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Is-land implies both is-olation and magic, a programmatic listing of TEMPEST is-lands. Is-olation, a water barrier or border surrounding the land; a white sea head seperates the many clotted islands. For there can hardly be just one island, some singular island existing in a vacuum, with absolutely no manner of communication, in a sense also of adjacency with a continuum of spumy water and further is-lands.

The relationship with magic is less easy to explain, but perhaps this clue of communication, rather of an impossibility of there being no signal, for a detector/detective lodged later in the island of Spetsai or Phraxos, its fictional counterpart. In the bedroom of a small hotel apartment on the island of Peenemuende. That the magic island is the place where everyday magic is made exactly evident, where there is no hiding, and where a certain holding of the day and world as [un]certainty in language is made clear; that hesitant (non) being of the is-land in the unspumed vacuum. Monkey head island is catalogued following a simple exposure of characters: John Dee in Derek Jarman's Jubilee.

The many-worlds interpretation (after Hugh Everett and Bryce DeWitt) is slowly, in the bedroom of the apartment, re-written as a theory of many is-lands; the equations are altered so that a branching of universes becomes multiplying isolated is-lands. There is no collapse of the wavefunction, only an appearance.

That there could also be some kind of protocol for communication between these is-lands - a protocol of breakthrough (after Raudive) which could also specify exactly how communication could take place - describing the precise nature of communication between is-lands which would invert a relationship between coded and surface - between carrier and message (scratches in hair-grown steganographic intent).

Again, the first clue came to him in exactly that place which hints at its own becoming ur-is-land; the Promenade des Anglais, in Nice, at the time of the nativity or of some other advent/ure. The is-land in question - England, an island of perhaps fifty sheep pastured between a wide car-choked avenue and parkland hosting a fun fair close by the sea front; an island of sheep isolated both from other such islands (of sheep) and from the world, without communication. A darkening. The notion an is-land or vacuum protocol comes from exactly this lack of world environment, this is-olation and its future possibilities, a time for the is-land. Sheep little communicating their moment outside a surrounding English vacuum; a lack of air shared by a heady inside observer undertaking a novel form of quantum suicide.

Author: m <m@1010.co.uk>

Date: 2009-12-31 15:45:04 GMT

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