heat sick 2018/2019


[Temperature measurements in processor and glass, Ancient Messene, 2018]

Installation for smoke generators, computer processors, bitminers, custom software, mirrors and electronics.

Then the priest disconnected and heard that above a voice said to me “I have completed the descent of the temperature values and the ascent of the steps of the other.”

When you recognize you have considered perfection, then, aging the modular data, spit on matter, take SRAM by faults, and even kept in an krater ascend directly to your electromagnetic origin.

Heat sick names a series of ephemeral computational and material works literally executing in sun, in wind, in smoke, and in time-bought CPU cycles.

Conceived and enacted during Tuned City, Ancient Messene 2018, heat sick describes various transitions and translations between measured temperature changes within certain materials such as earth, stone and air, computational acts and smoke or smog emissions.

For the first iteration, changes in temperature and ambient light readings were recorded at high resolution in certain locations and within specific materials over several days at location around the Ancient Messene site. These were replayed on site as smoke signals and within the small movements of a mirror. Within a later iteration, a computer processor was coerced through software into attempting to match its own temperature to the temperature recorded at high resolution within a pile of stones in Ancient Messene across 24 hours (May 2018). The attempt lasted longer than 24 hours.

This phase of Heat sick treats temperature measurement of any location and material as a side channel attack revealing information leaking from that site concerning a certain energetic and contemporary sickness.

Later research (2019) focuses on the subjection of computational processes to sustained heat and to the various exchanges between sun, power, earth and processing. For an early set of experiments a simple microcontroller undergoes high heat application at intervals and the resulting changed in memory (whilst a cryptographic function is computed) are recorded as audio output.

With thanks to Carsten Stabenow and all at Tuned City.

Further images


[2019 microcontroller heat subjection]


[2019 microcontroller heat subjection - external cpu temperature]


[heat sick cpu coercion temperature graph - external cpu temperature]


[heat sick cpu coercion temperature graph - internal cpu temperature]


[heat sick cpu coercion in process]




[Measurements and heat replay, Ancient Messene, 2018]

Audio (2019)

Schematics, construction, notes and software


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