.3 noline/concept    Lourdes

Lourdes A pilgrimage town in southwestern France, situated at the foot of the Pyrenees IFrom February 11 to July 16,1858, Bernadette Soubirous, a 14-year-old girl, had numerous visions of the Virgin Mary in the nearby Massabielle grotto, on the left bank of the stream that runs through the town. In 1862, the Pope declared the visions authentic, and thus the cult of Our Lady of Lourdes was sanctioned. The underground spring in the grotto, as revealed to Bernadette, was declared to have miraculous qualities and Lourdes has been a major pilgrimage center ever since; "the holy water of" 479; [http:/www.lourdes-france.com]

Phrase: Lourdes \Link: page:16

18 page: 17

18.1 line: 26    ATS

Correct spelling is Auxiliary Phrase: ATS \Link: page:17

18.2 noline/concept    ATS

ATS 17; Auxiliary Territorial Services, British civilian group helping the war cause Phrase: ATS \Link: page:17

18.3 noline/concept :midgets_&c.:

midgets_&c. "midget spy-camera" 17; "Fred Roper's Company of Wonder Midgets off to an imperial fair in Johannesburg, South Africa. Midgets in their dark winter clothes, exquisite little frocks and nip-waisted overcoats, were running all over the station, gobbling their bonvoyage chocolates and lining up for news photos." 37; "say it very (demisemiquaver) fast in a Munchkin voice if you can dig that" 63; "what appear to be horrid…midgets, in strange operetta uniforms actually, some sort of Central European government-in-exile," 123; "Siggi in his speeded-up midget's voice" 157; "a tiny hand comes out and gives Slothrop the tiny finger" 199; "the arms of young passersby not in the sleeves of their coats but inside somewhere, as if sheltering midgets" 250; "Like a buncha happy midgets on a holiday!" 259; "They went off practically skipping obsessive as Munchkins, out into the erotic Poisson." 270; "Local midgetry scuttle and cringe alongside the tracks" 310; "Were you frightened when the dwarf tried to hug you" 398; "a splendid retinue of dwarves and sprites " 419; the midget sheriff in Osbie Feel's movie, 534-35; "as armies of eternally shrinking midgets galloped upstairs and down again" 567; midgets on the pinball machines, 586; "lammergeiers cruising there in the lurid red altitudes around […] piloted by bareback dwarves with little plastic masks around their eyes" 664; "Is he interested in all those other worlds who send their dwarf reps out on the backs of eagles?" 664; "where inside Marcel is the midget Grandmaster" 675 Phrase: midgets_&c. \Link: page:17

18.4 noline/concept    SHAEF

SHAEF 17; Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force; 210 Phrase: SHAEF \Link: page:17

19 page: 18

19.1 line: 22 :-23 "Johnny Doughboy Found a Rose in Ireland":

19.2 line: 8    Things

Reichssieger is misspelled. Again at 387.36. Reference in text should read "V142.32. Phrase: Things \Link: page:18

Song by Al Goodhart and Kay Twomey, composed for the 1942 film Johnny Doughboy, starring Jane Withers and Henry Wilcoxon. Apparently a popular tune, it lasted 16 weeks on the 1942 Hit Parade and was reco Phrase: -23 "Johnny Doughboy Found a Rose in Ireland" \Link: page:18

19.3 line: 25 : George Formby:

See note above at 179.05. Formby was extraordinarily popular in recordings and films in Britain in the 1940s. 18Weisenburger claims that Formby's voice was a "high screech," but it was actually a not-unpleasant baritone. Weisenburger may be confusing Formby with the ukulele-strumming 1960s singing phenomenon Tiny Tim. On the other hand, his singing voice did have a rather whiny Lancastrian accent, similar to his speaking voice. You might like to judge for yourself from his own song 19"She's Got Two of Everything" on YouTube, taken from his 1945 film 20I Didn't Do It!. Phrase: George Formby \Link: page:18

19.4 line: 26 :-28 lost pieces…jigsaw puzzles…left eye…Weimaraner:

TRP mentions the left eye quite a bit. Vera Meroving, in 21V., p.237, has an artificial left eye inscribed with a clock and the glyphs of the zodiac; and 22in AtD Blinky Morgan has a damaged left eye that allows him to be a walking interferometer, able to see light poloraization unaided.

The left eye here belongs to a 23Weimaraner, a dog which European royalty used to hunt big game like boar and bear. Weimaraner dogs are known for their loyalty to family, sensitivity, high intelligence and problem solving ability and have thus been called the dog with a human brain. Famous owners of the breed include founder of modern Turkey, Attaturk, President Eisenhower, French President Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, Brad Pitt and Trent Reznor.

Amber left eye of a dog echoes The Beatles' I am the Walrus': "yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dog's eye." Phrase: -28 lost pieces…jigsaw puzzles…left eye…Weimaraner \Link: page:18

19.5 line: 30 : the skin of a Flying Fortress:

Correspondent Stephen Remato adds the following comment: "While detailing the debris on Slothrop's desk, Mr. W. suggests that the bomb which explodes over Hiroshima was dropped from a Flying Fortress. While also made by the Boeing company, it was the B29 Super Fortress, not the B17 Flying Fortress, which was the atomic bomber of WW2. The well-known B29 'Enola Gay' dropped the Hiroshima bomb, while the lesser-known B29 'Bock's Car' dropped the Nagasaki bomb. To those unaware, the superficial similarity in name between these types of aircraft is the main similarity only; they are not variations of the same aircraft but quite distinct." Phrase: the skin of a Flying Fortress \Link: page:18

19.6 line: 31 : G-2:

19.7 line: 38 : a News of the World:

The NOTW was not a daily paper but a highly sensationalistic British weekly tabloid published every Sunday, with virtually no serious news (still being published, and now owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation). That "Slothrop is a faithful reader" says much about his intellectual pursuits. 2The paper's current website. NOTW is mentioned in The Beatles song Polythene Pam : "She's the kind of a girl to make the News of the World, yes you could say she was attractively built…" and The Smiths This Night Has Opened My Eyes, "Wrap her [a dead baby] up in the News of the World / Dump her on a doorstep" Likely many other songs as well. Phrase: a News of the World \Link: page:18

19.8 noline/concept    ETO

ETO 18; European Theatre of Operations; Caserne Martier in, 246; Phrase: ETO \Link: page:18

19.9 noline/concept    heliotrope

heliotrope 18; a reddish-purple color; 145 Phrase: heliotrope \Link: page:18

19.10 noline/concept :Mucker-Maffick:_Oliver_"Tantivy":

Mucker-Maffick,__Oliver_"Tantivy" "tantivy" is a hunting cry made when the chase is at full speed; 18; shares office with Slothrop at ACHTUNG; with Slothrop at Casino, 181; Ballad of, 191; "There hasn't been a word" 209; disappears - death confirmed, 252; Slothrop's dream of his return, 551; 584; [Etymology]; See also ACHTUNG Phrase: Mucker-Maffick,__Oliver_"Tantivy" \Link: page:18

19.11 noline/concept :Skinner:Burrhus_Frederic(1904-1990):

Skinner,_Burrhus_Frederic(1904-1990) American psychologist and a persistent proponent of Behaviorism, expanding on the ideas of John Watson who advocated the study of behavior as the only way to provide psychology with a scientific basis. Skinner died of leukemia on August 18, 1990; 77

Phrase: Skinner,_Burrhus_Frederic(1904-1990) \Link: page:18

19.12 noline/concept    Slothrop Nalline

Slothrop,_Nalline 18; Tyrone's mother; 116; 360; "always happy to see young people getting together" 499; 674; letter to Joe Kennedy, 682-83; 712

SLOTHROP, Lt. Tyrone[Etymological Musings]; See also Slothrop's girls/stars; Slothrop's Tarot Phrase: Slothrop,_Nalline \Link: page:18

19.13 noline/concept    smegma

smegma "layers, over a base of bureaucratic smegma" 18; "Tchitcherine has found it necessary to abandon his smegma-gathering stake-out on the Argentine anarchists" 700; Phrase: smegma \Link: page:18

19.14 noline/concept :Thayer's_Slippery_Elm_Throat_Lozenges:

Thayer's_Slippery_Elm_Throat_Lozenges 18; sent to Slothrop in London by Nalline S.; 116; [Thayers.com] Phrase: Thayer's_Slippery_Elm_Throat_Lozenges \Link: page:18

19.15 noline/concept    Zippo

Zippo A brand of cigarette lighter; "Zippo flints" 18; "striking his faithful Zippo" 38; "Slothrop gives Schnorp a light from his Zippo" 332; "They light up off of Slothrop's faithful Zippo" 365; "I have a Zippo" 508; "hot from the flame of some joker's Zippo" 605; "the Zippo's ceremonial touch" 640; Zippo Page Phrase: Zippo \Link: page:18

20 page: 19

20.1 line: 30 : the pantechnicon:

20.2 line: 5 :G-loads:

Possibly this was argot in 1944, but now good space-age English; it means forces due to acceleration or deceleration, measured in multiples of the weight of the accelerated object. It does not mean the gravitational force or stress Phrase: G-loads \Link: page:19

20.3 line: 30    pantechnicon

A carryall or van (named perhaps for the bazaar) makes more sense in 1944 Phrase: pantechnicon \Link: page:19

20.4 line: 31    quid

It couldn't have hurt to say that "British football" means American "soccer. Phrase: quid \Link: page:19

Phrase: the pantechnicon \Link: page:19

20.5 noline/concept    ambiguities

ambiguities "perhaps the girls are not even real" 19; "One is lying, or bluffing, or both are" 228; "that octopus didn't [really happen]" 248; Tantivy's reported death ("maybe the whole story was a lie"), 252; Jamf, 261, 738; "lies evidentially, but were certainly the truth clinically" 272; Slothrop would "edit, switch names, insert fantasies into the yarns he spun for Tantivy" 302; "the New Uncertainty" 303; "The status of the name you miss…has grown ambiguous and remote" 303; Tchitcherine & Wimpe, 344; "There are powerful factions in Paris who don't believe [the Schwarzkommando] exist. […] I think we're here, but only in a statistical way […]–the slightest shift in the probabilities and we're gone" 361-62; "particle and wave" 398; the "Ellipse of Uncertainty" 425, 427; "Slothrop will think he sees [Bianca]" 491; Anubis, 493; "the lemming may not even exist" 554 (& 556); "S-Gerät, real or fantasized" 564; "Of course it happened. Of course it didn't happen." 667; Region of Uncertainty, 700; Otyiyumbu Indeterminacy Relation, 700 Phrase: ambiguities \Link: page:19

20.6 noline/concept    Charles

Charles 19; "the homosexual constable" Phrase: Charles \Link: page:19

20.7 noline/concept    Darlene

Darlene 19; nurse at St. Veronica's hospital and lover of Slothrop; 114; 271 Phrase: Darlene \Link: page:19

20.8 noline/concept    Lorraine_and_Judy

Lorraine_and_Judy 19; characters in a Slothrop story related by Tantivy to Bloat. See also Slothrop's girls/star Phrase: Lorraine_and_Judy \Link: page:19

20.9 noline/concept :Slothrop's_girls/stars:

Slothrop's_girls/stars Delores, 19; Alice, 19; Gladys, 19; Lorraine and Judy, 19; Darlene, 19, 271; Katherine, 19; Shirley, 19; "a couple of Sallys" 19; "Carolines, Marias, Annes, Susans, Elizabeths" 19; "Gloria and her nubile mother" 19; Marjorie, 22, 25, 744; Norma, 22, 25; Allison, 23; Irene, 23; Jennifer, 23, 271; Cynthia, 26; "'What about the girls??'" 91; Madelyn, 252; Jenny's ghost, 255-56; Angela, 271; Lucy, 271; Jenny, Sally W., Cybele, Catherine, Gretchen, 271 Phrase: Slothrop's_girls/stars \Link: page:19

21 page: 20

21.1 line: 36 : TDY:

Not "tour of duty," as in Weisenburger, but "temporary duty." Phrase: TDY \Link: page:20

21.2 line: 36    TDY

temporary detached duty Phrase: TDY \Link: page:20

21.3 line: 37 : East End This is the East End of London, particularly heavily:

bombed by the Germans in the war as London's docks were situated there. It was, and still is, the area where the poorest people of London live. Famously, Queen Elizabeth's mother made a royal visit there during the war where she was enthusiastically received. Phrase: East End This is the East End of London, particularly heavily \Link: page:20

21.4 noline/concept    ACHTUNG

ACHTUNG 20; Allied Clearing House, Technical Units, No. Germany; See also Mucker-Maffick Phrase: ACHTUNG \Link: page:20

21.5 noline/concept :Borgesius:_Katje(rhymes_with_"Got-ya"):

Borgesius,__Katje(rhymes_with_"Got-ya") her message in cylinder delivered by rocket, 20; "the operative" 72; an ice-queen, her hair secured with "an old, tarnished silver crown […] frozen on top in a hundred vortices" 92; "A woman with some background in mathematics, and with reasons" 97; was in Blicero's Hansel & Gretel game with Gottfried in the house "west of Duindigt racecourse" 94-99, 101-04; turned in Jews to keep the Germans from suspecting her, 97, 105; spying for allies, 104-05; "Her only debt outstanding is to Captain Prentice" 104; "stepped back into the void" 106; quits the game, 107; Pirate takes her to White Visitation, 106; secretly filmed, 92-113; "quits the game" 104; octopus incident, 185-89; "Meet me in my room" 191; with Slothrop in her room, 194-98; escapes to Arnhem [MAP] [actually to Scheveningen: 535-36], 195; "Wired into the Slothropian Run-together they briefed her on." 196; futureless look, 208, 209; roulette wheel metaphor, 209; "A rain-witch." 221; "a noseless mask of the Other Order of Being, of Katje's being–the lifeless non-face that is the only face of hers he really knows, or will ever remember" 222; "mask of no luck, no future–her face's rest state" 225; disappears, 226; "on her wheel" 257; with Pointsman, 273-74; "under the Wheel of Fortune" 277; 281-83; "a red tulip between Slothrop's toes. A reminder of Katje" 281; discovers film used with Grigori, 533; looking for Pirate, 536; with Pirate again ("she has lost her surface"), 545; her little brother Louis, 546; going to Nordhausen, 620; loss of "futureless look" 656; "she's not of our moment, our time, at all" 656; Golden Bitch, 658; Principle of Maximizing Risk, 659; "Shouldn't I be going all the way in?" 662; "her masochism" 662; travelling with Enzian, 729 Phrase: Borgesius,__Katje(rhymes_with_"Got-ya") \Link: page:20

21.6 noline/concept :T.I.:

T.I. 20; Technical Intelligence wing of English army Phrase: T.I. \Link: page:20

21.7 noline/concept    weapons

weapons Mark III Stens, 20, 107, 639; Schwarzlose (machine gun), 106; Mendoza, 107, 637; Mexican Mauser, 107; haakbus (Dutch: "hookgun"), 108; snaphaan, 109, 111; .455 Webley cartridge, 118; Bofors, 121; "robot weapons" 144; Typhoon, 151; Flying Fortresses, 169; Archies (anti-aircraft guns), 233; Sherman tank 247; "dragon's teeth, fallen stukas, burned tanks" 281; .45, 287; Nagant, 293, 514, 704; Amatol charges, 312; .45 automatic, 312; Moisin, 339; tommygun, 369; Suomi submachine gun, 377, 513; Degtyarov, 377, 511; US Army .45, 495, 558; Tokarev, 503; Luger, 505, 530, 576; Molotov cocktail, 507, 511; carbines, 518; Schmeisser, 527; Colt, 560; Thompsons, 564, 582; M-1, 584; .38s, 586; Japanese Zeros, 672, 690, 692; Ohka device, 690; sodium bomb, 690; Mauser, 693; Hotchkiss, 697-98; See also Cosmic Bomb; King Tiger; Rocket; Schwarzgerät

WEAVING THE WEB See also Labyrinth; Webley Silvernail; Thesean brushings; Max Weber; Anton Webern

Phrase: weapons \Link: page:20

22 page: 21

22.1 line: 07 : A lot of stuff prior to 1941 is getting blurry now.:

Even this early in the novel, Slothrop has problems with his "temporal bandwidth." Phrase: A lot of stuff prior to 1941 is getting blurry now. \Link: page:21

22.2 line: 36 : 86'd:

While sources do agree with Weisenburger that the term "86" might originate in rhyming slang (for "nix"), they also agree that it was first used in the restaurant business to indicate menu items that were no longer available. The wider usage here may not have originated until the 1950s. Phrase: 86'd \Link: page:21

22.3 noline/concept    MMPI

MMPI 21; Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory–a psychological test developed in 1943, 81; Slothrop's, 90 Phrase: MMPI \Link: page:21

22.4 noline/concept    PWE

PWE 21; Political Warfare Executive; 52; 146; 628; [About] Phrase: PWE \Link: page:21

22.5 noline/concept    Slothrop William

Slothrop,_William 21; Tyrone's first American ancestor; 27; 364; came to US in 1630 on Arabella, 554; On Preterition - published in England, burned in Boston, 555 [Available in the HyperArts BookShop - Really! sort of…]; returned to England and died there missing USA, 556; his hymn, 760; [The "Real" William Slothrop/Pynchon] Phrase: Slothrop,_William \Link: page:21

23 page: 22

23.1 line: 04 : Frick Frack Club:

The term "frick and frack" is often used to designate two people or almost any two items closely associated with each other. The term originates from the stage names of a pair of Swiss skaters who starred in ice shows in the 1930s. Pynchon probably chose the name more for its senseless alliteration (like "Kit-Kat Club") than any specific meaning. Phrase: Frick Frack Club \Link: page:22

23.2 noline/concept    Frick_Frack_Club

Frick_Frack_Club 22; club in Soho where Slothrop finds girls Phrase: Frick_Frack_Club \Link: page:22

23.3 noline/concept    Home_Service_programme

Home_Service_programme 134 Phrase: Home_Service_programme \Link: page:22

23.4 noline/concept    Hooker Thomas

Hooker,_Thomas 22; "I know there is wilde love and joy enough in the world as there are wilde Thyme, and other herbs; but we would have garden love, and garden joy, of Gods owne planting." Phrase: Hooker,_Thomas \Link: page:22

23.5 noline/concept    Marjorie

Marjorie 22; a Wren Slothrop is dating; 25; 744; See also Slothrop's girls/stars Phrase: Marjorie \Link: page:22

23.6 noline/concept    Norma

Norma 22; a Wren Slothrop is dating; 25 Phrase: Norma \Link: page:22

23.7 noline/concept    vacuum

vacuum "fraternity-boy reflex in a vacuum" 22; "if they can see through to your vacuum" 50; "Vacuum brings the secretion along through shining tubework" 78; "run not by any lust. . .but by vacuum" 149; "the stone-blue lights of the Vacuum" 239; "to miss grandeur, only to be in its vacuum, to be tugged slightly along by its slipstream" 324; "State he is building in the German vacuum" 337; "a stark circle of" 342; "vacuum cleaner" 374; "vacuuming by above" 380; "Victim in a Vacuum" 414-15; "all his vacuums" 432; "vacuum hours" 584; "At least she won't be leaving him in a vacuum" 629; "Is this how the Vacuum feels?" 659; "the great Vacuum in the sky" 697; "What if there is no Vacuum?" 697; "vacuum. . .gleaming in the Void" 699; "it's vacuum inside and out" 723; "a Vacuum in time" 726; "guns. . .like vacuum cleaners" 745; See also nihilism; Void; Zero Phrase: vacuum \Link: page:22

23.8 noline/concept    windmill

windmill "the chorus line at the Windmill" 22; "the old Windmill" 39; "the windmill known as 'The Angel'" 106, 536; "the horizon broken now and then by silhouettes of a windmill" 462; "a windmill creaks out in the countryside" 573; "Brown windmills turn at the horizon" 575; "exegeses of windmills" 620; "What mill's that, grinding there below?" 621; "Van der Groov's cosmic windmill" 624; "a muddy brown almost black eyeball reflecting a windmill" 670; "windmill silhouettes" 672; "heretic-chasing […] It went on in fields of windmills" 738 Phrase: windmill \Link: page:22

24 page: 23

24.1 noline/concept    Bovril

Bovril 23; Bovril is cow extract, and its main use is as a flavouring for soups, and as a drink when you put a teaspoon of the stuff in a mug of boiling water; [http://www.bovril.com] Phrase: Bovril \Link: page:23

24.2 noline/concept    cause_and_effect

cause_and_effect "these things explode first, a-and then you hear them coming in" 23; "'The illusion of control. That A could do B. But that was false. […] Things only happen, A and B are unreal, are names for parts that ought to be inseparable….'" 30; "in his play [Mexico] wrecks the elegant rooms of history, threatens the idea of cause and effect itself." 56; "No effect without cause, and a clear train of linkages" 89; "'there's a feeling about that cause-and-effect may have been taken as far as it will go […] The next great breakthrough may come when we have the courage to junk cause-and-effect, entirely, and strike off at some other angle'" 89; "I have only […] what appears to be a reversal of cause-and-effect. I'm not as ready as you to junk cause-and-effect" 90; "She came twice before cock was ever officially put inside cunt, and this is important to both of them though neither has figured out why" 120; "Each firebloom, followed by blast then by sound of arrival, is a mockery […] of the reversible process" 139; "When one event happens after another with this awful regularity, of course you don't automatically assume that it's cause-and-effect" 144; "'You're the cause-and-effect man,' she cried. How did he connect together the fragments he saw while his eyes were open? He was the cause-and-effect man" 159; "Parallel, not series. Metaphor. Signs and symptoms. Mapping on to different coordinate systems." 159; "Liebig to August Wilhelm von Hofmann, to Herbert Ganister to Laszlo Jamf, a direct chain, cause-and-effect" 161; "All talk of cause and effect is secular history, and secular history is a diversionary tactic." 167; "some promise of events without cause" 253; "Freud […] facing a similar violation of probability–all those Papi has-raped-me stories" 272; "his wife bitched at Pökler for dozing off, ridiculed his engineer's devotion to cause-and-effect" 579; Karmic Hammer, 644; Karmic wheel, 651; "You will want cause and effect. All right." 663; "he'll be left only with Cause and Effect, and the rest of his sterile armamentarium" 752;See also history; time Phrase: cause_and_effect \Link: page:23

24.3 noline/concept    Jennifer

Jennifer 23; one of Slothrop's "girls"; 255; 271 See also Slothrop's girls/stars Phrase: Jennifer \Link: page:23

24.4 noline/concept    Leyte_Gulf

Leyte_Gulf The Battle of Leyte Gulf (Oct. 23-26, 1944) was a decisive air and sea battle of World War II, which crippled the Japanese Combined Fleet thus permitting a U.S. invasion of the Philippines, and giving the Allies control of the Pacific; "a drunken sailor whose ship went down at" 584; "The fighting is going on at Leyte. . .then on to Iwo Jima" 690 Phrase: Leyte_Gulf \Link: page:23

24.5 noline/concept    Wrens

Wrens 23; Women's Royal Naval Service - British civilian support group of war effort; Wrens? Phrase: Wrens \Link: page:23

25 page: 24

25.1 noline/concept :Hand_of_Providence/God:

Hand_of_Providence/God "the powdery wipe of Nothing's hand" 24; 25; on Constant Slothrop's tombstone, 26-27; "the great bright hand reaching out of the cloud" 29; Invisible Hand, 30; "unconscious hands of London" 130; "mano morto" ("dead hand") 132; "a tiny hand comes out and gives Slothrop the tiny finger" 199; "white hands that move too quickly to be seen" 203; "playing against the invisible House" 205; "the hand of a terrible croupier" 209; "giving Slothrop the finger" 461; illustrated, 566; "the loud guillotine of Flanders run. . .by no visible hands" 616; "consumers need to feel a sense of sin. That guilt, in proper invisible hands, is a most powerful weapon" 652; "A-ha-hand" 692; "Hand of Glory" 750; "There is a Hand" 760; See also Puritans; The Game of Chess

Handbuch "you hit town, here in the heart of downtown Peenemünde […] hauling your […] copy of the Handbuch" 452 Phrase: Hand_of_Providence/God \Link: page:24

25.2 noline/concept :Morrison:Herbert_Stanley(1888-1965):

Morrison,_Herbert_Stanley(1888-1965) British Labour statesman who played a leading role in London local government for 25 years. Constantly involved with socialist politics from 1905, he was active in Churchill's coalition government, serving as Minister of Supply, Home Secretary and Minister of Home Security; 132 Phrase: Morrison,_Herbert_Stanley(1888-1965) \Link: page:24

25.3 noline/concept    Morrison_shelter

Morrison_shelter Introduced by Herbert Morrison while home secretary in Churchill's government, they were bomb shelters, 24 Phrase: Morrison_shelter \Link: page:24

26 page: 25

26.1 line: 06 :-07 Slothrop's Progress . . . a parable:

"Slothrop's Progress" echoes John Bunyan's Puritan allegory The Pilgrim's Progress. The word "parable," interestingly, comes from the same root as "parabola."

Slothrop's Progress may be Time itself. Sir Arthur Eddington coined the term "time's arrow" to describe entropy's progress and time's irreversibility– i.e. "as the universe gets older, it becomes more disordered, following the second law of thermodynamics." Entropy's progress defines time. Cf. Scientific American, Jan 2008, p.26 for more.

25. 29 Bond Street Underground station This is a station in the wealthier West End of London - also a site on the British version of 'Monopoly' Phrase: -07 Slothrop's Progress . . . a parable \Link: page:25

26.2 noline/concept    Germans

Germans "German and precise confidence" 25; "Wuotan and his mad army" 72; the "Führer-principle" 81; "ein Volk, ein Führer" ["one people, one leader"], 131; "another comical German euphemism" 164; "crowded with German-Baroque perplexities of shape" 208; and Control, 238; Slothrop's dreaming in German, 240; "German-scientist mind" 268; "one of these little brightly painted German toys" 282; "You sound like a German […] Forget subdivisions." 294; humor, 309; Brocken: "the very plexus of German evil" 329; "a wistful German thing with his upper lip" 333; "the Germans wasted their horses" 337; "German dreams of the Tenth-Elegy angel coming" 341; "the same German impulse that once rolled flower-boats through the towns" 361; "'They're deciding how to cut up Germany.' […] They should call in the Germans, Kerl, we've been doing that for centuries" 370; "improvisation from a German?"--372; "German humor's a fine way to start the morning" 372; New German Architecture, 372; "the profound humility that only a German movie director can summon" 388; mania for subdividing, 391 ("German mania for name-giving, dividing the Creation finer and finer"), 448 ("Toiletship, a triumph of the German mania for subdividing"); "unpatriotic to say that a German ruler could also be a madman" 394; "One of these German mystics […] ready to accept Hitler on the basis of Demian-metaphysics" 403; "connection between the German mind and the rapid flashing of successive stills to counterfeit movement" 407; Hoard of the Nibelungen, 419; dialectic, 440; analysis of pot, 442; "simple-minded German symphonic arc" 443; "you Germans are crazy, you all think the world's against you" 445; "the primitive German, God's poorest and most panicked creature" 465; "Looks like German movies have warped other outlooks around here too" 474; "A German Odyssey" 486; "'I'll sign a form if you want.' Well, that's Howdy Podner in German." 492; Schadenfreude [joy at another's misfortune], 526, 745; "German toilet jokes" 530; "anxieties about encirclement" 614; "Bodine's laugh […] has grown more German" 742

GERMAN TRANSLATIONS Phrase: Germans \Link: page:25

26.3 noline/concept    Luftwaffe

Luftwaffe 25; German airforce; "resort near Scheveningen" 97; "Army vs." 416; Phrase: Luftwaffe \Link: page:25

27 page: 26

27.1 line: 30 : back home in Mingeborough, Massachusetts:

The Berkshire town was first created by Pynchon in the short story "The Secret Integration," set in the mid-1960s. This story also introduced the Slothrop family, in the person of Hogan Slothrop, who is apparently the son of Tyrone's brother. Minges (or "midges") are small, biting insects. However, "minge" is also a British slang term for a woman's genitals. Phrase: back home in Mingeborough, Massachusetts \Link: page:26

27.2 line: 33 : British Double Summer Time:

Correspondent Igor Zabel explains this term: " . . . in Britain they had, during the war, the clocks an hour ahead in the winter time and two hours in the summer time." Phrase: British Double Summer Time \Link: page:26

27.3 line: 37 :-38 Death is a debt to nature due . . . so must you.:

Weisenburger claims that this epitaph, with its debt to "nature" rather than God, would be heretical to Puritans. That might be so, but the inscription was fairly common on tombstones in the northeast from the mid-1700s until the early 1800s, a range that includes Constant's 1760 death. Phrase: -38 Death is a debt to nature due . . . so must you. \Link: page:26

27.4 noline/concept    Mingeborough Massachussetts

Mingeborough,_Massachussetts 26; Slothrop's hometown [introduced in Pynchon's short story, "The Secret Integration", where Dr. Slothrop and his son Hogan live]; [Etymology] Phrase: Mingeborough,_Massachussetts \Link: page:26

27.5 noline/concept :Slothrop:Constant(d._1766):

Slothrop,_Constant(d._1766) 26; ancestor of Tyrone; tombstone depicts Hand of God coming out of a cloud Phrase: Slothrop,_Constant(d._1766) \Link: page:26

28 page: 27

28.1 line: 04 : Variable Slothrop:

The son of "Constant": The two names play a mathematical pun and suggest the family's decline as well. Both names seem to be a pun as well on the name of Puritan minister and Harvard president, the Rev. Increase Mather of Massachusetts Bay Colony and his son, Cotton Mather. Increase attempted to decrease the heat surrounding the Salem Witch Trials through a series of sermons seeking moderation in the use of spectral evidence, even though he defended the trials and the judges. Parallels: Second law of thermodynamics

  • heated trials cooling. Increase-Cotton-Constant-Variable –

Phrase: Variable Slothrop \Link: page:27

28.2 line: 31 :-33 They began as fur traders, cordwainers, salters and smokers of:

bacon, went on into glassmaking, became selectmen, builders of tanneries, quarriers of marble. One source listed in Weisenburger but that he did not have time to consult closely is The Berkshire Hills ^71, a guidebook prepared for this western Massachusetts region by the Federal Writers Project during the Depression. (See Pynchon's comments in his introduction to Slow Learner.) Although not the sole source, the book provides important background for "The Secret Integration" and the Berkshire segments of Gravity's Rainbow. Most of the offices and trades listed here (except for "smokers and salters of bacon") are noted at one place or another in the guidebook. Also see my article "From the Berkshires to the Brocken: Transformations of a Source in "The Secret Integration" and Gravity's Rainbow," 8Pynchon Notes 22-23 (Spring-Fall 1988): 87-98. Phrase: -33 They began as fur traders, cordwainers, salters and smokers of \Link: page:27

28.3 noline/concept    Masons

Masons emblems, 27; masonry, 66; "out the eye at the tower's summit" 470; "Eye at the top of the pyramid" 484, 585; freemasons, 572; and Lyle Bland, 580; "Mobs 'n' Masons" 586; American Founding Fathers, 587-88; magic rituals/Masonic Mysteries, 588; Masonic plots, 587; Ben Franklin, 663-64; "going to dinner becomes a priestly procession, full of secret gestures and understandings" 713; Phrase: Masons \Link: page:27

28.4 noline/concept :Slothrop:Mrs._Elizabeth:

Slothrop,_Mrs._Elizabeth 27; wife of Isaiah Phrase: Slothrop,_Mrs._Elizabeth \Link: page:27

28.5 noline/concept :Slothrop:Frederick(d._1933):

Slothrop,_Frederick(d._1933) 27; Tyrone's grandfather Phrase: Slothrop,_Frederick(d._1933) \Link: page:27

28.6 noline/concept :Slothrop:Lt._Isaiah(d._1812):

Slothrop,_Lt._Isaiah(d._1812) 27; ancestor of Tyrone Phrase: Slothrop,_Lt._Isaiah(d._1812) \Link: page:27

28.7 noline/concept    Slothrop Variable

Slothrop,_Variable 27; son of Constant Phrase: Slothrop,_Variable \Link: page:27

28.8 noline/concept    Wounded_Knee

Wounded_Knee hamlet and creek on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in southwestern South Dakota, in the U.S., which was the site of two conflicts between North American Indians and representatives of the U.S. government. On Feb. 27, 1973, some 200 members of the American Indian Movement (AIM), led by Dennis Banks and Russell Means, took the reservation hamlet of Wounded Knee by force, declared it the "Independent Oglala Sioux Nation," and vowed to stay until the U.S. government met AIM demands for a change in tribal leaders, a review of all Indian treaties, and a U.S. Senate investigation of treatment of Indians in general. Two Indians and one federal agent were killed in the ensuing battle in which the feds prevailed; "the guns that raked through the unarmed Indians at" 697 Phrase: Wounded_Knee \Link: page:27

29 page: 28

29.1 line: 02 :-03 paper–toilet paper, banknote stock, newsprint:

The Berkshire Hills describes several paper mills in the region and notes the importance of the industry. One producer, Crane and Company, first used the term "bond" for high-quality paper and provided special paper for U.S. currency from 1879 on ^102. Another company, in the town of Lee, gave the "first practical demonstration in America of the process of manufacturing paper from wood pulp instead of rags" ^243.

V28.33-34 Harrimans and Whitneys gone The Harrimans are mentioned in passing several times in The Berkshire Hills as being among the wealthy families who spent their summers in the region. William C. Whitney, President Cleveland's Secretary of the Navy, is specifically mentioned as the founder of a vacation colony in Lenox in 1886 ^114. Phrase: -03 paper–toilet paper, banknote stock, newsprint \Link: page:28

29.2 line: 33    Harrimans

Averell is misspelled Phrase: Harrimans \Link: page:28

29.3 noline/concept :delta-t:

delta-t An increment of time represented spacially, as on a graph; "Interest from various numbered trusts was still turned […] in long rallentando, in infinite series just perceptibly, term by term, bying … never quite to the zero" 28; "the explosion over his head always just about to come" 58; "60 miles up the rockets hanging the measureless instant over the black North Sea" 135; "Our history is an aggregate of last moments" 149; Leni applying it to being in the moment, 159; "The moving vehicle is frozen, in space, to become architecture, and timeless. It was never launched. It will never fall." 301; "a point in space, a point hung precise as the point where burning must end, never launched, never to fall" 302; "corroded Hansel in perpetual arrest" 398; "half-timbered houses, stepped out story by story, about to meet overhead after centuries of imperceptible toppling" 493; "words. . .only delta-t from the things they stand for" 510 (and 100); "nearly about to burn through the last whispering veil" 518; "stairsteps of range and height, delta-x and delta-y, allowing them to grow smaller and smaller, approaching zero […] frame by frame, delta-x by delta-y, flightless themselves" 567; "the delta-x's and delta-y's of his drifter's spirit" 572; delta-q, 647; rate of change at a cusp, 664; "the delta-t itself" 754; "last thin pages of fluttering closed" 759; "the last delta-t" 760 Phrase: delta-t \Link: page:28

29.4 noline/concept :Dickinson:Emily(1830-86):

Dickinson,_Emily(1830-86) 28; American poet, personal a-and spiritual Phrase: Dickinson,_Emily(1830-86) \Link: page:28

29.5 noline/concept    Great_Aspinwall_Hotel_Fire


Built in Lenox, Mass., in 1902 by General Thomas Hubbard, the Aspinwall Hotel flourished for many years as a popular resort for the financial and political leaders of the day. It had 400 rooms with a fireplace in each and a resident orchestra. Situated at 1460 feet above sea level, it commanded breath-taking views. It was destroyed by fire in 1931."In 1931, the year of the Great Aspinwall Hotel Fire, young Tyrone was visiting his aunt and uncle in Lenox. […] The embers fell on and on for five hours […]" 28-29

Phrase: Great_Aspinwall_Hotel_Fire \Link: page:28

29.6 noline/concept :Harriman:William_Averell(1891-1986):

Harriman,_William_Averell(1891-1986) Prominent in the National Recovery Administration in 1934, he was F.D. Roosevelt's special war-aid representative in Britain in 1941, ambassador to the USSR in 1943 and to Britain in 1946; "Harrimans and Whitneys" 28; "Harriman and Weinberg" 581 Phrase: Harriman,_William_Averell(1891-1986) \Link: page:28

29.7 noline/concept    Statue_of_Liberty

Statue_of_Liberty The colossal statue on Liberty Island in the Upper Bay of New York Harbour, U.S., was a gift from France commemorating the friendship of the peoples of the U.S. and France. The statue, designed by French sculptor Frederic Auguste Barthold, is constructed of copper sheets which are assembled on a framework of steel supports designed by Eugene-Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc and Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel. For transit to America, the figure was disassembled into 350 pieces and packed in 214 crates. Four months later, it was reassembled on Bedloe's Island (renamed Liberty Island in 1956). It was dedicated by President Cleveland on October 28,1886; 637 Phrase: Statue_of_Liberty \Link: page:28

30 page: 29

30.1 line: 04 : Hogan:

Tyrone Slothrop's brother, presumably the father of the Hogan Slothrop of "The Secret Integration," set in the Berkshires a generation later. Phrase: Hogan \Link: page:29

30.2 line: 31 :sensitive flame:

A Bunsen burner flame that is adjusted so that it reacts in an exaggerated way to any air movement–right up to sound waves Phrase: sensitive flame \Link: page:29

30.3 noline/concept    Codreanu

Codreanu Threatened on the west by Germany and on the east by Russia, Romania was in a perpetual state of instability. In the early 1930s, it was hit by the Great Depression which profoundly affected the country. Workers' strikes were fiercely suppressed, giving rise to a strong Rumanian Communist Party and, concurrently, an extreme rightist movement. Corneliu Zelea Codreanu's anti-semitic, ultra-nationalistic League of the Archangel Michael (formed in 1927), known to the foreign press as "The Iron Guard" and based in Iasi, gained increasing popularity. Patterning the League after the Nazis, Codreanu declared himself the mortal enemy of democracy and the Jews. The Iron Guard practiced a political gangsterism, terrorizing the populace. They murdered Prime Minister Jon Duca, head of the Liberal Party, as well as the historian Nicolas Jorga. Their political wing, Totul Pentru Tara ("Everything for the Fatherland") had success in the 1937 elections and enacted anti-Jewish legislation. Caught in the middle of the Soviet-leaning Communists and the Nazi-leaning League/Iron Guard, King Carol II finally established a de facto dictatorship and ordered the assassination of Codreanu; during the night of November 29-30, 1938, Codreanu and thirteen Legionnaires were strangled to death. Many other Legionnaires were arrested and imprisoned; "No, they are making believe to be narodnik, but I know, they are of Iasi, of Codreanu, his men, men of the League, they … kill for him–they have oath!"11 Phrase: Codreanu \Link: page:29

30.4 noline/concept    seance

seance 29-30; 4-way entente: medium; control; spirit; survivor; Feldspath, 30; Overbaby, 152; "a visitation by the dead" 153; Rathenau, 163-67; at The Castle with Blicero, 487; "other fourfold expressions" 624; "sensitive flames" 715; Brigadier Pudding, 715 Phrase: seance \Link: page:29

30.5 noline/concept    Slothrop Hogan

Slothrop,_Hogan 29; Tyrone's brother; his Hawaiian shirt, 184, 201; 266; 304; "in love with Chiquita Banana" 678; 682; 744 Phrase: Slothrop,_Hogan \Link: page:29

31 page: 30

31.1 line: 39 : Jessica Swanlake:

31.2 line: 1    Camerons

Trews are IN NO WAY "parade kilts." They are tartan trousers, tight-fitting all the way down, worn by officers in some Scots regiments. One of David Niven's autobiographical books goes into this. More at 212.33 Phrase: Camerons \Link: page:30

Jessica's last name, like other musical references in the novel, is suggestive. Like the heroine of the Tchaikovsky ballet, she finds true love and is transformed, but then is abducted back to her former state by an evil magician (in this case, Pointsman). Phrase: Jessica Swanlake \Link: page:30

31.3 noline/concept :black_&_white:

black_&_white "Dominus Blicero" 30; white - 342, 398, 501, 506, 508, 519, 524, 549, 551; 579; bleaching 364; black - 350, 354; "feelings about blackness tied to feelings about shit" 276; white=death, 372; white woman with ring of keys, 374; Caligari gloves - bone white, 385; Slothrop's sodium amytal dreams, 390; 392; "we live. . .beneath the black mud" 483; "A white land" 486; 488; black polymer costume, 488; baseball, 508; boneblack, 509; Egg, 510; "black apes" 513; 650; 657; 666; 688; white albatross, 713; 722; 723; 741; death–a whitening, 750 [inversion: black=life; white=death] [Under Construction] Phrase: black_&_white \Link: page:30

31.4 noline/concept    Camerons_officers

Camerons_officers 30; Phrase: Camerons_officers \Link: page:30

31.5 noline/concept    connectedness

connectedness See paranoia/connectedness Phrase: connectedness \Link: page:30

31.6 noline/concept    Control

Control 30; illusion of, 30; "We, are in control. He, cannot help, himself" 82; Pointsman "must never lose control" 144; "all in his life of what has looked free or random, is discovered to've been under some Control, all the time, the same as a fixed roulette wheel" 209; Cybernetic tradition, 238; 277; 387; of Ilse, of love, 414; 415; "innocence and its many uses" in a corporate State, 419; "'She's supposed to be dead." […] "'W-well you're supposed to be a movie director.'" " "'Same thing.' […] 'Same problems of control.'" 494;"Once the technical means of control have reached a certain size, a certain degree of being connected one to another, the chances for freedom are over for good." 539; 581; Central Control (in Raketen-Stadt), 678; See also cause and effect; Routinization/Rationalization of Charisma; They Phrase: Control \Link: page:30

31.7 noline/concept    Feldspath Roland

Feldspath,_Roland 30; expert on control systems, guidance equations; spirit in seance; 238-39 Phrase: Feldspath,_Roland \Link: page:30

31.8 noline/concept    Feldspath Selena

Feldspath,_Selena 30; surviving wife of Roland; 31 Phrase: Feldspath,_Selena \Link: page:30

31.9 noline/concept :inside/outside:

inside/outside "'It's control. All these things arise from one difficulty: control. For the first time it was inside, do you see. The control is put inside. No more need to suffer passively under 'outside forces'–to veer into any wind. […] A market needed no longer be run by the Invisible Hand, but now could create itself–its own logic, momentum, style, from inside.'" 30; "the hovering statistical cherub who's never quite been to hell but speaks as if he's one of the most fallen" 57; "Inside and outside remain just as they were, but the interface […] is changing" 78-79; "she fears the Change, choosing instead only trivially to revise what matters least, ornament and clothing, going no further than politic transvestism" 97; "Spectro did not differentiate as much as [Pointsman] between Outside and Inside" 141; "Outer Radiance" 148, 150; "allowing her beauty: to enter him or avoid him" 149; "he hasn't the nerve to reach in" 150; "'how far into one "far enough" really is'" 272; "daring him to enter and find a secret he cannot survive" 285; "as travel in the Interior becomes more common" 321; "located in time and space always just to miss grandeur, only to be in its vacuum" 324; "In and out of all the vibrant flesh moves the mad scavenger Tchitcherine" 337; "inside is outside" 373; Trudi crawling inside Slothrop's nose/skull, 439; Slothrop "inside his own cock" 470; "each lash, a little further in…till someday […] she will have that first glimpse of it" 509; "[Tchitcherine] always to be held at the edges of revelations […] his only illumination [at the Kirghiz Light] was that fear would always keep him from going all the way in" 566; "So far and no farther, is that it? You call that living?" 598; Pan: "Come in. . .forget them. Come in here" 656; "You don't have to come into this any further than locating Slothrop" 662; "How long can I get away with easy work, cheap exits? Shouldn't I be going all the way in?" 662; "Maximilian's doom is never to go any further into danger than its dapperness, its skin-exciting first feel" 676; Outside and Inside interpiercing one another too fast, too finely labyrinthine, for either category to have much hegemony anymore" 681; Oneirine-induced paranoia can be "a route In for those like Tchitcherine who are held at the edge…." 703; "Inner Voices" 711; "Outer Voices" 712; "the shrieking-outward, into the stone resonance, where there is no good or evil" 720; "Have you ever waited for it? wondering whether it will come from outside or inside?" 720; See also interface; mirrors Phrase: inside/outside \Link: page:30

31.10 noline/concept    Swanlake _Jessica

Swanlake,__Jessica 30; "young rosy girl in the uniform of an ATS private" who has wartime affair with Roger Mexico; at Snoxall's seance, 30-34; meets Mexico, 38-39; Fay Wray look, 57; girlfriend of Jeremy "Old Beaver" 121; 627; "Her future is with the World's own" 629; working for Pointsman, 631; 640; hardened toward Mexico, 708-09 Phrase: Swanlake,__Jessica \Link: page:30

31.11 noline/concept :Weissmann:Captain/Major/Lieutent_[sic]:

Weissmann,_Captain/Major/Lieutent_[sic] German: "white man"; aka Blicero, aka Dominus Blicero, aka Capt. Blicero; Dominus Blicero, 30; with Katje and Gottfried, 94-99, 101-04; finding Enzian, 99-101; "mirror-metaphysics" 101; "recently back from South-West Africa" 152; "took [Dominus Blicero] as his SS code name" 322; in love with his own death, 324; "part salesman, part scientist" 401; "balding, scholarly" 404; "brought [Ilse] from Stettin. . .played chess" 408; "Lieutent" 417; "gray eminence" 401; estrangement from Enzian, 427; 455; "his final madness" 485; creating his own space, moving "in mythical regions" 486; writing about Katje, 642; "last letters from Holland" 658; "Even if he's only dead" 661; "he's only dead" 668; writing from The Hague about Katje, 662; "the Zone's worst specter" 666; eye reflecting windmill, 670; 672; 721; deciding to sacrifice Gottfried, 724; "his myopic witch's eyes through the thick lenses" 724; his Tarot, 746-49; 757; [Weissmann's Tarot] See also Blicero; Lüneburg Heath Phrase: Weissmann,_Captain/Major/Lieutent_[sic] \Link: page:30

32 page: 31

32.1 line: 28 : Carroll Eventyr:

As Weisenburger notes, "eventyr" is Danish for "adventure" but in the sense of a tale or story ("The Adventures of . . . "). It can signify "folk tales" or "fairy tales," as in Hans Christian Andersen's stories. The first name evokes Lewis Carroll but it also suggests the astrologer Carroll Righter, whose face appeared on the cover of Time magazine for a story about growing interest in the occult on March 21, 1969. Righter, nicknamed "The Gregarious Aquarius," later would read charts for Ronald Reagan, among other celebrities. Also see the note at 23742.29. Phrase: Carroll Eventyr \Link: page:31

32.2 noline/concept    Eventyr Carroll

Eventyr,_Carroll 31; (Danish: "fairytale, adventure"); medium at White Visitation in the Abbey in south England; lover of Nora D-T; 33; his story, 145; "trying to confirm the Lübeck angel" 217; maps on to Sachsa?, 238; 706; recruited Pudding into the Counterforce, 715 Phrase: Eventyr,_Carroll \Link: page:31

32.3 noline/concept    Gloaming Milton

Gloaming,_Milton 31; [gloaming = twilight]; friend of Roger Mexico; word-counting project in Psi Section of SOE, developing vocabulary of curves, 32; 629; "just back from a jaunt through the Zone" 630; 638 Phrase: Gloaming,_Milton \Link: page:31

32.4 noline/concept    Harrods

Harrods 31; department store in London; [Harrod's Website] Phrase: Harrods \Link: page:31

32.5 noline/concept    Mexico _Roger

Mexico,__Roger 31; 30 years old (89); works with Pirate Prentice in Psi Section; Mysterious Microfilm Drill, 32; "provisional wartime friend of Pirate's" 35; meets Jessica, 38-39; the "Antipointsman" 55; paranoia, 124; "He'd seen himself a point on a moving wavefront, propagating through sterile history–a known past, a projectable future. But Jessica was the breaking of the wave." 126; "as this seventh Christmas of the War came wheeling in another charge at his skinny, shivering flank […]" 126; his map of bomb hits, 138; takes Jessica to see Hansel and Gretel, 174; by the sea on White Sunday, 273; driving throught the Lüneburg Heath, missing Jessica, 626; Gloaming tells him about the Slothrop/IG Farben/Pointsman plot, 630-31; realizes Jessica is working for Pointsman, 631; pissing on Mossmoon's table, 636; "a 30-year-old innocent" 706; foam rubber phallus, 708; at Krupp party, 711 Phrase: Mexico,__Roger \Link: page:31

32.6 noline/concept    Sachsa _Peter

Sachsa,__Peter 31; the "control" in Psi Section; lover of Leni Pökler, 147; medium at Rathenau seance, 163-65; killed in communist street action in 1930 in Neukölln (Berlin) by Schutzmann Jöche, a Nazi cop, 152, 219-20; 590; [Etymological Musings]

SADOMASOCHISM (S 'n' M Phrase: Sachsa,__Peter \Link: page:31

32.7 noline/concept    tripos

tripos 31; a final honors exam at Cambridge university, originally in mathematics

Tripping, Geli (pronounced: "Gaily") 290; lover of Tchitcherine; lives in Nordhausen; lover of Slothrop; "pretty young witch straddling an A4" 293; 494; thinks she's a witch, 500; witch ritual, 717; "the World-choosing sort" 718; with Tchitcherine, 733-35; "the young witch" 734 Phrase: tripos \Link: page:31

33 page: 32

33.1 noline/concept    Apache

Apache Falkman and His Apache Band, 32; One Apache, 70; "Secret Service's notion of an Apache" 244; Apache sideburns, 254; "Waxwing's apache lieutenants" 638; ["Apache"] Phrase: Apache \Link: page:32

33.2 noline/concept    Myrtle_Miraculous

Myrtle_MiraculousSee Floundering Four Phrase: Myrtle_Miraculous \Link: page:32

33.3 noline/concept    Mysterious_Microfilm_Drill

Mysterious_Microfilm_Drill 32; wherein "Bloat goes somewhere and microfilms something, then transfers it, via Pirate, to young Mexico. And thence […] down to 'The White Visitation'" Phrase: Mysterious_Microfilm_Drill \Link: page:32

33.4 noline/concept :Snoxall's:

Snoxall's 32; place where seances are held; 33; 37; 238 Phrase: Snoxall's \Link: page:32

33.5 noline/concept    typographical_errors

typographical_errors "at here at" should be "as here at" 32; "Strobe's" should be "Jamf's" (appears in early Viking editions), 86; "Nichols" should be "Nicholls" 94; "waits" should probably be "waifs" (yes?), 128; "heart-transfer" should be "heat-transfer" 223; "Isle" should be "Ilse" 414; "airpseed" should be "airspeed" 454; "elctro- decor" should be "electro-decor" 518; "is is" should be "it is" 715; "then" should be "than" 732 Phrase: typographical_errors \Link: page:32

33.6 noline/concept :Zipf's_Principle_of_Least_Effort:

Zipf's_Principle_of_Least_Effort 32; George Kingsley Zipf (1902–1950) wrote Human Behavior and the Principle of Least Effort which was published in 1949. The Principle predicts that most people, most of the time, are turned back by modest hurdles that they know could be overcome, with effort. To be habitual, an action must be relatively effortless or carry a particularly large psychic reward. And in what constitutes a "large reward," opinions and motivations vary widely across individuals. As Robert Heinlein wrote in Time Enough for Love: "The Principle of Least Effort: 'Progress doesn't come from early risers–progress is made by lazy men looking for easier ways to do things.'" [Discussion of Zipf on Pynchon List] Phrase: Zipf's_Principle_of_Least_Effort \Link: page:32

34 page: 33

34.1 line: 26 : Witchcraft Act:

Correspondent Igor Zabel offers this interesting elaboration on the reference: "A few years ago, I came upon a short article in our daily newspaper Delo, which could be interesting here. It says: 'The British spiritualists started a campaign to acquit Helen Duncan, sentenced as a witch during the World War II. She was sentenced as a consequence of a séance in 1942. She told she had seen in her trance a dead soldier wearing a cap with the inscription HMS Barham, who had told her: My ship was sunken. The news about this fact (the ship was supposedly sunken on 25 November

  1. was kept secret by the British government for two years, as

Winston Churchill wrote in his diary. In 1944, Duncan was arrested since they were afraid that she would reveal also the date of the D-day. Her trial was based on the Witchcraft Act from 1735, and she was sentenced to nine months of prison. Argument: Helen Duncan pretends that she conjures the spirits of the dead.' It seems that Mexico refers to this case; the year and quotation from the Act correspond to the conviction of Helen Duncan." A web search using Helen Duncan's name will reveal several websites devoted to the "medium martyr." Phrase: Witchcraft Act \Link: page:33

34.2 noline/concept    astrology

astrology "next you'll be consulting horoscopes" 33; PISCES, 34; "the twelve spokes of a stranded artillery piece. . .a mud zodiac" 79; the ruler of my Sign, 108; "opalescent scorpions (her birth sign) inside gold mountings in triskelion" 150; "Walter Asch ('Taurus')" 152; "born under the Crab" 154; "earth-sign belligerence" 154; "Piscean husband" 154; "[Pökler] kept at [Leni's] astrology without mercy" 159; "two goldfish are making a Pisces sign" 174; "the astrologer's Moon" 220; "The great cusp-green equinox and turning, dreaming fishes to young ram" 236; Twelfth House, 274; "13th sign of the Zodiac" 302; "winged rider, red Sagittarius" 343; "Wernher von Braun's birthday is to the Spring Equinox" 361; "the Zodiac glides" 388; "Pluto is in my sign now" 415; "Bismarck's elevation, at the spring equinox of 1871, to prince and imperial chancellor" 419; "her Neptune is afflicted" 463; "full of the Sagittarian fire" 483; "No pentacle, no cups, no holy Fool" 533; "pre-Piscean fugue" 533; "Piscean depths" 579; "the Spring Equinox, […] that most singular of the Zodiac's singular points" 588; "It is shaped something like a crab. That's Cancer in Latin." 645; "the green edge of Aries" 681; "an astrologer of the Hamburg School" 683; "The sun was in Leo" 694; "a double Virgo for a son" 699; Proceedings of the International Society of Confessors to an Enthusiasm for Albatross Nosology, 712; "early Virgo" 712, 727; "What you felt stirring across the land…it was the equinox…green spring equal nights" 720; "with a new axis…what happens to astrology?" 753; See also paranoia/connectedness; Pisces Phrase: astrology \Link: page:33

34.3 noline/concept    Trefoil Gavin

Trefoil,_Gavin 33; can change the melanin content of his skin to change his color; 124; 147; 215; 276 Phrase: Trefoil,_Gavin \Link: page:33

35 page: 34

35.1 noline/concept    ELAS_Greeks

ELAS_Greeks 34; ELAS (Ellinikos Laikos Apeleftherotikos Stratos) was one of three dominant Greek resistance groups to arise in opposition to the Nazis after they invaded and occupied Greece in

  1. Comprised primarily of communists, the "Greek People's

Liberation Army" was rebuffed by the British in its attempt to take power after the liberation of Greece in 1944, with the "royalists" retaining control of the government. Phrase: ELAS_Greeks \Link: page:34

35.2 noline/concept    Free_French

Free_French 34; "plotting revenge on Vichy traitors"

Phrase: Free_French \Link: page:34

35.3 noline/concept :Groast:Dr._Rollo:

Groast,_Dr._Rollo 34; works in ARF wing; 79; 85; 147; "assumed back into the Society for Psychical Research" 273; with Greta, 474 Phrase: Groast,_Dr._Rollo \Link: page:34

35.4 noline/concept    Lublin_Communists

Lublin_Communists 34; "drawing beads on Varsovian shadow-ministers"; "Poles fleeing the Lublin regime" 549; Phrase: Lublin_Communists \Link: page:34

35.5 noline/concept    Operation_Black_Wing

Operation_Black_Wing "the Firm's latest mania" 34; demoralization scheme devised by DJ Myron Grunton who invented a black army of ex-colonials from South-West Africa (Südwest) in Germany who've formed a secret army known as Schwarzkommando; SHAEF arrangement, 74; Slothrop undergoing "light narcosis to help illuminate racial problems in his own country."--75; "now defunct" 276; 616 Phrase: Operation_Black_Wing \Link: page:34

35.6 noline/concept    Pirate

PirateSee Prentice, Pirate Phrase: Pirate \Link: page:34

35.7 noline/concept    PISCES

PISCES 34; Psychological Intelligence Schemes for Expediting Surrender, housed in The White Visitation; "devoted to psychological warfare" 35; "concerned with a rather strictly defined, clinical version of truth" 272; Proceedings of the International Society of Confessors to an Enthusiasm for Albatross Nosology, 712; See also Twelfth House; White Visitation Phrase: PISCES \Link: page:34

35.8 noline/concept    Vichy_traitors

Vichy_traitors 34; After Germany conquered France, the government of the unoccupied southern zone was moved from Bordeaux (to which it had retreated in June 1941 after the German victory) to Vichy in central France. Convinced that Germany would win the war, the Vichy government unanimously settled on a policy of collaboration with the Germans. When the Germans occupied all of France after the Anglo-American landings in North Africa in November of 1942, the facade of the Vichy government was maintained. The Vichy police (the Milice) was headed by Darnand, who held extreme right-wing and anti-semetic views. The Milice greatly aided the Nazis in exposing the French resistance and hunting down Jews. After French liberation in 1944, thousands of the "Vichy traitors" were summarily executed. Phrase: Vichy_traitors \Link: page:34

35.9 noline/concept    White_Visitation

White_Visitation 34; former mental hospital located in the fictional town of Ick Regis on the coast of southern England; now part of SOE; location of PISCES; D-Wing still has "loonies"; "devoted to psychological warfare" 35; "they're all wild talents–clairvoyants and mad magicians" 40; 72-74; described, 82-83; D-Wing, 230; 533; 627 Phrase: White_Visitation \Link: page:34

36 page: 35

36.1 noline/concept    Ichizo

IchizoSee Komical Kamikazes Phrase: Ichizo \Link: page:35

36.2 noline/concept    ICI

ICI 35; Imperial Chemical Industries, aka "Icy Eye"; an English company of which IG Farben gained a controlling share; Clive Mossmoon works there doing polymer research; Clive Mossmoon at, 228; 248; agreement with Shell Oil, 250; and Josef Schleim, 630; "has cartel arrangements with Farben" 712 Phrase: ICI \Link: page:35

36.3 noline/concept    masturbation

masturbation "masturbating under these conditions is exquisite torture" 35; "jerking off into an Army flannel" 36; and message de- crypting, 71-72; "he'll masturbate himself to sleep" 141; "The self-induced orgasm." 155; "there passes the phrase male supremacy … why do they cherish their masturbating so? 155; "masturbatorily scared-elated" 209; "I can't even masturbate" 216; Pudding, for Domina Nocturna, 236; "These Otukungurua are prophets of masturbating" 318; "Remember the time she caught you masturbating into her glove?" 505; "a Text, to be […] masturbated till it's all squeezed limp of its last drop" 520; "lost in masturbatory fantasies of nailing this cute but older Latin lady" 678; "the heat, who go surly, fangflashing back to masturbating into Crime Does Not Pay Comics" 709; "16 ragged staring oldtimers who shuffle aimlessly about the stage, jerking off in unison, waggling penises in mock quarter-staffing, brandishing in two and threes their green-leaved poles, exposing amazing chancres and lesions, going off in fountains of sperm strung with blood that splash over glazed trouser-pleats" 743; "purposes of self-arousal" 758; "or reach between your own cold legs" 760; See also Kryptosam; entropy/closed systems/irreversibility Phrase: masturbation \Link: page:35

36.4 noline/concept    Mossmoon Clive

Mossmoon,_Clive 35; works for ICI doing polymer research; husband of Scorpia; 22; 544; 615; 635 Phrase: Mossmoon,_Clive \Link: page:35

36.5 noline/concept    Mossmoon Scorpia

Mossmoon,_Scorpia 35; wife of Clive, aka "Red Bitch of the High Seas"; had an affair with Pirate in 1936, 35-36; "living in St. John's Wood among sheet-music, new recipes, a small kennel of Weimaraners whose racial purity she will go to extravagant lengths to preserve" 544; 698

MOTHERS See also fathers; Nipple, Lloyd; Metropolis; [check out Marvy's Mothers, too] Phrase: Mossmoon,_Scorpia \Link: page:35

36.6 noline/concept    NAAFI

NAAFI 35; Navy, Army, Air Forces Institute; civilian support of war effort with entertainment, food, etc.; 134; NAAFI girls, 593, 710; [http://www.naafi.co.uk] Phrase: NAAFI \Link: page:35

36.7 noline/concept :Pavlov:_Ivan_Petrovich(d._1936):

Pavlov,__Ivan_Petrovich(d._1936) 35; Russian physiologist; "ideas of the opposite"–the brain distinguishing between pleasure and pain, light from dark, u.s.w., 48-49; confuse ideas of the opposite by sending subject into "transmarginal" phases: (1) equivalent phase - all stimuli have same response; (2) paradoxical phase - weak stimulus=strong response - vice versa; (3) ultraparadoxical phase - confuse ideas of opposite, 37, 90; the Book, 47, 75, 87-88, 139, 140, 171, 639 ("the dialectic curse of"); "the cortex of the brain as a mosaic of tiny on/off elements" 55; "extinction of a conditioned reflex" 84-85; "believed that the ideal is the true mechanical explanation" 89; cause of obsessions and paranoid delusions, 49; Janet, 88; Pointsman's dream, 137-38; "the Master's isolated moments of poetry" 140; ideas of the opposite, 144; "English Pavlovian jokes" 168; "Pavlovian's Progress" 169; Pavlovia (Beguine), 229; 294; 396; death of, 752; See also The Book; Opposite, Ideas of the Phrase: Pavlov,__Ivan_Petrovich(d._1936) \Link: page:35

37 page: 36

37.1 line: 3 : ICI Standing for Imperial Chemical Industries. one of the foremost:

British public companies, known as the bellwether of the British econ Phrase: ICI Standing for Imperial Chemical Industries. one of the foremost \Link: page:36

37.2 line: 27 :-28 the Other Chap in this case being known as Beaver:

"Beaver" is the nickname for Jessica's other and more staid lover, Jeremy. The nickname derives from the `40s slang for the beard he sports. (For example, in the "home front" film Since You Went Away

37.3 noline/concept    Austerity

Austerity "this moment of boyhood among [Pirate's] ways imperialized and set (he was 33), his preAusterity, in which Scorpia figured as his Last Fling" 36; " dark, lank, pre-austerity stocking" 150; "every assertion the fucking War has ever made – that we are meant for work and government, for austerity" 177; "an innocent salute to Postwar, a hope that the end of shortages, the end of Austerity, is near" 593; "into the paper cities and afternoons of this strange peace, and the coming Austerity" 620; "London today can feel advance chills of Austerity." 639 Phrase: Austerity \Link: page:36

37.4 noline/concept :Beaver:"Old"_Jeremy_the:

Beaver,_"Old"_Jeremy_the 36; 121; boyfriend of Jessica Swanlake; works for Operation Backfire in Cuxhaven; is the War, 177; meets Mexico at Gross Suckling Conference, 709 Phrase: Beaver,_"Old"_Jeremy_the \Link: page:36

38 page: 37

38.1 line: 10 :-11 Fred Roper's Company of Wonder Midgets:

This is apparently a real group, although I have no information on them except that a postcard exists captioned "Fred Roper and His Wonderful Midgets" with a tall man in a busby and military greatcoat and a troop of midgets in uniform under the heading "The Toy Soldier Parade." The website for The Princess Theatre Hunstanton (England) notes that the building opened as the Capitol Theatre in 1932. One of the first acts to play there was "Fred Roper and His 20 Wonder Midgets"!

Phrase: -11 Fred Roper's Company of Wonder Midgets \Link: page:37

38.2 noline/concept :Fred_Roper's_Company_of_Wonder_Midgets:

Fred_Roper's_Company_of_Wonder_Midgets 37; "off to fan imperial fair in Johannesburg" Phrase: Fred_Roper's_Company_of_Wonder_Midgets \Link: page:37

38.3 noline/concept :Pointsman:_Dr._Edward_W._A.("Ned"):

Pointsman,__Dr._Edward_W._A.("Ned") 37; Pavlovian at White Visitation; Slothrop's nemesis; sees Slothrop as his ticket to a Nobel Prize; "F.R.C.S." [Fellow in the Royal College of Surgeons], 42; chasing dogs, 42; pedophilia, 50-51; "can only possess the zero and the one" 55; "thirteen years along the clew, he's beginning to circle back, 88; the "Antimexico" 89; "His decline, creeping on him like the cold" 140; "There are, in his history, so many of these unmade moves" 140-41; fantasizes winning Nobel Prize, 142; "They would deny him the perversity of being in love with his death. . ." 143; begins to lose it by the sea on Whitsun ("White Sunday"), 273; working out of Twelfth House in London, 533; "losing his grip" 592; conducting study of Hund-Stadt, 615; in disgrace, 615; and ICI, 631; his "famous Corner" at Twelfth House, 633; "confronted by Mexico in Mossmoon's office, 636; "the pointsman" 644; no Stockholm, 752; "one who never Made His Move" 752; [Etymological Musings] Phrase: Pointsman,__Dr._Edward_W._A.("Ned") \Link: page:37

38.4 noline/concept    Royal_Fellow

Royal_Fellow 37; "Royal Fellow-baiting" 171; Phrase: Royal_Fellow \Link: page:37

38.5 noline/concept :St._Felix:

St._Felix 37; "the clock of" in London Phrase: St._Felix \Link: page:37

39 page: 38

39.1 noline/concept    Nutria

Nutria 38; a nutria is a web-footed South American aquatic rodent whose fur is used in the same way as, say, the more expensive beaver fur Phrase: Nutria \Link: page:38

40 page: 39

40.1 noline/concept    angels

angels "graceful as a wing" 39; angel's-eye view, 54; snow angels, 57; "Destroying Angel" 93; Katje's "questing shoulders like wings" 97; "windmill known as 'The Angel'" 106, 536; starlings on radar, 112; "the Angels sing new songs" 134; "mock-angel singing" 135; "days of angelic visit" 145; Basher St. Blaise's angel, 146, 151-52 (aka Lübeck angel, 214, 217); "sudden angel, thermodynamic surprise" 143; "Your wings…oh, Leni, your wings…" 162; "as the Angel swooped in" 164; "hark the herald angels" 177; "Jeremy will take her like the Angel itself" 177; "She has swept with her wings another life" 218; "Richard Halliburton…a failed angel" 266; "the Angel who tried to destroy us in Südwest" 328; "star-blotting Moslem angels" 341; "Tenth-Elegy angel" 341; "Angels and sanctions" 355; "to bring down steel angels of exaltation" 437; "like the Archangels" 464; Bianca's "shoulderblades rising like wings" 470; "the windmill called 'The Angel'" 536; "the angel [the Erdschweinhöhlers] have hoped for" 672; "Angel Thanatz" 673; "functions of Moslem angels" 705; "Angels Melchidael, Yahoel, Anatiel, and the great Metatron" 734; "some angel…watching us at our many perversities" 746; "under a sentence of death whose deep beauty the angel has never been close to" 746; "angels at the doorways" 750; "a bright angel of death" 760; See also Metatron Phrase: angels \Link: page:39

40.2 noline/concept :Swinemünde:

Swinemünde 459: a town in NW Poland, on the island of Usedom, at the mouth of the Swina River. It is the outer port for Szczecin (Polish name for "Stettin") and a fishing center and seaside resort. First mention of the town dates from 1181. During World War II, the town was a German naval base. Phrase: Swinemünde \Link: page:39

40.3 noline/concept :Swope:Gerard(1872-1957):

Swope,_Gerard(1872-1957) Swope, president of the General Electric Company (1922-39; 1942-44) in the United States, greatly expanded GE's line of consumer products and pioneered profit-sharing and other benefits programs for its employees. After his retirement from GE in 1939, he chaired the New York City Housing Authority until 1942; "was ace buddies with old FDR […] one-thim Brain Trusters" 565; "Business Advisory Council set up under Swope of General Electric, whose ideas on matters of 'control' ran close to those of Walter Rathenau, of German GE" 581; Phrase: Swope,_Gerard(1872-1957) \Link: page:39

41 page: 40

41.1 line: 13 :the definitely 3-sigma lot:

W's phrase "about one-half of the statistical range" points to his misunderstanding of this concept. When frequencies (numbers in the population, say) are plotted versus some characteristic and the distribution is "normal" or "Gaussian," the range from 1 standard deviation (symbolized as 1 sigma) below to 1 sigma above the mean accounts for roughly half the cases. The range from 2 sigma below to 2 sigma above the mean accounts for roughly 3/4 of cases, and from 3 sigma below to 3 sigma above takes in well over 98 percent of cases. "Three-sigma" means "drastically out of the ordinary," i.e., not belonging to the 98+ percent of the population that groups around the mean. What's more, W is wrong to say these are "wildly divergent" people; they may all be alike, just way removed from the population average. In this case, they exhibit abilities out of the ordinary: They are, let's say, more psychic than 98 or 99 percent of the population. (There's a second 3-sigma group, the ones who are less psychic than 98-99 percent. Which is really saying something. Phrase: the definitely 3-sigma lot \Link: page:40

41.2 noline/concept    Battle_of_Britain

Battle_of_Britain 40-41; (June 1940-April 1941), series of intense raids directed against Great Britain by the German air force after the fall of France during World War II. Britain sustained 57 consecutive nights of air raids, but the RAF prevailed through superior tactics and cracking German secret codes. Phrase: Battle_of_Britain \Link: page:40

41.3 noline/concept :chi-square_calculations:

chi-square_calculations 40; A chi-squared distribution is, according to the Cambridge Dictionary of Science and Technology, "the distribution of many quadratic forms in statistics, often encountered as the distribution of the sample variance and of a statistic measuring the agreement of a set of empirically observed frequences with theoretically derived frequences. The central chi-squared distribution is indexed by one parameter, the degrees of freedom" (p. 155) Phrase: chi-square_calculations \Link: page:40

41.4 noline/concept    cities

cities "The city he visits now is Death's antechamber: where all the paperwork's done" 40; "this frost and harrowed city" 49; "that Mother City mapped wherever the enterprise is systematic death" 76; "outward from the sheltering city" 89; "the royal city" 95; "dangers he can't bring himself to name even in cities" 100; "up in the city the arc-lights crackle" 134; City Paranoiac, 172-73; "what if the Ci-ty were a growing neo-plasm, across the centuries, always chang-ing, to meet exactly the chang ing shape of its very worst, se-cret fears?" 173; Metropolis, 285, 315, 317 ("no harm done to the Metropolis, nothing to soil those cathedrals, white marble statues, noble thoughts"); "urban fantods" 303; "Trolls and dryads […] blasted […] out of bridges, out of trees into liberation, and are now long citified" 367; "City Sacramental, the city as outward and visible sign of inward and spiritual illness or health" 372; Ant City, 399; "Nordhausen, a city of elves producing toy moon-rockets" 431; "Leaving Slothrop in his city-reflexes and Harvard crew sox" 472; "it was Europe, it was the smoky, citied fear of death" 477; "mechanical cities […] with crackling-tower and obsidian helix" 482; "the sacrificial city" 484; "the ruin of a great city" 485; "Metropolis […] a corporate City state where technology was the source of power, the engineer worked closely with the administrator, the masses labored unseen far underground, and ultimate power lay with a single leader at the top" 578; "Metropolitan inventor Rothwang" 579; "that's a heap better than the city, son, there you just move from crisis to crisis" 644; "a giant factory-state here, a City of the Future" 674; "Golden clouds […] I think they're pieces of the Heavenly City falling down" 682; "Nordhausen felt like a city in a myth, under the threat of some special destruction" 718; "[Europe] has learned empire from its old metropolis." 722; Hexes-Stadt […] has turned into just another capital" 718; Carbon City, Illinois, 735; See also City Dactylic; Metropolis; Raketen Stadt Phrase: cities \Link: page:40

41.5 noline/concept    paper

paper "Death's antechamber where all the paperwork's done" 40; money as "desperate paper whispering down the corporate lattice" 75; "paper secrets" 282; "They have stuffed paper illusions and militaryd euphemisms between him and this truth" 234; "the paper cyclone that sweeps them back from Germany" 253; "a number "only derived on paper" 315; "newly invented paperwork" 318; "paper existences" 340; "Rapallo Treaty. . .that weird piece of paper" 352; "print just goes marching on" 355; "among the paper" 406; "paper brain" 421; "the paper has piled too thick" 426; paper cancer (Inflation), 435; papyromancy: "ability to prophesize through contemplating the way people roll reefers" 442; "show us your papers!" 442; murderous typewriters, 453; pencil as weapon, 510; trees/paper, 552; printer union ("the Word made printer's ink"), 571; "the only real fucking is done on paper" 616; "why does he have this obsession with getting papers?" 623; "the shed skin of a beast at large" 632; "paper grasp" 669; "foolish as shields of paper" 728 See also naming; Routinization/Rationalization of Charisma

PARABOLOIDS See also fingernails; [Carl Jung] Phrase: paper \Link: page:40

41.6 noline/concept    Psi_Section

Psi_Section "Psi" is a general term which covers all parapsychological phenomena. Originally derived from the use of the greek letter psi to denote the unknown quantity in an equation; paranormal branch of SOE, 40; 54; 76; 80; 91; 128; 138;144; "the freaks of" 146; "Blavatskian wing of" 269; 276 Phrase: Psi_Section \Link: page:40

41.7 noline/concept    Zener_cards

Zener_cards 40; 78; Phrase: Zener_cards \Link: page:40

42 page: 42

42.1 line: 15 :F.R.C.S.:

Fellow of the R.C.S., i.e., a legitimate doctor Phrase: F.R.C.S. \Link: page:42

42.2 noline/concept    Balaclava_helmet

Balaclava_helmet 42; a close-fitting woolen covering for the head and ears Phrase: Balaclava_helmet \Link: page:42

43 page: 44

43.1 noline/concept :Allen:Fred(1894-1956):

Allen,_Fred(1894-1956) Allen, born in Cambridge, Massachussetts, was a top-rated radio comedian of the 1930s and 40s who was the first to take comedy out of the realm of vaudeville and into the realm of satire and political/social commentary. He was unsuccessful in making the transition to television in the 50s, and faded into obscurity. His form of humor is widely considered to be the precursor of the TV comedy as practiced by Steve Allen, Johnny Carson, David Letterman and Jay Leno, to name a few. Allen once joked that "imitation is the sincerest form of television"; "Wednesday nights over the BBC" 44; [MORE] Phrase: Allen,_Fred(18946) \Link: page:44

44 page: 45

44.1 noline/concept :Himmler-Spielsaal:

Himmler-Spielsaal German: Spielsaal = "gaming room"; Heinrich Himmler (1900-45) was the leader of the SS from 1929-45. He greatly expanded the power and reach of the SS after Hitler came to power in 1933; gaming room at the Casino Hermann Goering, 194; 202; 205; Slothrop surprises Katje, 208; "You'll remember the Himmler-Spielsaal, and the skirt I was wearing" 225; 285 Phrase: Himmler-Spielsaal \Link: page:45

44.2 noline/concept :Roosevelt:_Franklin_Delano(1882-1945):

Roosevelt,__Franklin_Delano(1882-1945) 32nd president (Democrat) of the U.S., 1932-45. He started the "New Deal" program in 1933 to combat the Great Depression, which involved abandoning the gold standard, devaluing the dollar, state intervention in the credit market, agricultural price support, and the passage of the Social Security Act (1935) which provided for old-age and unemployment insurance;135; "died back in the spring [12 April]" 373; "it seemed he'd just keep getting elected, term after term, forever. But somebody had decided to change that. So he was put to sleep" 374; "a being They assembled, a being They would dismantle" 374; caricature of on Toiletship, 450; "'Mister Swope was ace buddies with old'" 565; "Roosevelt's 'election' in 1932" 581; "Harvard, beholden to all kinds of money old and new, commodity and retail" 581 Phrase: Roosevelt,__Franklin_Delano(1882-1945) \Link: page:45

45 page: 46

45.1 noline/concept    Pudding _Ernest Old_Brigadier

Pudding,__Ernest,_Old_Brigadier 46; 80-ish WWI vet in charge of the White Visitation; "senile little surprise" 48; "old delusions-of-grandeur himself" 52; background, 76; Things That Can Happen in European Politics, 77, 275; "Pudding's Gourd Surprise" 80; doesn't like Pointsman's plans for Slothrop, 83-84; with Katje Borgesius at Casino (?), 190; and Domina Nocturna, 232-36; ill, 273; dies of "massive E.coli infection" 533; 631; "is now a member of the Counterforce" 715 Phrase: Pudding,__Ernest,_Old_Brigadier \Link: page:46

45.2 noline/concept :St._Veronica's_Hospital:

St._Veronica's_Hospital 46; of the True Image for Colonic and Respiratory Diseases; St. Veronica wiped Christ's forehead with her veil while he carried the cross; St. Veronica Papers, 688 Phrase: St._Veronica's_Hospital \Link: page:46

45.3 noline/concept :Spectro:Dr._Kevin:

Spectro,_Dr._Kevin 46; "neurologist and casual Pavlovian" at St. Veronica's; "one of the original seven owners of The Book" 47; killed in a V-2 hit on St. Veronica's, 138; 139; 140; 167 Phrase: Spectro,_Dr._Kevin \Link: page:46

45.4 noline/concept    writing

writing description of St. Veronica's, 46; "swimming up from sleep" 119; "an informer whose guilt will one day sicken into throat cancer" 150; "not produce. . .systems" 159; "assassination" 164; bugs in the manger, 173-74; Westward expansion: penetrate and foul virgin sunsets, 214; "no difference between behavior of a god and the operations of pure chance" 323; Rocket, 324; "what heads and tails went jingling inside the dark pockets of that indeterminacy?"– 344; Will of God Theory, 362; "smiles breaking like kind dawns" 378; "This is how they meet" (p.365) until they finally meet at p.393; Trudi up Slothrop's nose, 439; "How I Came to Love the People" 547; dead fly, 632; tropical hallucination, 634-35; hmmm, 733 Phrase: writing \Link: page:46

46 page: 47

46.1 noline/concept    Book The

Book,_The 47, 75, 87-88, 139, 140; [What Book?]; See also Pavlov, Ivan Petrovich Phrase: Book,_The \Link: page:47

46.2 noline/concept    Foxes

Foxes 47; Spectro's generic term for any patient; 53; 58; 138; 139; on the Toiletship, 450; "sharp as foxes" 718; (See also fox-trot) Phrase: Foxes \Link: page:47

47 page: 48

47.1 line: 25 : " . . . one of Lazslo Jamf's subjects . . . ":

The name "Jamf" apparently derives from an acronym used by Charlie Parker: "Jive-Ass Mother-Fucker"! Phrase: " . . . one of Lazslo Jamf's subjects . . . " \Link: page:48

47.2 noline/concept    abreaction

abreaction 48; the resolution of a neurosis by reviving forgotten or repressed ideas of the event first causing it, e.g. bomb blasts; Abreaction of the Lord of the Night, 139; See also ARF Phrase: abreaction \Link: page:48

48 page: 49

48.1 noline/concept :Janet:Pierre(1859-1947):

Janet,_Pierre(1859-1947) Janet, a psychologist and neurologist, was influential in bringing about in France and the United States a connection between academic psychology and the clinical treatment of mental illnesses. He stressed psychological factors in hypnosis and contributed to the modern concept of mental and emotional disorders involving anxiety, phobias, and other abnormal behaviour. As a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Paris, Janet studied automatic acts and in his thesis (1889) introduced but did not amplify the concept of the unconscious, a situation that engendered a dispute with Sigmund Freud over priority; correspondence with Pavlov, 49, 87-88; Spectro as Pointsman's Janet, 142 Phrase: Janet,_Pierre(18597) \Link: page:49

48.2 noline/concept    Lord_of_the_Night

Lord_of_the_Night "children […] [p]raying to their Master" 49; "waiting beside the door of the bus in his pressed uniform" 413; Phrase: Lord_of_the_Night \Link: page:49

48.3 noline/concept :Petrova:M.K.:

Petrova,_M.K. 49; Phrase: Petrova,_M.K. \Link: page:49

49 page: 51

49.1 line: 31 :-32 the Ick Regis jetty:

The name is Pynchon's but evokes "The Cobb," the famous jetty at the city of Lyme Regis on the southern coast of England.

Regis is the Latin genitive of Rex, "the King" thus, "of the king." As William Safire notes, "The colloquial noun and interjection

Combining Ick and Regis, could therefore render the anarchic sentiment "sick of the king."

Interestingly, for PISCES and White Visitation to be headquartered in a place named Ick Regis, brings associations with the fish sickness "ick" also known as 23the white spot disease, which is a severe dermatitis of freshwater fish caused by a protozoan of the genus Ichthyophthirius and is especially destructive in aquariums and hatcheries called also ichthyophthiriasis, ichthyophthirius. Hence, the "white visitation" could, again, be a sickness.

Phrase: -32 the Ick Regis jetty \Link: page:51

49.2 line: 31 :Ick Regis:

Fictional, no doubt, but say it: egregious Phrase: Ick Regis \Link: page:51

49.3 noline/concept    Grigori

Grigori 51; aka Grischa; octopus conditioned by Pointsman to abduct Katje in order to get at Slothrop; "unconditioned response to prey is very reliable" 52; shown movie of Katje, 112; attacks Katje, 186; Waxwing sez it never happened, 248; 533; octopus as metaphor, 611; 662; See also City Dactylic; octopus Phrase: Grigori \Link: page:51

49.4 noline/concept    octopus

octopus "all Pointsman will score, presently, is an octopus–yes a gigantic, horror-movie devilfish name of Grigori" 51; "an octopus is much too elaborate" 52; "they're brewing up something that involves a giant octopus" 112; "the inner room where octopus Grigori oozes sullenly in his tank" 113; "an octopus? Yes it is the biggest fucking octopus Slothrop has ever seen outside of the movies, Jackson," 186; "Shaking Slothrop waves the crab at the octopus" 187; "this octopus is not in good mental health" 187; "that was no "found" crab, Ace–no random octopus or girl, uh-uh" 188; "'I saved a dame from an octopus not so long ago, how about that?' 'With one difference,' sez Blodgett Waxwing. 'This really happened tonight. But that octopus didn't.'" 248; "From out of her body streams a flood now of different creatures, octopuses" 447; "Octopus Grigori in his tank, watching the Katje footage" 533; "Gerhardt von Göll, with his corporate octopus wrapping every last negotiable item in the Zone" 611; See also Grigori; Vintage Octopus Pulp Covers! Phrase: octopus \Link: page:51

49.5 noline/concept :Porkyevitch:_Dr.:

Porkyevitch,__Dr. 51; works at ARF; in charge of conditioning Grigori the devilfish; worked with Pavlov, 75; after octopus attack, 187 Phrase: Porkyevitch,__Dr. \Link: page:51

49.6 noline/concept    ratchet

ratchet "wordless ratcheting cue" 51; "off on a…ratchet of rooms" 257; "a ratcheting noise" 282; "dragging himself up the ratchet's teeth" 547; "ratcheting like a phone number being dialed" 607; "Bicycle riders ratcheted by" 611; "The nonstop revue crosses its stage. . .in an endless ratchet" 681; "CATCH" 759; See also film/cinema references Phrase: ratchet \Link: page:51

50 page: 52

50.1 noline/concept    Gloucester

Gloucester 52; Pointsman's springer spaniel Phrase: Gloucester \Link: page:52

50.2 noline/concept    Gwenhidwy Thomas

Gwenhidwy,_Thomas 52; at White Visitation; one of the keepers of The Book; "inside his fluffy beard" 139; singing "Diadem" at fighter runways,169; at Pirate's, singing, 639; 706 Phrase: Gwenhidwy,_Thomas \Link: page:52

50.3 noline/concept    Rundstedt_offensive

Rundstedt_offensive 52; Gerd von Rundstedt (1875-1953) was one of Adolf Hitler's ablest military leaders in World War II. In 1944, this German field marshal directed the Ardennes offensive (Battle of the Bulge). General Dwight D. Eisenhower called him the ablest of the German generals of World War II. 131

RUSSIAN TRANSLATIONS [thanks to our Russian correspondent, Comrade Alexis B.]

340: lepeshka: a bread roll, often made of a blend of rye and wheat flours 512: budka: booth (traffic police in Moscow patrol from raised booths that look out over the street, which are called budkas) 513: pogoni: the bars on the shoulders of military uniforms from which dangle the stars, tassles, &c.

Phrase: Rundstedt_offensive \Link: page:52

51 page: 54

51.1 noline/concept    Poisson_Distribution

Poisson_Distribution 54; a probability density function reflected in where the bombs hit London and the locations of Slothrop's (fantasized?) sexual-encounters, 55, 85-86; 171; and babies born during the blitz, 173; "erotic Poisson" 270; See also science/physics/math Phrase: Poisson_Distribution \Link: page:54

51.2 noline/concept    TDY

TDY 54; temporary duty Phrase: TDY \Link: page:54

52 page: 55

52.1 line: 11 :Roger's old Whittaker and Watson:

A Course of Modern Analysis by Whittaker and Watson, 2nd ed., 1915, or a later edition. A standard advanced math textbook among, here, a scatter of math publications. Google hit. In turn, Google leads to a view camera made by Watson & Son, London, and to small-format cameras made by Whittaker in the U.S., but not to a "Whittaker & Watson" product. I am confident the book is the right reference Phrase: Roger's old Whittaker and Watson \Link: page:55

52.2 noline/concept    Grid

Grid "a glittering map. . .ruled off into 576 squares" 55; sieves, 56; "crosshatchings of his black rubber soles" 70; "corporate lattice" 75; "Dutch grid's 380 volts" 101; "to keep Grid Time synchronized with Greenwich Mean Time" 133; "the Grid runs inching ever faster" 134; "Quisling molecules have shifted in latticelike ways" 176; "back in France's power grid" 190; "Forget subdivisions" 294; 400; ego as grid, 404; "the holy grid" 404; "screen door salesman" 447; the Iron Toad "hooked up to the European Grid" 604; Byron's "many agents in the Grid" 649; "when folklore comes flickering in from other parts of the Grid" 650; "a sin against the" 652; "noticed a fall-off in revenues" 654; "the Grid is wide open, all messages can be heard" 655; "the Grid's big function in this System is iceboxery" 678; "along the grooves of the Raketen-Stadt's street-grid" 674; See also chess; routinization/rationalization of charisma Phrase: Grid \Link: page:55

52.3 noline/concept    Whittaker_and_Watson

Whittaker_and_Watson 55; co-authors of a mathematical treatise entitled Modern Analysis. An old copy is owned by Roger Mexico Phrase: Whittaker_and_Watson \Link: page:55

53 page: 56

53.1 line: 8    fallacy

"[S]tatistical proofs show that …" is mildly wrong. It can be an axiom or an observation but not, I think, a proposition subject to proof. But I could be off the beam Phrase: fallacy \Link: page:56

53.2 noline/concept :de_la_Nuit:Rev._Dr._Paul:

de_la_Nuit,_Rev._Dr._Paul 56; French: de la nuit = "of the night"; house chaplain at White Visitation; 81; 143; "staff automatist" 146; 149 Phrase: de_la_Nuit,_Rev._Dr._Paul \Link: page:56

53.3 noline/concept    history

history "Innocent as a child, perhaps unaware–perhaps–that in his play [Mexico] wrecks the elegant rooms of history, threatens the idea of cause and effect itself. […] Will Postwar be nothing but 'events,' newly created one moment to the next? No links? Is it the end of history?" 56; "daffy about that history" 65; "historied" 71; "[War] provides the raw material to be recorded into history" 105; "Our history is an aggregate of last moments" 149; secular, 167; "is not woven by innocent hands" 277; "winter anxieties about the End of History" 277; "the multitudes passed over by God and History" 297; "when there is no more History" 303; "History and Geopolitics move them surely into confrontation" 342; "The historical moment" 388; "some dialectic is still operating in History" 540; "by the time you get any summary, the whole thing will have changed" 540-41; "he has been journeying underneath history: that history is Earth's mind" 589; rock's perspective ("Sentient Rocksters"), 612-13; "historical structure" 624; "prehistoric wastes. . .transmuted to the very substance of History" 639; "Pensiero is an agent of History" 643; Karmic Hammer, 644; predestined shape of, 701; "Theory of History" 704; "historied hands" 718; centrifugal, 737; See also Time Phrase: history \Link: page:56

53.4 noline/concept    Latin

Latin 101: In hoc signo vinces: in this sign you conquer 237: O, O, O,To-tus flore-o!Iam amore virginaliTotus ardeo . . . Oh, Oh, Oh,I bloom completely!Now with virgin loveI burn completely . . . 433: Gaudeamus igitur: Therefore, let us rejoice 580: Semper sit in flores: It is always in bloom: 616: ex Africa semper aliquid novi: from Africa always something new (quote from Pliny) Phrase: Latin \Link: page:56

53.5 noline/concept    Law_of_Negative_Induction

Law_of_Negative_Induction 56; Phrase: Law_of_Negative_Induction \Link: page:56

53.6 noline/concept    Monte_Carlo_Fallacy

Monte_Carlo_Fallacy 56; "No matter how many have fallen inside a particular square, the odds remain the same as they always were. Each hit is independent of all the others." Phrase: Monte_Carlo_Fallacy \Link: page:56

54 page: 57

54.1 noline/concept :dancing-shoe_wars:

dancing-shoe_wars 57; Phrase: dancing-shoe_wars \Link: page:57

54.2 noline/concept :fingernails_&c.:

fingernails_&c. "between his red nail-bitten hands" 57; "His fingernails draw blood" 67; "he fingernails a piece of this out from between his teeth" 117; "toenail-holds" 118; "her lacquered red fingernails" 127; "long-routinized nudge of horn, flip of hoof" 142; "ringing the snifter with his fingernail" 195; "rake his nails along inside her thighs" 222; "raking dreamy fingernails down the morning" 226; "She has filed her nails to long points" 233; "stroking with her fingernails her labia" 235; "pedicured Mayfair address" 270; "chewed-down fingernails sharp as a saw" 294; "television images flickering aross their toenails" 296; "receives it in long dirty fingernails" 365; "brushing tears from his face with the tips of her nails. […] The nails are very sharp" 444; "She flicks a pale bitten thumbnail from one of her top teeth" 445; "scarlet nails digging sharp as needles" 469; "needle-tipped fingers" 469; "Flipping his fingernail against a large clear African mask" 487; "He breaks a fingernail" 531; "scratching and picking with dirt-black fingernails" 542; "a very large white finger […] Its Fingernail is beautifully manicured" 566; "[Marvy's] toenails, cut Army-square" 606; "cusp-flicks of fingernails" 664; "scratching […] with a horn finger" 710; "corporate teeth and polished fingernails" 714; "Tchitcherine's toenail clippings" 717; "sketched in clay with her long fingernail" 734; See also paraboloids; Interface Phrase: fingernails_&c. \Link: page:57

54.3 noline/concept    nihilism

nihilism cheap nihilism, 57, 58, 129; Malcolm "the Unthinkable Nihilist," 64; "Nihilist transposition," 72; "nihilistic–pleasure," 96; Nora Dotson-Truck, "erotic nihilist," 149; "bones and heart alert to Nothing" 267; Tchitcherine "comes from Nihilist stock," 338; "Slothrop at the rail looking at nothing" 527; See also vacuum; Void; Zero Phrase: nihilism \Link: page:57

54.4 noline/concept    Puritans

Puritans Calvinist insanity, 57; "a Puritan reflex of seeking other orders behind the visible" 188; "all those word-smitten Puritans dangling off of Slothrop's family tree" 207; "Just a neuter, just a recording eye" 216; "all those earlier Slothrops packing Bibles around the blue hilltops as part of their gear, memorizing chapter and verse the structures of Arks, Temples, Visionary Thrones–all the materials and dimensions." 241-42; "it was vanity, vanity as his Puritan forerunners had known it, bones and heart alert to Nothing" 267; "initiated at Harvard into the Puritan Mysteries" 267; "WASPs in buckled black" 281; "Providence's little pal" 379; "glozing neuters of the world" 510, 677; Providence, 537, 585; "second Sheep" 555; hopes for the Word, 571; and money, 652; Wm. Slothrop's hymn, 760; See also Hand of Providence; Preterite Phrase: Puritans \Link: page:57

55 page: 59

55.1 line: 01 :-02 Frank Bridge Variations:

The "Frank Bridge Variations" is a composition ("Variations on a Theme by Frank Bridge," Opus 10, 1937) by Benjamin Britten, named after one of his teachers. It was one of Britten's first works to win international notice.

Phrase: -02 Frank Bridge Variations \Link: page:59

55.2 line: 1    Variations

"Variations on a Theme by Frank Bridge" is one of Benjamin Britten's best-known compositions! Also, "over separate radio bandwidths" is meaningless; you can say "at/on different frequencies" or "in different bands. Phrase: Variations \Link: page:59

55.3 noline/concept :Edward_VIII(1894-1972):

Edward_VIII(1894-1972) 59; succeeded his father, George V, as King of Great Britain and Ireland in January 20, 1936, but abdicated on December 11, 1936 due to disapproval of his proposed marriage to Mrs. Edward Simpson. He was then given the title Duke of Windsor. Phrase: Edward_VIII(18942) \Link: page:59

55.4 noline/concept    Robin

Robin 59; childhood friend recalled by Jessica Phrase: Robin \Link: page:59

56 page: 60

56.1 line: 5    Bonechapel

This isn't a postal district, it is a probably fictitious address in the entirely factual E1 postal district of London. The 11th edition of London A to Z doesn't list a Bonechapel Phrase: Bonechapel \Link: page:60

56.2 noline/concept    Big_Apple

Big_Apple 60; dance in Slothrop's Sodium Amytal session Phrase: Big_Apple \Link: page:60

56.3 noline/concept    Castle_Walk

Castle_Walk 60; dance in Slothrop's Sodium Amytal session Phrase: Castle_Walk \Link: page:60

56.4 noline/concept    Lindy_Hop

Lindy_Hop 60; dance in Slothrop's Sodium Amytal session Phrase: Lindy_Hop \Link: page:60

57 page: 61

57.1 line: 17    Amytal

A near-homophone of amatol, the explosive in the V missile warheads Phrase: Amytal \Link: page:61

57.2 noline/concept    Charlottesville_shoat

Charlottesville_shoat 61; dance in Slothrop's Sodium Amytal session Phrase: Charlottesville_shoat \Link: page:61

57.3 noline/concept    Laredo_lamb

Laredo_lamb 61; dance in Slothrop's Sodium Amytal session Phrase: Laredo_lamb \Link: page:61

57.4 noline/concept    Sodium_Amytal

Sodium_Amytal 61; truth serum; used on Slothrop; induces "toilet"/Kenosha Kid episode; used on von Göll, 511-14; 746 Phrase: Sodium_Amytal \Link: page:61

58 page: 63

58.1 line: 22 : Red, the Negro shoeshine boy:

Stating the obvious, Red is 1Malcolm X, whose nickname "Red" referred to his hair color – a dark cinnamon brown. In February 1941 Malcolm moved to Boston to live with his older half-sister, worked a variety of jobs including shoeshine and became involved in Boston's "underworld fringe," pimping among other things. Phrase: Red, the Negro shoeshine boy \Link: page:63

58.2 line: 32 :-37 "Yardbird" Parker is finding out [ . . . ]:

Correspondent Igor Zabel offers the following addition to

58.3 noline/concept :Dan_Wall's_Chili_House:

Dan_Wall's_Chili_House 63; where Charlie Parker is playing, in Harlem Phrase: Dan_Wall's_Chili_House \Link: page:63

58.4 noline/concept    Malcolm

Malcolm 63; "very tall, skinny, extravagantly conked redhead Negro shoeshine boy" in Roseland Ballroom; aka "Red" and Malcolm X; 65; "Now don't you remember Red Malcolm up there, That kid with the Red Devil Lye in his hair" 67; 688 Phrase: Malcolm \Link: page:63

58.5 noline/concept    Roseland_Ballroom

Roseland_Ballroom 63; in Boston–where Slothrop drops his harmonica down the toilet in the men's room while vomiting; 623; 688 Phrase: Roseland_Ballroom \Link: page:63

58.6 noline/concept    Wizard_of_Oz The

Wizard_of_Oz,_The Munchkin voice, 63; "obsessive as Munchkins" 270; "Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas any more. . . ." 279; "Amy Sprue was not, like young skipping Dorothy's antagonist, a mean witch" 329; Slothrop and Schnorp taking off in scarlet and yellow balloon, 332-33; "'Follow the yellow-brick road,' hums Albert Krypton, on pitch, 'follow the yellow brick road,' what's this, is he actually, yes he's skipping. . . ." 5 Phrase: Wizard_of_Oz,_The \Link: page:63

59 page: 64

59.1 line: 19 : "'Slip the talcum to me, Malcolm!'":

This homoerotic scene seems based on some facts. It is known that Malcolm X prostituted himself for money and according to Bruce Perry's biography, Malcolm: The Life of a Man Who Changed Black America (Station Hill, New York, 1991) he had various homosexual liaisons throughout his life. Interestingly, Malcolm worked as a butler to a wealthy Boston bachelor, 5William Paul Lennon. According to Malcolm's sidekick Malcolm Jarvis, he [Malcolm] was paid to sprinkle Lennon with talcum powder and bring him to orgasm. Phrase: "'Slip the talcum to me, Malcolm!'" \Link: page:64

60 page: 65

60.1 line: 15 : "Gobbler" Biddle:

The Biddles are one of the leading families of Philadelphia, who sometimes vacationed in the Berkshires. Specifically, the "Gobbler" could be Nicholas Biddle (Harvard, 1944). Interestingly

60.2 line: 16 : Fu's Folly in Cambridge:

Although, as 7Weisenburger notes, the character is named for Fu Manchu (who is an important reference for Pointsman later in the novel), it should be recalled that there was also a "Fu" who was a member of the Whole Sick Crew in V.

Resembles the old Young & Yee Restaurant (now closed) at 27 Church Street, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA, which for over 40 years slopped greasey chop suey. An anachronism to the novel's time period, yes, but perhaps an inspiration to the author. Phrase: Fu's Folly in Cambridge \Link: page:65

60.3 line: 33 : Jack Kennedy:

Contrary to 8Weisenburger, Kennedy's first book was titled Why England Slept (not "When").

JFK is said to be in Slothrop's Harvard class. Estimating, Slothrop was born ca 1917-18 and entered Harvard in 1936, the year of Harvard's tricentennial. They were both in their mid-20s during the action in GR. Phrase: Jack Kennedy \Link: page:65

60.4 noline/concept :Biddle:"Gobbler":

Biddle,_"Gobbler" 65; college buddy of Slothrop's who appears in toilet episode Phrase: Biddle,_"Gobbler" \Link: page:65

60.5 noline/concept :Fu's_Folly:

Fu's_Folly 65; chop suey joint in Cambridge, recalled by Slothrop; [The I Ching Connection]; [Fu first appeared as a member of the Whole Sick Crew in Pynchon's first novel, V.] Phrase: Fu's_Folly \Link: page:65

60.6 noline/concept    gravity

gravity ["Gravity's Rainbow" - what is it?] "violated gravity somehow" 65; "sigh of gravity" 296; "Gravity's grey eminence" 302; "the young scientist-surrogate will be going round and round with old Gravity" 361; "she wants to lose her gravity" 538; "always at the mercy of" 584; "To find that gravity […] is really something eerie" 590; "I am Gravity" 639; "generations of gravities" 672; "Center of Gravity" 700; "nothing but his asshole between Gravity and Roger" 709; "Gravity rules" 723; "modest preview of gravitational collapse" 737; "a wine rush is defying" 743; "gravity feed" 758; "Gravity dies away briefly" 759 Phrase: gravity \Link: page:65

60.7 noline/concept :Kennedy:John_F.("Jack")(1917-63):

Kennedy,_John_F.("Jack")(1917-63) 35th president of the United States and son of Joseph Kennedy. A handsome and charismatic man, he was assassinated in Dallas, Texas in 1963; in Slothrop's class at Harvard, 65; 682; 688

The Kenosha Kidby Forbes Parkhill (Aug 1931)"Hatred and dread hung over the town like a pall. Pard turned against pard; every man suspected his neighbor. And to solve that mystery, The Kenosha Kid -- Robinhood of straights and flushes – plays his most thrilling game for a desperation jackpot." Phrase: Kennedy,_John_F.("Jack")(1917-63) \Link: page:65

60.8 noline/concept :Pitt:J._Peter:

Pitt,_J._Peter 65; friend of Slothrop's who appears in toilet adventure Phrase: Pitt,_J._Peter \Link: page:65

60.9 noline/concept :Sidney's_Great_Yellow_Grille:

Sidney's_Great_Yellow_Grille 65; recalled by Slothrop during Sodium Amytal session Phrase: Sidney's_Great_Yellow_Grille \Link: page:65

60.10 noline/concept    STONES


Phrase: STONES \Link: page:65

60.11 noline/concept    Stonybloke Will

Stonybloke,_Will 65; friend of Slothrop's who appears in toilet adventure Phrase: Stonybloke,_Will \Link: page:65

60.12 noline/concept    Villard Dumpster

Villard,_Dumpster 65; buddy of Slothrop's who appears in "toilet adventure" 65; in Slothrop's dream, 255 Phrase: Villard,_Dumpster \Link: page:65

61 page: 66

61.1 line: 39 : Capehart:

The 10Capehart automatic phonograph with a turn-over mechanism was the epitome of luxury phonographs, technical excellence and supreme electronics in the 1930s and 40s. Phrase: Capehart \Link: page:66

61.2 noline/concept    religion

religion "something vaguely religious" 66; Chain of Being, 77; "every true god must be both organizer and destroyer" 99; "God is creator and destroyer, sun and darkness, all sets of opposites brought together" 100; "rocket-mysticism" 154; "presence of the Creator much more direct" 214; "Judaized" 219; Krishna, 276; "ice-saints" 281; "There may be no gods, but there is a pattern" 322; Chance = God, 323, 613; "Allah has smiled on us" 365; "breath of God" 454; God's signature, 463; Manichaean, 631, 727; always about death, 701; Pan, 720; Buddha, 733; "By all the holy names of God" 734; See also Puritans; Christianity;Hand of Providence/God; Islam Phrase: religion \Link: page:66

62 page: 67

62.1 noline/concept :Crutchfield(Crouchfield):

Crutchfield(Crouchfield) 67; character in Kenosha Kid episode; "the only westward man"; 114 Phrase: Crutchfield(Crouchfield) \Link: page:67

62.2 noline/concept    moon

moon "no moon" 67; "the halfmoon shines" 104; men on the, 132; "is it the moon?" 123; "toy rockets to the moon" 154; "the dead moon" 163; "we can fly to the moon" 175; "blanched scar of moon" 195; "moonlight reflected from the mirror" 195; "moongrained" 196; astrologer's, 220; "chosen for its affinity to moonlight" 265; "voices twittering with moonlight" 268; "as among craters of the pale moon" 270; "the lunacy of her purple eyes" 271; true message to Hereros, 322; "Me trama con la disquietante luna" 383; "under a moon newly calved" 398; "Passing over the bright rays of Kepler, the rugged solitude of the Southern Highlands, the spectacular views at Copernicus and Eratosthenes, she chose a small pretty crater in the Sea of Tranquility called Maskelyne B." 410; and Ilse, 410; cycles, 414; "the moon that ruled her" 415; "Have you given up so easily on the Moon?" 420; "Her round straw hat a frail moon" 421; Lunar motion, 452; "buttocks rise like moons" 466; "enormous slick stretching away moonward, to the threshold of the north wind" 609; "moon minaret" 637; Katje "felt the moon in the soles of her feet" 657; "brightening and darkening as if by itself" 692; "The moon has risen" 720; moonlight, 721; "our new Deathkingdom" 723; 734; [Check out: Borges' "The Moon" in Dreamtigers (1964)] Phrase: moon \Link: page:67

63 page: 68

63.1 line: 01 : Half an Ark's better than none.:

For Crutchfield, there is only one of everything, as opposed to two of every animal on Noah's (whole) Ark. (And how much use is half an Ark in a flood, anyway?) Phrase: Half an Ark's better than none. \Link: page:68

63.2 line: 27    Berdoo

Correct spelling is Bernardino Phrase: Berdoo \Link: page:68

64 page: 69

64.1 line: 2 : terre mauvais:

The "badlands." Phrase: terre mauvais \Link: page:69

64.2 line: 12    faro

Players wager on the top 2 or 3 cards of the dealer's deck. See any "Hoyle's" book for a description Phrase: faro \Link: page:69

64.3 line: 14 : a bandana of the regulation magenta and green:

The coal-tar colors of organic chemistry that resonate throughout the novel. Coal tar colors? Coal tar is a brown or black liquid of high viscosity, Wikipedia. Pynchon seems to associate positive things with these colors–see Against the Day particularly–as he does with bandanas. A-and bananas. Phrase: a bandana of the regulation magenta and green \Link: page:69

64.4 line: 16 : Rancho Peligroso:

Evokes the Siege Perilous of the Arthurian Grail legend as well as Rancho Notorious, a 1952 Western directed by Fritz Lang and starring Marlene Dietrich. See note at 12V321.06-07 Phrase: Rancho Peligroso \Link: page:69

64.5 line: 27 : callipygian rondure:

rondure – a circular or gracefully rounded object. Phrase: callipygian rondure \Link: page:69

64.6 noline/concept    polymorphous_perversity

polymorphous_perversity "Crouchfield, doing it with both sexes and all animals except for rattlesnakes […] but lately seems he's been havin' these fantasies about that rattlesnake, too!" 69; Catherine the Great, 343, 344; "it's an open house here, no favored senses or organs, all are equally at play" 439; "an expansion of music's polymorphous perversity till all notes were truly equal at last" 440; woman at dog show in Slothrop's 3-part dream, 447; on the Anubis, 463, 467; "a megalomaniac master plan of sexual love with every individual one of the People in the World" 547; at Putzi's, 602; in the Zone, 613-14; See also Counterforce; Rocket limericks Phrase: polymorphous_perversity \Link: page:69

64.7 noline/concept    Whappo

Whappo 69; "Norwegian mulatto lad" in Toilet Adventure and Crutchfield's "little pard"; 114 Phrase: Whappo \Link: page:69

65 page: 70

65.1 line: 4    platanos

Plátanos are plantains Phrase: platanos \Link: page:70

65.2 line: 36    segway

Hmmm Phrase: segway \Link: page:70

66 page: 71

66.1 line: 11 : kryptosam:

Correspondent Matthias Bauer notes that "sam" derives from the German "samen," for "seed." "Krypto," of course, derives from the same word as "cryptography," the study of codes. 16Weisenburger claims that the "tyrosine" from which kryptosam is supposed to derive is "undoubtedly fictional," but it is in fact an amino acid, which can convert to melanin, just as Jamf's note indicates (although it is unclear whether semen will in fact act as the catalytic agent).

Tyrosine is found in casein, and the name derives from the Greek, tyros meaning cheese.

Significant properties of note for Tyrosine: - Tyrosine functions as a 27phenol, which Nazi doctors used in injections for rapid executions. Phenols were used extensively at Auschwitz-Birkenau. - Tyrosine occurs in proteins that are part of the 28signal transduction process – a biological processes that converts one kind of signal or stimulus into another – cell signalling.

Phrase: kryptosam \Link: page:71

66.2 line: 11    Kryptosam

Oh dear oh dear. Kryptosam isn't hard, from kryptos and German Samen 'semen'. But tyrosine isn't hard either, and I find it genuinely shocking that W failed this one. It's an amino acid, named from Greek tyros 'cheese', one substance where it occurs. Compare your spanakotiropita, Greek spinach and cheese pie. "[I]t is decrypted" may just be a cute gag, or W may have confused developing a latent image with decrypting a text Phrase: Kryptosam \Link: page:71

66.3 line: 12 :IG Farben:

In present-day German we'd write Interessengemeinschaft as one word, but possibly at some past time the name was two words as in W. Further, correct German for OKW is Oberkommando der Wehrmacht. W may be confusing OKW (German armed forces high command) with OKH or Oberkommando des Heeres (German army high command). Again at 242.9-15 Phrase: IG Farben \Link: page:71

66.4 noline/concept :Bayros:von(1866-1924):

Bayros,_von(1866-1924) German illustrator and part of the resurgence of book illustration in German during the Weimar years. He illustrated an edition of Dante's Divina commedia (1921) which show the an Art Nouveau influence; "the drawing is in pen and ink, very finely textured, somewhat after the style of von Bayros or Beardsley" 71; "the hairless cunt derives from the women von Bayros drew" 330 Phrase: Bayros,_von(18664) \Link: page:71

66.5 noline/concept :Beardsley:_Aubry(1872-98):

Beardsley,__Aubry(1872-98) An English illustrator, Beardsley is known for his (often erotically charged) illustrations for Oscar Wilde's Salome, Alexander Pope's Rape of the Lock and other black-and-white works. Along with Oscar Wilde, he was considered a leader of "The Decadents" of the 1890s; 71; 634; Phrase: Beardsley,__Aubry(1872-98) \Link: page:71

66.6 noline/concept    Kryptosam

Kryptosam 71; used to encrypt messages; de-crypted by rubbing cum on it Phrase: Kryptosam \Link: page:71

66.7 noline/concept    OKW

OKW German: "Oberkommando der Wehrmacht" = "High Command of the Armed Forces"; "'Kryptosam' is a proprietary form of stabilized tyrosine, developed by IG Farben as part of a research contract with OKW." 71; "OKW weapons procurement" 163; "Either a clerk at OKW fucked up, which is not unheard-of" 242; "a section of the General Staff that maintained OKW's liaison with industry. The IG's own liaison with OKW was handled by Vermittlungsstelle W" 630 Phrase: OKW \Link: page:71

67 page: 72

67.1 line: 32 :Was tust Du:

Not "for the war," for victory Phrase: Was tust Du \Link: page:72

67.2 noline/concept :information/messages:

information/messages "Slowly then, a revelation through the nacreous film of his seed, comes a message" 72; "a legend to be deciphered by lords of the winter" 73; "conversion factor between information and lives" 105; "a net of information" 165; "the only real medium of exchange" 258; mixed-up messages: "how'd you like to get fixed up with a big oilman tonight?" 243; "the sly hare who nests in the moon brought death among men, instead of the Moon's true message" 322; "Another lost message" 323; "the pure, the informationless state of signal zero" 404; "their power now lay. . .in information and expertise" 427; "travelers lost at the edge of the Evening. Come with a message" 435; "Saves you trouble later if you "The Mothers. . .exchange information" 505; "Maybe they're not dots. . .maybe they're dashes." 515; "we are not to be spared the ancient tragedy of lost messages" 520; "they don't want my information" 522; "[Katje] knows a message when she sees it. […] It is a message, in code" 535; "a coming-together of opposites that signaled then his own approach to the Kirghiz Light. What does it signal this time?" 610-11; "what he was really drawing was the A4 rocket" 624; "no serial time over there: events are all there in the same eternal moment and so certain message don't always 'make sense' back here: they lack historical structure" 624; "Roger's shins are not set up for this kind of information" 632; "a face of metal" 635; "Is there information for us?" 642; Mr. Information, 644-45; "the War is keeping things alive. Things." 645; "it's only" 650; A Nickel Saved, 664; "The text of each issue of the magazine. . .yields many interesting messages" 665; messages, 666; "Hey man gimme some skin, man!" 675; message in cigarette pack, 680-81; Khlaetsch's cries for help, 683-84; "diversionary nuisance. . .or Decadent Aristocracy" 698; messages to Geli about Tchicherine, 719; can get the Texts straight as soon as they're spoken." 729; Henryk: "He's called 'the Hare' because he can never get messages right" 730; See also entropy

INNOCENCE See also Pigs

Phrase: information/messages \Link: page:72

68 page: 73

68.1 noline/concept    Glacists

Glacists 73; "lords of the winter" who can decipher ice Phrase: Glacists \Link: page:73

68.2 noline/concept    Ick_Regis_Abbey

Ick_Regis_Abbey 73; located near the White Visitation in Ick Regis; "its roof long ago taken at the manic whim of Henry VIII"; 138 Phrase: Ick_Regis_Abbey \Link: page:73

68.3 noline/concept    Le_Froyd _Reg

Le_Froyd,__Reg 73; "King of the Cold" and inmate at the White Visitation who in 1925 escapes and leaps into the sea, i.e., "steps back into the void" Phrase: Le_Froyd,__Reg \Link: page:73

68.4 noline/concept    Lord_of_the_Sea

Lord_of_the_Sea 73; aka "Bert", heard by Reg Le Froyd Phrase: Lord_of_the_Sea \Link: page:73

68.5 noline/concept    Stuggles Constable

Stuggles,_Constable 73; tried to stop LeFroyd from jumping off cliff; 74 Phrase: Stuggles,_Constable \Link: page:73

68.6 noline/concept    Void

Void "'Bert is fine,' he says, and steps back into the void" 73; "'"The White Visitation" is fine,' she said, and stepped into the void …" 106; Nora's void, 150; "white abyss" 151; "before his birth…the void long before he ought to be remembering" 219; "the silences here are retreats of sound" 336; "Announcing the void" 470; "out into some void" 488; "surrender […] to the void" 578; "a few good […] voids" 587; "cessation of noise" 694; sound-shadow, 695-96, 711; "vacuum […] gleaming in the Void" 699; "hearing the pauses instead of the notes" 713; See also nihilism; Sound-Shadow; vacuum; Zero Phrase: Void \Link: page:73

69 page: 74

69.1 noline/concept :Dawes-era:

Dawes-era 74; Charles Dawes (1865-1951) was the vice-president under Coolidge from 1925-29. He headed the commission that drew up the "Dawes plan" setting out German reparation payments in 1924 Phrase: Dawes-era \Link: page:74

69.2 noline/concept :Eisenhower:_Dwight_D.("Ike")(1890-1969):

Eisenhower,__Dwight_D.("Ike")(1890-1969) American General in WWII and 34th U.S. president (1948-56); "laid down the controlling guideline, the 'strategy of truth' idea. Something 'real,' Ike insisted on" 74; "Psychological Warfare Division […] reporting direct to" 76; "[Slothrop's] sooper dooper SHAEF pass, signed off by Ike" 298; caricature of on Toiletship, 450; "on the radio announcing the invasion of Normandy" on D-Day, and Pökler thinks his voice is identical to Clark Gable's, 577 Phrase: Eisenhower,__Dwight_D.("Ike")(1890-1969) \Link: page:74

69.3 noline/concept    Foreign_Office

Foreign_Office Political Intelligence Department (P.I.D.) of, 74, 206 Phrase: Foreign_Office \Link: page:74

69.4 noline/concept    Grimm the_Brothers

Grimm,_the_Brothers 74; Brothers Jacob Grimm (1785-1863) and Wilhelm Grimm (1786-1859) are known for their collections of folk songs and folktales, especially Kinder- und Hausmärchen ("Child and Family Fairy Tales," aka "Grimm's Fairy Tales") (1812-22), which formed a foundation for the science of comparative folklore. Apparently, Jacob Grimm's large work Teutonic Mythology provided source material for Gravity's Rainbow. Phrase: Grimm,_the_Brothers \Link: page:74

69.5 noline/concept    Grunton _Myron

Grunton,__Myron 74; worked for BBC; instrumental in creating Operation Black Wing; works at White Visitation; 92; 112; 227; "again a full-time wireless personality" 273

Guardian, the 293; The Manchester Guardian is (according to Evan Corcoran) the farthest left-wing of the major English papers, and it is also the only major English paper not based in London; the paper that Ian Scuffling allegedly works for Phrase: Grunton,__Myron \Link: page:74

69.6 noline/concept    Herero_Translations


Hereros 74; Ex-colonials from the Südwest (South-West Africa) living in Germany; "your dark, secret children" 75; "Ndjambi Karunga" = god or fucking, 100; 153; in exile in Germany for 2 generations, 315; "Last pocket of pre-Christian oneness" 321; "the village built like a mandala" 321; Gondwanaland, 321; 1904 Herero Rebellion, 361; Ovatjimba (aardvark) people, 403; almost wiped out by Germans in 1904, 452; washing-blue "abortifacient" 519; St. Pauli (washing-blue connection), 525; "An Introduction to Modern Herero" 536; "we had been passed over by von Trotha's army so that we would find the Aggregat" 563; 657; "built in mandalic form like a Herero village" 725 Phrase: Herero_Translations \Link: page:74

69.7 noline/concept    naming

naming "Was Our Side seeking to demoralize the German Beast by broadcasting to him random thoughts of the mad, naming for him […] the deep, the scarcely seen" 74; "snare them in words," 99; "words are only an eye-twitch away from the things they stand for," 100; "No language meant no chance of co-opting them in to what their round and flaxen invaders were calling Salvation" 110; "before wishes were given a separate name to warn that they might not come true" 177; "stuffed paper illusions. . .between him and this truth," 234; "fear of having a soul captured. . .by a name," 302; "Can his name. . .break their power?" 321; "the act of," 322, 366; Nameless Thing, 341; "How alphabetic the nature of molecules," 355; German mania for name-giving, separating namer from named, 391; 443; "those names are not magic," 464; "verbal, ranked and uniformed," 478; "children at the threshold of language," 487; "words. . .only delta-t from the things they stand for," 510; "worded over," 589; "secret Function whose name. . .cannot be spoken," 590; "a screen of words between himself and the numinous," 668; "holy names of God," 734; "Names of Power," 734; See also NTA; Routinization of Charisma Phrase: naming \Link: page:74

69.8 noline/concept :Peron:Juan(1895-1974):

Peron,_Juan(1895-1974) Army colonel founded and led the Peronist movement who was president of Argentina 1946-55 and 1973-74. After his election as president, he instituted greater economic and social benefits for the working class (wage increases and fringe benefits) and nationalized the railroads and other utilities, as well as financed large-scale public works. Ideologically, he staked his Third Position between communism and capitalism. His wife was Evita ("don't cry for me, Argentina, &c. &c."); 263 Phrase: Peron,_Juan(1895-1974) \Link: page:74

69.9 noline/concept    Schwarzkommando

Schwarzkommando 74-75; German: "blackcommand"; black rocket troops; 112;found out about a week before V.E. Day 276; Slothrop runs into two dozen on train to Nordhausen, 286; Hitler's failed plan to create Nazi empire in black Africa, training troops in Südwest, 287; "They have a plan. . .I think it's rockets" 288; "we're DPs like everybody else" 288; Herero rocket troops assembling a rocket for one last stand, 326; "it is their time, their space" 326; their mandala is the five positions of the launching switch for A4, 361; digging up A4 in Berlin, 361; "mba-kayere" (I am passed over), 362; why they seek the Rocket, 362, 563; growing away from SS and their power becoming information and expertise, 427; in their own space, 519; Herero village arranged like a mandala, 563; must be stopped before they fire the Rocket, 565; "they have their rocket all assembled at last" 673; the trek to the firing site of the 00001, 726; 12 children at a "children's resort" (Zwölfkinder means "12 children" in German–GET IT?), 725 Phrase: Schwarzkommando \Link: page:74

70 page: 75

70.1 line: 30 : Dr. Porkyevitch:

Another suggestion of one of Pynchon's favorite motifs, the little cartoon hero Porky Pig. See note at 23V545.04-05 Phrase: Dr. Porkyevitch \Link: page:75

70.2 noline/concept    ARF

ARF 75; Abreaction Research Facility - run by Pointsman at White Visitation; See also abreaction Phrase: ARF \Link: page:75

70.3 noline/concept    Hinduism

Hinduism "face as blue as Krishna" 276 Phrase: Hinduism \Link: page:75

70.4 noline/concept    Hippocratic_temperament

Hippocratic_temperament 75; Hippocrates (?c.460-377 or 359 BC) (the "father of medicine") categorized people into different temperaments (phlegmatic, humid, bilious, melancholic), each of which described a constellation of tendencies and required a unique approach to the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Phrase: Hippocratic_temperament \Link: page:75

70.5 noline/concept    Koltushy_institute

Koltushy_institute 75; where Porkyevitch worked with Pavlov "back before the purge trials" Phrase: Koltushy_institute \Link: page:75

71 page: 76

71.1 noline/concept    Analysis

Analysis "a spot of combinatorial analysis, that favorite pastime of retired Army officers" 76; " 'I wonder if you people aren't a bit too–well, strong, on the virtues of analysis'" 88; "the stairstep gables that front so many of these ancient north-German buildings […] They hold shape, they endure, like monuments to Analysis." 576; "It wasn't Europe's Original Sin–the latest name for that is Modern Analysis" 722; "Europe came and established its order of Analysis and Death" 722; See also Routinization of Charisma Phrase: Analysis \Link: page:76

71.2 noline/concept    Fitzmaurice_House

Fitzmaurice_House 76; Foreign Office Political Intelligence Dept. located there; Stephen Dodson-Truck works there, 215; 221; 228 Phrase: Fitzmaurice_House \Link: page:76

71.3 noline/concept    Metropolis


[Greek: "Mother City"]

"ARF remains a colony to the metropolitan war" 76; "His erection hums from a certain distance, like an instrument installed, wired by Them into his body as a colonial outpost here in our raw and clamorous world, another office representing Their white Metropolis far away" 285; "Early Rhenish missionaries began to bring them back to the Metropolis, that great dull zoo" 315; "Out and down in the colonies, life can be indulged, life and sensuality in all its forms, with no harm done to the Metropolis" 317; "they can pick us off out there one by one, first a campaign of attrition, then a coordinated raid…leaving then only this metropolis, under siege, to strangle" 326; "inside the metropolitan organ entirely, all other colonial tissue forgotten and left to fend for itself" 470; Rudolph Klein-Rogge, 578; Brigitte Helm, 578; "American Death has come to occupy Europe. It has learned empire from its old metropolis" 722

Metropolis Home Page

See also cities; Fritz Lang; [Quote] Phrase: Metropolis \Link: page:76

71.4 noline/concept    OSS

OSS 76; Office of Strategic Services - U.S. (oss = bone); "moneyed Republicans behind" 77; 268 Phrase: OSS \Link: page:76

71.5 noline/concept    OWI

OWI 76; Office of War Information; "the new dealers of" 77 Phrase: OWI \Link: page:76

71.6 noline/concept    PWD

PWD 76; Political Warfare Division, Army Phrase: PWD \Link: page:76

72 page: 77

72.1 noline/concept :Carnegie:Dale(1888-1955):

Carnegie,_Dale(1888-1955) 77; Pioneer in public speaking and personality development. He became famous by showing others how to become successful. His book How to Win Friends and Influence People (1936) has sold more than 10 million copies and has been translated into many languages. His books became popular because of his illustrative stories and simple, well-phrased rules. Two of his most famous maxims are, "Believe that you will succeed, and you will," and "Learn to love, respect and enjoy other people." Phrase: Carnegie,_Dale(18885) \Link: page:77

72.2 noline/concept    Coueists

Coueists 77; Coueism is a form of psychotherapy dependent upon auto-suggestion developed and promoted by emile Coue (1857-1926), a French pharmacist. The central tenent of his system was "Every day, and in every way, I am becoming better and better" Phrase: Coueists \Link: page:77

72.3 noline/concept :MacDonald:Ramsay(1866-1937):

MacDonald,_Ramsay(1866-1937) 77; First Labour Party prime minister of Great Britain, in the Labour governments of 1924 and 1929-31 and in the national coalition government of 1931-35. Phrase: MacDonald,_Ramsay(1866-1937) \Link: page:77

72.4 noline/concept    New_Dealers

New_Dealers 77; Started in 1933 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the "New Deal" program was set up to combat the Great Depression, by abandoning the gold standard, devaluing the dollar, state intervention in the credit market, agricultural price support, and the passage of the Social Security Act (1935) which provided for old-age and unemployment insurance. Phrase: New_Dealers \Link: page:77

72.5 noline/concept    Ouspenskian_nonsense

Ouspenskian_nonsense Russian philosopher P.D. Ouspensky was a disciple of George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff (c.1872-1949), the Greco-Armenian mystic and philosopher who founded an influential quasi-religious movement (Fusion guitarist Robert Fripp is a modern disciple of Gurdjieff's). Gurdjieff's asserted that human life as ordinarily lived is similar to sleep and, if one is willing to work to transcend the sleeping state, one could reach remarkably high levels of vitality and awareness. Ouspensky mediated Gurdjieff's teachings and Western readers; 77 Phrase: Ouspenskian_nonsense \Link: page:77

72.6 noline/concept    Things_That_Can_Happen_in_European_Politics

Things_That_Can_Happen_in_European_Politics 77; Pudding's project which falls victim to Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and/or Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem; 275 Phrase: Things_That_Can_Happen_in_European_Politics \Link: page:77

73 page: 78

73.1 line: 12 : Cecil Beaton's photograph of Margot Asquith:

Another example of the Turning Head motif. Phrase: Cecil Beaton's photograph of Margot Asquith \Link: page:78

73.2 line: 20    metronome

It must be 80 [beats] per minute, not per second. Eighty ticks a second makes a low-pitched buzz. Evidently P's error Phrase: metronome \Link: page:78

73.3 noline/concept :Asquith:_Margot(1865-1945):

Asquith,__Margot(1865-1945) 78; daughter of Sir Charles Tennant and second wife of Herbert Henry Asquith (1852-1928), a British statesman; She wrote Autobiography in 1922; [Photo of Asquith, aka Lady Oxford, taken by Beaton]

Phrase: Asquith,__Margot(18655) \Link: page:78

73.4 noline/concept :Beaton:Cecil(1904-80):

Beaton,_Cecil(1904-80) 78; Beaton was an English photographer of fashion and high-society celebrities (including royalty), as well as a designer of costumes and sets for ballet; his "photograph of Margot Asquith" Phrase: Beaton,_Cecil(1904-80) \Link: page:78

73.5 noline/concept    Chilkes Maudie

Chilkes,_Maudie 78; works at PISCES; 141; seduces Pointsman, 168-69 Phrase: Chilkes,_Maudie \Link: page:78

73.6 noline/concept    Vanya Dog

Vanya,_Dog 78; laboratory animal at White Visitation; 79; 90; 229 Phrase: Vanya,_Dog \Link: page:78

74 page: 79

74.1 line: 13 : Webley Silvernail:

Webley is the name of the British gun manufacturer. The Berkshire Hills cites Silvernail House in West Stockbridge as one of the oldest houses in that town (TBH 99). Phrase: Webley Silvernail \Link: page:79

74.2 line: 18 : Geza Rozsavolgyi:

The family name means neither "evil valley" as it stands in Weisenburger's Companion, nor "of the pink valley" as it is in the Alphabetical Index but "of the Valley of Roses". In fact, this is a Jewish name, the literal Magyarization of the German name Rosenthal. Geza's first name also suggests the Hungarian-American psychologist Geza Roheim, who was one of the first to employ psychoanalytic critiques of culture. Rozsavolgyi is the name of a famous Budapest music store founded in 1850, which also published works by Liszt, Bartok and Kodaly, among others. Phrase: Geza Rozsavolgyi \Link: page:79

74.3 noline/concept :Haig:_Sir_Douglas(1861-1928):

Haig,__Sir_Douglas(1861-1928) 79; Field marshal of the British Expeditionary Force in World War I; led the attack at Passchendaele; See also Passchendaele Phrase: Haig,__Sir_Douglas(18618) \Link: page:79

74.4 noline/concept    Passchendaele

Passchendaele 79; Bloody battle in World War I when the British, led by Haig, attacked the Germans in Ypres in Flanders; "the stink of shit. . .is the smell of" 235; See also Haig, Sir Douglas Phrase: Passchendaele \Link: page:79

74.5 noline/concept :Rozsavölgyi:Dr._Geza:

Rozsavölgyi,_Dr._Geza 79; (Hungarian: "of the pink valley"); Hungarian; works in ARF wing;aka "Rosie" 80; violently anti-Soviet; "still with the project" 273; at Twelfth House, 632-35; son of Sandor the bulb salesman in Transylvania, 647; 692 Phrase: Rozsavölgyi,_Dr._Geza \Link: page:79

74.6 noline/concept :Sassoon:Lt._Siegfried_Lorraine(1886-1967):

Sassoon,_Lt._Siegfried_Lorraine(1886-1967) 79; English poet and novelist whose experiences in World War I made him fiercely anti-war and he wrote numerous works which reflected this hatred, including Counterattack (1918) and Satirical Poems (1926) Phrase: Sassoon,_Lt._Siegfried_Lorraine(1886-1967) \Link: page:79

74.7 noline/concept    Silvernail _Webley

Silvernail,__Webley 79; works in ARF wing at White Visitation; audiovisual guy; shows Katje film to Grigori, 113; in rat production number, 229; named "Twelfth House" 274; 533; 620 Phrase: Silvernail,__Webley \Link: page:79

75 page: 80

75.1 line: 21 :-22 "Would You Rather Be a Colonel with an Eagle on Your Shoulder,:

or a Private with a Chicken on Your Knee?" The World War I song was composed by the team of Sidney Mitchell and Archie Gottlieb in

  1. (Note: This is a correction of my earlier error in

attributing the song to the team of Harold Arlen and "Yip" Harburg, who also composed the songs for The Wizard of Oz.) Phrase: -22 "Would You Rather Be a Colonel with an Eagle on Your Shoulder, \Link: page:80

75.2 noline/concept    cucurbitaceous

cucurbitaceous 80; relating to the gourd family Phrase: cucurbitaceous \Link: page:80

75.3 noline/concept    Electra_House

Electra_House 80; During WWII the British broadcasting and radio propaganda offices were located here, in London; [MORE] Phrase: Electra_House \Link: page:80

76 page: 81

76.1 line: 08 : terrible disease like charisma:

The term charisma, derived from Ancient Greek was introduced in scholarly [and popular 6MKOHUT] usage by German sociologist Max Weber, in a book first published in 1922. He defined charismatic authority to be one of three forms of authority, the other two being traditional (feudal) authority and legal or rational authority. According to Weber, charisma is defined thus: "a certain quality of an individual personality, by virtue of which s/he is "set apart" from ordinary people and treated as endowed with supernatural, superhuman, or at least specifically exceptional powers or qualities. These as such are not accessible to the ordinary person, but are regarded as divine in origin or as exemplary, and on the basis of them the individual concerned is treated as a leader." adapted from Wikipedia Phrase: terrible disease like charisma \Link: page:81

76.2 line: 08 : rationalization:

Rationalization is a key sociological concept [from online Dictionary of Social Science]:RATIONALIZATION This term has two specific meanings in sociology. (1) The concept was developed by German sociologist Max Weber (1864-1920) who used it in two ways. First, it was the process through which magical, supernatural and religious ideas lose cultural importance in a society and ideas based on science and practical calculation become dominant. For example, in modern societies science has rationalized our understanding of weather patterns. Science explains weather patterns as a result of interaction between physical elements like wind-speed and direction, air and water temperatures, humidity, etc. In some other cultures, weather is thought to express the pleasure or displeasure of gods, or spirits of ancestors. One explanation is rationalized and scientific, the other mysterious and magical. Rationalization also involves the development of forms of social organization devoted to the achievement of precise goals by efficient means. It is this type of rationalization that we see in the development of modern business corporations and of bureaucracy. These are organizations dedicated to the pursuit of defined goals by calculated, systematically administered means. (2) Within symbolic interactionism, rationalization is used more in the everyday sense of the word to refer to providing justifications or excuses for one's actions. See use in Against the Day, page 10

76.3 line: 17 : The Reverend Paul de la Nuit:

A double pun: "Pall [dark and gloomy covering] of the night"; also "Pall de l'ennui [of boredom]." Phrase: The Reverend Paul de la Nuit \Link: page:81

76.4 line: 34 :so-called:

I'd contend there has never in the history of the world been a Hungarian who spoke English haltingly. My suggestion is that the commas signal non-native speech rhythms, not halts Phrase: so-called \Link: page:81

76.5 noline/concept :Allport_and_Vernon's_Study_of_Values:

Allport_and_Vernon's_Study_of_Values Devised in 1931 by G.W. Allport and P.E. Vernon, this "values survey" was a questionnaire consisting of 15 items. Each item presented a description of a situation followed by four options representing different possible behaviors. Each option represented one of six types of values: namely, theoretical, economic, political, aesthetic, social, or religious. For each item, subjects were asked to rank-order their preferences for the four options. For example, one question read "Should one guide one's conduct according to, or develop chief loyalties toward," the option "one's religious faith" reflecting Religious values. Another read "To what extent do the following famous persons interest or attract you?" with the option "Charles Darwin" reflecting theoretical values. Results were used to distinguish, among other things, "certainty-oriented" (ambiguity-avoidant) people vs. "uncertainty-oriented people"; seems "more human" to Paul de la Nuit than the MMPI, 81 Phrase: Allport_and_Vernon's_Study_of_Values \Link: page:81

76.6 noline/concept    Rorschach_Test

Rorschach_Test The Rorschach inkblots were developed by a Swiss psychiatrist, Hermann Rorschach (1884-1922), in an effort to reduce the time required in psychiatric diagnosis. His test consists of 10 cards, half in color and half in black and white. The subject is shown the 10 blots one at a time, the task being to describe what she sees in the blots or what they remind her of. There are no right or wrong answers; "'a so-called, "projec-tive" test'" 81; See also paranoia/connectedness Phrase: Rorschach_Test \Link: page:81

76.7 noline/concept :Routinization/_Rationalization_of_Charisma:

Routinization/_Rationalization_of_Charisma concept developed by Max Weber; Führer-principle, 81; "there should be no room for a terrible disease like charisma" 81; "we'll have shown again the stone determinacy […] of every soul" 86; "Pavlov believed the ideal […] is the true mechanical explanation" 89; "scrubbed and routinized fingers" 91; "cage his old gods, snare them in words" 99; "that vaguely criminal face on your ID card, its soul snatched by the government camera as the guillotine shutter fell" 134; "another long-routinezed nudge of horn, flip of hoof" 142; "Destiny will betray you, crush your ideals, deliver you into the same detestable BŸrgerlichkeit as your father […] fly from pain to duty, from joy to work, from commitment to neutrality." 162; "death-by- government" 176; "the rationalized power-ritual that will be the coming peace" 177; 201; "well before he loses his innocence and becomes one of them" 205; "There's just no passion at all" 216; "the Rocket's terrible passage reduced. . .to bougeois terms" 239; "dusty Dracularity, the West's ancient curse" 263; of Mittelwerke, 295; 324; 325; N.T.A., 339; writing down ajtys, 357; 416; A4's charisma, 464; routinization of sex, 467-68; "bureaucracy of departure" 470; "verbal, ranked and uniformed" 478; 508; 525; topiary, 535; "when the rages came over him, breaking through from beneath the rationalized look" 579; "the Masons had long, long degenerated into just another businessmen's club" 588; "grim rationalizing of the world" 588; Magician and the magical mandrake root, 625; "vague excitement at break in routine" 651; "You are perverting a great discovery to the uses of commerce" 665; keying waves, 698; Hexes-Stadt (you either become a bureaucrat or choose the world), 718; "the only enterprise is administrating" 718; "'Technique is just a substitute for when you get older'" 718; "The routines go on" 721; "Passageways of routine" 724; "The heroes will go on, kicked upstairs to oversee the development of bright new middle-line personnel" 752; [Attempting to impose order on GR]; See also control; grid; MMPI; naming; Rorschach Test Phrase: Routinization/_Rationalization_of_Charisma \Link: page:81

77 page: 82

77.1 line: 01 : his most famous compatriot:

Rozsavolgyi's fellow countryman would be, of course, Bela Lugosi, whose speech patterns are suggested by Pynchon's punctuation of Rozsavolgyi's dialogue. Phrase: his most famous compatriot \Link: page:82

77.2 line: 1    compatriot

Bela Lugosi Phrase: compatriot \Link: page:82

77.3 line: 11 : Dr. Aaron Thowster:

Aaron was the brother of and spokesperson for Moses. A throwster is one who makes threads out of silk. The name is fairly common in Britain.

Phrase: Dr. Aaron Thowster \Link: page:82

77.4 noline/concept    Gloucestershire_Old_Spots

Gloucestershire_Old_Spots 82; pigs Phrase: Gloucestershire_Old_Spots \Link: page:82

77.5 noline/concept    Plassy

Plassy Plassey, aka Palashi, is a historic village in east-central West Bengal state, northeastern India, and was the scene of the decisive victory of British forces under Robert Clive (1725-74) over those of the Nawab of Bengal, Siraj-ud-Dawlah (assisted by French artillery troops), in 1757. Sent to reestablish British trading stations in Bengal, Clive was aided in his mission by the treachery of the nawab's generals. At the Battle of Plassey, Clive's forces included elephants packtrains. The battle helped pave the way for the British acquisition of Bengal and established Clive as its virtual master; "Clive and his elephants stomping the French at" 82

PLASTIC See also Imipolex G; Plasticman

Phrase: Plassy \Link: page:82

77.6 noline/concept    Throwster Aaron

Throwster,_Aaron 82; colleague of Pointsman's; "ARF's resident neurosurgeon" 113; 146; 227 Phrase: Throwster,_Aaron \Link: page:82

77.7 noline/concept :W.C.:

W.C. 82; water closet, British for toilet or bathroom Phrase: W.C. \Link: page:82

78 page: 83

78.1 line: 34 :-37 meddling with another man's mind…Harvard University:

During WWII 21Dr Henry A. Murray, then assistant director of the Harvard Psychological Clinic, joined the OSS in Europe and assisted James Miller in developing psychological profiles of prospective special agents – so called stress tests. He also analyzed Hitler for the Allies, predicting that if Germany lost the war, Hitler would commit suicide; that Hitler was impotent as far as heterosexual relations were concerned; and that Hitler had possibly participated in a homosexual relationship – all suggestive of Blicero.

After 1947 and the Cold War it seemed every self-respecting psychologist was doing side jobs for the CIA in "persuasion technologies" including LSD, various other drugs, sleep deprivation, isolation tanks, hypnosis, etc. even, allegedly, unto the death of the "patient". Perhaps best well known was 22MK Ultraunder the direction of 23Dr. Sidney Gottlieb.

Murray himself returned to Harvard where he continued his meddling with the minds of others. One of the minds he meddled with from 1958 to 1962 belong to Theodore Kaczynski. Alston Chase's book Harvard and the Unabomber: The Education of an American Terrorist tells of the psychological experiments which Kaczynski is reported to have undergone at Harvard, under the direction of Murray. Chase connects these experiences in a controversial thesis to Kaczynski's later career as the Unabomber. As is generally well known in Pynchon circles, TRP himself was suspected of being the Unabomber.

And then of course there was the Leary-Alpert led 1Harvard Psilocybin Project between 1960 and 1962 … Phrase: -37 meddling with another man's mind…Harvard University \Link: page:83

78.2 noline/concept :Nayland-Smith   Sir_Denis

Nayland-Smith,_Sir_Denis 83; Character in Sax Rohmer's (English, 1883-1959) Fu Manchu novels; first appeared in The Insidious Doctor Fu Manchu (originally titled The Mystery of Dr. Fu-Manchu) (1913); Denis Nayland-Smith, nephew of Sherlock Holmes, was the detective who most commonly opposed the insidious schemes of Dr Fu Manchu. With the assistance of Dr Petrie he battled the devil doctor and his minions every time their evil reared it's ugly head.; 277-78, 592, 631; 751 Phrase: Nayland-Smith,_Sir_Denis \Link: page:83

78.3 noline/concept    Nosepicker Neil

Nosepicker,_Neil 83; Book of 50,000 Insults Phrase: Nosepicker,_Neil \Link: page:83

79 page: 84

79.1 noline/concept :Kekule_von_Stradonitz:Friedrich_August_(d.


Kekule_von_Stradonitz,_Friedrich_August(d. 1896) German chemist; switched from architecture to chemistry, 84; his "dream of 1865" which led to his revolutionizing chemistry and making plastics possible, 410-11; taught by Liebig at Univ. of Glessen, 411 Phrase: Kekule_von_Stradonitz,_Friedrich_August_(d.

\Link: page:84

79.2 noline/concept :Larson-Keeler:

Larson-Keeler 84; "three-variable 'lie detector' Phrase: Larson-Keeler \Link: page:84

79.3 noline/concept    Mystery_Stimulus

Mystery_Stimulus 84; "Conditioned response = hardon whenever x is present […] what's x? Why it's the famous 'Mystery Stimulus'"

MYTHOLOGY See also God; Scylla and Charybdis Phrase: Mystery_Stimulus \Link: page:84

79.4 noline/concept    National_Research_Council

National_Research_Council 84; gave Jamf a grant for his Infant Tyrone study; "depth studies […] that indicated an unacceptable 36% of the male work force weren't paying enough attention to their cocks" 581; Phrase: National_Research_Council \Link: page:84

79.5 noline/concept    Watson_and_Rayner

Watson_and_Rayner In 1920 the American psychologists John B. Watson (1878-1958) and Rosalie Rayner employed classical conditioning techniques to demonstrate the development of an emotional response in a young boy ("infant Albert"). The presentation of a white rat was paired with the striking of a steel bar, which induced fear in the little boy. After only a few pairings, the white rat became capable of inducing fear responses similar to those produced by striking the bar, suggesting to psychologists that many human motives may result from the accidental pairing of events; conditioned "Infant Albert" into "a reflex horror of everything furry" 84, 86 Phrase: Watson_and_Rayner \Link: page:84

80 page: 85

80.1 line: 25 : Edwin Treacle:

Although derived from a word meaning an antidote to poison, "treacle" is the British term for molasses and is often used to describe something excessively sweet and sticky. Phrase: Edwin Treacle \Link: page:85

80.2 noline/concept    Kenosha

Kenosha Kenosha is a city of some 85,000 people in the extreme southeast of Wisconsin, about halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee, and the seat of Kenosha County. It is also the birthplace of filmmaker Orson Welles (May 6, 1915); Kenosha Kid (Sodium Amytal hallucination of Slothrop's while being probed at PISCES about American racial problems), 60-71, 114, 696-97; colonel from Kenosha, WI, 643; Kenosha, WI, 645; "and in Kenosha too!" 645; "Old Kenosho the loony radarman," 691; Kenosha Kid and the Sentimental Surrealist, 696 [Kenosha WI Web Page] [You Never Did the Kenosha Kid?] Phrase: Kenosha \Link: page:85

80.3 noline/concept    Robot_Blitz

Robot_Blitz 85; German buzz bomb (aka "robot bomb" and "V-1") attack on London Phrase: Robot_Blitz \Link: page:85

80.4 noline/concept    Treacle Edwin

Treacle,_Edwin 85; 92; "most Freudian of psychic researchers" in Psi Section of White Visitation; 146; recent dreams of flight, 146; 153; "setting up a practice" 273; "I'll show you a giant ape" 276 Phrase: Treacle,_Edwin \Link: page:85

81 page: 87

81.1 line: 23    nacelle

Is every non-literary word to be labeled "argot"? This one certainly is not, as any kid model-builder could have told W. A nacelle is the faired enclosure for an engine Phrase: nacelle \Link: page:87

81.2 noline/concept    aircraft

aircraft B-17s, 87; Spitfires, 96; Stuka, 102; ME (Messerschmidt), 151, 184; "robot weapons" 144; "Flying Fortresses" 169; "howling Thunderbolts" 313; "the singing of Furies" 334; P-51 Mustang, 672; Japanese Zeros, 672, 690, 692 Phrase: aircraft \Link: page:87

81.3 noline/concept    French_Translations

French_Translations 8: boutonniere: button-hole 10: C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas la guerre: "It is magnificent, but it's not war" 11: bananes glacees: "iced bananas" 16: demarche: a diplomatic course of action 36: engage: being actively involved or committed 69: terre mauvais: "badlands"87, 144: sentiments d'emprise: feelings of being controlled 94: soignee: well groomed 107: façonne: molded 124: je ne sais quoi de sinistre: a bit of the "sinister I don't know what"131: peau de soie: skin of silk 132: coie: silent 183: J'ai deux amis, aussi […] Par un bizarre coincidence: I have two friends, too […] by a strange coincidence 183: dejeuner: lunch 183: sur la plage: on the beach 194: chemin-de-fer: railroad (a card game) 212: degorgement: disgorgement: in some methods of making of sparkling wines, a sediment plug develops in the neck of the bottle, which is frozen and tapped out at the end of the fermentation process. After the plug is tapped out, the liqueur and sweeteners are added, and the wine is corked. 244: porte-cochere: carriage entrance 248: coup de foudre: flash of lightning 254: femme de chambre: chambermaid 272: l'etat c'est moi: I am the state 346: on s'engage, et puis, on voit: one engages, and then, one sees 385: nom de pegre: underworld name 390: savoir-vivre: good manners 639: soixante-neuf: sixty-nine 667: les jeux sont faits: lit., the games are happening, fig., the bets are down

Phrase: French_Translations \Link: page:87

82 page: 88

82.1 line: 10 : the submontane Venus:

That is, the goddess of the Tannhauser legend and opera. 88.34 yang-yin rubbish Note that Pointsman here rejects the concept only to become entranced by it later.

Venus is also the goddess of love, of course. Phrase: the submontane Venus \Link: page:88

82.2 noline/concept    Ariadne

Ariadne In Greek mythology, the daughter of King Minos of Crete and Pasipha&euml. She fell in love with Theseus and helped him slay her father's Minotaur by providing Theseus with a clew to find his way out of the Labyrinth; "Venus and Ariadne! […] They own everything: Ariadne, the Minotaur" 88; "what there is of labyrinth collapsing in rings outward, hero and horror, engineer and Ariadne consumed, molten inside the light of himself" 143; See also Labyrinth; Thesean brushings Phrase: Ariadne \Link: page:88

82.3 noline/concept :Gantt:Dr._Horsley:

Gantt,_Dr._Horsley W. Horsley Gantt's Russian Medicine (1937), shows the relation of Pavlov to prominent Russians in medicine; 88 Phrase: Gantt,_Dr._Horsley \Link: page:88

83 page: 89

83.1 noline/concept    Proverbs_for_Paranoids


You may never get to touch the Master, but you can tickle his creatures." 237 The innocence of the creatures is in inverse proportion to the immorality of the Master." 241 If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers." 251 You hide, they seek." 262

"Paranoids are not paranoids (Proverb 5) because they're paranoid, but because they keep putting themselves, fucking idiots, deliberately into paranoid situations." 292

See also paranoia/connectedness Phrase: Proverbs_for_Paranoids \Link: page:89

83.2 noline/concept :P.R.S._categories:

P.R.S._categories 89; should be "S.P.R.": Society for Psychical Research Phrase: P.R.S._categories \Link: page:89

83.3 noline/concept    Strobe

Strobe 89; "Strobe's stimulus" appeared in early Viking editions of Gravity's Rainbow, but was quickly changed to "Jamf's stimulus"; apparently "Strobe" was an early working name for "Jamf" Phrase: Strobe \Link: page:89

84 page: 91

84.1 line: 27 : Dr. Bleagh:

An expression of disgust. (Try saying it!)

Phrase: Dr. Bleagh \Link: page:91

84.2 line: 37 :King Tigers:

Although there may have been bigger battle tanks, the King Tiger was the biggest to become operational Phrase: King Tigers \Link: page:91

84.3 line: 37 :King Tigers:

"Thronged" isn't right; you could say densely strewn, though.

W p. 60, introduction to Episode 14: If Jorge Luis Borges had been Dutch, his name might well have been Borgesius Phrase: King Tigers \Link: page:91

84.4 noline/concept :Bleagh:Dr.:

Bleagh,_Dr. 91; "and his young nurse Ivy"; performs lobotomies at White Visitation Phrase: Bleagh,_Dr. \Link: page:91

84.5 noline/concept    King_Tigers

King_Tigers 91; Germany's biggest baddest tanks; 103; 262; "Königstiger tank guards" 433; Phrase: King_Tigers \Link: page:91

84.6 noline/concept    Zouave

Zouave 91; a member of a French infantry corps, originally of Algerian soldiers, distinguished for their physique, dash, and picturesque uniform of baggy trousers, short open jacket, sash, and tasseled cap; 112 Phrase: Zouave \Link: page:91

85 page: 93

85.1 noline/concept :Huntley_&_Palmers_biscuit_tin:

Huntley_&_Palmers_biscuit_tin 93; Phrase: Huntley_&_Palmers_biscuit_tin \Link: page:93

85.2 noline/concept    Rizla_liquorice_cigarette_paper

Rizla_liquorice_cigarette_paper 93; [Rizla Website] Phrase: Rizla_liquorice_cigarette_paper \Link: page:93

86 page: 94

86.1 line: 20    Kinderofen

Grimm's Backofen literally is just an oven (as opposed to a furnace). W often parses a German word one level past its right meaning Phrase: Kinderofen \Link: page:94

86.2 line: 26    Gottfried

While Frieden 'peace' is related to (not provably derived from) Frey, Frey (Freyr) and Frigg are distinct in most accountings of Germanic gods Phrase: Gottfried \Link: page:94

86.3 noline/concept :entropy/closed_systems/irreversibility:

entropy/closed_systems/irreversibility "the coiled whispers of decay" 94; A-4 as "mockery of. . .the reversible process" 139; Pointsman "lapsing to isotropy" 142; "sooner or later everyone out here has to go Epidermal [See: "enclosed in […] dead cells" 94]. No exceptions." 148; "the reality is not reversible" 151; Arbella in reverse, 204; "All the animals, the plants, the minerals, even other kinds of men, are being broken and reassembled every day, to preserve an elite few, who are the loudest to theorize on freedom, but the least free of all." 230; Maxwell's Demon, 239; "no way backward now" 257; Entropy Management, 260; fear of open system, 264; "Taking land is building more fences. We want to leave it open. We want it to grow, to change" 265; Rossini's music is "love without payment of any kind" 274; orangutan "clockwork runs down" 282; "Their several entropies" 302; coprophilia & urolagnia as closed systems, 319; "entropies of loveable but scatterbrained mother nature" 324; painkillers without addiction, 348; cocaine & the A4, 375; drifting away, 405; Clerk Maxwell, 411; "a system whose only aim is to violate the Cycle. Taking and not giving back, […] removing from the rest of the World these vast quantities of energy to keep its own tiny desperate fraction showing a profit: […] most of the World, animal, vegetable and mineral, is laid waste in the process" 412; serpent eating its tail, 413; isotropy, 415; Beethoven ("represents the German dialectic […] where [ultimately] all notes get an equal hearing") and Webern ("all notes were truly equal at last"), 440; Anubis orgy as closed system, 467; "inside his own cock" 470; Morituri - "just keep moving" 479; irreversible process, 519, 524, 589; potatoes used for rockets–no food, 550, 640; Wm. Slothrop's pigs, 555; messages, 624; information, 642; haircut, 643; Karmic Hammer, 644; bulb-life problem, 654; Floundering Four each gifted & flawed by the gift, 675; icebox, 678; "They've stopped the inflow/outflow" 694; Great Irreversible, 745; "any system which cannot tolerate heresy: a system which, by its nature, must sooner or later fall." 747; See also masturbation Phrase: entropy/closed_systems/irreversibility \Link: page:94

86.4 noline/concept    Goths

Goths Goths: These Germanic people originated in southern Scandinavia and crossed in three ships under their king Berig to the southern shore of the Baltic Sea, where they settled after defeating the Vandals and other Germanic peoples in that area; 206 Phrase: Goths \Link: page:94

86.5 noline/concept    Gottfried

Gottfried 94-99; "ranked with his battery near Schußstelle 3" 95; with Katje and Blicero, 101-04; his perspective, 102-04; "Who was that, going by just then–who was the slender boy who flickered across her path, so blond, so white he was nearly invisible in the hot haze that had come to settle over Zwölfkinder? Did she see him, and did she know him for her own second shadow?" 429; German: "God's peace" 465; "the young pet and protege of Captain Blicero" 484; mapped on to Bianca, 484, 672, 723 (Gottfried to Blicero: "I remember that you used to whisper me to sleep with stories of us one day living on the moon"); "something was being planned" for, 485; "a load inside near vane 3 that complicated roll and yaw control almost impossibly" 564; and Thanatz, 670-71; 721; mapped onto Ilse (via Moon references), 723; his launch, 750; [Etymological Musings] Phrase: Gottfried \Link: page:94

86.6 noline/concept    Harvey_Nicholls

Harvey_Nicholls 94; upscale clothier in Knightsbridge, London Phrase: Harvey_Nicholls \Link: page:94

87 page: 95

87.1 line: 3    NSB

Nationaal-Socialistische Beweging is the correct spelling of the Dutch name. The first two words may sometimes be written closed up. W's version of the name is German Phrase: NSB \Link: page:95

87.2 line: 33 :Schußtelle:

Correct spelling is Schußstelle. If you have to type it on an American keyboard, replace ß by double-S, and yes, that does give you three esses in a row. (A recent spelling reform has changed this: On a keyboard with the ß you still write ßs, but on one without it–like most Swiss keyboards–it collapses to ss.) If Kooy and Uytenbogaart wrote Schuszstelle, they were following an older practice. Again at 104.19 Phrase: Schußtelle \Link: page:95

87.3 line: 36 :Captain's:

Hexeszüchtigung looks like an error (P's) for Hexenzüchtigung, which would mean something like "the chastisement of a witch. Phrase: Captain's \Link: page:95

87.4 noline/concept    Arnhem

Arnhem Dutch city on the right bank of the lower Rhine. "Hmm. You must've got out by way of that Arnhem, then, right?" 95; [MAP] Phrase: Arnhem \Link: page:95

87.5 noline/concept    NSB_credentials

NSB_credentials 95; Nationalsocialistische Bewegung, the Dutch national socialist movement; See also Rexist Phrase: NSB_credentials \Link: page:95

87.6 noline/concept :Ophir:Mme.:

Ophir,_Mme. Ophir is a territory in the Old Testament of the Bible famed for its fine gold; Berliner creator of Blicero's "false cunt and merkin of sable [with] bright purple clitoris molded of […] synthetic rubber and Mipolam" 95

Opposite, Ideas of theSee also Counterforce; Manicheans; Pavlov

Phrase: Ophir,_Mme. \Link: page:95

87.7 noline/concept    Wassenaar

Wassenaar 95; northern district of The Hague, near Schußstelle 3 Phrase: Wassenaar \Link: page:95

88 page: 97

88.1 line: 9 :Mussert's:

His given name was Anton, not Adrian or Adriaan Phrase: Mussert's \Link: page:97

88.2 noline/concept :Mussert's_people:

Mussert's_people 97; someone for whom Katje is "smelling out" Jewish families Phrase: Mussert's_people \Link: page:97

88.3 noline/concept :Rilke:_Rainer_Maria(d._1926):


97-99; German philosopher/poet; "Want the change; O be inspired by the Flame"; Duino Elegies, 99; "mountainside gentian of Nordic colors" 101; "anti-Rilke" 102; "Tenth-Elegy angel" 341; "Once, only once. . ." 413; 516; "If we are here once, only once […]" 539; "To the rushing water speak, I am" 622; "poem about the Leid-Stadt" ["Pain-City" - See: 98-99], 644; mustache, 711; See also Germans Phrase: Rilke,__Rainer_Maria(d._1926) \Link: page:97

88.4 noline/concept    Scheveningen

Scheveningen 97; coastal town in Holland, just north of The Hague [MAP]; 102; 104; 105; 535 Phrase: Scheveningen \Link: page:97

88.5 noline/concept    surface

surface "she fears the Change, choosing instead only trivially to revise what matters least, ornament and clothing, going no further than politic transvestism" 97; "lust in the face–the mask–of instant talion" 100; "house is outward-and-visible sign" 448; [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] Phrase: surface \Link: page:97

89 page: 98

89.1 line: 16 : Young Rauhandel:

89.2 line: 1 :Und nicht einmal:

The first line of poetry should read Einsam steigt er dahin, in die Berge des Urleids .. Phrase: Und nicht einmal \Link: page:98

A former friend of Blicero, probably a lover willing to indulge his sado-masochistic tastes. The name literally means "Rough Trade." Phrase: Young Rauhandel \Link: page:98

89.3 line: 24 : the Ufa-Theatre:

Weisenburger's information on Ufa is essentially correct, but he misgives Georg Wilhelm Pabst's first name as "Rudolf." One curiosity in Pynchon's German film references is the lack of any mention of F.W. Murnau, perhaps the greatest director of that era. His films Nosferatu (the first film version of Dracula) and Faust would seem to be natural allusions for Pynchon to use. Phrase: the Ufa-Theatre \Link: page:98

89.4 noline/concept    Rauhandle

Rauhandle 98; Blicero's athletic young friend/lover(?) "how many years back into the peace" Phrase: Rauhandle \Link: page:98

89.5 noline/concept :Ufa-theatre:

Ufa-theatre(Universum Film Aktiengesellschaft) Germany's largest film studio as well as a movie theatre on Friedrichstrasse in Berlin; "the two tall, phallic electric columns of the Ufa-theatre on the Friedrichstrasse" 98; "another Ufa masterpiece" 155; 397; Morituri, 474; Ufa film, 753; Check out this website on the German-Hollywood Connection Phrase: Ufa-theatre \Link: page:98

90 page: 99

90.1 line: 38    crush

It's bad form in German to break open a compound; write Vernichtungsbefehl or, less happily, Vernichtungs-Befehl. Again at 317.2.

100-2.3 We make: Principal is misspelled.

100.34-38 Bodenplatte: The meaning of the German word Bodenplatte is not this clear most of the times it's used. In context it's plain that it means a "hard" or "hardstand."

104.25 genever: Genever or Holland gin is sold as oude 'aged' or jonge 'young, unaged'. Good either way.

V104-30-31 where the great: Marshal is misspelled Phrase: crush \Link: page:99

90.2 noline/concept :Südwest:

Südwest 99; German colony from 1892 until1915 when it was taken by South African forces during WWI. It was made a Protectorate of South-West Africa under the League of Nations; now called Namibia, it was under South African control until 1990 when it gained its independence. [MORE]; [MAP] Phrase: Südwest \Link: page:99

90.3 noline/concept    Wandervogel

Wandervogel 99; (German: "bird of passage"); Thomas Moore: "organization, founded in 1901 as a boys' hiking and nature club, readily became, as it spread over the country, a plastic-deformable movement against all establishments of the fathers. Conscious Wandervogel politics varied across the spectrum, but all cells aggressively idealized nature, soil, soulfulness, and the spiritually exalted Bund ["brotherhood"] of youth." (p.208); 670 Phrase: Wandervogel \Link: page:99

90.4 noline/concept :Whittington:Dick(d._1423):

Whittington,_Dick(d._1423) A colorful London personality, Dick served three terms as lord mayor of London: 1397-99, 1406-07, and 1419-20. The GR passage refers to the popular legend that has Dick Whittington as a poor orphan worked in the kitchen of a rich London merchant. He ventures his only possession, a cat, as an item to be sold on one of his master's trading ships. Ill-treated by the cook, Dick then runs away, but just outside the city he hears the ringing of bells that seems to say "Turn again, Whittington, Lord mayor of great London." He returns to find that his cat has been sold for a great fortune to a Moorish ruler whose dominions are plagued with rats. Now wealthy, Whittington marries his master's daughter, succeeds to the business, and then becomes thrice lord mayor of London. ; "'I'm fucking Dick Whittington!' it occurs to [Mexico] zooming down Kings Road, 'I've come to London! I'm your Lord Mayor….'" 637 Phrase: Whittington,_Dick(d._1423) \Link: page:99

91 page: 100

91.1 noline/concept    Enzian _Oberst

Enzian,__Oberst 100; German: "gentian" (a flowering herb); oberst = "highest" or "chief"; named by Weissmann/Blicero after a color in the Rilke poem ("mountainside gentian of Nordic colors"); meets Slothrop on top of train to Nordhausen and pushes Marvy off the train, 288; Illumination of, 297; of Bleicherode, 315; aka Nguarorerue ("one who has been proven"), 314, 316; aka Otyikondo ("halfbreed"), 316; arrived in German from Südwest in December 1926, 352; half-brother of Tchitcherine; Weissmann's protege and "Monster" 404; estrangement between "monster" Enzian and Weissmann, 426; 499; "on into some other paranoid terror" 522; search for the True Text, 525; with Katje, 658; Suave Older Exotic, 662; "he knows" 667; and the 00001, 724

According to The Last Year of the German Army by James Lucas (Arms & Armor Press, 1994; ISBN: 1-85409-334-7):

The Enzian was a ground-to-air missile carrying a 500kg warhead. The initial launch was made by four solid-fuel rockets, and as they burned out liquid-fuelled rockets took over and carried the missile to its objective. Accuracy was to be achieved by one of the special types of newly developed fuses, infra-red, thermal, or acoustic. The Enzian showed promise but the programme was shut down during January 1945.

Thanks to Michael Behm for the info.

And this, provided by Joseph Andrew Bono:

On the name Enzian in "Gravity's Rainbow," in "Guided Weapons" (Burgess, Eric, Macmillan Company, New York, 1957) Burgess says:

Enzian was a ground-to-air pilotless aircraft which had a similar outline to the Me 163 target-defence interceptor fighter, for it was essentially a small aircraft with sharply swept-back wings. As in the Me 163, two ailerons were incorporated for control purposes, but at launching Enzian was mounted on a large inclined platform from which take-off at a high angle was assisted by means of solid-propellant boosters mounted in pairs at the wing roots. Several versions of this weapon were being developed . . . the missile had not found operational use by the end of World War II. (page 133)

An interesting addendum is the Natter "a somewhat similar but larger weapon. It differed from Enzian in that it was designed to carry a human pilot who could take control after an almost vertical and automatically-controlled ascent." (134)

The Natter rocket plane (a one shot plane that required the pilot to parachute back to Earth) was the last attempt the WWII German government made to create a rocket powered manned plane. The only test flight of the Natter was a disaster - the cockpit came off in mid ascent, killing the pilot. The Natter is mentioned just one page before the Enzian in Von Braun's "History of Rocketry and Space Travel," one of Pynchon's sources for "Gravity's Rainbow."

Phrase: Enzian,__Oberst \Link: page:100

91.2 noline/concept    Harz the

Harz,_the 100; Mountain range in central Germany famous for ancient spiritual rituals and for canaries; 289; 313; 328; 727 [MAP] [Image] Phrase: Harz,_the \Link: page:100

91.3 noline/concept    mandala

mandala the ancient sun-wheel from which. . .the swastika was broken" 100; "full mandalas came to bloom" 152; Herero villages built like mandalas, 321; mandala-like Schwarzkommando insignia, illustrated, 361; KEZVH, 446; Schwarzkommando, 560; four fins of the Rocket, 563; "other fourfold expressions" 624; "fatal mandala" 691; discussed at Gross Suckling Conference, 706-07; "the cross the man has made on his own circle of earth" 719; Raketen-Stadt: "built in mandalic form like a Herero village" 725 Phrase: mandala \Link: page:100

91.4 noline/concept    Rhenish_Missionary_Society

Rhenish_Missionary_Society 100; in South-West Africa, 315; 316; Phrase: Rhenish_Missionary_Society \Link: page:100

92 page: 101

92.1 noline/concept    Chemnyco_of_New_York

Chemnyco_of_New_York According to Sasuly, Chemnyco was a special organization set up in New York by the IG "to siphon out technical data of military importance. […] Officially, Chemnyco was known as a 'technical service' agency. Its sole client was IG Farben. […] When U.S. government agents came to seize the files of Chemnyco, shortly after Pearl Harbor, they found Rudolph Ilgner in the process of destroying what he evidently considered his most important papers." (pp.101-03); Wimpe was reassigned there "shortly after Hitler became Chancellor" 349; 630 Phrase: Chemnyco_of_New_York \Link: page:101

93 page: 102

93.1 noline/concept    Menshevik

Menshevik Russian: men'she = "less, fewer"; The Mensheviks were the moderate wing of the Russian Social Democratic Party, who split with the Bolsheviks after the party congress of 1903. They were for "bourgeois reform" rather than the total societal overhaul advocated by the Bolsheviks; 338 Phrase: Menshevik \Link: page:102

93.2 noline/concept :meta-solutions:

meta-solutions 102; "Perhaps the black girl is a genius of meta-solutions–knocking over the chessboard, shooting the referee" 102 Phrase: meta-solutions \Link: page:102

94 page: 103

94.1 noline/concept    White_Woman

White_Woman Gottfried "dreams often these days of a very pale woman who wants him, who never speaks–but the absolute confidence in her eyes" 103; "the Evil Hour, when the white woman with the ring of keys comes out of her mountain" 374; waiting for Slothrop, "back behind the Spree" 439; "the great Kalahari painting of the" 658; "the pale Virgin was rising in the east" 694; See also death; Evil Hour Phrase: White_Woman \Link: page:103

95 page: 104

95.1 noline/concept    bulbs

bulbs anemone bulbs, 104; at Rathenau seance, 165; "staring bulb" 194; "one of the great secret ikons of the Humility" 299; dream of bulb/Weissmann, 426-27; Weissmann's soul, 427; sentient bulbs, 464; 506; Mutter: what Germans call female threads of light bulb sockets, 299, 653; "Azos looking down the empty back Bakelite streets, Nitralampen and Wotan Gs at night soccer matches, Just-Wolframs, Monowatts and Siriuses" 650; "an electrical tidal wave" 665; bulbshine, 697; See also Byron the Bulb Phrase: bulbs \Link: page:104

95.2 noline/concept    Haagsche_Bosch

Haagsche_Bosch 104; Bosch is Dutch for "woods"; The main park (with its thick sheltering trees) in the Hague from which most of the A-4s that fell on London in the initial months of rocket attack were launched. The attacks began at 6:43 p.m., September 8, 1944. Phrase: Haagsche_Bosch \Link: page:104

95.3 noline/concept    oude_genever

oude_genever 104; Dutch: "old gin"; aka, gin, invented in 1650 by Dr. Franciscus de La Boie (aka Dr. Sylvius), a Dutchman. He mixed oil of Juniper berries with grain alcohol, both of which have diuretic properties. He called his new medical concoction "genever" (French for "Juniper"). Phrase: oude_genever \Link: page:104

95.4 noline/concept    Piet

Piet 104; perhaps a Dutch underground comrade of Katje's

P I G S See also Erdschweinhöhle; Myron Grunton; Innocence; Ombindi; Onguruve; Plechazunga; Porkyevitch, Dr.; St. Blaise, "Basher"; Swinemünde; [Swine Online] [Pigs in Mason & Dixon] Phrase: Piet \Link: page:104

95.5 noline/concept :TerBorch:Gerard(1617-81):

TerBorch,_Gerard(1617-81) Dutch Baroque painter whose genre pieces and portraits depict with grace and fidelity the atmosphere of middle-class life in 17th-century Holland. His works consist almost equally of portraits and genre pieces, with his usually delicate technique best reflected in the portraits which are painted on an almost miniature scale; "[Blicero] flings a boot-tree at a precious TerBorch" 104 Phrase: TerBorch,_Gerard(1617-81) \Link: page:104

95.6 noline/concept    Wim

Wim 104; perhaps a Dutch underground comrade of Katje's Phrase: Wim \Link: page:104

95.7 noline/concept :wines/champagne:

wines/champagne oude genever, 104; Lafitte Rothschild,116; Bernkastler Doktor, 116; "Wines of […] the great '20s and '21s. Schloss Vollrads, Zeltinger, Piesporter" at Sachsa's seance, 163; Veuve Clicquot Brut, 212; "sweet Taittinger" 214; Nordhäuser Schattensaft ("shadow juice"), 290; "1911 Hochheimer" 652; shooting wine ("a wine rush is defying gravity") 743; Maitrinke (May drink), 743 Phrase: wines/champagne \Link: page:104

96 page: 105

96.1 noline/concept :Joyce:James(1882-1941):

Joyce,_James(1882-1941) Irish novelist noted for pushing the envelope in language and explorating new literary methods in such large, encyclopedic works as Ulysses (1922) and Finnegans Wake (1939); former patron of the Odeon, 262

Phrase: Joyce,_James(18821) \Link: page:105

96.2 noline/concept :Judaism/Jews:

Judaism/Jews "Jews also carry an element of guilt, of future blackmail, which operates, natch, in favor of the professionals." 105; "the Jewess reverting […] to the bodily … so sensual […] the Judenschnautze feinting, […] To do it not just with another woman, but with a Jewess….Their animal darkness" 156; Jewish wolf Pflaumbaum" 159; "stars of David" 160; "Knallt ab den Juden Rathenau,/Die gottverdammte Judensau" 163; "'We even have the Jew's blessing!'" 165; "The Welsh […] once upon a time were Jewish too? one of the Lost Tribes of Israel" […] What if we're all Jews, […] scattered like seeds? 170; "the blacks and Jews, in their darkness" 172; "her face darkened, Judaized by the words she speaks" 219-20; Zionists, 390; "[Margherita] had got the idea somewhere that she was part Jewish" 474; "this holy Text had to be the Rocket […] our Torah" 520; "mezuzah. Safe passage through a bad night" 563; "one-thim Brain Trusters. Jews, most of'm" 565; Hasidic communes, 613-14; See also God; Judeo-Christian

JUDEO-CHRISTIANSee also Compline; God; Judaism/Jews; religion Phrase: Judaism/Jews \Link: page:105

96.3 noline/concept    scrip

scrip 105; temporary paper currency issued during emergencies/special circumstances Phrase: scrip \Link: page:105

96.4 noline/concept    War

War the real business of, 105; lives for information, 105; "electronic components of resin and copper that the War, in its glutton, ever-nibbling intake, has not yet found a licked back into its darkness" 119; "seventh Christmas of the War" 126; what it really wants, 130-34; the guy who is WWII, 131; as world revolution, 165; what war really is, 177; reconfigures time & space, 257; "opened up things" 265: recklessness is "magnificent, but it's not war" 345; 349; "politics between wars demands symmetry" 350; 379; gradients of damage (poorest sectors first), 423; "the Real Text" 520; "all theatre" 521; "sides?" 520; "There's something still on, don't call it a 'war' if it makes you nervous, maybe the death rate's gone down a point or two […] but Their enterprise goes on" 628; "the real War is always there" 645; See also V.E. Day Phrase: War \Link: page:105

97 page: 106

97.1 line: 34 :-37 White Zombie … perhaps Dumbo:

97.2 line: 6    bulky

Look at all the schwarz 'black' and los 'fate' references through here, especially the Rilke quotation Phrase: bulky \Link: page:106

Despite the connections with other forms of death-in-life that are referred to throughout Gravity's Rainbow, White Zombie is the only direct reference to 23Dumbo Dumbo zombies. That may be because the zombie myth is of black and African origin. Pynchon has carefully chosen the title to reflect his use of whiteness as the color of death. Although the depiction of the crows in Dumbo is clearly racist, they give the little elephant the "magic" feather that he thinks he needs (but really doesn't) in order to fly. The Disney film will continue to be an important touchstone later in the novel when Slothrop meets Pig Bodine. Compare Pynchon's bitterly ironic use of the Dumbo reference at V135.02-07. Although it is not clear that Pynchon was aware of it, the B-17 bomber was nicknamed the "Dumbo" by American troops in the Pacific during World War II.

This contributor would bet a first edition hardcover of Gravity's Rainbow that Pynchon was aware of the "Dumbo". Even I knew it and I know next to nothing about WW II factually.1MKOHUT 13:40, 8 July 2007 (PDT) Phrase: -37 White Zombie … perhaps Dumbo \Link: page:106

97.3 noline/concept :Bevin:Mr._Ernest(1881-1951):

Bevin,_Mr._Ernest(1881-1951) 106; Considered the pioneer of modern trade unionism, Bevin became minister of labor and nation service in Churchill's coalition government. He became foreign secretary in the Labour government (1945-51).Labor Minister Phrase: Bevin,_Mr._Ernest(18811) \Link: page:106

97.4 noline/concept    Dumbo

Dumbo one of Osbie Feel's favorite movies, 106; "the lads in Hollywood telling us how grand it all is over here, how much fun, Walt Disney causing Dumbo the elephant to clutch to that feather" 135; "'[Dillinger's bloodstained shirt] worked for me, but I'm out of the Dumbo stage now, I can fly without it." 741 Phrase: Dumbo \Link: page:106

97.5 noline/concept    Jungfrau

Jungfrau 106; German: "young girl" usu. "Virgin Mary"; high mountain in the Swiss Alps overlooking the ski resort of Wengen Phrase: Jungfrau \Link: page:106

98 page: 108

98.1 line: 12    liever

W makes your head spin. Here the source is cited by Grimm, who translates into High German; but what W quotes is Stallybrass' translation into English of Grimm's translation Phrase: liever \Link: page:108

98.2 line: 17    Mauritius

What in heaven's name does this mean: "The haakbus, from the German for hak-büsche, was …" P uses a Dutch word that W states is related to a certain German word (misspelling it in the process: Hakenbüchse is correct). This is like asking what's the Spanish word for piña colada. And would it have cost extra to point out the English derivative name for this weapon, arquebus Phrase: Mauritius \Link: page:108

98.3 noline/concept    Dutch

Dutch 108; ic heb u liever dan ên everswîn, al waert van finen goude ghewracht (English: I love you more than a wild boar / even if it were made of fine gold) Phrase: Dutch \Link: page:108

98.4 noline/concept    Middle_Dutch

Middle_Dutch 108; ic heb u liever dan ên everswîn, al waert van finen goude ghewracht (English: I love you more than a wild boar / even if it were made of fine gold) Phrase: Middle_Dutch \Link: page:108

98.5 noline/concept    van_der_Groov Franz

van_der_Groov,_Franz 108; ancestor of Katje; went to Mauritius and, with other Dutch settlers, wiped out Dodoes -considered them satanic because of their ugliness; 545; still haunting Pirate, 620; 621; cosmic windmill, 624 Phrase: van_der_Groov,_Franz \Link: page:108

98.6 noline/concept    van_der_Groov Hendrik

van_der_Groov,_Hendrik 108; brother of Franz Phrase: van_der_Groov,_Hendrik \Link: page:108

99 page: 109

99.1 line: 9 : freak saffrons, streaming indigos:

The isolated Dutchman going slowly mad under the southern sun, whose "very perceptions" are changed (and who writes numerous letters to his brother) seems to be a reference to Vincent Van Gogh; the kind of tacit anachronism that Pynchon likes to use in

100 page: 110

100.1 noline/concept    Devil

Devil "Satanic intervention" 110; "midnights of wrestling with the Beast" 111; "Satanic operators of all descriptions" in Psi Section, 125; "old ldies in Altrincham trying to summon up the Devil" 153; "the black scapeape we cast down like Lucifer" 275; "For the devil's kiss" 329; "the Devil behind the [mirror]" 444; "A fall of hours, less extravagant than Lucifer's" 464; Phrase: Devil \Link: page:110

100.2 noline/concept    Reunion

Reunion 110; the only other island where van der Groov knew there were Dodoes Phrase: Reunion \Link: page:110

101 page: 111

101.1 line: 07 : For as much as they are creatures of God and have the gift of:

[14edit] Page 111

111.07-09 For as much as they are creatures of God and have the gift of Phrase: For as much as they are creatures of God and have the gift of \Link: page:111

102 page: 112

102.1 noline/concept    croquet

croquetSee lawn sports Phrase: croquet \Link: page:112

102.2 noline/concept    Cross_of_Lorraine

Cross_of_Lorraine 112; Region encompassing the northeastern French departements of Vosges, Meuse, Meurthe-et-Moselle, and Moselle and roughly coextensive with the historical region of Lorraine. The capital is Metz. Phrase: Cross_of_Lorraine \Link: page:112

102.3 noline/concept    Flit

Flit 112; "fall smothered like bugs in the presence of" Phrase: Flit \Link: page:112

102.4 noline/concept    golf

golfSee lawn sports Phrase: golf \Link: page:112

102.5 noline/concept :Göll   _Gerhardt_von

Göll,__Gerhardt_von 112; [Italian: "vongole" = "clams"] German filmmaker; making Schwarzkommando movie, 112-13; "commerce has not taken away von Göll's Touch" 112 (see also: Göllerei, 429); and Trefoil, 147; can be found "on the Strand-Promenade" 294; aka Der Springer–film director turned black-marketeer, 385; Martin Fierro film, 386; used "Emulsion J" which made the outer layer of skin translucent ["When something real is about to happen to you, you go toward it with a transparent surface parallel to your own front [. . .]" (p.754)], 387; thinks he brought Schwarzkommando into being, 388; Alpdrucken featured lighting from top and bottom (Gnostic symbolism - Cain & Abel 29), 394; corridor metaphysics, 394; "About 50, bleak and neutral-colored eyes, hair thick at the sides of his head and brushed back" 494; no- show at Putzi's, 610; also made The Good Society; 611; "his corporate octopus wrapping every last negotiable item in the Zone" 611; floor movie at Der Platz (New Dope), 745; 750; See alsoSpringer, Der Phrase: Göll,__Gerhardt_von \Link: page:112

103 page: 113

103.1 noline/concept    Meillerwagen

Meillerwagen 113; transported the V-2 to the launching site, raised it to a vertical firing position, and served as a firing platform; 560; Phrase: Meillerwagen \Link: page:113

103.2 noline/concept    Prettyplace _Mitchell

Prettyplace,__Mitchell 113; "noted film critic"; book about King Kong, 275; See also King Kong Phrase: Prettyplace,__Mitchell \Link: page:113

103.3 noline/concept    Rijkswijksche_Bosch

Rijkswijksche_Bosch 113; in Holland, where film of Schwarzkommando will be "discovered" in fake ruins of rocket-firing site Phrase: Rijkswijksche_Bosch \Link: page:113

104 page: 115

104.1 noline/concept :Mackenzie:Compton(1883-1972):

Mackenzie,_Compton(1883-1972) British novelist, both acclaimed and neglected, who wrote more than 100 novels, plays, and biographies. His varied novels include Poor Relations (1919), Rich Relatives (1921), Vestal Fire (1927), and Extraordinary Women (1928); novels on Mrs. Quoad's shelf, 115 Phrase: Mackenzie,_Compton(18832) \Link: page:115

104.2 noline/concept    Quoad Austin

Quoad,_Austin 115; deceased husband of Mrs. Quoad; in Mrs. Quoad's dream, 119 Phrase: Quoad,_Austin \Link: page:115

104.3 noline/concept :Quoad:_Mrs.:

Quoad,__Mrs. 115; [Latin: "quoad" adv. = "as far as" or "as long as"][compare etymologies with Solange]; Old lady with whom Darlene lives, who suffers from "a series of antiquated diseases–greensickness, tetter, kibes, purples, imposthumes and almonds in the ears, most recently a touch of scurvy" 115; "Disgusting English Candy Drill"; checked out by Speed & Perdoo, 271

Phrase: Quoad,__Mrs. \Link: page:115

105 page: 116

105.1 noline/concept    Disgusting_English_Candy_Drill

Disgusting_English_Candy_Drill 116 Phrase: Disgusting_English_Candy_Drill \Link: page:116

105.2 noline/concept :Gilbert_&_Sullivan:

Gilbert_&_Sullivan Composer Sir Arthur Sullivan (1842-1900) and librettist W.S. Gilbert (1836-1911) collaboratively developed a distinctive English form of the operetta. The combination of Gilbert's satire and verbal ingenuity and Sullivan's melodiousness and sense of parody created such internationally acclaimed works as H.M.S. Pinafore (1878) and The Pirates of Penzance (1879). Sullivan's dislike of what he considered the artificial nature of Gilbert's plots led to their split; "a blithe, Gilbert & Sullivan ingenue's thewse" 116 Phrase: Gilbert_&_Sullivan \Link: page:116

105.3 noline/concept    humor

humor "winejelly" incident (aka "Disgusting English Candy Drill"), 116; "show us your papers!" 442; Hopmann's and Kreuss' prank on Toiletship, 451; "Super Animals In My Crack" 466; orgy on Anubis, 467; Frau Gnahb's criticisms, 497; Springer's Sodium Amytal-induced outbursts, 512, 514 and 746; "How I Came to Love the People" 547; pinball machines run amuck, 583-84; Miss Muller-Hochleben, 633; "I say. . ." 634; "helicopter!" 683; "Ass Backwards" 683; "It's an old saying among my people" 709; Kazoo Quartet, 711-12; discharge dumplings, u.s.w., 715; bad pun, 746 Phrase: humor \Link: page:116

106 page: 118

106.1 noline/concept    Mefo_bills

Mefo_bills German: Metallurgische Forschung = "metals research"; A way for Germany to pay arms manufacturers for rearmament (German rearmament was banned by the terms of the Versailles Treaty). Mefo bills were accepted by all German banks but no reference to them was allowed in published accounts. Twelve billion marks in Mefo bills were issued before the outbreak of WWII, and much of German trade was financed in this manner; 285

Meggazone 118; "like being belted in the head with a Swiss alp"; [at left] "Contain: Menthol, Peppermint, Chloroform, Benzoin, Liquorice pastille basis" Phrase: Mefo_bills \Link: page:118

107 page: 119

107.1 line: 30    usurped

Yrjö is misspelled Phrase: usurped \Link: page:119

107.2 noline/concept    Bernreuter_Inventory

Bernreuter_Inventory In 1931, psychologist Robert Bernreuter began refining his "Bernreuter Personality Inventory," a pioneer multiphastic test of traits that became the standard against which other personality tests were measured and is still used worldwide for counseling and personnel selection; "as revied by Flanagan in '35" 81

Phrase: Bernreuter_Inventory \Link: page:119

107.3 noline/concept    Bessarabia

Bessarabia Bessarabia is the territory in the eastern part of Moldavia (now Romania), between the Prut and Dniester rivers, near the Russian border; Background regarding "1878 during the intrigues over" 119 Phrase: Bessarabia \Link: page:119

107.4 noline/concept :King's_Evil:

King's_Evil 119; aka, scrofula (caseating [becoming cheese-like] tuberculosis of the lymphatic glands), supposedly cured by the royal touch Phrase: King's_Evil \Link: page:119

107.5 noline/concept :Yrjö   King

Yrjö,_King 119; "pretender but the true king […] his lovely Hrisoula a step or two behind" in Mrs. Quoad's dream; [Pynchon's 1964 short story, The Secret Integration] Phrase: Yrjö,_King \Link: page:119

108 page: 121

108.1 noline/concept    Regents_Park_Zoo

Regents_Park_Zoo 121; in London Phrase: Regents_Park_Zoo \Link: page:121

108.2 noline/concept    Tivoli

Tivoli 121; club in London Phrase: Tivoli \Link: page:121

109 page: 123

109.1 noline/concept    Prigsbury

Prigsbury 123; English motorcycle cop behind Roger and bare-breasted Jessica Phrase: Prigsbury \Link: page:123

110 page: 125

110.1 line: 19    Mersyside

Merseyside is misspelled Phrase: Mersyside \Link: page:125

110.2 line: 25 :were-elves:

What does W's entry mean?

V132-20-21 Eyeties: "[B]its from light operas by (respectively) Verdi and Puccini." First time I've heard them described as "light. Phrase: were-elves \Link: page:125

110.3 noline/concept    Cherrycoke Ronald

Cherrycoke,_Ronald 125; psychometrist in Psi Section; 146; "undertakes. . .trips into Nora Dodson-Truck's void, " 150; "in a Jesus Christ getup" 639 Phrase: Cherrycoke,_Ronald \Link: page:125

110.4 noline/concept    werewolf

werewolf Besides the obvious folk-mythological associations, the "Werewolves" was an underground army recruited and trained in 1945 for guerilla warfare against the Allies who were in the process of occupying Germany; "were-elves streaking in out of the forests at night" 125; "a terrible beastlike change coming over muzzle and lower jaw, black pupils growing to cover the entire eye space till whites are gone and there's only the red animal reflection" 196; "hock of werewolf, gammon of Beast" 295; 486; "Werewolf stencils of the dark man with the high shoulders and the Homburg hat" 624; "lycanthropophobia or fear of Werewolves" 640; See also Mythology Phrase: werewolf \Link: page:125

111 page: 126

111.1 line: 19 : this seventh Christmas of the War:

Although Weisenburger declares this a mistake ("a miscount"), upon closer inspection it's actually quite intentional, a sly device to underscore Roger's and Jessica's confusion. 17They're at sixes and sevens, you see… Phrase: this seventh Christmas of the War \Link: page:126

111.2 noline/concept    time

time "He'd seen himself a point on a moving wavefront, propagating through sterile history–a known past, a projectable future" 126; "to keep Grid Time synchronized with Greenwich Mean Time" 133; "spirits from other parts of the veld–for time and space on their side have no meaning, all is together" 153; penetrating the moment, 158; "slices of time growing thinner" 159; "There is the moment, and its possibilities" 159; all at once,165; secular, 169; "the clock ratcheting time minutewise into their past" 193; war reconfiguring, 257; "isolate inside the way time is passing" 303; "the true momentum of his time" 312; "time- modulation peculiar to Oneirine" 389; future/past, 400; "the space and time were Blicero's own" 486; "no serial time over there; events all there in the same eternal moment" 624; "the oneway flow of European time" 724; "herding us through time" 724; "a presence, analogous to the Aether, flows through time" 726; "his time's assembly" 738; "time is a funny thing" 752; See also delta-t; history; [TOO LATE];

Time magazine 463; American weekly "news" magazine Phrase: time \Link: page:126

112 page: 127

112.1 noline/concept    Dunkirk Maggie

Dunkirk,_Maggie 127; lives in Jessica's dorm Phrase: Dunkirk,_Maggie \Link: page:127

112.2 noline/concept    Grafty_Green

Grafty_Green 127; village in Kent, south of London Phrase: Grafty_Green \Link: page:127

113 page: 128

113.1 line: 14 : join the waits:

Leicester's ancient tradition of Town Waits – official musicians who supported the Lord Mayor at civic events, entertained townspeople and feted visitors. The waits were originally guards or watchmen who walked round the town at night looking out for fires or other trouble. They rang bells to tell people the time, or called out '2 o'clock and all's well'. They also played music for the Lord Mayor's guests on big occasions, and entertained the general public. This became their main job. By 1900 the waits' instruments were a cornet, a euphonium, a tenor horn and a trombone. From then, the waits mostly played popular requests for a small fee, which was given to charity. By the 1940s, a request would cost about half a crown (12p). The Leicester Waits were disbanded around 1947. 191; 20Picture

Phrase: join the waits \Link: page:128

114 page: 129

114.1 noline/concept    Big_and_Little_Anita

Big_and_Little_Anita 129; character conjured by the presence of the black man in choir at the Advent service attended by Roger and Jessica Phrase: Big_and_Little_Anita \Link: page:129

114.2 noline/concept    Plongette

Plongette 129; character conjured by the presence of the black man in choir at the Advent service attended by Roger and Jessica–"who loves it between her tits and will do it that way for free" Phrase: Plongette \Link: page:129

114.3 noline/concept    Stiletto_May

Stiletto_May 129; character conjured by the presence of the black man in choir at the Advent service attended by Roger and Jessica Phrase: Stiletto_May \Link: page:129

114.4 noline/concept :Suso:_Heinrich(1295-1336):

Suso,__Heinrich(1295-1336) 129; German mystic and preacher. His composition In Dulci Jubilo is a German/Latin macaronic carol (Pynchon (mis)spells it "macronic" and (mis)dates it as "fifteenth century"); the first verse (of four), quoted in GR, can be translated as follows:

In dulci jubilo (In sweet Joy) Sing and shout all below! He for whom we're pining Lies in praesepio (In a manger) Like the sun is shining Matris in gremio. (In His mothers lap.) Qui est A et O. (Who is Alpha and Omega.)

In Dulci Jubilo Web Page

Suvorov 350; Rozhdestvenski's flagship on which Tchitcherine's father was a gunner Phrase: Suso,__Heinrich(1295-1336) \Link: page:129

115 page: 130

115.1 noline/concept    waves

waves "the tidal evening" 130 Phrase: waves \Link: page:130

116 page: 132

116.1 noline/concept    Boxing_Day

Boxing_Day 132; In England, the first weekday after Christmas, observed by the giving of Christmas boxes to service workers; 174 Phrase: Boxing_Day \Link: page:132

116.2 noline/concept    CBI

CBI 132; China-Burma-India theatre of WWII; 370; "a connection from the CBI theatre with close to a ton of bhang" 594; Phrase: CBI \Link: page:132

116.3 noline/concept    Eyeties

Eyeties 132; slang: Italians

Phrase: Eyeties \Link: page:132

116.4 noline/concept    Manicheans

Manicheans From Brewer's: "Followers of Mani, who taught that the universe is controlled by two antagonistic powers, light or goodness (identified with God), and darkness, chaos, or evil. […] One of Mani's claims was that, though Christ had been sent into the world to restore it to light and banish darkness, His apostles had perverted his doctrine, and he, Mani, was sent as the Paraclete to restore it" (p.681); "who see two rockets, good and evil, who speak together in the sacred idiolalia of the Primal Twins" 727 Phrase: Manicheans \Link: page:132

116.5 noline/concept    mano_morto

mano_morto 132; Italian: dead hand Phrase: mano_morto \Link: page:132

117 page: 133

117.1 line: 29 :Big Ben:

Strictly it's the name of one bell; popularly the name of the clock; but not the tower Phrase: Big Ben \Link: page:133

117.2 noline/concept    Central_Electricity_Board

Central_Electricity_Board 133; Phrase: Central_Electricity_Board \Link: page:133

117.3 noline/concept :Nieman-Marcus:

Nieman-Marcus Nieman-Marcus is a higher-quality department store582; bowl from, at the Tracys' home Phrase: Nieman-Marcus \Link: page:133

117.4 noline/concept :Night's_Mad_Carnival:

Night's_Mad_Carnival 133 Phrase: Night's_Mad_Carnival \Link: page:133

118 page: 134

118.1 noline/concept    compline

compline 134; seventh and last of the canonical hours Phrase: compline \Link: page:134

118.2 noline/concept    Gold_Star

Gold_Star 134; "your mother hoping to hang that" Phrase: Gold_Star \Link: page:134

118.3 noline/concept    Stage_Door_Canteen

Stage_Door_Canteen 134; During World War II, the American Theatre Wing ran New York's Stage Door Canteen for the benefit of soldiers on leave. It was frequented by many stars, some of whom graciously performed menial tasks, while others entertained the crowd. Dozens of those celebrities appear as themselves in this lavish musical about romances that blossom between canteen employees and soldiers. The film The Stage Door Canteen (1943), starring Katharine Hepburn, is set there. Phrase: Stage_Door_Canteen \Link: page:134

119 page: 135

119.1 line: 7 :the 88:

Cannon is misspelled Phrase: the 88 \Link: page:135

119.2 line: 38    Wendell

Chaplain is misspelled. By the way, Oscar Brand used to sing a very funny song about Harry Pollitt, ending "The moral of this story is very plain to tell: If you want to be a Socialist you'll have to go to Hell. Phrase: Wendell \Link: page:135

119.3 noline/concept :Fariña:Richard(1937-66):

Fariña,_Richard(1937-66) Richard Fariña, to whom Gravity's Rainbow is dedicated, was a good friend of Pynchon's when they were students at Cornell University in the 50s. In 1963, Farina married Mimi Baez, a folksinger and sister of Joan Baez. Although first married under the Napoleonic Code in a secret ceremony in Paris in the spring of 1963, they had an official marriage in Carmel, California, for the benefit of the Baez family. Pynchon was the best man for the Carmel ceremony, coming up from Mexico City where he was living and working on Gravity's Rainbow. In A Long Time Coming and a Long Time Gone, Farina's posthumously published collection of stories (Random House, 1969), Farina describes his and Pynchon's visit to the Monterey Fair. Richard and Mimi Farina formed a folk-music duo (Farina on guitar and Mimi on dulcimer, both singing) and released several albums in the 60s. Richard Farina was killed in a motorcycle crash following a book signing in Carmel for his newly published first (and only) novel, Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me (Random House, 1966). You might want to visit this sweet website dedicated to the memory of Richard and Mimi (who died of cancer in 2001). Phrase: Fariña,_Richard(1937) \Link: page:135

119.4 noline/concept    fathers

fathers "the good father" 135; "your father's a dreary young man" 175; Penelope's dead father, 175-76; "Fathers are conditioned into deliberately dying in certain preferred ways" 176; "all those Papi-has-raped-me stories" 272; "Schwarzvater" 286; Qulan's father, 340; Pökler's ineptitude as, 410; "[the Hereros] don't want my patriarchy" 522; American Founding Fathers, 587-88; "typical American teenager's own Father, trying. . .to kill his son" 674; "Father-conspiracy" 679; "Fathers are carriers of the virus of Death, and sons are the infected" 723; "the father you will never quite manage to kill" 747; See also mothers Phrase: fathers \Link: page:135

119.5 noline/concept :Herod:Antipas(22_BC_-_c.40_AD):

Herod,_Antipas(22_BC_-_c.40_AD) 135; Palestinian ruler in Roman times who was in Jerusalem during Passover when Jesus was sent before him by Pilate for examination. He also had Jesus' cousin, John the Baptist, executed for, among other things, condemning Herod's marriage to his half-brother's wife. See also Judeo-Christian Phrase: Herod,_Antipas(22_BC_-_c.40_AD) \Link: page:135

119.6 noline/concept    Hitler Adolph

Hitler,_Adolph 135; 309; 349; "Hitler-head stamps" 373; "accept Hitler on the basis of Demian metaphysics" 403; "easily tickled by what the Germans call Schadenfreude" 526; Hitler Youth pet show, 556; unions and, 571; 630 Phrase: Hitler,_Adolph \Link: page:135

119.7 noline/concept :Minsky's:

Minsky's In the 1920s and 30s, Billy Minsky's Republic Theatre on Broadway in New York (later known as just Minsky's) featured rowdy burlesque entertainment. Gypsy Rose Lee performed there in the 1930s, as well as comedians W.C. Fields, Al Jolson, Fannie Brice, Bert Lahr, and Phil Silvers; "more tits than they got at"

Miraculous Medal 135

MIRRORS See also Interface; inside/outside Phrase: Minsky's \Link: page:135

119.8 noline/concept :Pollitt:Harry(1890-1960):

Pollitt,_Harry(1890-1960) 135; British Communist, and general secretary (1929-39, 1941-56) and chairman (1956-60) of the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB). He helped found the CPGB in 1920 and went to Moscow in 1921 to attend a congress of the Third International, where he met Vladimir Lenin. In 1925 he was sentenced to a year's imprisonment for seditious libel and incitement to mutiny. (In 1934 he was acquitted in another sedition trial.) In 1929 he became head of his party as general secretary. Phrase: Pollitt,_Harry(1890-1960) \Link: page:135

119.9 noline/concept    SPQR

SPQR 135; Latin: senatus populusque Romanus = the senate and the people of Rome; also acronym for small profits, quick returns Phrase: SPQR \Link: page:135

119.10 noline/concept :Willkie:Wendell(1892-1944):

Willkie,_Wendell(1892-1944) 135; First a lawyer, then an industrialist, Willkie switched from Democrat to Republican and was narrowly beat by F.D. Roosevelt in the U.S. presidential election of

  1. Between 1941 and 1942 he travelled the world representing the

FDR. Phrase: Willkie,_Wendell(1892-1944) \Link: page:135

120 page: 136

120.1 noline/concept :Caesar:Gaius_Julius(100_or_102-44_BC):

Caesar,_Gaius_Julius_(100_or_102-44_BC) 136; Roman general and statesman Caesar, after numerous military victories, was named "Father of his Country" and was made dictator for life, which glorious life (he was declared sacred, had the month of Quintilis renamed after him, statues in his likeness were placed in temples, &c.) ended when he was assassinated on the Ides of March by a group led by Brutus and Cassius who believed he was too powerful and wished to restore republican freedom. Unfortunately, the assassination engendered chaos in the Roman world which led to its eventual collapse; 164; "sacrifice has become a political act, an act of Caesar" 749; Phrase: Caesar,_Gaius_Julius(100_or_102_BC) \Link: page:136

121 page: 137

121.1 noline/concept    Evil_Hour

Evil_Hour "at certain hours, a round white light" 137; "near midnight, her hour" 205; "the hour without a name (unless it's…no…NO…)" 267; "that well-remembered fragrance Noon in Berlin, essence of human decay" 374; "it's nearly noon. From 11 to 12 in the morning is the Evil Hour, when the white woman with the ring of keys comes out of her mountain and may appear to you […] The Hour is hers" 374-75; "the Evil Hour has worked its sorcery" 377; "the height of the Evil Hour" 439; "horror will come when the afternoon is brightest" 471; "Horror in the brightest hour of afternoon" 471; "a man in a white suit […] who's supposed to be on the Strand-Promenade […] every day around noon" 492; "The exact clock time, which varies throughout the year, is known as Rocket Noon" 500; "today's Rocket Noon, two circular explosions inside the rush hour" 501; "ev'ry day at Rocket Noon, there's death, and revelry" 508; "what's shadowless noon and what isn't" 509; "a common criminal who is to be hanged at noon" 625; "the noon on the Heath when 00000 was fired" 667; "You know what time. The usual hour." 680; "at noon [Geli] comes to a farm house" 718; "a permanent five-o'clock shadow (the worst by far of all the Hourly Shadows)" 755; Phrase: Evil_Hour \Link: page:137

122 page: 139

122.1 line: 09 : Dromond:

The word is defined by Webster's New World English Dictionary as a "large, medieval, swift-sailing water ship." Phrase: Dromond \Link: page:139

122.2 line: 14 : the mummy's curse:

An allusion to the supposed fate of the Carter-Carnarvon expedition that opened the tomb of Tut-ankh-Amen. Phrase: the mummy's curse \Link: page:139

122.3 noline/concept    Dromond

Dromond 139; one of the seven original owners of The Book; killed "by German artillery on Shellfire Corner"; 140; 167 Phrase: Dromond \Link: page:139

122.4 noline/concept    Easterling

Easterling 139; one of the seven original owners of The Book; "taken early in a raid by the Luftwaffe"; 140; 167 Phrase: Easterling \Link: page:139

122.5 noline/concept    Lamplighter Allen

Lamplighter,_Allen 139; buddy of Treacle's killed by a buzzbomb (V-1); one of the seven original owner's of The Book; 140; 146; 167

LANG, Fritz See also Metropolis/Metropolis Phrase: Lamplighter,_Allen \Link: page:139

122.6 noline/concept    Pumm

Pumm 139; one of the seven original owners of The Book; killed in jeep accident; 140; 167 Phrase: Pumm \Link: page:139

123 page: 140

123.1 noline/concept    mathematical_equations

mathematical_equations Chapter 1: Poisson dispensation, 140; Chapter 2: yaw control, 239; Chapter 3: hilarious graffiti of visiting mathematicians, 450; Chapter 4: Otyiyumbu Indetermincy Relation, 700; "Little sigma, times P of s-over-little-sigma, equals one over the square root of two times pi, times e to the minus s squared over two little sigma squared." 709 (thanks to Douglas Lannark for this index entry) Phrase: mathematical_equations \Link: page:140

124 page: 141

124.1 noline/concept :Norrmalm:Södermalm   Deer_Park_and_Old_City

Norrmalm,_Södermalm,_Deer_Park_and_Old_City 141; all areas of Stockholm Phrase: Norrmalm,_Södermalm,_Deer_Park_and_Old_City \Link: page:141

124.2 noline/concept    Thesean_brushings

Thesean_brushings According to Greek myth, Theseus, the son of King Aegeus of Athens, went to Crete and slew the half-human, half-bull Minotaur, kept by King Minos (son of Zeus and Europa) in his Labyrinth (built by Daedalus). The Athenians had been sending seven youths and seven maidens to Crete each year to be set loose in the Labyrinth and eaten by the Minotaur. This yearly reparation was Minos' revenge for the jealous Athenians having killed Minos' son because of his victory over Athens in athletic games. King Aegeus sent his son Theseus as one of the seven youths in the next year's sacrifice. However, King Minos' daughter Ariadne had fallen in love with Theseus and so provided him with an indestructible clew to unwind as he entered the Labyrinth. He handily slew the Minotaur and was able to exit the Labyrinth; "[Pointsman's] lonely Thesean brushings down his polished corridors of years" 141; See also labyrinth; Weaving the Web

THEY Jessica notes a coal-black Packard up a side street, filled with dark-suited civilians. Their white collars rigid in the shadows. "Who're they?" [Mexico] shrugs: "they" is good enough. "Not a friendly lot." (40)

"'They' embracing possibilities far far beyond Nazi Germany" 25; "They" conversation (Major-General), 33; "(They?)" 72; "he's begun to suspect, darkly, any number of Someones Over Here" 108; "an act of suicide […] which in its pathology, in its dreamless version of the real, the Empire commits by the thousands every day, completely unaware of what it's doing" 129; "The true king only dies a mock death. […] Any number of young men may be selected to die in his place while the real king, foxy old bastard, goes on." 131; "death-by-government" 176; 177; 195; "two orders of being" 202; "a clutch mechanism between [Slothrop] and Their iron-cased engine" 207; "Mothers work for Them!" 219; "if there is a life force operating in Nature, still there is nothing so analogous in a bureaucracy. . .It all comes down. . .to the desires of individual men" 228; "All the animals, the plants, the minerals, even other kinds of men, are being broken and reassembled every day, to preserve an elite few, who are the loudest to theorize on freedom, but the least free of all." 230; 285; "They extinguish. . .not remind" 438; no physical locale, 251; "They would not be who or where They are without a touch of Dante to Their notions of reprisal." 350; "They sure must have the budget, all right. Look at this desolation, all built then hammered back into pieces" 374; "a system whose only aim is to violate the Cycle. Taking and not giving back, […] removing from the rest of the World these vast quantities of energy to keep its own tiny desperate fraction showing a profit: […] most of the World, animal, vegetable and mineral, is laid waste in the process" 412; "innocence and its many uses" 419; keeping Earth "for the numb and joyless hardons of. . .human elite" 521; "It is possible that They will not die. That it is now within the state of Their art to go on forever" 539; "They need our terror for Their survival" 539; "There's something still on, don't call it a 'war' if it makes you nervous, maybe the deasth rate's gone down a point or two […] but Their enterprise goes on" 628; "necktie or cock" 637; "Creative paranoia means developing at least as thorough a We-system as a They-system" 638; "They will come and shut off the water first" 694; 697; "Their mission in this world is Bad Shit" 712; "Which is worse: living on as Their pet, or death? 713; "It is our mission to promote death. . .holding down the green uprising." 720; "submission and dominance are resources it needs for its very survival" 737; See also entropy/closed systems; paranoia; Technology Phrase: Thesean_brushings \Link: page:141

125 page: 142

125.1 line: 32 : Reichssieger von Thantatz Alpdrucken:

The name of the dog that Pointsman seeks translates loosely as "Realm of Victory over the Nightmare of Death." Dale Jack offers the following explanation and correction:

"Reichssieger could be translated simply as "champion" or "victor"; "Reichs" is the possessive prefix tacked on just about everything during Hitler's rule, and refers specifically the Third Reich. "Thanatz" should be spelled "Thanatz", as it is in GR (taken from the Greek word for death). "Von" in this case means "of" or "from" and implies that he induces, rather than vanquishes fear. "Von" in this context could also be a dig at the aristocracy. Your translation of "alpdrucken" is basically correct; it is actually the impression (drucken) of dread or fear one has during any bad dream, as opposed to an actual nightmare (alptraum). This gives another rough translation: The Reich's Deadly Night-terror Champion. The structure of the name mimics standard pedigree dogs' titles-breeder's kennel, given name, then owner's kennel. For example, Daisy Hill's Fluffy of Shady Lane."

Phrase: Reichssieger von Thantatz Alpdrucken \Link: page:142

125.2 line: 32    Reichssieger

GR now misspells Alpdrücken. Reichssieger is not a soldier but a victor, i.e., in the doggy context a "champion." Again at 461.32 Phrase: Reichssieger \Link: page:142

125.3 noline/concept    Thanatz_Alpdrucken Reichssieger_von

Thanatz_Alpdrucken,_Reichssieger_von 142; "champion Weimaraner for 1941" in Pointsman's dreams of chase Phrase: Thanatz_Alpdrucken,_Reichssieger_von \Link: page:142

126 page: 143

126.1 noline/concept    Armageddon

Armageddon 143; the final battle between good and evil prophesized in the Book of Revelations in the Bible Phrase: Armageddon \Link: page:143

126.2 noline/concept    Icy_Noctiluca

Icy_Noctiluca 143; flares; 311 Phrase: Icy_Noctiluca \Link: page:143

127 page: 144

127.1 noline/concept    Whitehall

Whitehall 144; Britain's center for government in London. Eponymically named for Whitehall Palace which was located there but burned down in the late 17th century; 171; 201; 454; 635

Phrase: Whitehall \Link: page:144

128 page: 145

128.1 noline/concept :Dodson-Truck   Nora

Dodson-Truck,_Nora 145-50; scorpio wife of Sir Stephen D-T, lover of Carroll Eventyr and "connoisseuse of splendid weaknesses"; "erotic nihilist" 149; Ideology of the Zero, 218; maps on to Leni?, 218; "her real identity is […] the Force of Gravity" 639 Phrase: Dodson-Truck,_Nora \Link: page:145

128.2 noline/concept    George Lloyd

George,_Lloyd 145; "likeness of […] in heliotrope and sea-green" Phrase: George,_Lloyd \Link: page:145

129 page: 146

129.1 line: 27 :Lübeck:

Vergeltungswaffen (plural) means "retribution weapons"; the singular form ends in -waffe. "Revenge" is simply not as accurate a translation of the first element Phrase: Lübeck \Link: page:146

129.2 noline/concept    Quartertone Margaret

Quartertone,_Margaret 146; studied by Psi section; produces voices on discs without speaking Phrase: Quartertone,_Margaret \Link: page:146

129.3 noline/concept :St._Blaise:_Group_Capt._"Basher":

St._Blaise,__Group_Capt._"Basher" 146; sees angel of death during RAF Lübeck strike, 151; [Etymological Musings]; See also Church of St. Blasius Phrase: St._Blaise,__Group_Capt._"Basher" \Link: page:146

130 page: 147

130.1 noline/concept    Aether

Aether "as if all tuned in to the same aethereal Xth Programme" 147; "They don't want us to know there is a medium there, what used to be called an 'aether' […] The Soniferous Aether" 695; "a presence, analogous to the Aether, flows through time, as the Aether flows through space. […] an Aether sea to bear us world-to-world might bring us back a continuity, show us a kinder universe" 726; "the nostalgia of Aether" 726-27; "a hallway, down, up which the soul is borne by an irresistible Aether" 750; Phrase: Aether \Link: page:147

130.2 noline/concept    Greenteeth Jenny

Greenteeth,_Jenny 147; The green hag of Lancashire. Jenny is an evil spirit who haunts stagnant pools in Lancashire. She preys on children who wander too close to the water, grabbing them in her long green fangs and pulling them underwater to drown. She can be found in any pool or pond which is covered in green scum. Obviously, she's invoked to keep the kids away from the water. [IMAGE] Phrase: Greenteeth,_Jenny \Link: page:147

130.3 noline/concept :Groast:Dr.(the_elder):

Groast,_Dr.(the_elder) 147; Rollo's father, in Lancashire Phrase: Groast,_Dr.(the_elder) \Link: page:147

131 page: 148

131.1 noline/concept    Gustav

GustavSee Schlabone, Gustav Phrase: Gustav \Link: page:148

131.2 noline/concept :Guthrie:Tyrone(1900-71):

Guthrie,_Tyrone(1900-71) 148; British theatrical producer and administrator of the Old Vic and Sadler's Wells between 1939 and

Phrase: Guthrie,_Tyrone(1900-71) \Link: page:148

132 page: 150

132.1 line: 13 :a strange mac:

And the postwar PVC raincoat at 615.10 (I owned one of these weird garments) Phrase: a strange mac \Link: page:150

133 page: 151

133.1 noline/concept    Blowitt

Blowitt 151; reported to psychiatric "for his rainbowed Valkyrie over Peenemünde" Phrase: Blowitt \Link: page:151

133.2 noline/concept    Creepham

Creepham 151; "the bright blue gremlins scattering like spiders off of his Typhoon's wings" Phrase: Creepham \Link: page:151

133.3 noline/concept    Hague The

Hague,_The 151; aka s'Gravenhage, Holland's seat of government (the capital is Amsterdam); location of Royal Dutch Shell, 240; [MAP] Phrase: Hague,_The \Link: page:151

133.4 noline/concept    holy_shit

holy_shit "Holy shit it's moving – an octopus?" 186; "'Holy shit.' This is the kind of sunset you hardly see anymore, a 19th-century wilderness sunset, a few of which got set down, approximated, on canvas, landscapes of the American West by artists nobody ever heard of" 214; "There are dozens of them, and each contains a deep, golden custard pie, which will fetch a fantastic price in Berlin. 'Wow,' cries Slothrop, 'holy shit. Surely I hallucinate'" 333; "Rocketman, holy shit, it really is. What's happening, ol' buddy?" 598; See also excrement

Phrase: holy_shit \Link: page:151

133.5 noline/concept    Italian

Italian 299: sfacim-a: from "sfaciàre" = to dismantleTony Assenza graciously supplied the following regarding "sfacim": Phrase: Italian \Link: page:151

133.6 noline/concept    Lion the

Lion,_the "in each one of you. He is either tamed – by too much mathematics, by details of design, by corporate procedures – or he stays wild, an eternal predator. […] He takes, he holds!" 577; "the untamable lion who could let it all crash […] asserting his reality against them all in one last roaring plunge" 578; Phrase: Lion,_the \Link: page:151

133.7 noline/concept :Lübeck:

Lübeck 151; civilian town which the RAF bombed on Palm Sunday, provoking German rocket attacks on London; Leni grew up there, 162; angel, 217; Lübeck Hitler Youth Glee Club, 736 [MAP] Phrase: Lübeck \Link: page:151

133.8 noline/concept    Norden_device

Norden_device 151; Phrase: Norden_device \Link: page:151

133.9 noline/concept    Overbaby Terence

Overbaby,_Terence 151; St. Blaise's wingman; Eventyr held a seance to reach him Phrase: Overbaby,_Terence \Link: page:151

133.10 noline/concept :Peenemünde:

Peenemünde 151; location of German rocket development and production on island of Usedom at mouth of Peene River on the Baltic Sea; [MAP]; 224; taken by Soviets in Spring '45, 273; island of Greifswalder Oie where rockets were fired, 404, 414 [MAP]; British air raid in '43 ("beginning of the end"), 423; described, 501-02 Phrase: Peenemünde \Link: page:151

133.11 noline/concept :W.A.A.F.:

W.A.A.F. 151; UK: Women's Auxiliary Air Force Phrase: W.A.A.F. \Link: page:151

134 page: 152

134.1 line: 11 :-12 More than any mere "Kreis" [ . . . ] full mandalas:

Correspondent Igor Zabel offers the following gloss on Weisenberger's note, which makes sense in the context of the passage:

"Kreis is not 'cross' but 'circle', here also in the sense of a social circle. We should, therefore, understand the passage in the sense that the social structure of the visitors was so complex that they formed not only a circle but also whole mandalas while sitting around the table during the séances." Phrase: -12 More than any mere "Kreis" [ . . . ] full mandalas \Link: page:152

134.2 line: 11 :Kreis":

Kreis is just 'circle'; a mandala is not a circle but a spoked wheel Phrase: Kreis" \Link: page:152

134.3 line: 16 : Walter Asch:

The last name derives from "asche": cinders, ashes. Phrase: Walter Asch \Link: page:152

134.4 line: 19 : Wimpe, the IG-man:

134.5 line: 21 : Lieutenant Weissmann:

Weissmann ("white man"), who turns out to be Capt. Blicero, is the decadent character associated with one of the manifestations of the Lady V. in Pynchon's first novel in the section "Mondaugen's Story." See note at 18161.22.

Phrase: Lieutenant Weissmann \Link: page:152

134.6 noline/concept    Asch Walter

Asch,_Walter 152; present at seance with Sachsa Phrase: Asch,_Walter \Link: page:152

134.7 noline/concept    General_Staff

General_Staff 152; According to Sasuly: "the nerve center of the German Army [and] the ultimate citadel of Junkerdom". It was abolished by the terms of the Versailles Treaty after WWI, but was reorganized as the Ministry of Defense; 401; 630;

GEneRATor 734; hangman mystery world Slothrop discovers Phrase: General_Staff \Link: page:152

134.8 noline/concept    Sargner

Sargner 152; "a civilian attached to the General Staff" who is keyed on by Wimpe at seance Phrase: Sargner \Link: page:152

134.9 noline/concept    Tantivy

TantivySee Mucker-Maffick, Oliver "Tantivy" Phrase: Tantivy \Link: page:152

134.10 noline/concept    Tarot

TarotJudgment, 152; "shuffling the ancient decks oily and worn, throwing down swords and cups and trumps major" 413; The Fool, 501, 724, 742; "Der Grob Säugling, 23rd card of the Zone's trumps major" 707; "choose the world" 718; "The scene itself must be read as a card: what is to come" 724; Queen of Cups, 735; A.E. Waite, 738; 746-49; [Weissmann's Tarot] [Slothrop's Tarot] Phrase: Tarot \Link: page:152

134.11 noline/concept :Wimpe:V-Mann:

Wimpe,_V-Mann 152; [V: Verbindungsmann - "contact man"]; IG-man present at seance; the V-mann, 166; association with Tchitcherine, 344; described, 344; an organic chemist/creator of psychotropic drugs (the "jinni of the West"), 345; "reassigned to the United States. . .after Hitler became Chancellor" 349; turns Greta on to Oneirine, 464; 566; was boyfriend of Minnie (who yelled "helicopter!"), 684; Tchitcherine's memory of, 701 Phrase: Wimpe,_V-Mann \Link: page:152

135 page: 153

135.1 noline/concept    Altrincham

Altrincham 153; "the old ladies in Altrincham trying to summon up the Devil" - Altrincham is a city near Manchester in England. Phrase: Altrincham \Link: page:153

135.2 noline/concept    Kot

Kot German: "shit" Phrase: Kot \Link: page:153

135.3 noline/concept    KPD

KPD 153; Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands: "German Communist Party"; See also Luxemburg, Rosa; Pökler, Leni Phrase: KPD \Link: page:153

135.4 noline/concept :Pökler   _Franz

Pökler,__Franz 153; "a thin freckled man, nearly bald" (575); young German chemical engineer; father of Ilse; "cause-and-effect man"; worked in paint factory; "Piscean" 154; put up fliers for Schlepzig's film, 160; then stumbled on rocket launching and meets Mondaugen, 161; "engineer on the customer end of the Imipolex G contract" 283; came to Nordhausen in '44 and worked in Mittelwerke in factory run by SS, 283; conceiving Ilse, 397; in Zwölfkinder, 398; moved to Peenemünde in '37, 404; sense of drifting away, 405; brooding about Leni, 405; Victim in a Vacuum, 414; "grim phoenix" 415; imagined sex with Ilse, 420; accepting the game, 421; unique destiny of, 423; moved to Blizna, 424; transferred to the Harz, Mittelwerke in '44, 426; dream dialogues with bulb/Weissmann, 426-27; quits the game, 430; hoping Dora prisoners (and Ilse) will be set free, 431; "special destiny" to develop a plastic fairing for the propulsion section of S- gerät 00000, 431; puts wedding ring on dying woman at Dora, 433; with Frieda the pig at Zwölfkinder and meets Slothrop, 575; 687 Phrase: Pökler,__Franz \Link: page:153

135.5 noline/concept :Pökler   _Leni

Pökler,__Leni 153-60; married to Franz Pökler; affair with Sachsa; mother of Ilse; active in K.P.D. (Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands: "German Communist Party"); prostitute (?), 156-57; "grew up in Lübeck" 162; Sachsa's "refuge from society" 219; Nazi sex slave, 408; separated from Ilse, 417; as "Solange" at Putzi's, 603; dreaming of Ilse, 610: See also Solange Phrase: Pökler,__Leni \Link: page:153

135.6 noline/concept :S.P.R.:

S.P.R. 153; Society for Psychical Research; 633; Phrase: S.P.R. \Link: page:153

136 page: 154

136.1 line: 19 :Die Faust Hoch:

American radicals and dissident blacks didn't invent it; international communists used this salute for generations. A possibly Austrian online commentator suggests translating the phrase as an imperative: "Raise the Fist! Phrase: Die Faust Hoch \Link: page:154

136.2 noline/concept :Pökler   _Ilse

Pökler,__Ilse 154; daughter of Franz & Leni Pökler; 220; conceived, 397; shows up, 407, 417; Moon-house, 414; in Dora camp ("call them re-education camps"), 408, 428; last visit to Zwölfkinder, 428; released?, 432; mapped on to Bianca, 576-77; she's okay, 610 Phrase: Pökler,__Ilse \Link: page:154

136.3 noline/concept    Reinickendorf

Reinickendorf 154; Pökler "reported to the rocket facility at" Phrase: Reinickendorf \Link: page:154

137 page: 155

137.1 noline/concept    Kinos

Kinos 155; German: "cinema houses" Phrase: Kinos \Link: page:155

137.2 noline/concept :Luxemburg:_Rosa(d._1919):

Luxemburg,__Rosa(d._1919) 155; founded KPD with Karl Liebknecht (see p. 621). Both were murdered in 1919; 158; See also KPD Phrase: Luxemburg,__Rosa(d._1919) \Link: page:155

137.3 noline/concept    Rebecca

Rebecca 155; "Jewess" comrade of Leni's in KDP Phrase: Rebecca \Link: page:155

137.4 noline/concept :Rücksichtslos:

Rücksichtslos German: "inconsiderate" or "ruthless"); See Toiletship Phrase: Rücksichtslos \Link: page:155

137.5 noline/concept    Rudi

Rudi 155; "La Boheme Student" comrade of Leni's in KPD; 156; 158 Phrase: Rudi \Link: page:155

137.6 noline/concept    Vanya

Vanya 155; "slavic" comrade of Leni's in KPD; 156; 158 Phrase: Vanya \Link: page:155

138 page: 156

138.1 line: 18 : the Judenschnautze:

As 2Weisenburger notes, Pynchon probably means "Judenschnauze" here, but the term is more likely to mean "Jewish snout" (or nose) than "Jewish jaw." The term reflects Leni's antisemitic stereotyping. See note at 3159.38. Schnauze is a word for a canine face, so it might mean "Jewish mug" as well. It also denotes a manner of speech, as in "Er hat eine berliner Schnauze" ("He speaks the Berlin dialect"). Phrase: the Judenschnautze \Link: page:156

138.2 noline/concept    Hirsch Richard

Hirsch,_Richard 156-58; old friend of Leni's about whom she dreams (?) and fantasizes marrying Phrase: Hirsch,_Richard \Link: page:156

139 page: 157

139.1 noline/concept    Siggi

Siggi 157; old friend of Leni's, known as "the Troll" Phrase: Siggi \Link: page:157

140 page: 159

140.1 line: 19 : Niebelungen:

140.2 line: 9 :delta-t approaching zero:

W's entry is meaningless. In P's image, taken from any standard calculus text, you evaluate the change in a quantity from one slice of time to the next; relate it to the time, delta-t, between slices; and state how the ratio behaves as delta-t gets real small. The result is the rate of change, or derivative, or slope of a curve. The idea that there is "no change" is SO exactly not the point Phrase: delta-t approaching zero \Link: page:159

140.3 line: 19    Nibelungen

Kriemhild and Siegfried are misspelled. Again at 578.31 Phrase: Nibelungen \Link: page:159

140.4 line: 38 : the Jewish wolf Pflaumbaum:

At this stage, for all her professed radicalism, Leni allows herself to be deluded by ethnic stereotyping. Notice her attraction to Rebecca because of her Otherness. Soon, though, Leni will be "Judaized" (7219.41), even more so when she is sent to the Dora concentration camp. Of Pflaumbaum's fate, see note at

140.5 noline/concept    Burgundians

Burgundians 159; wiped out by Attila the Hun (as depicted in Fritz Lang's Die Nibelungen); in what is now Eastern France [MAP]; held together by "precious structure of magic and incest" 578-79 Phrase: Burgundians \Link: page:159

140.6 noline/concept    Pflaumbaum

Pflaumbaum 159-60; German: "plum tree"; "Jewish wolf" who owned the paint factory where Pökler worked briefly–tried to create patterned paint; running Glitherius subsidiary in Berlin, 582 Phrase: Pflaumbaum \Link: page:159

141 page: 160

141.1 line: 18 : It may have been a quota film.:

With the great influx of films from the United States to Europe between the wars, several film-producing countries, including Germany, enacted decrees that a certain number of films shown had to be of national origin. These "quota" films were often quick and shoddy productions made only to satisfy government demands so that the more profitable American films could still be shown. Phrase: It may have been a quota film. \Link: page:160

141.2 noline/concept :Technische_Hochschule(T.H.):

Technische_Hochschule(T.H.) Mondaugen: "[Pökler's] old friend from the T.H. Munich" 160; "Glimpf, Professor of Mathematics of the Technische Hochschule, Darmstadt, Scientific advisor to the Allied Military Government" 309; "Zwitter is from the T.H. Munich" 313; Jamf lecturing Pökler's class, 577; "the greyness of certain crowds in the beerhalls back at the T.H." 579; 580;

TECHNOLOGY See also Technische Hochscule; They Phrase: Technische_Hochschule(T.H.) \Link: page:160

142 page: 161

142.1 line: 22 : Kurt Mondaugen:

Mondaugen was introduced as a character in the South-West Africa episodes of V., especially as the focal point of the chapter "Mondaugen's Story." See note at 12152.21. Phrase: Kurt Mondaugen \Link: page:161

142.2 line: 30    mansarde

A mansard roof has a shallow slope near the ridge line and a steep slope near the eaves, not horizontal and vertical Phrase: mansarde \Link: page:161

142.3 line: 34 :-35 true succession, Liebig to [ . . . ] Jamf:

Picture of 13Justus Liebig (right) Phrase: -35 true succession, Liebig to [ . . . ] Jamf \Link: page:161

142.4 line: 34    succession

I think W is misreading the part about Jamf's name; JAMF = I is Slothrop's nightmare equivalence, not an objective one. Google the string JAMF Parker to get a pretty authoritative account of the name Phrase: succession \Link: page:161

142.5 noline/concept    Mondaugen _Kurt

Mondaugen,__Kurt German: "Mondaugen" = "Moon Eye"; 161; electrical engineer who went to Südwest; Pökler working with, 402-04; accepted Hitler on basis of his "Demian- metaphysics" 403; bodhisattva of Peenemünde, 403; was in Südwest, lived with Ovatjimba (aardvark) people, the poorest Hereros, 403; 1922 - in Südwest with Weissmann during siege of Foppl's villa, 408; after Peenemünde bombing, 422; Mondaugen's Law, 509; Verein für Raumschiffahrt, 582; 687; Mondaugen in V. Phrase: Mondaugen,__Kurt \Link: page:161

143 page: 162

143.1 line: 12 :Wandervögel idiocy:

Where does W get off passing judgment on someone else's German usage? One Wandervogel, many Wandervögel Phrase: Wandervögel idiocy \Link: page:162

143.2 line: 13    Society

Raumschifffahrt 'space flight' is misspelled. (Under a recent spelling reform, I believe, the third F has been suppressed, but the H is not optional. Phrase: Society \Link: page:162

143.3 noline/concept    Lemuria

Lemuria The lost land that is supposed to have connected Madagascar with India and Sumatra in prehistoric times. It is thought that it was the original habitat of the lemur, so named for the ghost-like appearance of its face and its nocturnal habits which links to Lemurs, the evil and fearsome spectres of the dead of Roman religion who haunted their relatives and caused them injury; 564 Phrase: Lemuria \Link: page:162

143.4 noline/concept :Lenin:_Vladimir_Ilyich(1870-1924):

Lenin,__Vladimir_Ilyich(1870-1924) Russian revolutionary who became an activist in communist organization after studying Marx. After being exiled to Siberia for 3 years for his activities, he lived in Switzerland in 1900. He returned to Russia in 1905 and worked to strengthen the majority Bolsheviks; when they took power after the Revolution in 1917 he was their leader; 162; former patron at the Odeon, 262; fond of "Napoleon's on s'engage, et puis, on voit" 346; Orders of Lenin, 636; See also Stalin Phrase: Lenin,__Vladimir_Ilyich(1870-1924) \Link: page:162

143.5 noline/concept    Raketenflugplatz

Raketenflugplatz 162-63; German: "rocket site"; the original Raketenflugplatz was an abandoned dump in Berlin where the VfR launched their rockets in the early 1930s; 416 Phrase: Raketenflugplatz \Link: page:162

144 page: 163

144.1 line: 20 :-21 Leni sang with the other children the charming anti-semitic:

144.2 line: 17    wines

Somebody check me on this. Piesporter and Zeltinger are Mosel wines, not Rheingau. Neither locality is within 50 kilometers of the Rhine Phrase: wines \Link: page:163

144.3 line: 31 :IG Farben:

OKW is the German armed forces high command (see my note at 71.12) Phrase: IG Farben \Link: page:163

street refrain of the time The source of Leni's initially racist attitudes lies here, in her youth. Phrase: -21 Leni sang with the other children the charming anti-semitic \Link: page:163

144.4 noline/concept    CIA

CIA 163; Chemical Instrumentality for the Abnormal; Committee on Idiopathic Archetypes, 625; Committee on Incandescent Anomalies, 650; Commissariat for Intelligence Activities, 700 Phrase: CIA \Link: page:163

144.5 noline/concept :Marx:_Karl(1818-83):

Marx,__Karl(1818-83) German social, political and economic theorist and the inspiration for modern communism. He emigrated to Paris in 1863 where he became a communist and first expressed his belief that the proletariat must effect revolutionary change. In Paris, he and Engels wrote Communist Manifesto (1848) ("The workers have nothing to lose but their chains"), the masterpiece of political propaganda. He moved to London in 1849 and it was there that he wrote Das Kapital (1867) (theory of surplus value, class conflict, exploitation of the Working Class, "withering away" of the state); 163; 317; 348; "Marxist dialectics? That's not an opiate, eh?" 701; "'Real to a Marxist.'" 702; "if you don't think there are Marxist-Leninist magicians around, well you better think again!" 748 Phrase: Marx,__Karl(1818-83) \Link: page:163

144.6 noline/concept :Rathenau:_Walter(d._1922):

Rathenau,__Walter(d._1922) 163; German foreign minister who was assassinated; "prophet and architect of cartelized state" 164; seance of, 163-65; during WWI "was ramrodding the whole economy" 284; dealt the Rapallo Treaty ("elaborate piece of theatre" - 352) with Tchitcherine's father, 338; 581; 590; 616; See also Rapallo Treaty; [Sasuly's IG Farben] Phrase: Rathenau,__Walter(d._1922) \Link: page:163

144.7 noline/concept    Spottbilligfilm_AG

Spottbilligfilm_AG 163; German: "spottbillig" = "dirt cheap"; subsidiary of IG Farben "whose entire management are about to be purged for sending to OKW weapons procurement a design proposal for a new airborne ray which could turn whole populations […] blind"; "from whom von Göll used to get cut rates on most of his film stock" 387; Phrase: Spottbilligfilm_AG \Link: page:163

145 page: 164

145.1 noline/concept    AEG

AEG 164; German Gen'l Electric Co., founded by Emil Rathenau, father of Walter; [http://www.aeg.de/e_index.htm] Phrase: AEG \Link: page:164

145.2 noline/concept :L-5227:

L-5227 164; bomb developed by Spottbilligfilm AG to blind "whole populations" Phrase: L-5227 \Link: page:164

145.3 noline/concept    Smaragd Generaldirektor

Smaragd,_Generaldirektor 164-66; (German: "Emerald"); Nazi with IG Farben; "from Leverkusen. An elderly man who used a cane, a notorious spiritualist before the War" 486 Phrase: Smaragd,_Generaldirektor \Link: page:164

145.4 noline/concept    War_Office

War_Office 164; in Berlin Phrase: War_Office \Link: page:164

146 page: 165

146.1 noline/concept :Bismarck:_Otto_Edward_Leopold_von(1815-98):

Bismarck,__Otto_Edward_Leopold_von(1815-98) 165; As a Prussian statesman, Bismarck rose to eventually become president of the cabinet. Under his leadership, Prussia humiliated Austria in the "Seven Weeks' War which lead to the reorganization of Germany under the leadership of Prussia. After provoking the Franco-Prussian war (1870-71) and eventually dictating the peace terms to France, Bismarck was made a prince and chancellor (the "Iron Chancellor") of the new German empire. He also represented Germany at the Congress of Berlin in 1878; "impressive re-enactment of Bismarck's elevation, at the spring equinox of 1871, to prince and imperial chancellor" 419; Phrase: Bismarck,__Otto_Edward_Leopold_von(1815) \Link: page:165

146.2 noline/concept    Schlepzig _Max

Schlepzig,__Max Franz Pökler putting up handbills for a movie starring, 165; name on Slothrop's pass to get into Potsdam Conference, 377; actor in von Göll films who whipped Erdmann ("the Reich's Sweethearts"), 395; 439; 461 Phrase: Schlepzig,__Max \Link: page:165

146.3 noline/concept    Silberschlag Frau

Silberschlag,_Frau 165; German: "silver shock or blow"; next door neighbor of Leni and Franz Pökler's who delivers Leni's "last message" to Franz Phrase: Silberschlag,_Frau \Link: page:165

147 page: 166

147.1 line: 1 :-9 All right. Mauve [ . . . ]:

For more on the history of this breakthrough in dye-making and organic chemistry, see Simon Garfield's Mauve: How One Man Invented a Color That Changed the World (New York: Norton, 2001). Phrase: -9 All right. Mauve [ . . . ] \Link: page:166

147.2 line: 1 :all right:

GR spells the name "Herbert Ganister. Phrase: all right \Link: page:166

147.3 line: 10    Oneirine

The suffix "-ine" actually marks an amine, amino acid, nitrogenous base, or (in this case) alkaloid Phrase: Oneirine \Link: page:166

147.4 line: 11    cyclized

GR misspells quinoline. W's entry is not nonsense but I suspect his informant was thinking of something else. Isoquinoline is not so large a molecule, there are lots of ways to produce it, and it has many uses. "Numerous derivatives have been prepared and evaluated as pharmaceuticals," too (Kirk-Othmer Concise Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology, p. 986) Phrase: cyclized \Link: page:166

147.5 noline/concept    dyes

dyes "Mauve […] William Perkin discovered it […] the first new color on Earth" 166; "Tyrian purple, alizarin and indigo, other coal-tar dyes" 166; Phrase: dyes \Link: page:166

147.6 noline/concept    Ganister Herbert

Ganister,_Herbert 166; English chemist Phrase: Ganister,_Herbert \Link: page:166

147.7 noline/concept    Maltzan von

Maltzan,_von 166; worked with Rathenau on the Rapallo Treaty Phrase: Maltzan,_von \Link: page:166

147.8 noline/concept    Oneirine

Oneirine 166; (oneiric - "dreamlike"); "Oneirine and Methoneirine. Variations reported by Laszlo Jamf in the ACS Journal" 348; intoxicant developed by Jamf–induces time modulation, 389; Greta's addiction to, 463-64; "Oneirine Jamf Imipolex A4. . ." 464; "That oneiric season" 475; Wimpe "dumping all of his Oneirine samples on a party of American tourists back in hilltop Transylvania" 684; mantic archetypes and the Pökler singularity, 702; "Oneirine hauntings show a definite narrative continuity, as clearly as, say, the average Reader's Digest article. […] 'the dullest hallucinations known to psychopharmacology' […] some radical though plausible violation of possibility" 703; See also dope; dreams/dreaming Phrase: Oneirine \Link: page:166

147.9 noline/concept    Perkin William

Perkin,_William 166; English chemist who discovered the color mauve Phrase: Perkin,_William \Link: page:166

147.10 noline/concept    Rapallo_Treaty

Rapallo_Treaty 166; Agreement between Soviet Russia and Germany which contained extensive trade agreements including the lifting of trade restrictions between the two countries, thus allowing Krupp to sell their steel machines to the Soviets. Germany's powerful right wing was enraged at the recognition given the new Communist regime and on June 24, 1922 Foreign Minister Walter Rathenau, who negotiated the treaty on Germany's behalf, was shot and killed in the street; 338; 352 See also Rathenau, Walter Phrase: Rapallo_Treaty \Link: page:166

148 page: 167

148.1 line: 29 :-30 Heinz Rippenstoss:

The name of the would-be Nazi wag is literally "nudge in the ribs."

Phrase: -30 Heinz Rippenstoss \Link: page:167

148.2 noline/concept    Cosmic_Bomb

Cosmic_Bomb 167; aka Atomic Bomb; 539; 544; "Miss Enola Gay's atomic clit" 588; Hiroshima, 693-94; [Video of the Bombing (no sound)] Phrase: Cosmic_Bomb \Link: page:167

148.3 noline/concept    Kinks

Kinks 167-68; "And the crowds they swarm in Knightsbridge, and the wireless carols drone, and the Underground's a mob-scene, but Pointsman's all alone" [sung to the tune of "Well-Respected Man"] Phrase: Kinks \Link: page:167

148.4 noline/concept    Rippenstoss Heinz

Rippenstoss,_Heinz 167; German: "kick in the groin" (or "nudge in the ribs"); "irrepressible Nazi wag and gadabout" at Rathenau seance and asker of the question "Is God really Jewish?" Phrase: Rippenstoss,_Heinz \Link: page:167

149 page: 168

149.1 line: 21    jokes

A strikingly wordy and elaborate entry that explains nothing. What did the Cockney exclaim to the cowboy from San Antonio? "Cor, Tex! Phrase: jokes \Link: page:168

149.2 noline/concept    jokes

jokes "What did the Cockney exclaim to the cowboy from San Antonio?" 168; "Erdschweinhöhle. This is a Herero joke" 315; "All you feel like listening to Beethoven is going out and invading Poland" 440; "[The robot] will prove to be addicted to one-liners that never quite come off for anyone but it." 645 Phrase: jokes \Link: page:168

150 page: 169

150.1 line: 34 :Diadem":

OK, I'm niggling now. A hymn is a poem, in this case "All Hail the Pow'r of Jesus' Name." It is sung to a hymn tune, in this case "Diadem." I imagine that singing "Diadem" gives a general effect like, "Da dum da da da dum da da, da dum da da da da." But that's just me Phrase: Diadem" \Link: page:169

150.2 noline/concept    Henry_V

Henry_V 169; Gwenhidwy "descended directly from the Welshman in" Phrase: Henry_V \Link: page:169

150.3 noline/concept    Smith Sir_Denis_Nayland

Smith,_Sir_Denis_Nayland See Sir Denis Nayland-Smith Phrase: Smith,_Sir_Denis_Nayland \Link: page:169

150.4 noline/concept :Snade:Mrs.:

Snade,_Mrs. 169; "wrote in to the Times from Luton Hoo, Bedfrdshire" regarding Gwenhidwy's singing voice Phrase: Snade,_Mrs. \Link: page:169

151 page: 170

151.1 line: 13    Vincentesque

An excellent entry. I thought of Van Gogh, but clearly W has this right Phrase: Vincentesque \Link: page:170

151.2 noline/concept    BMRs

BMRs 170; Basic Metabolic Rates Phrase: BMRs \Link: page:170

151.3 noline/concept    Harley_Street

Harley_Street 170; 171; Phrase: Harley_Street \Link: page:170

151.4 noline/concept    Vincentesque_invaders

Vincentesque_invaders 170; "nasty little fangs achop" Phrase: Vincentesque_invaders \Link: page:170

152 page: 171

152.1 line: 7 :Aberystwyth":

Again, "Aberystwyth" is the hymn tune and Wesley's poem is the hymn.

Top of page

Un Perm' au Casino Hermann Goerin Phrase: Aberystwyth" \Link: page:171

152.2 noline/concept    Estelle

Estelle 171; "the doorkeeper's daughter" at White Visitation, and her son Arch, with whom Gwenhidwy plays "slap-and-tickle" Phrase: Estelle \Link: page:171

152.3 noline/concept    Gymanfa_Ganu

Gymanfa_Ganu 171; Welsh: songfest; these group-singing events are still held throughout Wal Phrase: Gymanfa_Ganu \Link: page:171

153 page: 174

153.1 noline/concept    Sooty

Sooty 174; Jessica's cat; 177 Phrase: Sooty \Link: page:174

153.2 noline/concept    Swanlake _Nancy

Swanlake,__Nancy 174-77; Jessica's sister; late husband was Keith; kids: Penelope (also p.277), Claire, Elizabeth Phrase: Swanlake,__Nancy \Link: page:174

154 page: 175

154.1 noline/concept :175-Stadt:

175-Stadt 665-67; all-male community of former homosexual Dora inmates "between the marsh and the öder estuary"; "Lotta those fags still around, with baskets and 175 badges out on display. . ." 289; Chorale, 668 Phrase: 175-Stadt \Link: page:175

155 page: 176

155.1 noline/concept    Qlippoth

Qlippoth 176; "a process by which living souls unwillingly become the demons known to the main sequence of Western Magic as Qlippoth, Shells of the Dead"; "no way to appeal to the dumb and grinning evil of the shell that was left" 268; "Forget them, they are no better than the Qlippoth, the shells of the dead" 590; "she will not be mounted by a plastic shell" 661; "stumblebum magicians who can't help leaving themselves wide open for disastrous visits from Qlippoth" 746; "each of the Sephiroth is also haunted by its proper demons or Qlippoth" 748; "will use all your love for friends who have passed across against you" 750; "all the gathered fragments of the Vessels" 757; See also Kabbalists Phrase: Qlippoth \Link: page:176

155.2 noline/concept    Quisling_molecules

Quisling_molecules 176; Named after Vidkun Quisling (1887-1945), a Norwegian who founded the Fascist Nasjonal Samling Party (National Unity). Throughout World War II he collaborated with the Nazis. "Quisling" is now used as a noun for a traitor or collaborator who aids an invading enemy, although Pynchon uses it here as an adjective meaning traitorous. Phrase: Quisling_molecules \Link: page:176

156 page: 177

156.1 noline/concept    Kim

Kim 177; son of Sooty, Jessica's cat See also Sooty

King Kong & the Like

Fay Wray look, 57; Fay Wray, 57, 179, 275; "You will have the tallest, darkest leading man in Hollywood," 179; "headlights burning like the eyes of" 247; "the black scapeape we cast down like Lucifer," 275; Mitchell Prettyplace book about, 275; "the Fist of the Ape," 277; "orangutan on wheels," 282; taking a shit, 368; "The figures darkened and deformed, resembling apes" 483; "a troupe of performing chimpanzees" 496; "on the tit with no motor skills," 578; "Negroid apes," 586; "that sacrificial ape," 664; "a gigantic black ape," 688; Carl Denham, 689; poem based on King Kong, 689

See also: actors/directors film/cinema references; King Kong Web Page Phrase: Kim \Link: page:177

157 page: 181

157.1 line: 4    faro

Is the Casino the one at Monte Carlo? No doubt there is evidence I can't find. There are other casinos on the Cote d'Azur, though Phrase: faro \Link: page:181

157.2 noline/concept    Cap the

Cap,_the 181; near Casino Hermann Goering on the Riviera; 185; where Raoul de la Perlimpinpin's residence is located, 243; Phrase: Cap,_the \Link: page:181

157.3 noline/concept    Casino_Hermann_Goering

Casino_Hermann_Goering 181; casino on French Riviera where Slothrop is sent; Himmler-Spielsaal gaming room; 3 girls: Ghislaine, Francois & Yvonne, 183, 187; 491; 656; 659; See also Forbidden Wing Phrase: Casino_Hermann_Goering \Link: page:181

158 page: 182

158.1 line: 04 : I'm some kind of a Van Johnson:

Johnson's film was titled Thirty Seconds over Tokyo (not "Minutes"), but there are more likely references at work, given the context of Bloat and Tantivy comparing British love life to Slothrop's. In at least two 1944 films, Between Two Women and Two Girls and a Sailor, Johnson had to cope with multiple romances. Phrase: I'm some kind of a Van Johnson \Link: page:182

158.2 line: 17    Valentinos

Webster's New World Dictionary, 3rd College Edition, gives the name as Rodolfo Alfonzo Raffaelo Pierre Filibert Guglielmi di Valentina d'Antonguolla. Woof Phrase: Valentinos \Link: page:182

158.3 noline/concept :Clausewitz:Carl_von(1780-1831):

Clausewitz,_Carl_von(1780-1831) 182; Prussian general whose writings, especially On War, advocated the concept of total war, in which all the enemy's territory, property, and citizens are attacked; Clausewitz & Pynchon Phrase: Clausewitz,_Carl_von(17801) \Link: page:182

158.4 noline/concept :fox-trot:

fox-trot 182; a ballroom dance in duple time with alternating slow and quick steps; (See also songs/compositions) Phrase: fox-trot \Link: page:182

159 page: 183

159.1 noline/concept    Fauve

Fauve 183; Phrase: Fauve \Link: page:183

159.2 noline/concept    Francois

Francois 183, girl on beach who is a dancer at Casino Hermann Goering; 193 (named); 194; 204 Phrase: Francois \Link: page:183

159.3 noline/concept    Ghislaine

Ghislaine 183; girl on the beach who is a dancer at the Casino Hermann Goering; with Bloat;188-89 (named); 194; 204 Phrase: Ghislaine \Link: page:183

159.4 noline/concept    Impressionist

Impressionist 183; prints in D Wing of White Visitation, 231;

Phrase: Impressionist \Link: page:183

159.5 noline/concept    Yvonne

Yvonne 183; girl on beach who is a dancer at the Casino Hermann Goering; 193 (named); 194; 204 Phrase: Yvonne \Link: page:183

160 page: 184

160.1 noline/concept    Flebotomo Cesar

Flebotomo,_Cesar 184; manager of Casino Hermann Goering Phrase: Flebotomo,_Cesar \Link: page:184

161 page: 185

161.1 line: 22 : prewar Comets and Hamptons:

161.2 line: 12 :lingua franca:

That isn't what it means–more like "language that passes freely." A language spoken and understood, often for purposes of trade, by people native to many languages. Swahili is a lingua franca in large parts of eastern Africa, for example. W's characterization seems odd for a humanist Phrase: lingua franca \Link: page:185

The Hampton sailboat had nothing to do with New Hampshire, as Weisenburger suggests; it was created for the Hampton Yacht Club in Hampton, Virginia. The Hampton is also known as the HOD ("Hampton One-Design") and was created by Vincent "Pappy" Serio in 1934. This may be the origin of the name of Pynchon's character "Pappy Hod," the sailor who first appeared in V. and is referred to later in Gravity's Rainbow (p. 715 and p. 748), although Pynchon uses the name for other connotations. See Weisenburger's note at V715.02.

Phrase: prewar Comets and Hamptons \Link: page:185

161.3 noline/concept    pedalo

pedalo 185; French: a small pedal-powered paddleboat Phrase: pedalo \Link: page:185

162 page: 186

162.1 noline/concept    Hawaii

Hawaii "Slothrop's Hawaiian shirt" 186, 201; "'That "Hawaii I" You know anything about that?'" 207; "The Schwarzkommando use the 50 cm band–the one the Rocket's Hawaii II guidance operated on." 325; See also Puke-a-hook-a-look-i Island Phrase: Hawaii \Link: page:186

163 page: 189

163.1 noline/concept :Bukharin:Nikolai_Ivanovich(1888-1938):

Bukharin,_Nikolai_Ivanovich(1888-1938) Bukharin was a Russian Communist leader and theoretician, and a member of the Bolshevik wing of the Social Democratic party. In 1924 he was made a full member of the politburo. As Stalin rose to power in the 1920s, Bukharin was advocating policies which were not in line with Stalin's, eg slow agricultural collectivization and industrialization. A victim of Stalin's purges, in 1938 he was tried publicly for treason and was executed (shot). In the Gorbachev era, Bukharin was rehabilitated and posthumously reinstated (1988) as a party member; "evidence linking [Porkyevitch] to the Bukharin conspiracy" 189 Phrase: Bukharin,_Nikolai_Ivanovich(18888) \Link: page:189

163.2 noline/concept    Trotsky

Trotsky Trotskyite block, 189; Trotsky a former patron at the Odeon, 262; 338; "some beasrded old unreconstructed geezer of a Trotskyite" 399; Phrase: Trotsky \Link: page:189

164 page: 190

164.1 line: 8    pirozhok

W's phrase is, um, not felicitous. "Pie" would be less distracting Phrase: pirozhok \Link: page:190

164.2 noline/concept    lawn_sports

lawn_sports golf, 190, 194; football, 194; croquet, 200; tennis, 476; baseball, 508 Phrase: lawn_sports \Link: page:190

164.3 noline/concept    RHIP

RHIP 190; Rank Has Its Privileges; 448 Phrase: RHIP \Link: page:190

164.4 noline/concept    Wormwood_Scrubs_School_Tie

Wormwood_Scrubs_School_Tie Wormwood Scrubs Prison, in London, was built by convicts in 1874; tie Slothrop wears to Casino dinner, 190 Phrase: Wormwood_Scrubs_School_Tie \Link: page:190

165 page: 192

165.1 line: 15 : humming "You Can Do a Lot of Things at the Seaside That You:

Can't Do in Town"

This pre-World War I British music hall tune was composed by Mark Sheridan. It appears as the "B" side of his recording of the early WWI song "Belgium Put the Kibosh on the Kaiser." Phrase: humming "You Can Do a Lot of Things at the Seaside That You \Link: page:192

166 page: 193

166.1 noline/concept    Harvard

Harvard 193; elite Ivy League university in Cambridge, Massachussetts Phrase: Harvard \Link: page:193

167 page: 194

167.1 noline/concept    Choate_boys

Choate_boys 194; "red-dogging […] each with the instincts and mass of a killer rhino" Phrase: Choate_boys \Link: page:194

168 page: 195

168.1 line: 23    Arnhem

Arnhem is on the Rhine (local name: Rijn) or a branch of it. The Schelde flows through Antwerp, a good 120 kilometers from Arnhem. There were Allied forces at Nijmegen, south of Arnhem on the Waal.

200.21 blighter: An egregious person.

205.13-14 messieurs: Ferrari is the serpent played by Sydney Greenstreet, not the croupier. The croupier, named Emil, was played by Marcel Dalio. See my rueful note at 534.9 and a note on a meaningless coincidence at 365.23 Phrase: Arnhem \Link: page:195

169 page: 200

169.1 noline/concept    Jewel

Jewel 200; one of two ladies with the General playing croquet as Slothrop falls from the tree, draped in a purple sheet Phrase: Jewel \Link: page:200

169.2 noline/concept    Kilgour_or_Curtis

Kilgour_or_Curtis 200; tailors in London Phrase: Kilgour_or_Curtis \Link: page:200

169.3 noline/concept    Rowena

Rowena 200; one of two ladies with the General playing croquet as Slothrop falls from the tree, draped in a purple sheet Phrase: Rowena \Link: page:200

169.4 noline/concept :Thyssen:Fritz(1873-1951):

Thyssen,_Fritz(1873-1951) Leading German industrialist was a member of one of the world's wealthiest families and a major financial backer of Adolf Hitler's rise to power. After inheriting his father's fortune and industrial empire, he shrewdly combined the family holdings into a trust (Vereinigte Stahlwerke AG [United Steelworks Co.]) which controlled more than 75 percent of Germany's ore reserve and employed 200,000 workers. Like many German industrial leaders, he worried about the rise of socialism and was an early backer of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. He worked hard to get Hitler elected and was then rewarded by being appointed to the German Economic Council. Because he really only supported the anti-socialist positions of the Nazis, he broke with Hitler and fled to Switzerland when Hitler led Germany into war and began persecuting Jews and Catholics (Thyssen was a Catholic); conspiring with Stinnes and Krupp to ruin the mark, after WWI, 285 Phrase: Thyssen,_Fritz(1873-1951) \Link: page:200

170 page: 201

170.1 line: 5 : Lawrence of Arabia:

Lawrence did not command regular troops in the Mediterranean Theatre, as described by Weisenburger, but led Arab partisan operations against the Turks during the war. The subaltern's snide remarks to Slothrop echo the scene in David Lean's 1962 Lawrence of Arabia when Lawrence (Peter O'Toole) first appears at British headquarters in Cairo wearing Arab clothing. Phrase: Lawrence of Arabia \Link: page:201

171 page: 202

171.1 line: 34 : Bwa-deboolong:

It is no wonder that Weisenburger cannot find a Bois de Boulogne in Monaco: The reference is actually to a turn-of-the-century music hall tune, "The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo," by Fred Gilbert. The persona of the song is a man who has recently returned to Paris after a streak of luck at the tables. The chorus:

As I walk along the Bois de Boulogne With an independent air, You can hear the girls declare, "There goes a millionaire!" You can hear them sigh and wish to die, You can see them wink the other eye At the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo.

The song crops up in several films, notably in Orson Welles' The Magnificent Ambersons (1942). The song's meter is also echoed in the "Vulgar Song" at p.213.20-30 and the song at p244.13-16. The song was made very popular by performer Charles Coborn, who was still making appearances at music halls until his death in 1945. Audio clips of Coborn performing are available 21here.

Phrase: Bwa-deboolong \Link: page:202

171.2 noline/concept :O.C.T.U.:

O.C.T.U. 202; Officer's Cadet Training Unit, located in Sandhurst, near London Phrase: O.C.T.U. \Link: page:202

171.3 noline/concept    Orders_of_Being

Orders_of_Being "Two orders of being looking identical . . . But, but . . ." 202; "a noseless mask of the Other Order of Being, of Katje's being–the lifeless nonface" 222; "Here it is again, that identical-looking Other World" 225; "glimpses into another order of being, 239; "And what is the specific shape whose center of gravity is the Brennschluss Point? […] It is most likely an interface between one order of things and another." 302 Phrase: Orders_of_Being \Link: page:202

171.4 noline/concept    Sandhurst

Sandhurst 202; a military academy, the British equivalent to West Point in the U.S. Phrase: Sandhurst \Link: page:202

172 page: 204

172.1 noline/concept    Arbella

Arbella 204; ship which brought the first American Slothrop to America in 1630 Phrase: Arbella \Link: page:204

172.2 noline/concept :Rossini:_Gioacchino_Antonio(1792-1868):

Rossini,__Gioacchino_Antonio(1792-1868) Italian composer of light comic opera and pleasant, melodious, crowd-pleasing music; "an abbreviated version of L'Inutil Precauzione (that imaginary opera with which Rosina seeks to delude her guardian in The Barber of Seville)" 204; Rue Rossini, 248, 253, 257; vs. Beethoven, 273, 440; his music: "love without payment of any kind" 274; 376; "'The Italian girl is in Algiers, the Barber's in the crockery, the magpie's stealing everything in sight! The World is rushing together. . .'" 440; "Rossini […] full of light and kindness" 622; "long-suppressed Rossini violin concerto (op. posth.)" 684; "Now I know it's not as keen as old Rossini [snatch of La Gazza Ladra here]" 685 Phrase: Rossini,__Gioacchino_Antonio(1792-1868) \Link: page:204

172.3 noline/concept    Winthrop Governor

Winthrop,_Governor 204; came over to America on the Arbella in 1630

WITCHES See also Walpurgisnacht Phrase: Winthrop,_Governor \Link: page:204

173 page: 205

173.1 noline/concept    football

footballSee lawn sports Phrase: football \Link: page:205

173.2 noline/concept    Forbidden_Wing

Forbidden_Wing 205; the Himmler-Spielsaal room at Casino H. Goering; "breath of Forbidden Wing" 285 Phrase: Forbidden_Wing \Link: page:205

174 page: 206

174.1 line: 37 : A Plasticman comic:

Plastic Man's history is a bit different than that given by Weisenburger. The hero first appeared in Police Comics in January

  1. He had his own title starting in 1943 under the Quality

Comics label, which ended in 1956. The character was picked up and revived by National Periodicals ("DC" Comics) in 1966, but the new magazine lasted only for ten issues. Since then, some of the original Plastic Man stories have been reprinted from time to time, and the character has appeared in other DC publications. Plastic Man's costume was mainly red, but also contained yellow and black. His name should be two words, not one as in GR. Phrase: A Plasticman comic \Link: page:206

174.2 noline/concept :Dodson-Truck   Sir_Stephen

Dodson-Truck,_Sir_Stephen 206; tutored Slothrop on rocket stuff and technical German at Casino; husband of Nora D-T; disappears from Casino after Slothrop gets him drunk playing "Prince" and he confesses, 211; at Fitzmaurice House, 228; "Nature of Freedom" drill, 541; 544; at Pirate's, 639

Dog Vanya 78; dog in ARF wing undergoing conditioning experiments Phrase: Dodson-Truck,_Sir_Stephen \Link: page:206

174.3 noline/concept    Plasticman

Plasticman 206; Plastic Man was a cartoon character in the 1940s who, through his ability to stretch himself into any shape, fought crime; 314; 331; 752; [Image]; See also comicbook/cartoon/fictional characters Phrase: Plasticman \Link: page:206

175 page: 209

175.1 noline/concept :'s_Gravenhage:

's_Gravenhage 209; aka The Hague; Phrase: 's_Gravenhage \Link: page:209

176 page: 210

176.1 line: 16 :Johnson Smith:

The company was located in Racine, Wisconsin, at the time Phrase: Johnson Smith \Link: page:210

176.2 line: 31    Wivern

Pronounced WYE-vern. A variety of dragon in heraldry Phrase: Wivern \Link: page:210

176.3 noline/concept :Booth:John_Wilkes(1839-65):

Booth,_John_Wilkes(1839-65) 210; This unsuccessful actor assassinated President Abraham Lincoln, apparently to avenge the defeat of the Confederates in the Civil War. Phrase: Booth,_John_Wilkes(1839) \Link: page:210

176.4 noline/concept :Earp:Wyatt(1848-1929)(aka_Berry_Stapp):

Earp,_Wyatt(1848-1929)(aka_Berry_Stapp) 210; legendary frontiersman of the American West, who was an itinerant saloonkeeper, gambler, lawman, gunslinger, and confidence man. He worked as a police officer in Wichita and Dodge City, eventually becoming assistant marshall and buddy of such gunmen as Doc Holliday and Bat Masterson. After remarrying (his first wife died of typhoid fever), he left Dodge City and eventually ended up in Tombstone, Arizona. He became a gambler and guard in the Oriental Saloon, and his brother Virgil became town marshal. By 1881 a feud which had been developing between the Earps and a gang led by Ike Clanton was finally resolved in the celebrated gunfight at the O.K. Corral (Oct. 26, 1881), pitting the Clanton gang against three Earp brothers (Virgil, Wyatt, and Morgan) and Doc Holliday. The Earps prevailed.

EARTH See also Counterforce; Erdmann, Margherita; Erdschweinhöhle

Phrase: Earp,_Wyatt(1848-1929)(aka_Berry_Stapp) \Link: page:210

176.5 noline/concept    Wivern General

Wivern,_General 210; of SHAEF Technical Staff, 237; 242; 592; 594 Phrase: Wivern,_General \Link: page:210

177 page: 212

177.1 line: 18    comprendez

That's an Americanized or at least altered form. In French, comprenez-vous? or comprenez Phrase: comprendez \Link: page:212

177.2 line: 33    Highlander

The Scots Guards are Guards but not Highlanders. A Highlander at the time belonged to one of six regiments: the Black Watch, Highland Light Infantry, Gordon Highlanders, Cameron Highlanders, Seaforth Highlanders, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. I may have this wrong, but I think officers in the H.L.I. wore trews (see my note at 30.1) in one class of uniform Phrase: Highlander \Link: page:212

178 page: 213

178.1 line: 21 : The Queen of Transylvan-ia:

Transylvania is, of course, the mountainous region of Romania that is legendary home to Dracula.

As well as the real-life birthplace of 3Hermann Oberth, the pioneer of German rocket science, inventor of liquid-fuel propulsion, consultant on [14Die Frau im Mond]; the man who turned von Braun on. Phrase: The Queen of Transylvan-ia \Link: page:213

178.2 noline/concept    epernay

epernay 213; one of the two towns in the center of France's Champagne region (the other is Reims). It is the home of Pol Roger and Moet et Chandon Champagne. Interesting to point out that when Napoleon campaigned Eastwards, he would always divert his army via Reims and Epernay, as he always celebrated a win with champagne and never wanted to run out. (Contributed by Paul Bowers) Phrase: epernay \Link: page:213

178.3 noline/concept    Queen_of_Burgundee

Queen_of_Burgundee 213; Phrase: Queen_of_Burgundee \Link: page:213

178.4 noline/concept :Queen_of_Transylvan-ia:

Queen_of_Transylvan-ia 213; Phrase: Queen_of_Transylvan-ia \Link: page:213

179 page: 214

179.1 line: 04 : Lady of Spain:

The song, composed in 1931 by Tolchard Evans, Stanley Demerell and Bob Hargreaves, has become a cliché of accordion music. Phrase: Lady of Spain \Link: page:214

180 page: 215

180.1 noline/concept :Dodson-Truck   Frank

Dodson-Truck,_Frank 215; son of Sir Stephen's and Nora's of whom they've lost track after he was sent to Indo-China Phrase: Dodson-Truck,_Frank \Link: page:215

181 page: 217

181.1 noline/concept    Gallaho_Mews

Gallaho_Mews 217; alley in London where PISCES Twelfth House is located; "all-night cinema, around the corner from" 542; Mexico's arrival, 632 Phrase: Gallaho_Mews \Link: page:217

181.2 noline/concept :Hilbert-Spaess   Sammy

Hilbert-Spaess,_Sammy 217; double agent with "scombroid face […] quick as a fire-control dish antenna and even less mercy"; at Double Agent Convention, with "pouched and Levantine eyes" 540; [Hilbert Space: "A multidimensional space in which the proper (eigen) functions of wave mechanics are represented by orthogonal unit vectors" - from The Penguin Dictionary of Physics] Phrase: Hilbert-Spaess,_Sammy \Link: page:217

182 page: 218

182.1 noline/concept    Zaxa

Zaxa 218; Phrase: Zaxa \Link: page:218

183 page: 220

183.1 line: 31 : Schutzmann Joche:

The constable's last name, with an umlaut, would approximate another expression of disgust ("yuck-ey"). Phrase: Schutzmann Joche \Link: page:220

184 page: 222

184.1 line: 02 : Cagney of the French Riviera:

James Cagney, American actor who played tough guys. Called "the professional gangster". In one famous movie scene, he shoves a grapefruit into a woman's face over the breakfast table.

V222.37 the bridge music A cinematic reference; the kind of musical accompaniment in which familiar tunes echoed the theme of particular scenes (especially during montage sequences spanning periods of time) was a common feature of classic Hollywood films (for example, the scores of Max Steiner). In this context, the music is background to a montage of scenes of Slothrop and Katje working together. Phrase: Cagney of the French Riviera \Link: page:222

185 page: 223

185.1 line: 8    Nusselt

The Reynolds number appears in formulas describing fluid flow, but doesn't by itself represent the flow rate Phrase: Nusselt \Link: page:223

185.2 line: 13    expansion

It isn't the nozzles that expand; the gas flow expands after it exits the nozzle Phrase: expansion \Link: page:223

185.3 line: 19    Pfau

This one took a long time to work out. The letter V in German is pronounced "fow" (rhyming with "brow"). It's close to a homophone for Pfau, so der Pfau = der V, i.e., the V-weapon Phrase: Pfau \Link: page:223

185.4 line: 32 :draw-shots:

Draw is backspin on the cue ball, applied to control its action after it strikes an object ball. Whether it hits a cushion first is immaterial Phrase: draw-shots \Link: page:223

186 page: 224

186.1 noline/concept    Schiller Professor

Schiller,_Professor 224; Slothrop studying his book on regenerative cooling Phrase: Schiller,_Professor \Link: page:224

187 page: 225

187.1 line: 32 : a single clarinet:

The instrument, with its evocation of "clowns and circuses," suggests Kurt Weill's score for Brecht's Three-Penny Opera but also Nino Rota's scores for several Fellini films, notably 8½ (1963 -- No wonder Slothrop "lacks the European reflexes" to it!) Phrase: a single clarinet \Link: page:225

188 page: 226

188.1 noline/concept :Côte_d'Azur:

Côte_d'Azur 226; French: the "azure coast"; the Mediterranean coastline of France between Menton and Cannes, so named by the poet Stephen Liegeard Phrase: Côte_d'Azur \Link: page:226

189 page: 228

189.1 line: 18    Malet

Not unknown at all; it's in London A to Z, and I've bought books there. Malet Street, London, WC1, runs northwest from the British Museum, parallel to Gower Street, and ends at University College London Phrase: Malet \Link: page:228

189.2 noline/concept    prang

prang 228; Slang: crash Phrase: prang \Link: page:228

189.3 noline/concept    Sandys _Duncan

Sandys,__Duncan Sandys, who was married to Churchill's daughter Diana, was Under-secretary of the Ministry of Supply in Britain during WWII. He was appointed by Churchill to investigate the rumored German experiments with secret weapons, which investigation led to the discovery of the rocket facilities at Peenemünde; "the P.M.'s son-in-law" who works out of the Ministry of Supply at Shell Mex House, 228; "Churchill's own son-in-law" 251 Phrase: Sandys,__Duncan \Link: page:228

189.4 noline/concept :u.s.w.:

u.s.w. 228; und so weiter (German: "and so on") Phrase: u.s.w. \Link: page:228

190 page: 229

190.1 line: 34    Pavlovia

The village was renamed Pavlovo Phrase: Pavlovia \Link: page:229

190.2 noline/concept    Lefty

Lefty 229; rat at White Visitation Phrase: Lefty \Link: page:229

190.3 noline/concept    Looie

Looie 229; lab rat at White Visitation Phrase: Looie \Link: page:229

190.4 noline/concept    Mouse_Alexei

Mouse_Alexei 229; lab rat at White Visitation Phrase: Mouse_Alexei \Link: page:229

190.5 noline/concept    Rat_Ilya

Rat_Ilya 229; rat at White Visitation Phrase: Rat_Ilya \Link: page:229

190.6 noline/concept    Slug

Slug 229; rat who got "fried" the first time he fucked up running the maze Phrase: Slug \Link: page:229

191 page: 230

191.1 line: 21 :Setzt V ein:

"Put V-2 into practice" or "Deploy V-2." The "erect" pun works only if you can't make out the German, but there is a legitimate one: "Put V-2 in! Phrase: Setzt V ein \Link: page:230

192 page: 231

192.1 noline/concept    Metatron

Metatron 231; in Kabbalistic lore, the highest angel who sits next to Yahweh's throne; 734; See also Kabbalah

Metropolis/ Phrase: Metatron \Link: page:231

193 page: 232

193.1 line: 16 : a Malacca cane:

Although Weisenburger cites Fu Manchu stories as a source for this item, it is more clearly being used simply to inflict pain in the ritual between Katje and the Brigadier. Malacca canes are thick, with a knob at one end. They are sometimes used in sado-masochistic settings such as the one here.

Phrase: a Malacca cane \Link: page:232

193.2 noline/concept    de_Merode Cleo

de_Merode,_Cleo 232; early 20th century dancer; was the mistress of Leopold II of Belgium Phrase: de_Merode,_Cleo \Link: page:232

193.3 noline/concept    Domina_Nocturna

Domina_Nocturna 232; Katje's S&M character ("shining mother and last love") who satisfies Pudding so that Pointsman can keep funding Phrase: Domina_Nocturna \Link: page:232

193.4 noline/concept :Krafft-Ebing:

Krafft-Ebing 232; Richard von Krafft-Ebbing (1840-1902), a German psychiatrist, wrote Psychopathia Sexualis (1876), describing a variety of sexual proclivities Phrase: Krafft-Ebing \Link: page:232

193.5 noline/concept    White_Sheet_Ridge

White_Sheet_Ridge 232; "a tattered tommy up on" Phrase: White_Sheet_Ridge \Link: page:232

194 page: 233

194.1 line: 23 :star shell:

Phosphorus (the element) is misspelled Phrase: star shell \Link: page:233

195 page: 234

195.1 noline/concept    Badajoz

Badajoz 234; The largest province in Spain, in the Extremadura comunidad autonoma ("autonomous community"), Badajoz borders on Portugal; on which, according to Pudding, "during the war in Spain … a bandera of Franco's Legion advanced" Phrase: Badajoz \Link: page:234

195.2 noline/concept :Franco:Francisco(1892-1975):

Franco,_Francisco(1892-1975) 234; Spanish military dictator. He and his troops attacked Spain from 1936-39 and eventually overthrew the republican government (with the help of Hitler and Mussolini). He was head of the regime and remained firmly in control until his death. Spain remained neutral during WWII. Phrase: Franco,_Francisco(1892-1975) \Link: page:234

196 page: 236

196.1 noline/concept :Bleicheröde:

Bleicheröde According to McGovern, a cotton-mill town near Nordhausen where most of the rocket specialists and their families were resettled after Peenemünde was abandoned; "Across the Western Front, up in the Harz in Bleicheröde, Wernher von Braun, lately wrecked arm in a plaster cast, prepares to celebrate his 33rd birthday." 236-37; "Enzian of Bleicheröde" 314; "In the mountains around Nordhausen and Bleicheröde, down in abandoned mine shafts, live the Schwarzkommando." 315; "There are several underground communities now near Nordhausen/Bleicheröde. Around here they are known collectively as the Erdschweinhöhle." 315; "The Rocket had to be produced out of a place called Nordhausen. The town adjoining was named Bleicheröde as a validation, a bit of redundancy so that the message would not be lost." 322; "Enzian's found the name Bleicheröde close enough to "Blicker," the nickname the early Germans gave to Death. They saw him white bleaching and blankness." 322; "the names of death-towns unreel, and surely Bleicheröde or Blicero will be spoken any minute now…." 695; "is he Blicker, Bleicheröde, Bleacher, Blicero, extending, rarefying the Caucasian pallor to an abolition of pigment, of melanin, of spectrum, of separateness from shade to shade" 759 Phrase: Bleicheröde \Link: page:236

197 page: 239

197.1 line: 18 :-19 demons–yes, including Maxwell's:

Pynchon introduced Maxwell's Demon in The Crying of Lot 49, where John Nefastis shows a supposedly working version of this theoretical entity to Oedipa. See the discussion of the Demon and the problem of entropy at 17the Pomona College Pynchon site. Phrase: -19 demons–yes, including Maxwell's \Link: page:239

197.2 noline/concept    Scylla_and_Charybdis

Scylla_and_Charybdis 239; In Greek legend, Scylla was a monster with twelve feet and six heads each with three rows of teeth who lived on the rock of Scylla on the Italian side of the Straits of Messina which are between Italy and Sicily. Charybdis, who was a monster, the whirlpool she formed and the rock cliff under which she lived, faced Scylla on the other side of the Straits. Such a situation made passage through the Straits a very dodgy proposition for sailors. Phrase: Scylla_and_Charybdis \Link: page:239

198 page: 240

198.1 line: 41 : like Cary Grant:

198.2 line: 20 :sour stuff:

Sauerstoff is the German word for oxygen Phrase: sour stuff \Link: page:240

Though he was a naturalized American, Grant's accent was hardly "quasi-British," as Weisenburger describes it. He was born Archibald Leach in Bristol, England in 1904. Phrase: like Cary Grant \Link: page:240

198.3 noline/concept    BANANAS


baseballSee lawn sports Phrase: BANANAS \Link: page:240

198.4 noline/concept :Bataafsche_Petroleum_Maatschappij:N.V.:

Bataafsche_Petroleum_Maatschappij,_N.V. 240; Royal Dutch Shell headquarters being used for a radio guidance transmitter Phrase: Bataafsche_Petroleum_Maatschappij,_N.V. \Link: page:240

198.5 noline/concept :Bounce:Capt._Hillary:

Bounce,_Capt._Hillary 240; works for Shell Int'l Petroleum; had dealings with IG Farben in '32; teaches Slothrop about propulsion at Casino; at de la Perlimpinpin's party, 245; 253 Phrase: Bounce,_Capt._Hillary \Link: page:240

198.6 noline/concept    British_Ministry_of_Supply

British_Ministry_of_Supply 240; Phrase: British_Ministry_of_Supply \Link: page:240

198.7 noline/concept    Esso

Esso 240; gasoline Slothrop preferred for his Terraplane Phrase: Esso \Link: page:240

198.8 noline/concept :Gollin:Mr._Geoffrey:

Gollin,_Mr._Geoffrey 240; chief assistant to Isaac Lubbock and the person Hilary Bounce reports to; Tölölyan reports that Gollin was a British intelligence officer whom the Russians allowed to search Blizna after it was liberated. There he actually found rocket documents in the SS latrines; they had apparently tried to flush them down the toilets during their hasty retreat. Phrase: Gollin,_Mr._Geoffrey \Link: page:240

198.9 noline/concept    Lubbock Isaac

Lubbock,_Isaac 240; "the Father of British Liquid Oxygen Research"; his team "set up a static-test facility at Langhurst near Horsham"; Phrase: Lubbock,_Isaac \Link: page:240

198.10 noline/concept    Nordhausen

Nordhausen 240; city in central Germany in the Harz mountains, near which the Mittelwerke was located; given to Soviets per Yalta Agreement, 273; Americans crating out A4 rockets before Russians take over, 295; "Nordhausen means dwellings in the north. The Rocket had to be produced out of a place called Nordhausen." 322; 718 [MAP] Phrase: Nordhausen \Link: page:240

198.11 noline/concept    Shell_Oil

Shell_Oil Dutch Shell, 240-41, 251; 1939 agreement with ICI, 250; Shell Mex House, 251; "The representative from Shell Mex House, Mr. Dennis Joint" 272; "frantic about Slothrop's disappearance" 272; "after the [Russian] revolution, when the emissaries from Dutch Shell were asked to leave" 354 Phrase: Shell_Oil \Link: page:240

198.12 noline/concept    sour_stuff

sour_stuff 240; oxygen; the German word for oxygen is "Sauerstoff"

SPANISH TRANSLATIONS Phrase: sour_stuff \Link: page:240

199 page: 241

199.1 noline/concept    Josef_Israelplein

Josef_Israelplein 241; Phrase: Josef_Israelplein \Link: page:241

200 page: 242

200.1 noline/concept    Ilse

IlseSee Pökler, Ilse Phrase: Ilse \Link: page:242

200.2 noline/concept    Imipolex_G

Imipolex_G 242; used as insulation for rocket; a new plastic, aromatic heterocyclic polymer, developed by in 1939. . .by one L. Jamf for IG Farben" 249; details, 249-50; "the company albatross" 261; "a fat file on" 283; "what's haunting [Slothrop] now will prove to be the smell of Imipolex G" 286; "a white knight, molded out of plastic" 436; "Oneirine Jamf Imipolex A4" 464; skinsuit at The Castle, 487; "This is Imipolex, the material of the future." 488; Imipolectique, 490; aromatic polyimide, 576; characteristics of, 699; shroud of, 751; "the Imipolex shroud. Flotsam from his childhood are rising through his attention" 754; See also aromatic rings

Contributed by Peter Morris: The name Imipolex, in addition to being a pun (imitation pole), obviously stems from a combination of "imido" with a near-reversal of "explode", possibly in analogy with Igelit (IG Farben's PVC) and Igamid (IG Farben's nylon resin). IG Farben's polymers often had alphabetical suffixes (Buna S, Igelit G, Igamid A).

Phrase: Imipolex_G \Link: page:242

201 page: 243

201.1 line: 28 :formee cross:

The cross formee or formy is a heraldic device (used by the Templars, if anybody is up for international secret societies), quite well-defined and not the same as the Maltese cross. The drawing shows a Maltese cross (left) and a formy cross Phrase: formee cross \Link: page:243

201.2 noline/concept    Alkit_uniforms

Alkit_uniforms 243; Phrase: Alkit_uniforms \Link: page:243

201.3 noline/concept :de_la_Perlimpinpin:Georges("Poudre"):

de_la_Perlimpinpin,_Georges("Poudre") 243; "the Limoges fireworks magnate" and father (?) of Raoul Phrase: de_la_Perlimpinpin,_Georges("Poudre") \Link: page:243

201.4 noline/concept    de_la_Perlimpinpin Raoul

de_la_Perlimpinpin,_Raoul 243; throws big party where hollandaise is spiked with hashish & Italo & Tamara have it out with tanks; 463 Phrase: de_la_Perlimpinpin,_Raoul \Link: page:243

201.5 noline/concept    formee_cross

formee_cross 243; Jamf's inside "a gold hexagon […] a medal of honor from IG Farben" 413; Phrase: formee_cross \Link: page:243

201.6 noline/concept    Langhurst

Langhurst 243; Phrase: Langhurst \Link: page:243

201.7 noline/concept    Michele

Michele 243-45; friend of Slothrop's who seduces Hillary Bounce so Slothrop can use his teletype machine Phrase: Michele \Link: page:243

202 page: 244

202.1 line: 33 : Apache:

The term, used to describe Parisian thugs, was coined in 1902 by journalist Victor Morris. The word is also used in reference to the famous "Apache dance," where an Apache flings his woman about the floor.

Phrase: Apache \Link: page:244

203 page: 245

203.1 noline/concept    Percheron_horse

Percheron_horse 245; A rugged and powerful carthorse, the Percheron originated in the province of Le Perche, near Normandy in France, perhaps developing from Arabian stock. Phrase: Percheron_horse \Link: page:245

204 page: 246

204.1 line: 35 : Blodgett Waxwing:

Waxwing's last name may come from Pale Fire by Pynchon's Cornell teacher Vladimir Nabokov. The novel takes the form of a long poem with annotations by a mad scholar. The poem begins, "I was the shadow of the waxwing slain/ By the false azure in the windowpane." Blodgett is the "real" last name of the heroine in all three versions of the film A Star Is Born. The waxwing is also of interest because of its striking appearance: Its black "mask" is appropriate for someone in Blodgett's line of work. Phrase: Blodgett Waxwing \Link: page:246

204.2 noline/concept    Bokhara_rug

Bokhara_rug 246; Phrase: Bokhara_rug \Link: page:246

204.3 noline/concept    Cartesian

Cartesian of or relating to French philosopher and mathematician Rene Descartes (1596-1650) or his philosophy. In his vision of 1619, he conceived a reconstruction of the whole of philosophy, and of knowledge, into a unified system of certain truth modelled on mathematics and supported by a rigorous rationalism; "the Cartesian x and y of the laboratory" 400 Phrase: Cartesian \Link: page:246

204.4 noline/concept    cartoon_characters

cartoon_characters See comicbook/cartoon/fictional characters Phrase: cartoon_characters \Link: page:246

204.5 noline/concept    Caserne_Martier

Caserne_Martier 246; stockade from which Waxwing escaped Phrase: Caserne_Martier \Link: page:246

204.6 noline/concept :Gongue:Jean-Claude:

Gongue,_Jean-Claude 246; "notorious white slaver of Marseilles" at de la Perlimpinpin party Phrase: Gongue,_Jean-Claude \Link: page:246

204.7 noline/concept    Italo

Italo 246; at de la Perlimpinpin party; 261; [Name is perhaps a tip-of-the-hat to Italo Calvino, Italian writer of fiction/fantasy] Phrase: Italo \Link: page:246

204.8 noline/concept    Waxwing Blodgett

Waxwing,_Blodgett 246; specialist in phonying documents; his calling card has a cheSS knight and his address is on the Rue RoSSini in Zürich; escapee from the stockade Caserne Martier in Paris; meets Slothrop at Raoul's party, wearing a zoot suit; Zootsuit Zanies, 251; provides Slothrop the identity "Ian Scuffling, English War Correspondent" when he goes to Zürich, 256; 620 Phrase: Waxwing,_Blodgett \Link: page:246

204.9 noline/concept    zootsuits

zootsuits Waxwing's, 246; Los Angeles Zoot Suit Riots of 1943, 249; Zootsuit Zanies (Slothrop & Waxwing), 251; "rolling into town in his white zoot" 253; "an oversize zoot-suit pocket" 258; "zoot 'n' hat" 259; "So long zoot" 262; "zootsters" 385, 716; "Negro in a pearl-gray" 675; Bodine's "of unbelievable proportions" 710; 711; "feminine zootsuit effect" 735 Phrase: zootsuits \Link: page:246

205 page: 247

205.1 line: 06 : Bob Steele:

Steele's westerns were produced by Nalline Slothrop's pal, Joseph Kennedy, Sr. Phrase: Bob Steele \Link: page:247

205.2 line: 11    intrigue

Front money isn't collateral. Money isn't collateral Phrase: intrigue \Link: page:247

205.3 line: 14 : Theophile:

From the Greek for "Lover of God." Phrase: Theophile \Link: page:247

205.4 noline/concept    Antoine

Antoine 247; named called out at Perlimpinpin party Phrase: Antoine \Link: page:247

205.5 noline/concept    snowdrops

snowdrops 247; Slang for GI military police in WWII; 601 Phrase: snowdrops \Link: page:247

205.6 noline/concept    Taj_Mahal

Taj_Mahal This mausoleum on the southern bank of the Yamuna (Jumna) River, outside Agra in India was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife, Arjumand Banu Begam, also called Mumtaz Mahal ("Chosen One of the Palace"), of which the name Taj Mahal is a corruption. It took 22 years to complete; 637 Phrase: Taj_Mahal \Link: page:247

205.7 noline/concept    Takeshi

TakeshiSee Komical Kamikazes Phrase: Takeshi \Link: page:247

205.8 noline/concept    Tamara

Tamara 247; at de la Perlimpinpin party; 261 Phrase: Tamara \Link: page:247

205.9 noline/concept :Tenniel's_Alice:

Tenniel's_Alice 247; Sir John Tenniel (1820-1914) was a cartoonist and artist who created almost 2000 cartoons for the humor magazine, Punch, but who is probably most famous for the illustrations he did for Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1864); [MORE] Phrase: Tenniel's_Alice \Link: page:247

205.10 noline/concept    Theophile

Theophile 247; [Greek: "god loving"]; friend of Italo's who is trying to smuggle a Sherman tank into Palestine Phrase: Theophile \Link: page:247

206 page: 248

206.1 line: 40 : a business card, embossed with a chess knight:

On the television show Have Gun Will Travel, which debuted in 1957, the gunslinger-for-hire Paladin (Richard Boone) gave out business cards embossed with a chess knight.

Phrase: a business card, embossed with a chess knight \Link: page:248

206.2 line: 40    knight

What about that? Connects to Der Springer 'the knight' at 376.26 Phrase: knight \Link: page:248

207 page: 249

207.1 line: 30 : like Tenniel's Alice:

207.2 line: 21    heterocyclic

The word means that some of the little rings contain noncarbon atoms such as nitrogen. W has misunderstood the nature of a polymer, which is not generally a looped structure but a chain of simple molecules. Doesn't this point vitiate W's notion of "cycles within cycles" Phrase: heterocyclic \Link: page:249

207.3 line: 5 : & 6 Anglo vigilantes from Whittier:

Whittier High School and Whittier College is where President Richard M. Nixon, President when GR was published, hailed from. 1 Phrase: & 6 Anglo vigilantes from Whittier \Link: page:249

Tenniel drew Alice for the original editions of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Phrase: like Tenniel's Alice \Link: page:249

207.4 noline/concept    aromatic_rings

aromatic_rings "Imipolex G has proved to be nothing more–or less–sinister than a new plastic, an aromatic heterocyclic polymer, developed in 1939, years before its time […] Structurally, it's a stiffened chain of aromatic rings" 249; "At du Pont, the next step after nylon was to introduce aromatic rings into the polyamide chain." 249-250; "Pretty soon a whole family of "aromatic polymers" had arisen" 250; "giant "heterocyclic" rings, to alternate with the aromatic rings. […] Such chains would be known as 'aromatic heterocyclic polymers.'" 250; "there would be a field of aromatic chemistry to ally itself with secular power, and find new methods of synthesis" 412; "'The aromatic Ring we know today, […] 'but who […] who, sent, the Dream?'" 413; "Imipolex G….It's an aromatic polyimide" 576; See also Imipolex G Phrase: aromatic_rings \Link: page:249

207.5 noline/concept :Carothers:_Wallace_Hume(1896-1937):

Carothers,__Wallace_Hume(1896-1937) American industrial chemist who discovered nylon. While working for Du Pont, he developed the first successful synthetic rubber, Neoprene, then nylon. He committed suicide and the nylon patent was given to Du Pont; "famous employee" of du Pont, known as "The Great Synthesist" 249; "the classic study of large molecules being carried on by" 348; Phrase: Carothers,__Wallace_Hume(1896-1937) \Link: page:249

207.6 noline/concept    du_Pont

du_Pont 249; early research on Imipolex G done there Phrase: du_Pont \Link: page:249

207.7 noline/concept    Gutierrez Ricky

Gutierrez,_Ricky 249; involved in Zoot Suit Riots of 1943 in Los Angeles Phrase: Gutierrez,_Ricky \Link: page:249

207.8 noline/concept    Plasticity

Plasticity 249; "central canon: that chemists were no longer to be at the mercy of Nature"; "virtuous triad of Strength, Stability and Whiteness" 250; Phrase: Plasticity \Link: page:249

208 page: 250

208.1 line: 25 :-26 Sandoz (where, as every schoolchild knows, the legendary Dr.:

Hofmann made his important discovery)

That is, Albert Hofmann discovered the psychedelic effects of LSD-25 in 1943. Phrase: -26 Sandoz (where, as every schoolchild knows, the legendary Dr. \Link: page:250

208.2 noline/concept    Ciba

Ciba 250; Swiss chemical company which joined Geigy and Sandoz in a cartel in the early '20s Phrase: Ciba \Link: page:250

208.3 noline/concept    Geigy

Geigy 250; Swiss chemical company which joined Ciba and Sandoz in a cartel in the early '20s Phrase: Geigy \Link: page:250

208.4 noline/concept :Grössli_Chemical_Corporation:

Grössli_Chemical_Corporation 250; became Psychochemie AG; spinoff from Sandoz; 284; 286 Phrase: Grössli_Chemical_Corporation \Link: page:250

208.5 noline/concept    heterocyclic_rings

heterocyclic_rings 250; Heterocyclic compounds are organic compounds that contain a ring structure containing atoms in addition to carbon, such as sulfur, oxygen or nitrogen, as part of the ring. They may be either simple aromatic rings or non-aromatic rings. Some examples are pyridine (C5H5N), pyrimidine (C4H4N2) and dioxane (C4H8O2). The suffix '-cyclic' implies a ring structure, while 'hetero' refers to an atom other than carbon, as above. Heterocyclic chemistry is the chemistry branch dealing exclusively with synthesis, properties and applications of heterocycles especially vital to drug design. [From Wikipedia] Phrase: heterocyclic_rings \Link: page:250

208.6 noline/concept    IG_Chemie

IG_Chemie 250; German "cover company" set up in Switzerland and later reconstituted as Psychochemie AG; 630

IG FARBEN [Richard Sasuly's IG Farben] Phrase: IG_Chemie \Link: page:250

208.7 noline/concept    Love

Love Check out Douglas Kløvedal Lannark's exhaustive & excellent documenting of "love" in Gravity's Rainbow!

Phrase: Love \Link: page:250

208.8 noline/concept    LSD

LSD "Sandoz (where. . .Dr. Hofman made his. . .discovery)," 250; "You interested in some L.S.D.?" - 260; "the indole crowd. They're very elitist. They see themselves at the end of a long European dialectic, generations of blighted grain, ergotism, witches on broomsticks, community orgies, cantons lost up there in folds of mountain that haven't known an unhallucinated day in the last 500 years" 261; "Micro" Graham, 295; Devil behind the mirror, 444; "a touch of acid," 586; See also Bummer, Säure; dope Phrase: LSD \Link: page:250

208.9 noline/concept    Psychochemie_AG

Psychochemie_AG "Jamf at the time was working for a Swiss outfit called Psychochemie AG, originally known as the Grössli Chemical Corporation, a spinoff from Sandoz" 250; "Psychochemie AG is still around, still doing business at the same old address in the Schokoladestrasse, in that Zürich, Switzerland." 250; "Schweitar is very tight indeed with Psychochemie AG" 260; "the Grössli Chemical Corporation (later Psychochemie AG)" 286 Phrase: Psychochemie_AG \Link: page:250

208.10 noline/concept    Sandoz

Sandoz 250; Swiss chemical company which joined Geigy and Ciba in a cartel, in the early '20s; Schweitar worked there, 260; Phrase: Sandoz \Link: page:250

209 page: 251

209.1 noline/concept :Churchill:Sir_Winston_L.S.(1874-1965):

Churchill,_Sir_Winston_L.S.(1874-1965) 251; British statesman who rose through the ranks of British politics, assuming leadership with a Coalition government in May 1940 when Neville Chamberlain stepped down under criticism for his military failures. He was defeated in the July 1945 elections and became a vocal leader of the opposition; 373; 382; caricature of on Toiletship, 450; Beaver's pipe "a reproduction in brier of Winston Churchill's head for a bowl, no detail is spared, even a cigar in its mouth" 708; Phrase: Churchill,_Sir_Winston_L.S.(18745) \Link: page:251

209.2 noline/concept    Ministry_of_Supply

Ministry_of_Supply 251; British, located at Shell Mex House, "the heart of the Rocket's own branch office in London." Duncan Sandys was the Under-secretary there during WWII. Phrase: Ministry_of_Supply \Link: page:251

209.3 noline/concept    Shekhinah

Shekhinah 479: Hebrew: "(female) neighbor" Phrase: Shekhinah \Link: page:251

209.4 noline/concept    Shell_Mex_House

Shell_Mex_House 251; "Where all the rocket intelligence is being gathered"; 272 Phrase: Shell_Mex_House \Link: page:251

209.5 noline/concept    WRAC

WRAC 251; Women's Royal Army Corp Phrase: WRAC \Link: page:251

210 page: 252

210.1 line: 19 :-20 penis-in-the-popcorn-box routine:

Old urban 'legend', known as Penis Surprise. Urban Dictionary. Phrase: -20 penis-in-the-popcorn-box routine \Link: page:252

210.2 noline/concept :Schwarzgerät:

Schwarzgerät 252;"S-Gerät, 11/00000." 252;"Document SG-1" 252;"the one rocket out of 6000 that carried the Imipolex G device" 292; for sale for .5M francs by guy in Swinemünde who waits on Strand-Promenade until noon daily, 294; "The Schwartzgerät is no Grail" 364; "They want the Schwarzgerät." 455;"'F-Gerät, you sure of that?'" 487 details, 517; mandala (KEZVH), 560, 563;"'. . . that was the name of the German who commanded the battery that used the S-Gerät?'" 562;; 611; firing on Lüneburg Heath, 667; 706; "00001, the second in its series" 724; 00001, 728; "SG-1" 736; "the assembly of the 00001 is occurring also in a geographical way, a Diaspora running backwards" 737; as womb, 750; See also Rocket Phrase: Schwarzgerät \Link: page:252

211 page: 253

211.1 line: 03 :-4 this smile [Slothrop's own] asks from him more grace..:

'Grace' is the last word of Against the Day and a key thematic concept therein. Phrase: -4 this smile [Slothrop's own] asks from him more grace.. \Link: page:253

211.2 line: 20 :-21 heads for a bistro on the old-Nice side of La Porte Fausse:

211.3 noline/concept    Claude

Claude 253; "the assistant chef " who stands in for Slothrop to facilitate his "escape" to Nice Phrase: Claude \Link: page:253

212 page: 254

212.1 noline/concept    Borsalini

Borsalini 254; Borsalino hats are a quality-made felt hat with broad brim manufactured in Italy. The company has been in existence since 1857. "Borsalini" is Pynchon's plural. Phrase: Borsalini \Link: page:254

212.2 noline/concept    Washington George

Washington,_George 254; "old motherly femme de chambre"'s hair is done up like his

Wassenaar "gingerbread" house - 1951

Phrase: Washington,_George \Link: page:254

213 page: 255

213.1 line: 26 : it's Murray Smile:

It would seem that this name is derived from Murray Wilson, Beach Boy Brian Wilson's abusive father, and the LP Smile, the legendary 1967 Beach Boys album that was never completed due to Brian's mental collapse and loss of will; Pynchon hung out with Brian during the legendary "Smile" Period – 26Pynchon and Brian Wilson

Phrase: it's Murray Smile \Link: page:255

213.2 noline/concept    Smile Murray

Smile,_Murray 255; appears in Slothrop's dream as "next to you in basic, company 84" [About Brian Wilson's Smile; Brian & Pynchon in a tent!] Phrase: Smile,_Murray \Link: page:255

214 page: 256

214.1 noline/concept    Hopper

Hopper 256; U.S. MP in Nice outside Slothrop's door Phrase: Hopper \Link: page:256

214.2 noline/concept    Ray

Ray 256; U.S. MP in Nice outside Slothrop's door Phrase: Ray \Link: page:256

214.3 noline/concept    Scrubs

Scrubs Wormwood Scrubs Prison, in London; "I'll see you two in the Scrubs if it kills me!" 717 Phrase: Scrubs \Link: page:256

214.4 noline/concept    Scuffling _Ian

Scuffling,__Ian 256; Pseudonym given to T. Slothrop by Waxwing in Nice; See also Slothrop, Tyrone Phrase: Scuffling,__Ian \Link: page:256

215 page: 257

215.1 line: 8    wheel

Katje is a diminutive of Katerina, Catherine, so this phrase also alludes to St. Catherine, traditionally pictured with the wheel on which she was tortured. "Catherine wheel" is one of those propeller thingies that spin in the wind Phrase: wheel \Link: page:257

215.2 noline/concept    Hotel_Nimbus

Hotel_Nimbus 257; "in an obscure street in the Niederdorf or cabaret section of Zürich" where Slothrop stays Phrase: Hotel_Nimbus \Link: page:257

215.3 noline/concept    Limmatquai

Limmatquai 257; in Zürich, a quai along the Limmat River Phrase: Limmatquai \Link: page:257

216 page: 258

216.1 noline/concept    Lichtspiel

Lichtspiel German: "(cinematograph) film"; listed under "Espionage, Industrial" on the list of Zürich cafes, 258 Phrase: Lichtspiel \Link: page:258

216.2 noline/concept :rösti:

rösti 258; Phrase: rösti \Link: page:258

216.3 noline/concept    Semyavin

Semyavin 258; local Waxwing rep in Zürich?; 261 Phrase: Semyavin \Link: page:258

216.4 noline/concept :Sträggeli:

Sträggeli 258; listed under "Espionage, Industrial" on the list of Zürich cafes, where Slothrop meets Mario Schweitar; 268; Phrase: Sträggeli \Link: page:258

216.5 noline/concept    Ultra

Ultra 258; listed under "Espionage, Industrial" on the list of Zürich cafes Phrase: Ultra \Link: page:258

217 page: 260

217.1 noline/concept :Liebknecht:Karl(1871-1919):

Liebknecht,_Karl(1871-1919) German barrister and politician who, with Rosa Luxemburg, formed the KPD, the German Communist Party, in

  1. He was killed by army officers while leading the so-called

"Spartacus League Revolution" in Berlin in 1919; his funeral, 621 Phrase: Liebknecht,_Karl(18719) \Link: page:260

217.2 noline/concept :Lightning-Latch:

Lightning-Latch 260; "The Door That Opens You!" Phrase: Lightning-Latch \Link: page:260

217.3 noline/concept :L.S.D.:

L.S.D. 260; Latin: Libra, solidi and denarii = "Pounds, shillings, pence" Phrase: L.S.D. \Link: page:260

217.4 noline/concept    Schweitar Mario

Schweitar,_Mario 260, 268; troubleshooter around the Cartel; worked for Sandoz Phrase: Schweitar,_Mario \Link: page:260

218 page: 261

218.1 line: 17    Uetilberg

Uetliberg is misspelled Phrase: Uetilberg \Link: page:261

218.2 noline/concept    albatross

albatross "'Imipolex G is the company albatross, Yank.'" 261; "Old Czarist albatrosses still hang around the Soviet neck." 354; "[Slothrop's] been changing, sure, changing, plucking the albatross of self now and then, idly, half-conscious as picking his nose" 623; "In its sluggish coma, the albatross stirred." 624; Katje: "'"Yes [Weissmann] matters to me, very much. He is an old self, a dear albatross I cannot let go.'" 661; "But maybe the next best thing is an albatross with no curse attached: an amiable memory." 701; "So is her son Tyrone, but only because by now–early Virgo–he has become one plucked albatross. Plucked, hell–stripped. Scattered all over the Zone. It's doubtful if he can ever be "found" again, in the conventional sense of "positively identified and detained." Only feathers…redundant or regenerable organs, "which we would be tempted to classify under the 'Hydra-Phänomen' were it not for the complete absence of hostility…."–Natasha Raum, "Regions of Indeterminacy in Albatross Anatomy […]" 712; " The Man has a branch office in each of our brains, his corporate emblem is a white albatross" 712-13; Phrase: albatross \Link: page:261

218.3 noline/concept :Gemüse-Brücke:

Gemüse-Brücke 261; in Zürich Phrase: Gemüse-Brücke \Link: page:261

218.4 noline/concept    Niederdorf

Niederdorf 261; in Zürich Phrase: Niederdorf \Link: page:261

219 page: 262

219.1 noline/concept :Einstein:Albert(1879-1955):

Einstein,_Albert(1879-1955) The great German-Swiss-American mathematical physicist whose special theory of relativity (1905) and general theory of relativity (1916) revolutionized the world of physics; former patron of the Odeon, 262; Phrase: Einstein,_Albert(18795) \Link: page:262

219.2 noline/concept    Odeon

Odeon 262; "one of the great world cafes," located in Zürich, where Slothrop meets Squalidozzi; 268; Phrase: Odeon \Link: page:262

220 page: 263

220.1 noline/concept :Lugones:Leopoldo(1874-1938):

Lugones,_Leopoldo(1874-1938) Argentine poet, literary and social critic, and cultural ambassador, considered to be the outstanding figure of his age in the cultural life of Argentina. He had a substantial influence on writer Jorge Luis Borges. Increasingly uncomfortable with the prominence and accompanying public responsibilities, he became a fascist in 1929 and, under great emotional strain in later years, he committed suicide; "saying 'Now I'm going to tell you, in verse, how I conceived her free from the stain of Original Sin'" 263; "Pavos Reales" 383 Phrase: Lugones,_Leopoldo(18748) \Link: page:263

220.2 noline/concept    Rivadavia

Rivadavia 263; "where the true South begins" in Argentina; From "The South" in the short story collection Ficciones by Jorge Luis Borges (Grove Press, 1962, p. 169): Phrase: Rivadavia \Link: page:263

220.3 noline/concept    Squalidozzi Francisco

Squalidozzi,_Francisco 263; Argentine exile, paranoid about Peronists; hijacked German U-Boat in Mar de Plata; his group (incl. Graciela Portales) seeking political exile in Germany after the War; want open spaces–no fences; meets von Göll in abandoned harmonica factory, 384; "Old Squalidozzi, ploughman of the deep" 447; 613; being sought by Slothrop, 681 Phrase: Squalidozzi,_Francisco \Link: page:263

220.4 noline/concept    Uriburu_revolution

Uriburu_revolution 263; of 1930 in Argentina Phrase: Uriburu_revolution \Link: page:263

221 page: 264

221.1 line: 4 :Pero che:

Not standard Spanish. A Colombian informant tells me the phrase is distinctively, unmistakably Argentine, and an American who's spent time in Argentina says the speaker is using a dialect she'd expect to hear in a non-urban setting. Pero che, no sos argentino doesn't start out with "Why not." A better translation is "But hey, you aren't an Argentine." Again at 384.28 Phrase: Pero che \Link: page:264

221.2 noline/concept :Borges:_Jorge_Luis(1899-1986):

Borges,__Jorge_Luis(1899-1986) 264; Argentinian writer of fiction/fantasy; dedicated poem to G. I. Portales, 383; [The Modern Word's Borges Section (the best!)] [Wikipedia Entry] ["The Game of Chess"] See also Rivadavia. Phrase: Borges,__Jorge_Luis(18996) \Link: page:264

221.3 noline/concept    Center

Center "In ordinary times […] the center always wins […] Decentralizing, back towards anarchism, needs extraordinary times" 264-65; "hidden centers" 302; "imaginary centers" 302; and the Hereros, 319; "centripedal movement" 440; Holy-Center- Approaching (Zonal pastime), 508; 509; fleeing the, 519; "in the center, here, Hauptstufe" 563; "holy center" 590; Returning to the Center, 757; See also Cycle of Return; mandala Phrase: Center \Link: page:264

221.4 noline/concept    Eberle Bob

Eberle,_Bob 264; "seen toasts to Tangerine raised in ev-ry bar"; Eberle was a vocalist with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra in the 1930s and 1940s; "Tangerine" was one of their hits. Phrase: Eberle,_Bob \Link: page:264

221.5 noline/concept    Kronenhalle

Kronenhalle 264; where Squalidozzi and Slothrop go, in Zürich; 268 Phrase: Kronenhalle \Link: page:264

221.6 noline/concept :Rosas:Juan_Manuel_de(1793-1877):

Rosas,_Juan_Manuel_de(1793-1877) After losing an Argentinian election in 1835, Rosas led a revolt and ruled as dictator, through terror and bloodshed, from 1835 to 1852; "The tyrant Rosas has been dead a century, but his cult flourishes" 264 Phrase: Rosas,_Juan_Manuel_de(1793-1877) \Link: page:264

222 page: 266

222.1 noline/concept :Cafe_l'Eclipse:

Cafe_l'Eclipse 266; in Geneva, where Slothrop is to meet his Argentinian contact; Slothrop finds the message he received there in his pocket, 681 Phrase: Cafe_l'Eclipse \Link: page:266

223 page: 267

223.1 noline/concept    Reformation

Reformation 267; The 16th century revolution (a Counterforce) that took place in the Western church, due primarily to the Catholic church's loss of spiritual credibility as a result of its increasing material wealth and power. See also Counterforce; Zwingli, Huldrych Phrase: Reformation \Link: page:267

223.2 noline/concept :Zwingli:_Huldrych(1484-1531):

Zwingli,__Huldrych(1484-1531) 267; The most important reformer in the Swiss Protestant Reformation and the only major reformer of the 16th century whose movement did not evolve into a church. Like Martin Luther, he accepted the supreme authority of the Scriptures, but he applied it more rigorously and comprehensively to all doctrines and practices; See also Reformation Phrase: Zwingli,__Huldrych(1484-1531) \Link: page:267

224 page: 268

224.1 line: 18    hemlock

W is just wrong here. Poison hemlock belongs to the genus Conium and is the herb with the Graves-Socrates connection. The hemlock used as a recognition sign was the evergreen tree (genus Tsuga) that grows all over eastern America.

Top of page

In the Zon Phrase: hemlock \Link: page:268

224.2 noline/concept :Dulles:Allen(1893-1969):

Dulles,_Allen(1893-1969) 268; During WWII, Dulles served with O.S.S. and, when Truman formed the CIA in 1951, he was appointed deputy director and, in 1953, director; "and his 'intelligence' network" Phrase: Dulles,_Allen(18939) \Link: page:268

224.3 noline/concept    Vanitas

Vanitas 268; Latin: emptiness Phrase: Vanitas \Link: page:268

225 page: 269

225.1 noline/concept :Blavatsky:Helena_Petrovna(1831-91):

Blavatsky,_Helena_Petrovna(1831-91) 269; A Russian-born American psychic and mystic. She founded the Theosophical Society in New York in 1875 and later continued her work in India. Although her psychic powers were widely acclaimed, they did not withstand the scrutiny of the Society for Psychical Research, though this had little effect on her following; the Blavatskian wing in Psi section. Her day of death (May 8) is commemorated as White Lotus Day. Phrase: Blavatsky,_Helena_Petrovna(1831) \Link: page:269

225.2 noline/concept    Suggenthal

Suggenthal 269; Phrase: Suggenthal \Link: page:269

225.3 noline/concept    White_Lotos_Day

White_Lotos_Day 269; "the Blavatskian wing of Psi Section, who were off on a pilgrimage to 19 Avenue Road, St. John's Wood"; "White Lotus Day" – May 8 – is celebrated yearly by Theosophists as the day of death of Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. Phrase: White_Lotos_Day \Link: page:269

225.4 noline/concept :Whitney:John_Hay(1904-82):

Whitney,_John_Hay(1904-82) American multimillionaire and sportsman who had a multifaceted career as a publisher, financier, philanthropist, and horse breeder. In 1942 he joined the Eighth U.S. Army Air Force as a captain in the Combat Intelligence Division and was captured by the Nazis in southern France. He escaped and in 1945 was awarded the Legion of Merit; "Harrimans and Whitneys gone, lawns growing to hay" 28 Phrase: Whitney,_John_Hay(1904-82) \Link: page:269

225.5 noline/concept    Whitsun

Whitsun 269; In England, White Sunday is the seventh Sunday after Easter; 628 Phrase: Whitsun \Link: page:269

226 page: 270

226.1 line: 16 : Floyd Perdoo:

From the French "perdue": "lost." Phrase: Floyd Perdoo \Link: page:270

226.2 noline/concept    Giovanni Don

Giovanni,_Don 270; his "map of Europe" Phrase: Giovanni,_Don \Link: page:270

226.3 noline/concept    Mieczislav

MieczislavSee Omuzire, Mieczislav Phrase: Mieczislav \Link: page:270

226.4 noline/concept    mindless_pleasures

mindless_pleasures 270; working title for Gravity's Rainbow; 681; "idle and mindless hours of the day" 177 Phrase: mindless_pleasures \Link: page:270

226.5 noline/concept    Perdoo _Floyd

Perdoo,__Floyd 270; SEZ WHO American hired by Pointsman to check out Slothrop's sexual conquests; See also SEZ WHO; Speed, Harvey Phrase: Perdoo,__Floyd \Link: page:270

226.6 noline/concept    SEZ_WHO

SEZ_WHO 270; Slothropian Episodic Zone, Weekly Historical Observations Phrase: SEZ_WHO \Link: page:270

226.7 noline/concept    Speed _Harvey

Speed,__Harvey 270; SEZ WHO Englishman hired by Pointsman to check out Slothrop's sexual conquests; See also Perdoo, Floyd; SEZ WHO Phrase: Speed,__Harvey \Link: page:270

226.8 noline/concept    Tennysonian_comfort

Tennysonian_comfort 270; "of saying 'someone' has blundered" Phrase: Tennysonian_comfort \Link: page:270

226.9 noline/concept    Third_Term

Third_Term 270; Franklin D. Roosevelt's third term, 1940-44 Phrase: Third_Term \Link: page:270

227 page: 272

227.1 line: 19 : young Sigmund Freud:

Refers to Freud's rejection of the "seduction theory." Freud originally believed that many of his women patients suffered from neurotic behavior due to sexual abuse as children. He came to reject that belief as improbable and began to hypothesize the workings of the unconscious as a result. See Edwin Treacle's musings at 22277.03-05. Phrase: young Sigmund Freud \Link: page:272

227.2 noline/concept :Cuvillies:_François_de(1695-1768):

Cuvillies,__François_de(1695-1768) 619 Court architect to Duke Maximilian II Emanuel of Bavaria (appointed 1725), specializing in the Bavarian Rococo style. Among his works in Munich and its environs is the Amalienburg hunting lodge, Nymphenburg (1734-39). Phrase: Cuvillies,__François_de(16958) \Link: page:272

227.3 noline/concept    Cuxhaven

Cuxhaven A small German town on the North Sea (in the British sector of the Zone) [MAP]; Operation Backfire based there, 272; test range, 277; Destroyer Badass docked there, 370; 372; Putzi's located there, 526-27; Slothrop traveling to, 567; Der Grob Säugling ["The Gross Suckling"], a servicemen's pub, 706-08; [www.cuxhaven.de]

Cymri 170 Phrase: Cuxhaven \Link: page:272

227.4 noline/concept    Joint Dennis

Joint,_Dennis 272; representative from Shell Mex House at PISCES; 275; 277 Phrase: Joint,_Dennis \Link: page:272

227.5 noline/concept    Operation_Backfire

Operation_Backfire 272; British rocket-scavenging effort based in Cuxhaven [MAP]; 277; 526; 709; [More] Phrase: Operation_Backfire \Link: page:272

227.6 noline/concept    SPOG

SPOG 272; Special Projectiles Operations Group of which Operation Backfire is a part; 391; 595; 601 Phrase: SPOG \Link: page:272

228 page: 273

228.1 noline/concept    AMERICA


American Army Ordnance 273; 295; "whatever it is your Ordnance types carry around in the way of light armament" 335; Phrase: AMERICA \Link: page:273

228.2 noline/concept    Becket

Becket "Lost, again and again, past poor dam-busted and drowned Becket" 471

Beethoven, Ludwig von (1770-1827) German composer whose harmonic and formal innovations pushed the boundaries of the music of his day; "Rossini's overture to La Gazza Ladra (which, as we shall see later, in Berlin, marks a high point in music which everybody ignored, preferring Beethoven, who never got further than statements of intention)" 273; "a raging debate with Säure over who is better, Beethoven or Rossini […] "'I'm not so much for Beethoven qua Beethoven," Gustav argues, "but as he represents the German dialectic, the incorporation of more and more notes into the scale, culminating with dodecaphonic democracy, where all notes get an equal hearing. Beethoven was one of the architects of musical freedom–he submitted to the demands of history, despite his deafness. While Rossini was retiring at the age of 36, womanizing and getting fat, Beethoven was living a life filled with tragedy and grandeur.'" 440; "All you feel like listening to Beethoven is going out and invading Poland." 440; "Nor as grand as Bach, or Beethoven-or-Brahms/(bubububoo[oo] oo [sung to opening of Beethoven 5th, with full band]" 685 Phrase: Becket \Link: page:273

228.3 noline/concept    Dodgem_cars

Dodgem_cars 273; Phrase: Dodgem_cars \Link: page:273

228.4 noline/concept    Mittelwerke

Mittelwerke German: "Central Works"; Given to the Soviets per the Yalta Agreement, 273; primary A-4 factory after RAF raid on Peenemünde in August 1943, located in abandoned gypsum mine near Nordhausen and next to Dora prison camp; evacuated in February and March 1945; 283; designed like a ladder with Stollen (rung-tunnels), 299; control systems work was done outside mountain in castles, farms etc, 313; tactical sites elsewhere, 427; abandoned in '45, 432 [MAP]; [Image] Click here to view a photo from Der Spiegel of laborers working in the tunnels. An Interesting Site; Check out this map of Mittelwerke (thanks to Jeff Meikle). Phrase: Mittelwerke \Link: page:273

228.5 noline/concept    NISO

NISO 273; According to McGovern, NISO is the Scientific Research Institute for Airplane Equipment Phrase: NISO \Link: page:273

228.6 noline/concept    TsAGI

TsAGI 273; Tsentral'niy Aerogidrondinamicheskiy Institute; "Officially [Tchitcherine] reports to TsAGI, which is the Central Aero and Hydrodynamics Institute in Moscow" 337; 391; 706; Phrase: TsAGI \Link: page:273

228.7 noline/concept    VIAM

VIAM 273; Vsesoyuzniy Institut Aviatsionnykh Materialov = "Soviet Institute of Aviation Materials" - responsible for development of new alloys &c., formed in 1932, in Moscow Phrase: VIAM \Link: page:273

229 page: 274

229.1 noline/concept    Twelfth_House

Twelfth_House 274; new PISCES branch office on Gallaho Mews in London; so named by Webley Silvernail because Pisces is the 12th House in the Zodiac; Pointsman transferred there, 533 Phrase: Twelfth_House \Link: page:274

230 page: 275

230.1 noline/concept :Gödel's_Theorem:

Gödel's_Theorem 275; According to Hofstadter (p.17): "appears as Proposition VI in [Kurt Gödel's] 1931 paper 'On Formally Undecidable Propositions in Principia Mathematica and Related Systems I.' It states: […] All consistent axiomatic formulations of number theory include undecidable propositions."; 320; See also Murphy's Law Phrase: Gödel's_Theorem \Link: page:275

230.2 noline/concept :Murphy's_Law:

Murphy's_Law 275; "when everything has been taken care of, when nothing can go wrong, or even surprise us. . .something will"; "where the the salvation could be" 471; See also Gödel's Theorem

MUSIC See also fox-trot; musicians/composers; Rossini; songs/compositions

Phrase: Murphy's_Law \Link: page:275

231 page: 276

231.1 noline/concept :Jung:_Carl(d._1961):

Jung,__Carl(d._1961) 276; Swiss psychologist; "ancestral pool," 410; [The Life/Death Parabola] Phrase: Jung,__Carl(d._1961) \Link: page:276

231.2 noline/concept    Tavistock_Institute

Tavistock_Institute 276; The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is an interdisciplinary organization in London which concentrates on human relations in the family, the work group, and organizations. British psychiatrist R.D. Laing (1927-89) conducted research there from 1960-89. Phrase: Tavistock_Institute \Link: page:276

232 page: 277

232.1 line: 03 :-05 as the dead father who never slept with you, Penelope,:

returns night after night to your bed, trying to snuggle in behind you…"

From an interview with Freud biographer Peter D. Kramer ^11:

Over time, Freud offered differing views on infantile sexuality, all of them problematic. The most dramatic mistake became associated with the phrase "seduction theory." As he was turning forty, in a desperate attempt to achieve fame Freud gave a speech to his Viennese colleagues on the origins of hysteria. In it, he claimed to have analyzed a series of 18 patients suffering from hysteria or a combination of hysteria and obsessionality. In every case, he had uncovered evidence of an early sexual event. All the hysterics had experienced "coitus-like acts" between the ages of two and four–at the hands of parents, siblings, other relatives, or nannies – and these events were the original cause of their disorder. The tale of Freud's entry into and exit from this stance is complex, but his original presentation suggests not so much that Freud was misled by patients but that he misdirected them through making his expectations clear.

Famously, Freud soon reversed the direction of infantile sexuality and claimed that what was pathogenic was children's repressed desire for the parent of the opposite sex. Phrase: -05 as the dead father who never slept with you, Penelope, \Link: page:277

232.2 noline/concept :Acton:Lord(1834-1902):

Acton,_Lord(1834-1902) 277; John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton of Aldenham was an English historian In 1895 he was appointed professor of modern history at Cambridge and was founder-editor of the Cambridge Modern History. In a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton, he wrote "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely."; "History is not woven by innocent hands" 277 Phrase: Acton,_Lord(18342) \Link: page:277

232.3 noline/concept    Fu_Manchu

Fu_Manchu "Remember the eloquent words of Sir Denis Nayland Smith to young Alan Sterling, whose fiancee is in the clutches of the insidious yellow Adversary: "I have been through the sort of fires which are burning you now, Sterling, and I have always found that work was the best ointment for the burns."' 277; "you also […] get to be Fu Manchu! eh? the one who has the young lady in his power!" 278; Phrase: Fu_Manchu \Link: page:277

232.4 noline/concept    Sterling Alan

Sterling,_Alan 277; fiance of Fleurette who was raised from birth to carry on the monstrous line of the emperor of the underworld, Fu Manchu; Alan Sterling, young orchid-hunter, first saw her on the little French beach and knew that he had never seen anyone more beautiful; he's also portrayed as the love-suffering young man receiving eloquent advice from Sir Denis Nayland-Smith. Phrase: Sterling,_Alan \Link: page:277

233 page: 280

233.1 line: 15 : Geli Tripping:

Another name taken from Gilbert and Sullivan, this time from HMS Pinafore. When the Female Relations of Sir Joseph Porter, the First Lord of the Admiralty, board the ship, they sing, "Gaily tripping,/ Lightly skipping,/ Flock the maidens to the shipping." Phrase: Geli Tripping \Link: page:280

234 page: 281

234.1 line: 01 :-02 die kalte Sophie:

"cold wisdom"? Correspondent Morten Peters gives a better explanation!: "-the allusion may be intended by Pynchon, but originally this is just the German traditional agricolan term for the last day of the "eisheiligen", which are normally the last days in the year that can be really cold." Igor Zabel also offers the following:

"The days of the three "ice-men" (May 12, 13 and 14) are followed by the day of Sophia, 15 May, called "the cold Sophia" because it is considered to be the conclusion of the cold days in May. The "ice-saints" are believed to be the end of the winter period; they represent a period when, in high spring, it can get quite cold and sometimes snow may fall. It is a dangerous time for peasants since the cold period can endanger or even destroy the harvest. In 1945, these days have passed without damaging the wine grapes. We have the same tradition in Slovenia, the popular name for the "kalte Sophie" is "polulana Zofka" which means the "wet" or "peed Sophy" (since it usually rains on that day)." Phrase: -02 die kalte Sophie \Link: page:281

234.2 noline/concept    DP

DP 281; DPs (displaced persons) were those who were released from German prison camps and slave labor camps after VE Day; "Since the surrender there have been these constant skirmishes between the German civilians and foreign prisoners freed from the camps." 327; returning home, 549; Phrase: DP \Link: page:281

234.3 noline/concept :Eis-Heiligen:

Eis-Heiligen 281; German: Ice Saints; "St. Pancratius, St. Servatius, St. Bonifacius, die kalte Sophie" – The Ice Saints are St. Pancratius, St. Servatius, St. Bonifacius, and St. Sophie. Their commemorations are made respectively at the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th of May, i.e., at a time when there are frequent cold spells ("last frost") in central Europe. This is why, traditionally, German farmers did now sow before they were "safely past the Eisheiligen," or did not drive their cattle to the pastures. There was a (now extinct) custom to build fires at these days to expel the winter. [Thanks to Jan Bayer] Phrase: Eis-Heiligen \Link: page:281

234.4 noline/concept :Marvy:_Maj._Duane:

Marvy,__Maj._Duane 281; with US Army Ordnance and leader of Marvy's Mothers, "the meanest-ass technical intelligence team in this whole fuckin' Zone"; pushed off train by Enzian while "headed for Mittelwerke" 288; 307; 331; 363; 502; Atomic Chili, 557, 559; 564-66; purchases cocaine from Bodine at Putzi's, 604; castrated, 609; [Etymological Musings] Phrase: Marvy,__Maj._Duane \Link: page:281

234.5 noline/concept    Zone

Zone 281; occupied Germany after VE Day; no frontiers–no subdivisions, 293; interregnum - flow with it, 293; "No zones but the Zone" 333; 359; and Destiny, 362; guilt becoming a commodity, 453; "endless simulation" in, 489; "British G-5 occupy their own space and Zone" 519; "It is a great frontierless streaming out here. Volksdeutsch from across the Oder, moved out by the Poles and headed for the camp at Rostock, Poles fleeing the Lublin regime, others going back home, the eyes of both parties, when they do meet, hooded behind cheekbones, eyes much older than what's forced them into moving, Estonians, Letts, and Lithuanians trekking north again, all their wintry wool in dark bundles, shoes in tatters, songs too hard to sing, talk pointless, Sudetens and East Prussians shuttling between Berlin and the DP camps in Mecklenburg, Czechs and Slovaks, Croats and Serbs, Tosks and Ghegs, Macedonians, Magyars, Vlachs, Circassians, Spaniols, Bulgars stirred and streaming over the surface of the Imperial cauldron […]" 549A Cheapskate's Guide to the Zone" 559; "one more overlay on" 620; 729 [MAP] Phrase: Zone \Link: page:281

235 page: 282

235.1 noline/concept :Kammler:_Maj-Gen:

Kammler,__Maj-Gen An architect and civil engineer by trade, Dr. Hans Kammler was taken full-time into the Nazi leadership in 1941. He played a prominent role in the building of the death/extermination camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau. In August 1944, Hitler appointed him Special Commissioner for the A-4 program, which program he took over from Dornberger who had been in charge of the program since 1930; in charge of the construction of the Mittlewerk, 282; at Blizna, 424; decision to disburse testing and production sites, 426; 464 Phrase: Kammler,__Maj-Gen \Link: page:282

236 page: 284

236.1 line: 15 :Grössli:

Especially in Switzerland, you can write equivalently Grössli or Groessli. Back when people sent Telexes, this was the universal standard for rendering German (which uses 30 letters) in a 26-letter alphabet. W is simply mistaken in referring to "the Americanized spelling of the umlauted 'o'." There is another complication in that Grasseli is apparently supposed to be Grasselli, a sure-enough industrial chemical company. At least that's what DuPont says in its online corporate history. And Google doesn't lead to a Grössli firm in the chemicals or dyestuffs business. I conjecture that P invented Grössli, picking a name suggestive of Grasselli, and W swallowed the bait. But I could be wrong Phrase: Grössli \Link: page:284

236.2 noline/concept    Bland _Lyle

Bland,__Lyle 284; "Uncle" Lyle to Slothrop; lived in Boston; involved with Hugo Stinnes; 306; and the Masons, 580; specialized in psychological studies in '30s, 581; becomes Mason, 587; journeying "underneath history" 589; leaves body, 591; "last transmural journey" 630; "who was likely to take over the Slothrop surveillance, now that Bland was gone" 630 Phrase: Bland,__Lyle \Link: page:284

236.3 noline/concept    Industrial_Age

Industrial_Age Following the first Industrial Revolution in the latter half of the 18th century which was marked by, among other things, the large-scale production of iron;172 Phrase: Industrial_Age \Link: page:284

236.4 noline/concept    Inflation the

Inflation,_the 284; 578; Stinnes "behind the scenes of apparent Inflation" 579; [Sasuly's IG Farben] Phrase: Inflation,_the \Link: page:284

236.5 noline/concept    Reichsbank

Reichsbank 284; Germany's leading financial institution. Phrase: Reichsbank \Link: page:284

236.6 noline/concept    Rheinelbe_Union

Rheinelbe_Union 284; combined by Stinnes into a super-cartel with Siemens-Schuchert after WWI; Phrase: Rheinelbe_Union \Link: page:284

236.7 noline/concept :Siemens-Schuchert:

Siemens-Schuchert "the horizontal electrical trust of Siemens-Schuchert" 284; "Siemens milliammeters set on slate surfaces" 518; "GE has connections with Siemens over here" 565; "Didn't Närrisch, under the drug, mention a Siemens representative at the S-Gerät meetings in Nordhausen? […] Didn't Carl Schmitz of the IG sit on Siemens's board of directors?" 565; "Russia bought from Krupp, didn't she, from Siemens, the IG…." 566; "a contract the Bland Institute landed a few years ago and subbed part of out to Siemens over there in Germany" 583; "Fibel worked for Siemens back when it was still part of the Stinnes trust […] he also put in some time as a Stinnes intelligence agent." 587; "an ingenious Osmo-elektrische Schalterwerke, developed by Siemens" 646; "clever Siemens Electric Baby Bulb Pacifiers" 647;"bright here as the morning shift at Siemens with the centaurs struggling high on the wall" 725; See also Siemens, Wernher; Stinnes; [Sasuly's IG Farben]; Siemens AG Homepage! Phrase: Siemens-Schuchert \Link: page:284

236.8 noline/concept    Stinnes _Hugo

Stinnes,__Hugo about, 284; "Bland either saw the Stinnes crash coming before most of its other victims, or was just naturally nervous. Early in '23 he began to sell off his interests in the Stinnes operations." 285-86; "'Schwindel' was [Jamf's] code name for Hugo Stinnes." 286; "Stinnes, like every industrial emperor, had his own company spy system." 286; "You were meant to think of Hugo Stinnes, the tireless operator behind the scenes of apparent Inflation, apparent history: gambler, financial wizard, archgangster…a fussy bürgerlich mouth, jowls, graceless moves, a first impression of comic technocracy" 579; "Fibel worked for Siemens back when it was still part of the Stinnes trust." 587; [Sasuly's IG Farben] Phrase: Stinnes,__Hugo \Link: page:284

237 page: 285

237.1 line: 37 : Jim Fisk style:

237.2 line: 18    eight

Four is the number of letters in the Tetragrammaton. Duh. What W says in the rest of the entry may be so, but it doesn't seem to bear examination. 25 Kislev may fall near the solstice in some years but not all, and the connection between 25 Kislev and December 25 seems to be just moonshine. What's more, Dec. 25 was not established as the date of Xmas until about the second century; even the early traditions don't give a date of birth for Jesus. And to make it worse, "the word was made flesh" when Jesus was conceived, not when he was born Phrase: eight \Link: page:285

Before his involvement with gold markets and railroads, Fisk was a Yankee peddler working the Berkshires. There are several references to him in The Berkshire Hills (though his name is misspelled "Fiske"). Phrase: Jim Fisk style \Link: page:285

237.3 noline/concept    Firm _the

Firm,__theSee SOE Phrase: Firm,__the \Link: page:285

237.4 noline/concept :Fisk:_Jubilee_Jim(1834-1872):

Fisk,__Jubilee_Jim(1834-1872) 285; Known popularly as the "Barnum of Wall Street" and "Jubilee Jim," Fisk was one of the most outrageous figures of the Gilded Age. The most notorious plot of Fisk's short career was the attempt to corner the gold market during 1868 and 1869. Fisk's and Jay Gould's effort collapsed when President U.S. Grant intervened to halt the Black Friday scandal. Fisk brazenly refused to honor his contracts, leaving thousands ruined. Fisk's exploits were the fodder of innumerable newspaper reports, but the Black Friday episode finally made virtual outcasts of both Fisk and Gould. Fisk was shot to death on the main stairway of the Broadway Central Hotel in New York City in January 1872. His murderer, Ned Stokes, was a rival for the attentions of Josie Mansfield, an actress of limited talent [From U-S-History.com]; "what ~ told the Congressional committee investigating his and Jay Gould's scheme to corner gold in 1869" 438 Phrase: Fisk,__Jubilee_Jim(1834-1872) \Link: page:285

237.5 noline/concept    Notgeld

Notgeld 285; German: "Not" = "emergency" (issue of) "geld" = "money"

nouns used as verbs (and sometimes reconverted into nouns) chevroning, 64; sinewaving, 67; historied, 71; fingernailed, 117; tendoning, 124; osmosed, 213; "paranoids from door to door" 254; palimpsested, 266; dopplering, 310; "water squeegeeing off" 460; sneaky-peteing, 508; gangstering, 518; "another shot rattlesnaking off of a bulkhead" 529; worded over, 589 Phrase: Notgeld \Link: page:285

237.6 noline/concept :Schacht:Hjalmar(1877-1970):

Schacht,_Hjalmar(1877-1970) According to Sasuly, Schacht was head of the Reichsbank in the 1920s and 40s and was a key player in manipulating the German inflation of that time, while blaming it on "reparations and an unfavorable balance of payments." (p.47); his "many bookkeeping dodges to keep official records clear of any hint of weapons procurement banned under the terms of Versailles." 285 Phrase: Schacht,_Hjalmar(1877-1970) \Link: page:285

237.7 noline/concept    Slothrop _Broderick

Slothrop,__Broderick 285; Tyrone's father; aka "Schwarzvater" (Jamf), 286; Tyrone's dream about, 392; sold experimental rights to Tyrone to Jamf for $5000 for Harvard education, 444; hated FDR, 373; Paternal Peril "a murderin' fool" 674; 677; 682 Phrase: Slothrop,__Broderick \Link: page:285

237.8 noline/concept    Versailles Treaty_of

Versailles,_Treaty_of 285; Treaty with Germany after its surrender in World War I, signed under protest by Germany on June 28, 1919. Its terms were justifiably harsh–e.g. Germany lost 13 percent of its territory (including all its colonies) and almost one-tenth of its population, and had to limit its army to 100,000. Germany was to be occupied for 15 years. The Treaty set up the League of Nations, created Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary and Lituania, and assured Austrian independence. The "ignominy of the Versailles Dictate" became the rallying cry of all nationalistic elements on the German Right. Phrase: Versailles,_Treaty_of \Link: page:285

238 page: 286

238.1 line: 6    Schwindel

The word does mean 'swindle' (not 'swindler'), but its primary meaning of 'giddiness' makes the name apt in a different way Phrase: Schwindel \Link: page:286

238.2 noline/concept    Schwindel_operative

Schwindel_operative 286; Phrase: Schwindel_operative \Link: page:286

238.3 noline/concept    Schwindel

Schwindel 286; German: "fraud" "trick", also "dizziness"; "code name for Hugo Stinnes"

science/physics/math See also delta-t; Poisson Distribution Phrase: Schwindel \Link: page:286

239 page: 287

239.1 noline/concept    General_Electric

General_Electric Project Hermes people from, 287; "helmet liners with GE stenciled on" 304; 307; interlocks, 332; 448; connections with Siemens, 565; Swope/Business Advisory Council, 581; 654; Joe Kennedy and, 682; 712; [GE Website] Phrase: General_Electric \Link: page:287

239.2 noline/concept :Goebbels:Josef_Paul(1897-1945):

Goebbels,_Josef_Paul(1897-1945) 287; Chief propagandist of the Nazi Party and Nazi Propaganda Minister; "less than giddy imagination reaching no further than Alpine Redoubts"; saw von Göll's Good Society three times, 394; footage of Erdmann's ravishing "found its way into [his] collection" 461; "believed in the Rocket as an avenger" 747; Phrase: Goebbels,_Josef_Paul(1897-1945) \Link: page:287

239.3 noline/concept :Old_Blood_'n'_Guts:

Old_Blood_'n'_Guts Nickname for General George S. Patton (1885-1945) who led the first U.S. troops in North Africa. The Anglo-American forces decisively defeated Rommel at the Battle of El Alamein in late 1942; "handed Rommel's ass to him in the desert" 287 Phrase: Old_Blood_'n'_Guts \Link: page:287

239.4 noline/concept    Project_Hermes

Project_Hermes 287; from General Electric; Phrase: Project_Hermes \Link: page:287

240 page: 289

240.1 noline/concept    DOPE

DOPE See also Gnahb, Frau; LSD; Sodium Amytal; Stonybloke, Will Phrase: DOPE \Link: page:289

240.2 noline/concept    Dora

Dora 289; prison camp next to Mittelwerke, mostly foreign prisoners; "When the Americans liberated Dora" 296; "they call them re-education camps" 408; Ilse and Leni, 428; 430; Pökler goes into, 432-33; 175s (homosexual inmates), 665; See also 175-Stadt Phrase: Dora \Link: page:289

240.3 noline/concept    Gretchens

Gretchens "Quit Kvetchin', Gretchen!" 289; participating in "roasting" of Mexico, 714; See also Slothrop's girls/stars Phrase: Gretchens \Link: page:289

241 page: 290

241.1 line: 16    Tchitcherine

Since Russian names are spelled with Cyrillic letters, we have to scramble to represent them with the Roman alphabet. You have three choices: Use accepted historic forms such as Peter the Great, transliterate, or let the bearer of the name dictate how you will spell it. There's a minor science of transliteration, i.e., encoding each letter of the original form by a letter or string of letters in the target form. Difficulties arise, though: If you are rendering names for German readers you will write the syllable YA as JA; if you will be presenting your results to French readers and you write JA, they will pronounce it as ZHA. So every language community has its own transliteration schemes. Always schemes, because there are as many opinions as there are scholars. The table below will illustrate.

Phrase: Tchitcherine \Link: page:290

241.2 noline/concept    Tchitcherine _Vaslav

Tchitcherine,__Vaslav 290; Soviet intelligence officer; half-brother of Enzian; "mad scavenger" who officially reports to the TsAGE (Central Aero & Hydrodynamics Institute in Moscow) (1935-36); has need to annihilate the Schwarzkommando and "his mythical half-brother Enzian"; described, 337, 383; comes from Nihilist stock, 338; stationed in Central Asia in "early Stalin days" 338; "a raving snowman over the winter marshes" "a giant supermolecule. . .so many open bonds available" 345; story of his father, 350-52; 499; Kirghiz Light, 508, 510; "fear would always keep him from going all the way in" 566; illumination of, 611; 700; initiation into "bodyhood of steel" 702; "her graying steel barbarian" 718; "the Red Doper" 719; meets Enzian, 734; stays with Geli, 735; See also Kirghiz Light Phrase: Tchitcherine,__Vaslav \Link: page:290

242 page: 292

242.1 noline/concept :Hemingway:Ernest(1899-1961):

Hemingway,_Ernest(1899-1961) 292; American novelist and short-story writer

Phrase: Hemingway,_Ernest(18991) \Link: page:292

243 page: 293

243.1 line: 28    tank

The Stalin or IS was a heavy tank and complemented the T-34 main battle tank, which remained in service to the end of the war (and long afterward) Phrase: tank \Link: page:293

243.2 noline/concept    Stettin

Stettin 293; 408; 418; [MAP] Phrase: Stettin \Link: page:293

243.3 noline/concept    Walpurgisnacht

Walpurgisnacht 293; German: St. Walpurgia Night. The night before May 1, originally dedicated to St. Walpurgia, the 8th century English nun who founded religious houses in Germany. It is associated in German folklore with the witches' Sabbat on the Brocken, where the witches and sorcerers perform their black rites and reaffirm their subservience to the demon Master. Phrase: Walpurgisnacht \Link: page:293

244 page: 294

244.1 line: 11 : Ge-li, Ge-li, Ge-li:

Although often evoked by mimics, Cary Grant never actually said "Ju-dy, Ju-dy, Ju-dy." Phrase: Ge-li, Ge-li, Ge-li \Link: page:294

244.2 line: 20 :-21 Thanx for the info, and a tip of the Scuffling hat to ya:

Slothrop copies the signoff to Jimmy Hatlo's comic strip "They'll Do It Every Time," which was based on ideas from readers. These contributors were typically acknowledged with the words, "Thanx, and a tip of the Hatlo hat to…"

Phrase: -21 Thanx for the info, and a tip of the Scuffling hat to ya \Link: page:294

245 page: 295

245.1 line: 27    Profundis

The Latin de profundis is misspelled and also mistranslated; it means "out of the depths" (see Psalm 130) Phrase: Profundis \Link: page:295

245.2 noline/concept    De_Profundus Nick

De_Profundus,_Nick 295; "company lounge lizard" and entrepreneur at Mittelwerk during US occupation Phrase: De_Profundus,_Nick \Link: page:295

245.3 noline/concept :Graham:_"Micro":

Graham,__"Micro" 295; gives secret tours of the Mittelwerk during US occupation Phrase: Graham,__"Micro" \Link: page:295

245.4 noline/concept    Yellow_James

Yellow_James 295; operates sandwich wagon at Mittelwerk during US occupation; 304 Phrase: Yellow_James \Link: page:295

246 page: 296

246.1 noline/concept    Heini_of_Berlin

Heini_of_Berlin 296; "famous military couturier" who designed the Raumwaffe ("space-force") spacesuit Phrase: Heini_of_Berlin \Link: page:296

246.2 noline/concept :Raketen-Stadt:

Raketen-Stadt 296; German: "Rocket-City"; created in the Mittelwerke by Ernst ölsch (under Speer) "To Avoid Symmetry, Allow Complexity, Introduce Terror" 297; "these are the els and busses of an enormous transit system here in the Raketenstadt" 603; "plexiglass maps of the webs we maintain across the Zone" 660; and "the Floundering Four" 674; Daguerreotype of, taken by "a forgotten photographer […] a habitue of mercury fumes" 725; "By now the city has grown so tall that elevators are long-haul affairs" 735 Phrase: Raketen-Stadt \Link: page:296

246.3 noline/concept    Waltz_of_the_Future

Waltz_of_the_Future 296; "the strangely communal" in Raketen-Stadt Phrase: Waltz_of_the_Future \Link: page:296

247 page: 297

247.1 line: 36 : Articles of Immachination:

As opposed to Articles of Incorporation Phrase: Articles of Immachination \Link: page:297

248 page: 298

248.1 line: 24    Etzel

The character Etzel in the Nibelungenlied corresponds to the historical Attila; the name is not a diminutive Phrase: Etzel \Link: page:298

248.2 noline/concept :ölsch:Etzel_[German:_"Attila"]:

ölsch,_Etzel_[German:_"Attila"] 298; architect and disciple of Speer; his "deathwish" 300; 302; 411; See also Speer, Albert Phrase: ölsch,_Etzel_[German:_"Attila"] \Link: page:298

248.3 noline/concept :Speer:_Albert(d._1981):

Speer,__Albert(d._1981) 298; Architect for the Third Reich; "in charge of the New German Architecture then, and later he went on to become Minister of Munitions, and nominal chief customer for the A4"; "Albert Speer Touch" 298; ölsch designing Nordhausen factory, 411; and Toiletship, 448; "alabaster open-air stadium with giant cement birds" 687 Phrase: Speer,__Albert(d._1981) \Link: page:298

249 page: 299

249.1 line: 38 : Picture the letters SS stretched lengthwise:

The tunnels are arranged like a two-dimensional parody of the DNA molecule. The 44 cross-tunnels might suggest the 22 pairs of chromosomes possessed by each individual. Correspondent Debby Katz adds the following comment:

"Cross tunnels suggest often -illustrated base pairings in DNA (adenine-thymine A-T, or cytosine-guanine, C-G) the order of which defines the "sense" of the coded message within the molecule. We human-types possess 23 pairs of chromosomes, not 22. One pair, the X-X or X-Y is, of course, not an identical pairing in the male of the species. But the Y is without a doubt information-holding, as an X-O female (45 chromosomes, missing the second X chromosome) is not a male, but a female with a lot of problems." Phrase: Picture the letters SS stretched lengthwise \Link: page:299

249.2 noline/concept    Humility the

Humility,_the 299; "this drifting Humility" 610; "the vast Humility sleepless, dying, in pain tonight across the Zone" 731; Phrase: Humility,_the \Link: page:299

249.3 noline/concept :sfacim-a:

sfacim-a 299; sfacim: from "sfaciàre" = to dismantleTony Assenza graciously supplied the following regarding "sfacim":

Having been called a "sfacim" by my uncles and other relatives more than a few times in my life, I believe your reference might require more elaboration. In its original form, "sfacim" is Neapolitan slang for semen – equivalent to US slang such as spunk or gism. However, it's also widely used as a term of endearment, as in "Hey, sfacim. Come over here and give your grandmother a kiss before I break your face." The closest US slang term would be "spunky." It's a term that someone living on Long Island or Upstate New York would probably hear a lot in Italian-American neighborhoods. One would pronounce it "SFA CHEEM."

Phrase: sfacim-a \Link: page:299

249.4 noline/concept :Tannhäuser:

Tannhäuser Tannhäuserism (love of being taken under mountains), 299; "even a Minnesinger needs to be alone" 299; "the Singing Nincompoop" 364; See also Lisaura Phrase: Tannhäuser \Link: page:299

250 page: 300

250.1 line: 03 : Hupla:

Or "hoopla," a big fuss. Phrase: Hupla \Link: page:300

250.2 noline/concept    Hupla Apprentice

Hupla,_Apprentice 300; ölsch's apprentice at Mittelwerke Phrase: Hupla,_Apprentice \Link: page:300

250.3 noline/concept :Leibniz:Gottfried_Wilheml(1646-1716):

Leibniz,_Gottfried_Wilheml(1646-1716) German philosopher, mathematician and polymath who is the putative inventor of the infinitesimal calculus (although he published his system in 1684 and Isaac Newton in 1687, the Royal Society formally declared for Newton in 1711). He also developed the doctrine of a hierarchical system of irreducible, immaterial isolates called "monads," the highest of which is God; "Summe, Summe, as Leibniz said" 300; "in the process of inventing calculus, used the same approach to break up the trajectories of cannonballs through the air" 407; Phrase: Leibniz,_Gottfried_Wilheml(1646-1716) \Link: page:300

251 page: 301

251.1 line: 38 : 1000 yards east of Waterloo Station:

251.2 line: 13    gs

Well, it's slang, not argot, and it's slang from the world of pilots, not engineers. The g does come from gravitation formulas, but a pilot pulls gs whenever the craft accelerates, gravity or no gravity. One g (not "g-force") is an acceleration of 32 feet per second per second Phrase: gs \Link: page:301

Coincidence?: About 1000 yards east (actually east-southeast) of Waterloo Station, off Southwark Bridge Road, near its intersection with Southwark Street, is a little cul-de-sac where the rocket might impact. Its name is America Street. Phrase: 1000 yards east of Waterloo Station \Link: page:301

251.3 noline/concept    rates_of_change

rates_of_change "To integrate here is to operate on a rate of change so that time falls away: change is stilled" 301; "a train of imperceptible light and dark" 642; See also delta-t Phrase: rates_of_change \Link: page:301

252 page: 303

252.1 line: 19 :Marie-Celeste:

She was called Mary Celeste. Either P's error or a mistake-on-purpose Phrase: Marie-Celeste \Link: page:303

253 page: 304

253.1 line: 36    columns

Lots of people have Lally columns in the basement to hold up their floor joists. The column is usually in two parts with a threaded union; you use a hydraulic jack to align the overhead member, unscrew the Lally column until it bears solidly at top and bottom, and finally remove the jack. The ones in the Mittelwerke are no different; they have nothing to do with overhead hoists Phrase: columns \Link: page:304

254 page: 305

254.1 noline/concept    limericks

limericks 305-07; 311; 334-35; See also polymorphous perversity Phrase: limericks \Link: page:305

255 page: 306

255.1 line: 19 : hanging by the foot:

Note how Slothrop, as he hangs upside down by one foot, momentarily turns into a version of the Tarot card The Hanged Man, which also turns up in his Tarot reading on p. 738. Phrase: hanging by the foot \Link: page:306

256 page: 308

256.1 line: 36 :Gruss Gott:

Oh dear. Not a mystery, even if GR uses a nonstandard spelling. Grüss Gott! means "Hello. Phrase: Gruss Gott \Link: page:308

257 page: 309

257.1 line: 7    Monel

A nickel-copper alloy, emphatically not steel. It's formally called Monel metal Phrase: Monel \Link: page:309

257.2 line: 11    Glimpf

Glimpf is a noun meaning 'gentleness' Phrase: Glimpf \Link: page:309

257.3 noline/concept :Glimpf:Prof.:

Glimpf,_Prof. 309; German: gentleness; Professor of Mathematics of the Technische Hochschule, Darmstadt; Scientific Advisor to the Allied Military Government Phrase: Glimpf,_Prof. \Link: page:309

258 page: 310

258.1 line: 06 : "Gruss Gott":

Glimpf's greeting to Slothrop makes more sense as explained by Igor Zabel: "'Gruss Gott!' is not 'Great God!' but 'Greet (you) God!' -- a very common greeting in Austria, Bavaria and southern Germany, more common, in fact, than 'Good morning'. It should be written with an umlaut (grüss)." Phrase: "Gruss Gott" \Link: page:310

258.2 noline/concept    Kamikaze

Kamikaze Japanese: "divine wind"; "mock Kamikaze attacks," 310; Morituri at Kamikaze school on Formosa, 473; Bulbs' Kamikaze squads, 649; fallen cherry blossoms, 672; The Wisdom of the Great Kamikaze Pilots, 680; "the slogan of a Kamikaze unit," 696; See also Komical Kamikazes Phrase: Kamikaze \Link: page:310

259 page: 312

259.1 line: 17 : white Stetson:

Both Marvy's dress and speech echo the character of Major Stanley "King" Kong, the bomber pilot played by Slim Pickens in Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove (1964).

Phrase: white Stetson \Link: page:312

259.2 line: 21    Amatol

Somewhere else in the text it's several tons, but a ton is more likely Phrase: Amatol \Link: page:312

260 page: 313

260.1 noline/concept    Der_Springer

Der_Springer See Springer, Der Phrase: Der_Springer \Link: page:313

260.2 noline/concept :deuce-and-a-half:

deuce-and-a-half 313; Nickname for the American Army vehicle vehicle M35A2; ten driven wheels and a camouflage paint scheme. It has 3 axels, as well as a large cargo bed with a 5-ton load carrying capacity. Phrase: deuce-and-a-half \Link: page:313

260.3 noline/concept    Zwitter

Zwitter 313; guidance expert; colleague of Glimpf's Phrase: Zwitter \Link: page:313

261 page: 314

261.1 noline/concept :Frederick_the_Great(1712-86):

Frederick_the_Great(1712-86) This arty, intellectual Prussian, the son of Frederick-William I, became king of Prussia in 1840. In 1756 he initiated the "Seven Years' War." His military exploits resulted in a Prussia that had doubled in size by the time of his death; 314; 394; Phrase: Frederick_the_Great(1712) \Link: page:314

262 page: 315

262.1 line: 08 : Steve Edelman:

"Edelman" may be from the German for "nobleman," but the name sounds real, as though it might be a reference to a person whom Pynchon actually knew. Coincidentally, there is a Minneapolis talk-show host (who makes a brief cameo appearance in the film Fargo) and TV producer named Steve Edelman as well as a studio musician based in Los Angeles (bass, not harmonica, unfortunately). Phrase: Steve Edelman \Link: page:315

262.2 line: 38    earth

The translation from German is wrong at two key points, maybe three. Here is my rendering: When she was pregnant again, it was said she ought to be stuck in an aardvark's burrow in order to lift a spell so that her children would survive. So it happened: She was stuck in an aardvark's burrow, and she received viable children Phrase: earth \Link: page:315

262.3 noline/concept    Edelman Steve

Edelman,_Steve[German: "Edelmann" = "nobleman"]; Tales of the Schwarzkommando, Collected by, 315; "Kabbalist spokesman" 753; "a Hollywood business man. . .accused of Attempted Mopery" 755

EDGE See also Interface Phrase: Edelman,_Steve \Link: page:315

262.4 noline/concept :Erdschweinhöhle:

Erdschweinhöhle 315-16; [German: "erd"="earth", "schwein"="pig", "höhle"="hole"] underground communities of Hereros living in Germany; "a dialectic of word made flesh" 321; 524-25; delegates, 538; 671; 672-73; See also Hereros; Pigs Phrase: Erdschweinhöhle \Link: page:315

262.5 noline/concept    Ovatjimba

Ovatjimba 315; Herero: "ant-bears"; "the poorest of the Hereros"; 323; Mondaugen lived with them in 1922 in the bush, 403; Phrase: Ovatjimba \Link: page:315

263 page: 316

263.1 noline/concept    Empty_Ones

Empty_Ones 316; "Otukungurua"; faction of Hereros who want negative birthrate ("tribal v. Christian death"), 318; aka "Revolutionaries of the Zero" 317; See also Hereros Phrase: Empty_Ones \Link: page:316

263.2 noline/concept    shadows

shadows 316; God-shadows, 330; 332; 333; 336; 342; 359; 363; 397; 405; darkness at the edges of things, 446; 458; 482; 500; 510; 524; 536; 539; 543; 561; Pointsman's corner, 633; Slothrop as "shadow-child" 677; stars as shadows of the creator's bones and ducts, 699; "sound-shadow" (when the roaring of the sun stops), 695, 711; 740; 749; 760 Phrase: shadows \Link: page:316

264 page: 317

264.1 line: 22    ergot

Coagulant is misspelled Phrase: ergot \Link: page:317

264.2 noline/concept    rinderpest

rinderpest 317; "cattle dead of" 323; Phrase: rinderpest \Link: page:317

265 page: 318

265.1 line: 31 :-32 coming on like Smith, Klein, 'n' French:

265.2 line: 18    spieling

No, they are making a spiel, in the (American) sense of pitching a product Phrase: spieling \Link: page:318

Smith Kline & French (now 17GlaxoSmithKline), is the second largest pharmaceutical company in the world (after Pfizer), began in the late 19th century and through various mergers became Smith Kline & French