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xxxxx call 2007

xxxxx call for participation in a speculative 12 hour life coding event (organising hardware and software) to be held Saturday 17th November as part of the Piksel festival in Bergen, Norway:


Deadline for email submission: July 31st 12AM [midnight]

Life coding is a mapping of the descriptive means of hardware and programming onto the world. In this instance it includes the invention and construction of models and language to actively describe and code the event; instructing, structuring, re-structuring and constructing the 12 hours. Life coding is obviously influenced by the existence of programming, fiction, scripting and execution.

Participation is not limited to potential forms including:

The above will be assembled into shifts which move between hardware, interface and (life) code. Proposals should suggest which shift would be suitable. Proposed topics for shifts include open hardware in relation to control, the world as interface, material as question of substance (soft/hard), and the relation of technology, code and pornography.

Please submit an introduction to your area of research/practise as well as examples of projects, performances, texts, proposals for advanced participatory workshops, performative presentations, actions, interactions, interventions and email your entry to:


Further information on the event:

xxxxx is proposed and wilfully structured as a 12 hour life coding event within the context of previous xxxxx activities (Crash 2005, xxxxx 2006), and influenced by Plenum (collaboration with KOP, 2006).

xxxxx will exist as a major, inspired durational, performative event allowing for exchange and construction between invited international participants who truly exist on the bleeding edge of what could be termed contemporary Crash culture.

xxxxx expands software and hardware with a wilful emphasis on construction, an interface between theory and the active entry of making in the world.

xxxxx as event manifests a free software-led, coded structure of self-organisation, and unique working groups. Although some of these events will be ongoing (for example several working groups, and background material), the 12 hours will be assembled by way of shifts.

With many thanks to BEK, Norway: http://bek.no