.#5 list of markup modes 21:09 (tech_notes#116)


for new site with seperate emacswiki stuff

cp WelcomePage or whatever to index.html and do new sitecopy (shell) - but we should also retitle the generated index to another page. where is this?

.#4 18:00 (tech_notes#115) emacswiki-publish C-c C-p

after M-x emacs-wiki-change-project to feet

and custom header for this as :

 (setq emacs-wiki-projects
       '(("feet" .
          ((emacs-wiki-directories . ("~/proj/wiki/webpage"))
           (emacs-wiki-project-server-prefix . "../wiki/")
(emacs-wiki-publishing-header . "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"<lisp>
;;and so on

.#3 working on multiple projects in emacswiki: 17:41 (tech_notes#114)

(setq emacs-wiki-projects '(("feet" . ((emacs-wiki-directories . ("~/proj/wiki/webpage")) (emacs-wiki-project-server-prefix . "../wiki/") (emacs-wiki-publishing-directory . "~/feet"))) ("ProjectsWiki" . ((emacs-wiki-directories . ("~/proj/wiki/projects")) (emacs-wiki-project-server-prefix . "../projects/") (emacs-wiki-publishing-directory . "~/personal-site/site/projects")))))

in emacs-wiki.el

[test this goes where it should]

.#2 testing multiple planner dirs with: (setq planner-directory "/root/feet") 17:04 (tech_notes#112)

.#1 amixer rme settings in pd: 14:31 (tech_notes#111)

attempted vast array of workarounds in pd (makefilename with , symbol as seperator, pack and l2s to pull all together) to make a:

/usr/bin/amixer -c 0 cset numid=5 x,y,z

but always same problem that prints ok but with shell object amixer errors with Invalid card number.

and then with simple shell wrapper and pack-l2s now works fine from commandline:

/root/amixx 0 31 32

but when use with shell it echoes back without commas (into pd) and only first of three figures comes through.