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GNU Emacs quick recap (emacs#22)

[also for workshop]

1] Bookmarks:

C-x r m - mark

C-x r b - retrieve

C-x r l - list

C-x e - annotate

[bookmarks also present planner note automatically]

2] Frames:

C-x 5 2 - make-frame of buffer

C-x 5 b - switch to buffer in frame

C-x 5 o - shift to next frame

C-x 5 0 - delete frame

[misc: C-x s - save some buffer M-x man - man page]

3] M-x calendar:

g d - goto day

i d - insert diary entry at day

s - show all diary entries

d - show entry for date

4] Dired [access when open directory using C-x C-f]:

d - mark for deletion/D - delete

x - delete marked

u - remove flag

C - copy

R - rename

g - update display

= - diff

<>^ - navigation

i - insert expanded directory into dired buffer

+ - create directory

working with groups of files:

mark files with m, work on groups of files using say Z to compress

M-del - unmark

t - toggles marks

%m - use regular expression to mark files

5] Version control and ediff:

Transparent version control using C-x v v - next logical version control file (create RCS, check in/out usw.)

C-x v u - revert buffer

C-x v ~ - retrieve a given revision

C-x v l - display history

M-x ediff-revision

next-up: w3m in X-enabled Emacs session:


(find-node "(emacs-w3m)Inline Images")

(for eev-enable GNU Emacs -also points towards use of w3m so that using eev we can readily execute sample code from Web pages)

Networking in Emacs Lisp (by way of netcat or socat, a glance at the Distel code-base and also server.el --- Lisp code for GNU Emacs running as server process and some more server/networked code examples at emacs )

VM (Virtual Machines) (kind of) in Emacs Lisp (not the VM mail reader!):


; This implements a BrainFuck interpreter and a compiler written in ;; Emacs-Lisp. To demonstrate that the implementation is really ;working, ;; a weird test-case is included. A BrainFuck interpreter ;; written in BrainFuck compiled to emacs-lisp executing brainfuck code.

also for reference:


GNU Emacs quick reference: http://safari5.bvdep.com/1565921526/gnu2-APP-H

ERC GNU Emacs IRC client: http://www.emacswiki.org/cgi-bin/wiki?action=browse;oldid=EmacsIRCClient;id=ERC


http://www.emacswiki.org/cgi-bin/wiki/ ...

(require 'erc)

M-x erc-select

/JOIN #my_channel