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faec/WASTE@noemata.net is partly an implementation of a possible fictitious mail network system, with references to descriptions in thomas pynchon's book the crying of lot 49. interaction with the system is done by mailing WASTE@noemata.net or directly in the interface. this system is built up of paranoia protocol abstraction layers, which means that it tries to as far as possible any data found or given as instructions for actions, instructions which again are treated as data-for-instructions in a loop that closes the system in a state of paranoia. this describes the first state of the system, called cp (central processing). there are, by now, four other states described and hinted at below the system can reach as a way of handling or escaping its conspiracy-paranoia way of communication. these states are linked and the system will cycle and recycle them. a cycle might take 10-30 minutes to complete.

write by WASTE@noemata.net


faec WASTE@noemata.net

prototype, 16. nov 2007

web: http://noemata.anart.no/faec/ mail: WASTE@noemata.net

the prototype has currently five sequencial connected states that loops. a loop might take 10-20 minutes to complete. this might change, and more states can be added to the machine.

for collaboration and intervention i suggest adding states to the loops. this is done most easily by meta tags in the file (for instance, redirects to URL in 60 seconds).

i provide give user and password to the server to modify or collaborate directly on files in this or another manner. please note that the anart.no server has been down now and then in the last week, just in case it's not responding 100%.

cp/ a central processing unit. acts as a mail server, receiving, sending, logging, monitoring. two other main functions could be called random access memory, and sensitivity - named "interior body" and "exterior body" in the interface. the main feed displays the process of the unit and might be the most complex stream of the piece because of these three different functioning groups. interaction with the system is done via mail to WASTE@noemata.net and via the form in the interface. there's a low frequency midi stream of event instructions translating from data being procecced in the cp.

a/ aka paranoia interpreter protocol. a fictionous protocol is built up in three levels of abstractions. first the interpreter reads raw data from the cp somewhere - it can be a transcript, an image, a midi stream, or from the random access memory, called "extarea" - fragments of archived text and code. the interpreter tries to interpret this data as instructions and move it onto another abstraction level, and then another one. generally the interpreter wants to turn everything into actions - a continuously alertness and paranoia to random surroundings. it needs to understand, and thereby creates an action loop just to get out of it.

faec/box/ sort of an action state, a percussive stream based on tension in the processing of interior or exterior random data by the paranoia protocol. attached to this action/ecstasy state is a domain of uteksi, paradoxically a pacifying visual, a vision as end of action, back to data from instructions so to say.

o3/ this gives a glimse into the (a)social networking utility of WASTE. a network of collaborators, participants are built and a box of interactions, code, book of law, which is leaped through as if untouchable.

c/ the state is a visual conceptualization/mapping of processes involved in faec. a canvas of connections with an increasing abstraction level. in relation to a paranoia protocol i wanted to see how random data could be interpreted as instructions and finally reveal something like concept or learning or higher cognitive function. in a parallell process random "extarea" memory data is rendered as midi instructions for flute and percussion/noise.


i was meaning to come up with something. i got into pynchon, WASTE and trystero and got some ideas about that. The following is a sketch in the form of notes.

protocol, mail, web, i'd like it to run in a regular browser, using php to interact and control the output. serverbased, ability to receive, process, send mails in a waste manner when running.

paranoia protocol? here maybe treat everything as instructions, desease of the cpu? an unbalance of instruction/data, the protocol will try to turn data into instructions as much as possible, revealing a paranoia -everything has meaning/cpucycles.

data coming from server memory and the surroundings (also seen as interior). defines actions and instructions. multiple voices. choir. instruction feeds instruction. data as means for instruction. directedness, ignorance of thoughts. wherever possible translate data into other protocols. midi events. might be low resonating or percussive.

don't be attached to mind, don't be attached to purity, don't be attached to tranquility. what matters is not to be obstructed in all things. --hui-neng. from Mind we have the ignorance of thought, its eternal closed paranoia. thoughts are like instructions already. if you are thinking thoughts, well maybe they are thinking you. Purity is the translation, a pure process, data dreams. something seamless. but if it's seamless, how would you know where you are. rather an intervention this app. a fictional aspect might come in here. does waste protocol exist or not. maybe it can only exist as a fiction, as paranoia/thoughts. Tranquility and equilibrum of all, death and paranoia maybe. the protocol is never silent. what are free actions. an action without a protocol.

one's performance (understanding) is tested as to its correctness in the protocol (riddle). in that sense the paradoxical riddle poses a statement or an answer the performance is tested against. so with the net protocols, a riddle is a setup for these. what is waste? three chin of flax.

no-thought, no-purity, no-tranquilization. modes of operation. produce thought, ignorance of the machine. the mouth is framed by a body that runs backwards, the tongue is out. why should it run backwards? to seem to flow. a stream of consciousness as reverse engineering. you start with a stop and then continue by rewinding. diarrhea maybe. thoughts are created by themselves. if you attach to your thoughts you obscure your nonobstructed nature.

this mouth/anus, digestive system. the last week i've been having a colitis flare. an auto-immune disorder. the body start to attach its own tissue, inflammates the colon, creating diarrhea. the body's immune system's paranoia. for no good reason. similarly the app produce diarrhea from attacking its own program by reading data as instructions instead of just ignoring them. if you attach to your thoughts you'll have diarrhea. head-bowel axis.

on one hand there's the body - head, body, interactions - a fluid machine, call it diarrhea, or empire - characterized by thoughts, purity, calmness - "the diarrhea of purity". on the other hand there's a highly formalized but meaningless domain consisting of time, characterized by percussive events. something like noh theater of rigidity maybe, or a shaman ecstatic ritual, or maybe a fluxus time event. it wants to relate to a direct experience, by different means, emptying, filling, staying, leaving - acts of interventions.


vi have to wremembert to rememer otherwise we will forget double is support supportive language portive sportive a game hunt when you are somewhere it's like you've always been there, isn't that strange? shouldn't it make you suspicious? here, fx. 'hunt' because it's the last word, that's were it's at, providing the 'game' to the 'double'. yeah. memories are constructed the same way. on deathbed all was well, all that ends well - but also all that well ends? if the words stop you will have the game, if they don't stop you will hunt. hunt maybe means to use a tool to get the game from a distance, teletool, loot a lot, like karate, you have to pretend you're already there on the other side of the stone. mortial arts. mozart. mezart. mother thereza. be preoccupied with money and you'll be preoccupied with money. ideals only fight for themselves. in the end the ideal is still an ideal even if it's realized, how is that, we thought it would change its status when finally realized, but no, it's still there in the fish queue. like a memory. maybe as simple as that. with language you can't do anything.

the center of the world is in this sentence. centerence it's all done with 'attention spam' spam DNA code you are always reading the last sentence executive the one who do 'do' is too short a word to impress anybody 'maydo' maybe like 'maybe' might means power so why not the car has a lot of mirrors, one could make it completely with videoimages for travelling many places at once, not just the end. the end is so monotone in the machine. though the cursor keeps blinking to attend you. the waiter. you are paid to wait. it doesn't matter what you do in life. the proof for that is that behaviour doesn't change DNA, we can't change ourselves. well, that was easy? we still have the hunt, the future, the game, things to do. exactly the states of these 'does' i don't know, body needs its, and all the more for entertainment, survival of the entertained or entertainment for the fittest. fittest to what, he didn't say. survival of the survivors. the blind lottery. that's the reason the child in the 'save the children' lottery was blind. but then science is blind in its tautology? the blind hunter? while the seer is blind the hunter is disabled. the tool is the disability. yeah where are we now, we're at the last sentence as always. how do we know how long something is? the seer or the hunter? the writer starts and stops. the reader replays. no, in reality he starts and stops himself. so how does he know where to stop, or start? it's like television now, one channel for each concept, it's almost platonic in its degeneration. where you start or stop doesn't matter, it's there radiating its content, called spewing. a protocol called spew - it's not radiating like electromagnetics to the people, but people spewing, but where? if there is no way back to the DNA why bother?

we have to stop here for a break, which comes first i don't know, the stop or the break.

now, the WASTE protocol, write by WASTE, how is that, things in spam DNA? but then science is paranoia in its tautology, if there really is someting, if there is an end to the sentence, or a protocol. is there a protocol called WASTE? here, the interpretation. will interpretations always be possible? well-defined, almost platonic in its radiation. SPEW on the other hand - silent protocol empire we. and the 'we' doesn't take place because DNA doesn't change. life coding must have some other. or some same. some fiction of fiction. time goes by, but not for mirror photons? maybe waste mirrors spew? oh the mirror empire.



I'm the author and I have so incredible much to say. My life is a journey, not to call it an adventure. It's a long road and now that I am what I am I am what I am and want to write about it because... Because it wants to write me, like it did. This almost mystical something that will drive the sales. Now, let's begin. Protocol, Escatocol, something inbetween called the message. First I will invoke God and greetings to you, then that I am from God and this message is also. Let us also include an attempted suicide here for entertainment and look forward to. And now, and now - what happens? Inside the mountains, or is it the railway station - things have to begin somewhere - transits, people going nowhere. Time and place in the escatocol with the signature if not the signs too. The master. This trip is that trip, the book is that long road of reading. Put in an ACRONYM for the hidden. The sword called Puke, I'm your father. Tradition with capital letter. Diploma. Short circuit - I don't believe it. Now spell out the acronym, P stands for puke (it never ends), U for you, k for Kelvin and non-motion of the absolute, E for the end because every road demands an end like this sentence otherwise the meaning would collapse on you like an old tent. Time goes by, that's the meaning of being serious. Still the sword? - what a dull sword if you need to keep cutting. Some names came down from the sky, let's name them. It continues - my name is enter here. Subject predicate, that's the meaning of this novel. As you can see, subject preceeds predicate and will thus always chase after it until the end - in that sense it's just the Don Key and car rot. I can lift my left foot, and I can left my right foot too, now let's try to end this line and lift them both at once. I remember Buster Keaton did. I'd rather read Don Quixote than Paul Coelho not. Anyone who believes in what he does is a fake. If you don't believe I will believe for you. This calls for humbleness and burlesque, if anything. We're all in the same bloat so why not rock it and huff it and puff it. The democratic bus by the way is a vehicle with a steering-wheel in front of every seat - like a predicate. You're now driving this bus. End of story.

See, I can even write short, while you have to sell or long to, because long is good or serious. Serious waste of mine. But let people be predicates, who am I to... I have nothing to offer, not even nothing to offer, and this is all about offering, the road offers, the reading offers. But this is the end and what did you get?

Now the escatocol, this is written by me and I confirm it. The time is now and will be. Signed here. The letter is valid for fourteen days from this day. From then on the letter has no reference or meaning. So please hurry up. On the other hand. And. Fear is or. And is love. As you can see you are too late. Better give it up. What is left now is... All is left. Nothing left, so then all is left! Right?

By the grace of God.

Imagine how... Every particle has meaning. Except those who have. Because is not. We have evidence. First rule: You decide. Second rule: Fear is a balloon. With that you're on your way to get off it. The way, or the road, the read. Nature. Feet. Ray Johnson was walking around with a ladder. A letter.


what is trust? reliable? in our age of schizo paranoia which is individualism as if our bodies weren't enough no(w), the self need another self surely because it isn't (itself) from then on --- schizo is the structure/graph paranoia is traversing it

short circuit is the intimate circle (if it's called that) maybe it's called personal circle? the person somehow gets it back what he pushed out

anyway, how far does this go? if i make myself very small i don't know what that means for instance a black hole is very small massive and getting it back W.A.S.T.E. vast paranoia

if i make myself very light? not invisible but light nobody's lightbulb light will bend around mass does that mean mass came first, no it's like money, pasta, it came last why animate? to the speed of light something that already has it's like kicking a dead body alive animating history

everything makes sense now i think you should be afraid if everything makes sense because that would be the end (of you) and that's why you are (afraid)


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