ap0204 for year01 20:05 (2005.11.04:5)

[from ap] ap0204 [a port of ap02 code] dynamically generates 1000 HTML pages using environment (WWW) as code

directory of 1000 pages. source code

ap0204 is a web-based front-end to the ap02 environmental code virtual machine architecture (implemented as free/open source software) opening up the ap02 environmental code model to a web environment and offering net-based self-display. ap0204 instantiates mobile, almost viral code nodes which invoke open exchange as opposed to protective/security-based OS model and/or I/O dependencies. rhe project, where the content of the work is the description of its system, is promiscuous, distributed and concerned with open discovery. for code exhibit ap0204 is implemented within a small network of ap02 servers which use as environment the filesystem of the local server, the network of servers themselves and the wider net. ap0204 will run on the servers, allowing for display of the cell-constructed changing sites (with a limit of 1000 pages) produced by the virtual machine impacting with this environment as code. ap0204 provides for access to this environment through an enriched instruction set which allows for cells themselves to choose addresses to access for data (to be transformed into code). further instructions allow for output as image-rich, linked web site.