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how_to_make your PCB:

0) Make board tracks using transfers (from SENO in Germany, bought
   from Conrad) and an Edding 780 black marker

1) Heat up boiling water

2) Mix one 250g pack of Eisen III Cloride granules (Ferric Chloride
   III) again from Conrad in 1 Litre water in a glass jar (ADD
   granules to the water)

3) Pour boiling water into a small bucket

4) Place jar of Eisen solution in the bucket

5) While waiting to heat up drill 1mm holes in boards and tie with
   a metre or so of thread

6) Drop in boards so that they stand upright. Keep solution swishing
back and forth

7) Check every five minutes by pulling out boards. Etching should take
   around 15 minutes.

8) Dunk boards in cold water and rinse a few times

9) Scour boards with washing up pads (damp) to remove black stuff

10) Drill and solder up

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