xxxxx at ICA, London 12:05 (xxxxx_at_ica#1)

March 24 5.00pm

The crash that dare not speak its name; the xxxxx of atomic culture within radically externalised computation, outside the observed system. Modulation of the message begins, frequency becomes data carrier for an urgent transmission; of software and substance rendered equivalent under an expansive, digital universe as idea. Viral execution of the source code programming results in a series of events intensely orchestrated from discourse to noise, to granular demodulation, the slur into entropy. Hours of screenings, discourse and performance are possibly simulated, running highly speculative software built from multiple components and sources, varying modes of presentation and revelation heralding a computational revolution in art and science.

The code that comprises xxxxx is executed with reflexive data input from Terminalbeach (Erich Berger and Pure), machinic still life and networked cinematographix, microtonal drone god Phill Niblock, and decadent networkers Farmers Manual. A descent into noise is vocalised with supremely concrete performance from Joachim Montessuis. Numerous participants collaborate extensively within a totally unprecedented and severely overheated lineup including Russell Haswell's and Florian Hecker's UPIC diffusion session making use of an innovative sound synthesis system devised by Iannis Xenakis, Takeshi Fumimoto/dieb13's Jekyll and Hyde turntablism, and the analogue spume of Jason Kahn's interior excess.

Sensorialist Adriana Sa and NYC sound artist Toshio Kajiwara entertain entropic elision, proposing a joyful new world interface to sound making. Andy Bolus reverses the terms and trajectory of this sensor-ship with refried Dada-ist and dark Shamanistic intent. To further burn out the mix of all worlds code end, touching the very blind edge of simulation, of crash and post-crash and xxxxx, a crazed trilogy of USA and H bomb-based noise artists Kevin Drumm, Aaron Dilloway and John Wiese sear the stage with savage feedback and neuronic mayhem. crash real.

ap, Mongrel and friends at the JelliedEel MediaShed, Southend 12:02 (xxxxx_jellied#1)

March 18th 12.00pm

Free software isn't just about open applications, it's about exposed and extruded code, and a modular, highly constructivist approach to data; environmental code, physical code, tangible code. Code is data. Data is code. Code bends data. Noise to signal ratio over signal to noise.

As part of the xxxxx series of exploratory events ap, Mongrel and friends present an experimental one day workshop and evening performance event examining varying approaches to data bending and free software noise.

ap, forcing the extension of free software exposure in the wilderness of computational destruction, will examine base approaches to commandline tools such as cat, split and dd in relation to raw OS nature. After a brief introduction to their work, including abstract computation in the Californian desert, workshop participants can explore virtual machine tools created by ap including ap0202 and self. Piping data, shifting data, bending data means connectivity as we explore connections in the Unix world and beyond, introducing the highly versatile Pd (Pure Data) environment.

Code and network artist and co-founder of Goto10, Aymeric Mansoux picks up the Pd ball and runs with it, introducing a very physical dimension which will be further explored in his evening performance; data needs a real carrier, in this instance voltage. Voltage is readily transformed into sound by way of amplifier and loudspeaker. The concrete relation is clear, simple and beautiful. Noise.

ap, Aymeric, noise luminaries and physical coders from the UK free software art scene lead the workshop into an evening of free noise. Again the physical, again the real. The (new) medium surely isn't the message. Abhorrent concrete noise cancels out the signal to achieve only exposed systematics. Crash JelliedEel.

xxxxx crystalpunk workshop at studio 22, London 12:00 (xxxxx_crystalpunk#1)

22nd March 12.00pm

Crystalpunk is a rally cry for people to come together and start making all sorts of weird things, things slightly of kilter that need a crystalpunk to have its delights appreciated, things that are radical but hurt nobody.

Other people, professionals, are making things too. In art, in architecture, in computer science, in biology, crystalpunks want to share in their excitement, often feeling it more than they do, but understanding it through reverie not formalism.

At socialfiction.org we have been thinking about gargoyle computation [rococo automated search & gargoylisation not optimisation], software as a crystal ball [cellular automata as discrete little worlds that hide complex operations creating universe to be discovered by its users], pattern formation [put your fingers on your closed eyelids & press gently], non conventional computing [molecule based & sea based], unintentional intelligence [the wildtype adaptivism of BacterioPoetics]. Somewhere in the middle we started writing a chain-reaction automaton: on the GUI a Grid, inside it rectangles are activated to rotate one step, activating others to rotate one step of 4 on close contact. The crystalpunk can interact with it: creating patterns, signalling it and monitoring its output. But the rules that guide its movement are mind boggling gargoyly. Can it Compute? Can it loop forever? These and many other questions are to be explored during this workshop.

The script we have made is a sloppy bit of Python code and in this workshop we invite you to make thing [fractalline patterns, logic gates, literature, self-destructing embroidery forms] on top of it.

Please bring your computer if you have one.

The script can be downloaded in the week of the workshop from: http://socialfiction.org/gargoyle.html

Download Python: http://www.python.org

produced by http://socialfiction.org