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published articles

Poor Peenemuende/2: PP/2 (text)

[As published in the Ludic Society Magazine, Issue#5 (2008)]

Welcome to Maxwell City: maxwell (pdf) [as published in Landscape 07/2007]

Below all published Linuxuser and Developer magazine:

artistic computing:

part one: overview:: stay free (text)

part two: audio:: the art of noise (pdf)

part three: visual:: vision on (pdf)

part four: code art:: outside the black box(pdf)

piksel04 report: bek to the future: piksel04 (pdf)

lisp part one: introduction:: lambda the ultimate (pdf) and html

lisp part two: free software IDE:: the road to lisp (pdf) and html

crash: crashing:: always crashing (pdf) and html

physical part one: let's get physical (pdf) and html

physical part two: roll your own (html)

text-based computing part one: The Text Pistols (pdf) and html

text part two: the terminal man (html)

viral culture: against nature (pdf) and html

emacs as an artistic OS: the church of emacs (pdf) and html

computation as a game of life and death: the executable's song (pdf) and html

pluggability: you've got pluggability (pdf) and html