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transparent version control, GNU Emacsery: (2008.04.01:2 emacs#64 tech_notes2#35)

1] Remembrance engine revisited:


ra-index -v ~/experiment/RA-indexes/svn ~/svn_test/trunk

;; in .emacs:

(load "remem.el")
(setq remem-prog-dir "/usr/bin")
(setq remem-database-dir "~/experiment/RA-indexes")
(setq remem-scopes-list '(("svn" 6 5 500) ("experiment" 6 5 500)))
;;(setq remem-terminal-mode t)
(setq remem-load-original-suggestion  nil)

C-c r t - toggle

C-c r [number] see numbered suggestion

C-c r 

2] Transparent version control using SVNAutoversioning and davfs// simple recipe:

In httpd.conf:

<Location /repos>
  DAV svn
  SVNPath /root/svnrepo
  SVNAutoversioning on

Making sure that we link:

ln -s ../mods-available/dav_fs.load .

and other dav stuff into mods-enabled

// restart apache and test access in browser

Some play with repo permissions and finally:

mount.davfs -o uid=xxxxx,gid=users,rw,no_netdev /dav

scrying solar/USB battery charging: (scrying_tech_notes#46)

Re-working main scrying design for charging jumper (power, GND and SHDN of MAX1676 step-up DC-DC) to allow for both solar and USB-powered charging possibilities.

On the solar side ooking at designs at:



based on the DS2770 which appears hard to source.



using MAX856

could be adapted or:


using CMOS switch (MAX4615) and voltage senosr (ICL7665A)

and which is well specified for 3x NiMH 2500 mAH batteries, 2x 100 mA 4.8v [MPT4.8-159 powerfilm] panels

and for USB: