gdapp 22:13 (2005.11.04:26)

marks a transition. point before fusing artistic OS/ fm01 film machine

intensely nodal, modular, environmental, self-referencing system

building on ap02 but extending and multiplying this model/ dissecting it also into nodal/ geologic strata model

globular/dynamic changing node structure of connections, of flow and instructions -- total environment, an operating system which dynamically re-codes itself, is recoded in operation

layers of abstraction as environment: base layer which mobile, almost viral code nodes sit upon and an open exchange as opposed to protective OS model. gdapp codes promiscuity and open discovery rather than static upload/download or I/O structuring

gdapp codes through a nodal model: nodes run/write code/data, nodes run other nodes, nodes link other nodes, nodes reflect macro linkages or embed code and linkages within neural model of linkage excitation

node= instruction/data/memory set of codes (macro) full node space contained (networked) linkage/strength of a pathway migrating network nodes operate on vm (virtual machine) bed

nodes describe and use a new language

language independent

language embedded in nodes

scene above/below description language

and language describing nodes and connections for low/high level procedural nodes

screenshots/video and further documentation to follow::