about ap 22:35 (2005.11.04:27)

ap [martin howse and jonathan kemp] - software and substance

ap operates within the fields of discourse, speculative hardware (environmental data in open physical systems), code (an examination of layers of abstraction), free software and the situational (performances and interventions).

the digital made physical, audible, visible through geological computing and complex systems

recoding data processing algorithms on the fly, ap transform the performance space into an open laboratory

heavily improvised, playing with the collapse of massed, barely functional salvaged equipment and software systems made manifest in sound/noise and image, ap present a complex, process-driven constructivist performance; the symphonic rise of the attempt to piece together fugal systematics is played out against the noise of collapse and machine crash at the deserted border of control.

ap have recently performed using custom code (ap0202/gdapp) and hardware (computer controlled decks) in bergen, london, bilbao, los angeles, santa fe, glasgow, paris and stuttgart

ap = xxxxx // 1010.co.uk

xxxxx, the crash that dare not speak its name. Crash is the executable's exposure, magic and revelation; the dulled and modern encounter with an edge of world as simulation, as broken and crashing interface.

xxxxx initiates and investigates the speculative realm of expanded software, a further expression of environmental code. Expanded software, a study of process and description, is both an abstraction and embeds notional abstractions or ideas in relation to the reduced domain of necessarily speculative software. All is interface, exploring a line between internal automation and GUI determinism. Human incision for human projectiles. Assigned trajectory.

xxxxx marks a new phase for artistic group ap/1010.co.uk, a new stage in the logical operations of shamanic code on the no media of new media. ap was founded in 1998 to necessitate the code-terms expansion implied by a growing and politically active free software movement. With wilfully avant-garde intent, and through intervention, performance, staged events, hardware constructions and readily accessible software, ap interrogated in live process the borderland of control; exercises across software culture and history implicating fascism, destruction and melancholia. Software as substance. Performances ranged across international venues and festivals with further projects elaborating networked environmental code-creation machines, a language for the streamed entry of endless cinema and the development of promiscuOS, a totally untethered and highly promiscuous operating system. ap recently received the prestigious first prize of the Art & Artificial Life VIDA 8.0, 2005, again with an environmental and slow computational work, entitled ap0201.

xxxxx articulates a new interdisciplinary space for no media with all that is implied by the computational revolution in art; the executable's song, noise in relation to possible formations and absolute destruction embedded like some hiroshimic easter egg within the history of computation.