30/3 wheeling in jet lagged frm LAX uptown to culver city office of
	CLUI, the Centre for Land Use Interpretation, [http://www.clui.org] on venice
	blvd, behind venetian brick ivy covered facade next door to
	the Museum of Jurrassic Technology [http://www.mjt.org/] -
	meet with their model maker/ curator eva, and she shows me
	round the workshop we'll be using clui's exhibition space
	currently dedicated to the LA transportation mangement system
	with live traffic scans, and state police server hack aswell
	as tech explanations of infrastructure systems [induction
	loops, networked signalling, etc]

with matt coolidge from clui we study a map of clui desert research
stations and likely sites for the placement of the embedded devices
ap0201 [http://www.1010.co.uk/devices.html]

31/3 to http://dangerouscurve.org gallery [downtown in molino/4th st.]
to meet with kathy and tim..kathy used to work in FSF with richard
stallman, having trained at berkeley where she was taught a classic,
purist form of programming...their PA is pretty small but we decide to
perform on saturday night [april 3] as the ultimate act on their
second monthly night of experimental music. they seemed very impressed
by the .mov from ultrasound03, huddersfield from our main site

back at clui we recognise Lori, from next door at the jurassic
museum...because she is the girlfriend of John Wiseman
[http://lemonodor.com/] a Lisp/robotic/technical author/programmer who
we've been aware of for a while...in fact he was just here with his
big ol' 60's car without us knowing - thought we could touch him for a
2.5" hard drive we're lacking.......and we contact

1/4 concentrating on preparing for saturdays performance at dangerous
curve - both record decks are made and tested with Mozarts Requiem in
chinese [bought at the nearby branch of Goodwill], and now a new
hitachi 15gb hard drive from the local venice blvd computer store
enables martin to start work on the Sony Vaio, necessary for the video
output...a problem with the embedded graphics card [ati 3d rage
mobility pm] is that it can't load the dri [direct rendering
infrastructure http://dri.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/moin.cgi/ used to
create openGL implementations

the tecra and mini-itx epia800 both function fine after sorting out
the stupid power cables with $18.....load gentoo + ap0202 on to
another thinkpad this is the first time ap have relied solely on
laptops, inevitable given the usual transportation/configuration
issues, and all this preparation goes toward the bilbao performances
just after this trip [april28/29 http://www.ciberart-bilbao.net/]

still a little jet-lagged cos we still getting up at 5am.....days are
long but punctuated by indy 103 fm..... starobrno beer tonight.....

2/4 continuing Vaio work > changed configuration file so doesn't use
	openGL, just SDL Cheryl comes by

3/4 epia800 [http://www.ultim8pc.co.uk/] /rf-bug/tests > ap buffer
	running quieter > rf transmitting higher freq.  GPS [Magellan
	Meridian gps] for desert, running gpsman/gpsdrive/gpsd
	http://www.ncc.up.pt/gpsman/ http://www.gpsdrive.cc/
	http://www.pygps.org/gpsd/ problem w. finding way to save
	tracking image

we go to set up in gallery dangerouscurve.org > after a korean
transvestites homecoming and classical electro-harmonies from two
other performers we play a top heavy [not much bass on PA] feeding in
the chinese Requiem. the flattened video still had speed issues but
kinda held its own. mexican youth think we're awesome, a poetess
acuses me of serial killing, dr mungo wants us to look for him in all
the cracks and crevices we can find....huh LA

4/4 go from CLUI pm after meeting john wiseman very briefly. gps slow
to kick off but on Interstate10 does so......eventually get to DRS,
Hinckley - set up..pull data down from the Magallen onto martins
thinkpad using gpsman....and track drawing from LA to DRS is very
quiet in desert . data for devices?

5/4 two of three device circuits ok so far, and the third fixed by
changing diode.....now discharging batteries for charge cycle test
'phone line/internet set up in an old airstream trailer, coming from
the store behind the DRS display center. btw. in the store the
Institute of Applied Autonomy have a version of graffitti writer

into Barstow CA for provisions > along Main St. after going on to the
BLM [Bureau of Land Management] office
[http://www.ca.blm.gov/barstow/] to pick up a detailed map of the are
north of Hinkley - "Surface Management Status Desert Access Guide:
Cuddeback Lake" detailing public/private parcels, restricted zones,
etc. North of the DRS lies the Black Mountain Wilderness, a possible
area discussed with matt of Clui for placement for the devices.
Barstow - motels/liquor/Vons/fencing supplies/Goodspeed

mic + adc sensitivities changed up in code > need testing over time

start opamp/electromagnetic freq. detector

6/4 up early, outside with one device to test charge cycle and a full
	day of coding on the fly > rewriting garbage collection + emf
	detector circuit building, against high desert winds,
	westerlies > locating devices one aerial per device
	[transmit/receive] changes to reparse code and debugging but
	still slow functioning sleep code untested

thur 8/4 LA silicone sortaclear 40 for case gasket/wall

fr 9/4 small cumulative changes to code for endurance size of solar
panels [have 2 differing sizes] + discharging issue activity log from
serial port - still functioning slowly

code error - size of cell space was 2550 bytes but cell size allocated
was 32kb [aside from a few pages for transmit/receive buffers] so
upped to 26000 better and max. number of cells is now 400 [so changes
to int16] and initlively is 1000

larger solar panel doesn't discharge despite 22v out in sun - 6v
regulator is a nonsense so will change to adjustable regulator at 7.5v

sat 10//4 yesterday we were in the outback along some dirt tracks to
find a piece of land in mojave desert where some other ppl are doing a
kind of art/ecological thing about moisture
http://moisture.greenmuseum.org/ - they bought a piece of land.

sun 11/4 adjustable regulators set for all devices still uncertainty
as to which code the devices are running, new code works well

charge issues - wake up slow and need to be sure on sleep code

todo > test sleep, voltage adjust for charge voltage and check wake-up

santa fe - 13-19 ap02/gdapp performances at Santa Fe Art Institute

wed 21/4

construction of enclosures quirky diy ap style, tho' high spec...high
temp. dessicants arrive

project getting near completion tho' apart from assemby the other main
unattended thing is location location location...we go gps tomorrow at
some point.......

the silicone things cast as part of it luminesce like that thing the
guy in the film repoman drives around wid in the back o'his

fri 23 two days of scouting around for locations > petrol nearly out,
lose still camera and a ripped out tire some beauty bits, green rock
hillocks/fingers/caterpillars/dinosaur feet whatever, but scarred by
dirt bike tracks is what they do, shoot and dirttrack it.....so gonna
put stuff in where humans no wanna go, the flat and dull

some problems like lcd panels suddenly went black when out in heat all
day - rated operational at 50C / 120F, reset and power up ok.....
another location search, different spot, we there w. gps and detailed
map [shows ownership of acre plots/public land...] wandering around
not quite sure of relation between gps and map and terrain as tracks
marked didn't seem present ...eventually stumbled on mine shaft and a
well as reference points.....

sat/sun 24/5april

using heated wire and tubing > installation of antennae and
microphones [encased in heat shrink rubber]

installation of devices in remote location harpers dry lake rd . left
to Hoffman then right Hoffman and up small hills . mile walk heading

final revelation of devices > onto steelwork/fixings as intergral unit
[solar panel + enclosure] and after removal of protective paper from
acrylic sheet 

terrain importance > siting in natural dip = low visibility from
nearby track [Lockhart Rd]