Quantum teleportation involves a sender (normally called Alice) 17:59 (2006.02.25:1)

transferring information about the quantum state of a particle down a classical channel to a receiver (normally called Bob). This is possible because both Alice and Bob are entangled. Quantum cloning involves making copies or "clones" of quantum states.

Without giving background to R.W. Fassbinder's In a Year of 13 Moons, a singular scene attempts to expose our layering summarised by "the record player on stage." Where is the script? The elements are all here; philosophy on the walls, curtains obscuring daylight, a silhouetted body-builder lifting weights in slow motion, fake moustache, prostitute and man become woman. A lengthy scene, played out for audience provocation, beginning with Ingrid Caven's spinning top, a dream recounted. "Maybe I didn't dream it at all. Maybe I only heard it or read it somewhere. It doesn't matter." A tape recorder is switched on, dialogue concerning the difference between "real life" and living -- or "real music" and music while Suicide's "Frankie Teardrop" plays. Alan Vega's scream. Song lyrics. Seven minutes 40 seconds. Execution and coding.

experimental work: 12:32 (2006.02.24:2)