ERD modular eurorack series 2015/2016


The ERD modular eurorack series, from the creator of the Black Death and Dark Interpreter noise synth devices,aims to infect and contaminate the world of Eurorack with a radical, new artistic sensibility. Current ERD series modules include the ERD/ERD (Earth Return Distortion), ERD/SIR and the newly released ERD/γ random voltage and radioactive source.

All ERD modules are supplied fully hand assembled and totally Eurorack compatible (+ and -12v supplies). Most series will be sold in a limited, strictly numbered edition of 20-60 modules each. Future modules planned for 2017 include: ERD/WORM speech synthesizer and vocoder.

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ERD/ERD vampiric edition


There, in one of the great boxes, of which there were fifty in all, on a pile of newly dug earth, lay the Count!

The ERD/ERD vampiric edition contains mixed earth from both Golgotha, Jerusalem and Whitby Abbey, England. Whitby is the landing and stranding place of Dracula's ghost ship Demeter, delivering the fifty oblong boxes ("a number of great wooden boxes filled with mould") which find their way to the Count's chapel at Carfax. This earth is essential to Dracula, it forms "his earth-home, his coffin-home, his hell-home..."

It is this earth which is later sterilised and rendered more holy by Dr. Van Helsing. It is this earth which is contained and rendered audibly and psychically influential anew with the ERD/ERD vampiric edition.

It is our belief that Stoker was programmed by the geology and earth of Whitby to literally transcribe the story of a technology to come; the future technology of plague or contagious computation which in turn writes itself on every earth substrate (doped silicon) as holy. This ERD/ERD edition seeks to re-animate this geophysical writing machine, and to curse that more than holy earth.

For more details see the original ERD/ERD below.

Pricing: 185 euros (with free worldwide shipping with tracking number). Sold out.

Technical and HOWTO

12HP, 20mA at +12V, 8mA at -12V, 0mA at 5v. 1 CV input, 1 signal input, 1 signal output, 2 jacks for external earth connection, 37mm deep.

Manual and layout at: http://1010.co.uk/org/erderdvampiremanual.pdf

With many thanks to Avi Caspy, Joy Kemp and others for the twin earth samples.



Gamma images: Dirk Dunkelberg

Provide by Arts, for the hardnesse of Nature, for one Sister weepeth without the other.

Extending the explorations of material process and ever viral code initiated by the micro_research ERD series, ERD/γ digs the Eurorack synth deep into geological time scales of radioactive decay. The module provides a radioactive source (Uraninite aka. Pitchblende), Geiger counter and processing to deliver both pure random voltages and random timing/triggers.

Given the half life of the isotopes within the active material (Uranium-238 and Uranium-235) the module must be returned for recalibration in perhaps a few billion years.

According to selected mode (four CV modes) ERD/γ outputs a scaled random control voltage (0-5v) either at specific adjusted time deltas, or at scaled random times. A low entropy mode allows for faster random CV out (maximum 100-150Hz as compared to 10-20Hz). A trigger mode supplies the last available random voltage on trigger in (rising edge). A dedicated trigger out provides a 5v pulse (200uS duration) at random scaled intervals (at zero speed scale each pulse mirrors a beta decay event at the geiger tube). Timing and voltage scales are under CV control; local entropy can thus be reduced.

Pricing: 225 euros with free, tracked worldwide shipping. Sold out completely

Sounds like...

Note that the ERD/γ releases high entropy CV data embedded in the material world, rather than emitting any sound itself.

Technical and HOWTO

12HP, 35mA at +12V, 4mA at -12V, 0mA at 5v. 2 CV inputs(0-5v), 1 trigger input(edge trigger), 1 CV output(0-5v), 1 trigger output (5v at 200uS), 35mm deep.

Manual and layout at: http://1010.co.uk/org/ERDgammamanual.pdf



ERD/ERD (Earth Return Distortion) is the first and most extreme expression of the ERD philosophy, seeking to literally put the earth back into circuit with technology. All world electricity travels through the earth and nearly all electronic circuitry and devices are extracted and refined from the earth. ERD/ERD puts a small block of forest earth into the Eurorack circuit, allowing control and audio signals to be distorted and amplified as they pass through the earth block. It can be viewed in conventional terms as an earth conditioned VCA (amplification factor by knob control or CV) and distortion. Local electrical and atmospheric signals can condition and distort the earth signal. Two jack connections are also included, optionally switching out the local earth block in favour of routing through local earth piles and forest sites. Discounts are available in return for earth samples (eg. Edgar Allen Poe earth from Baltimore, vampire earth from Transylvania or Whitby).

Sounds like...

Technical and HOWTO

10HP, 20mA at +12V, 8mA at -12V, 0mA at 5v. 1 CV input, 1 signal input, 1 signal output, 2 jacks for external earth connection, 35mm deep.

Manual and layout at: http://1010.co.uk/org/ERDERDmanual.pdf



ERD/SIR (Susceptible, Infected, Recovered) roots the ERD modular philosophy firmly in a vampiric earth plague. Coded contagion and infection simulations and 8 bit processor models have been ported from the infamous micro-blackdeath device, and placed under control voltage (CV).

ERD/SIR offers a fully fledged viral computation unit including a central plague unit [CPU] acting as interpreter for selected instruction sets which operate on the interior cells or sound-generating individuals (the simulation of a medieval village within the synth). Instruction sets include masque (of the red death, courtesy of E.A Poe), brainfuck, redcode, plain plague and SIR (susceptible, infected, recovered).

ERD/SIR is a digital/analogue module which can be used as a stochastic, chaotic pattern and waveform generator. The three knob controls and CV can be used to change the speed of simulation and output voltage, the selected plague and instruction set, and to actually input instructions, live coding style, into the simulated plague processors or CPUs.

Pricing: 145 euros with free, tracked worldwide shipping. Sold out.

Sounds like...

Technical and HOWTO

8HP, 50mA at +12V, 30mA at -12V, 0mA at 5v. 3 CV inputs, 1 CV output (this is not an audio signal but lower frequency), 25mm deep.

Manual and layout at: http://1010.co.uk/org/ERDSIRmanual.pdf

Hardware, software and design files

All ERD series modules are licensed as open hardware and free software with all schematics(KiCad only), software and layouts/notes available at:


With thanks to Connie Mendoza for ERD/ERD and ERD/SIR images.

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