substrate 2013/14


Heavily improvised, playing with the collapse of massed, barely functional salvaged equipment and software systems made manifest in sound/noise and image, Howse presents a complex, process-driven constructivist performance; the symphonic rise of the attempt to piece together fugal systematics is played out against the noise of collapse and machine crash at the deserted border of control.

Material is both evidence and self-obscuring; a literal drama of sheer light (waves) and absolute darkness (our substrate) exacerbated by the excitation of substance and its subsequent bodily detection. The performer is cast as a volatile detective, with an audible forensics probing a tabletop micro-material-theatre.

[MH. Substrate. 2011]







Recent performances, solo and with Martin Kuentz (2011-2014), have taken place at:

  • WestGermany, Berlin
  • STEIM, Amsterdam
  • Transnatural Festival, Amsterdam
  • ICA, London
  • BEAM Festival, London
  • Transmediale12 Festival, Berlin
  • CTM 2011

Performances are proposed for 2014-2015 exploring dynamic (electronic) systems linking earth, skin and dysfunctional technology; combining tabletop pyrotechnics and chemistry with skin probes and glass mirrored, shattering smoked lasers.

With thanks to: Martin Kuentz, Mario de Vega, Farahnaz Hatam, Ruben Patino and Ausland, Jan Rohlf, Hicham Khalidi, Suzanne Wallinga and CTM.


The interdisciplinary work of Martin Howse is pre-occupied with a broad questioning of the exact location of execution and of code within the world (psychogeophysics). Through the construction of experimental situations (within process-driven performance, laboratories, walks, and workshops), material art works and texts, Martin Howse explores the rich links between substance or materials and execution or protocol, excavating issues of visibility and of hiding within the world. Since 1998, Martin Howse has published, workshopped, performed and exhibited worldwide.

Author: root <m@1010.co.uk>

Date: 2014-09-17 22:56:47 BST

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