earth voice 2015


EARTHVOICE un-earths a dirty, soil circuit, modulating and expressing wormed and human voice, uniting deep earth currents and atmospheric signals with vocal bone and tongue fragility. EARTHVOICE explores the detection and extraction of code and signals from the sheer ground through unrefined electrochemistry and manipulation of crystal-bound electrons, air and light.



Recent solo performances have taken place at:

  • MACO, Oaxaca, 2015
  • CCEMX, Mexico City, 2015
  • Sight and Sound festival, Montreal, 2015
  • DRECK, uferstudios, Berlin, 2015
  • Disnovation, Bordeaux, 2015

With special thanks to: Eric Mattson, Mario de Vega, Farahnaz Hatam, Colin Hacklander, Gudinni Cortina and many others.

An earlier version of EARTHVOICE was performed as part of Sonic Acts, Amsterdam 2015.

Reviews and mentions

Technical notes

Author: root <m@1010.co.uk>

Date: 2015-07-07 17:02:44 BST

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