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shared hypertext/annotation system based on org-mode: (emacs#60)

1) diagramming (of nodes). text within node boxes. node as (any media) link (text/image/video to further node). abstraction of file system using resource pools

2) live/shared/locked editing of node buffers (linked node buffers so each node also links to other node diagram (eg. open/create AS node)

3) cloning/forking of deep node structures

4) version control of node structures

5) translation of nodes to html, dot(graphviz) usw.

6) live Emacs Lisp code and shell code within nodes

7) PD patch as mapping of ideas also

TODO starting:

0) research into comp systems: http://dto.mamalala.org/blog/

1) simple diagramming using artist-mode

2) identify useful characteristics in org-mode

3) how to work with org-mode - as abstraction?

4) node management

5) version control

6) networked editing

7) putting it all together