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Pure:dyne customisation - in preparation for this weeks workshop: (tech_notes2#4)

Added data radio (encoder and decoder), osctrans/oscdump (making use of libOSC, dumpOSC and sendOSC) and devdisplay as an xxxxx module to pure:dyne:


Module is:

http://1010.co.uk/xxxxx.dyne (to add to a pure:dyne distribution mount -o loop the current iso, copy to a new directory the resulting directories, insert xxxxx.dyne into dyne/modules, mkisofs using the invocation of:

https://devel.goto10.org/puredyne/wiki/ - or just add to docked system)

Module was created at speed and with few problems (Fedora Core system unusable for dev system due to LVM/GRUB mismatch).

1] Set up development system according to:


except refs to: mkdir cd /vol/hd1/puredyne-svn


ln -s /vol/hd1/puredyne-svn/puredyne $DYNE_SYS_MNT/SDK/modules/pure

don't make sense but make the repository on the mounted drive and link accordingly to the right path

2] Create a new module and add software to the module according to:


3] Create the ISO WITHOUT using dynesdk mkiso but manually using mount and mkisofs by way of customiso link above

4] xxxxx ISO is at: http://plot.bek.no/~crash2005/puredynexxxxx_april2007.iso