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Further KiCad use for VLF board: (schematics#6)

1] In Pcbnew app now we need to fix on trace sizes for non_SMT/D parts:

0.8mm track

0.8mm via drill

0.2mm clearance (or thicker 0.035inch tracks)

We set this in: Top menu: Dimensions. Then Tracks and Vias.

2] Set page-size when we start to A4 under: Top toolbar - page settings icon

3] We needed to add a module which wasn't in the netlist/schematic - it was easy to add using right hand add-module-icon but adding a track wouldn't work - to do this we needed to turn off DRC in Top menu: Preferences and the General Options (or use left hand top icon)

4] We follow tutorial instructions for fill - use right hand zones icon, trace round board size and then right click and fill but it ignores our new tracks (see 3]): (as a compromise we can use the Fill Zone include pads option which leaves the centre free)

see below for plotting and printing...