ap01 performance system::

ap01 extensively investigates the border [control/no
control], making code and systematics visible through cross-media data
generation. baroque control structures and self organising feedback loops
are expressed within a networked cluster of 16 machines equipped with sound,
video control and process modules. through mediating data input to the
system, performers insert themselves into this complex system, playing with
the symphonic rise and fall of the border of control.

:makes use primarily of salvaged machines

: 16 networked machines - one runs as server and controls routing
between nodes which act as input/output (for sound/video) or control
external devices. routing of data/crossovers of data/storage and
replay of data. also control signals transmitted to all nodes -
signal is both time-based pulse and data -- different sources of
data plugged in provide these data sources (use common protocols so
is highly modular system).

modules: different forms of video input and output and process: low
tech emphasising physicality [digital physical] of a source::

record player control
mirror disk control [rotational data access]
film input control
camera/analogue sound generation

recent modules:eeg/network sniffing.

all decisions of routing etc. based on
this data which can simply operate on itself to
recurse/repeat/feedback on itself. performers interact with data
routing thru analogue routing of sound/video data -- choices of
external SEED data.

control pulse also provided by external modules - pulse is
transmitted to central server from any networked machine --
currently use feedback loop: system controls motion of a mirrored
disk with camera and light/light sensor attached. light sensor
triggers pulses - can code tightness of that feedback loop - tight
loop resulting in epileptic behaviour of entire system as responds
fast to response-generated response and so on .. review pages review