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micro research salons on the last Thursday of each month (and occasional other dates) for local and international researchers to gather to discuss common research themes and endeavour.

Former salons:

March 26th 8PM: scrying salon [with Martin Howse]

Here the vulgar eye will see nothing but Obscurity and will despair considerably.

Scrying is a technique of divination and revelation, of producing visions, perhaps of the future, through prolonged gaze at an object, usually of crystal or liquid nature. Scrying was famously practiced by the 16th century astronomer, mathematician and alchemist John Dee with the assistance of presumed impostor Edward Kelley, using a mirror of obsidian amongst other devices.

The scrying project presents itself as a generic, modular platform for artists and theorists working with both code and electromagnetic phenomena. Of central concern is some kind of intervention within often complex spectral ecologies; for example, measurement of the strength of EM fields, transmission and reception amongst mobile networks of devices, large-scale intervention through the production of high field strength emissions, mapping of intensities and blind city flaneur.

The scrying salon will open with a short presentation. Appropriate food and drinks will be served. Free entry. RSVP.

Reference: http://www.1010.co.uk/org/scrying.html


April 23rd 8PM: TEMPEST salon [with Gordo Savicic and Bengt Sjölén]


Any time a machine is used to process classified information electrically, the various switches, contacts. relays, and other components in that machine may emit radio frequency or acoustic energy.

… This problem of compromising radiation we have given the covername TEMPEST.

[TEMPEST: A Signal Problem. NSA 1972]

/////microresearch hosts a three day working group (22,23,24 April 2PM+) exploring the signal phenomenon hiding behind the covername of TEMPEST and making use of contemporary technologies such as software-defined radio (USRP). The working group focus is very much on the analysis and subsequent reconstruction of any leaked signal, for example allowing the researcher to remotely monitor a distant computer display or keyboard.

The TEMPEST working group/salon underscores a rich adventure, making sense of fortuitous emanations of sound, light and, primarily, electromagnetic phenomena. Research topics for artistic examination include, but are not limited to: signals and noise, van Eck phreaking, decoding, encryption and hiding, surveillance, information and carrier/support, intentionality of compromising emanations.

Finally, TEMPEST, as covername with the word itself as revealing a certain relation to both hiding (information) and the state (subject). TEMPEST supposedly means nothing, quite simply denying the possibility of being decoded as itself an acronym. A codeword for the exposure of the world as (being) encoded.

The TEMPEST salon will open with a short presentation of interim research results. Appropriate food and drinks will be served. Free entry. RSVP.



April 30th 8PM: ALMA Project. Fata Morgana and Other Optical Phenomenons [with Connie Mendoza]

[Recherche Désert n.16. Connie Mendoza. 2008]

ALMA Project is a cartographic exercise within time travel, through physics and through mental landscapes, investigating the notion of time and the breach between Sci-Tech and an intimate experience of time.

ALMA is the acronym of Atacama Large Millimeter Array, an observatory under construction in the north of Chile, near my place of birth in the Atacama Desert. Chuquicamata is a village where workers and engineering technicians of the open pit copper mine lived in the middle of the desert. ALMA Project. Fata Morgana and Other Optical Phenomenons is the launch pad for this time travel.

Copper and technological progress are intimately connected worldwide. In the Chilean context these connections have even more impact on the recent political and economical history and the psychological state of the population.


Alma Project: http://mendoza.zweibilder.net/english/future/alma/telescopio.html

ALMA Observatory (eso): http://www.almaobservatory.org/ chuquicamata copper mine


Appropriate food and drinks will be served. Free entry. RSVP.

May 28th 8PM: Epistemology of electromagnetic waves [with Shintaro Miyazaki]

Surrounded by invisible electromagnetic waves we live in an age of unhearable cacophonies. Serial coded signals and their rhythms are flying around us making a kind of unheard music.The investigations try to analyse those signals and reconstruct their content using contemporary technologies such as software-defined radio (USRP) and is a collaboration between mediatheorist and archeologist Shintaro Miyazaki and practitioner Martin Howse.

November 19th 8PM: Flankierende Massnahmen im Schienenersatzverkehr with Olsen Wolf

  • Accompanying arrangements at rail replacement bus service
  • acousthesia upgrade


'Accompanying arrangements at rail replacement bus service’ is a sound installation performed by a robot named ‘Hyper Line Tracer’. During the stay at ____-micro-research we'll be exploring an acousthesia upgrade to expose the robot into a feedback actuated orbit: The robot is carrying a radio transmitter and a microphone on its back and is surrounded by various radios, receiving the signal emitted from the robot. As the microphone is transmitting the signals coming from the radio speakers back to the radio receivers, feedback noise is generated. Hence by passing the series of radios, with their different positions & characteristics a composition of feedback noise emerges. With the applied sensitivity to sound the robot is guided by the noise created upon its own movements. In the end the robot generates and moves within its own labyrinth of noises and feedback tones.

During the salon various 'Accompanying Arrangements' will be performed and examined. With drinks and conversation. Free.




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