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i_am_a_neuron (part two): (2007.04.02:1)

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31st March 2.PM. Noise_produce_3: I_am_a_neuron (part two). with Martin Howse

The third partition of the noise_produce workshop elaborates on earlier noise/electronic/Schmitt trigger sessions (previous attendance not necessary) to consider expansion and connection under a noise modulated neural model. The neuron as base (map) system is concerned with impulse, threshold, weights, triggering and memory, terms which can be applied to the realm of analogue electronics and synthesis - ill-considered noise makes an attempt on the model, diverted from sense and attention. Schmitt triggers, capacitors (storage), resistors (the weightings) and diodes (direction of energy release) will be employed to form networks between and within participant's noise circuits; a jelly brain.

with thanks to Eva Verhoeven for the jelly!

previous deceased jelly neuron:

the circuit diagrams:

arrows indicate jelly entry points.